Nail Paint for Kids: Let Them Look Pretty with Colourful Nail Paints! These are the Best and Safest Nail Paints for Kids in the Market(2021).

Nail Paint for Kids: Let Them Look Pretty with Colourful Nail Paints! These are the Best and Safest Nail Paints for Kids in the Market(2021).

Kids look up to grown-ups, and when they see them adorn their nails with nail paint, they also want to feel the enthralling rush of glamorizing their nails like grown-ups. For this reason, BP Guide has researched friendly and safe nail paint for toddlers to use. Depending on your budget and preference, below is a list of nail paints without toxic chemicals suitable for kids.

Kids and Nail Paints: A Fun Activity

Painting a kid's finger or toenails often seem to be a fun activity as it engages you with your toddler. It appears to be harmless and not much to think about. Many salons offer pedicure and manicure for kids, giving them a feeling of fun and a new adventure. This idea often delights the children because they love bright colours, and it gives them some grown-up sense. But before you paint your kid's nails, it is a good idea to know more about the paint you are going to use.

Regular Nail Polishes have Loads of Toxins!

Kids love mommy time where they can paint each other's nails occasionally. But that pretty bottle of nail polish can often come with a lot of harmful chemicals and toxins. Four potent toxins can be found in some brands of nail polishes. Toluene is used in paint thinner, cleaning solutions, household products and artificial fragrances. Prolong, and repeated use of Toluene can seriously affect the kidney, upper respiratory tract problems, liver, and nervous system. Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP) can disturb the endocrine system as it is used to make substances like plastics. In a study, it is found that some of the top brands use this for their nail paints, and an increase in TPHP is found in women who were tested. Phthalates are another type of chemicals that carry fragrances and provide lubrication in nail paints and other personal care products.

Some researchers have found that Phthalates can be a reason for delayed development and allergic reaction among prenatal and children. Formaldehyde is used mostly in building materials for some household products. It is also used in nail paints as a hardener to reduce nail chipping. Long-term exposure can cause severe illnesses like respiratory trouble, premature birth, or certain types of cancer.

What Kind of Nail Paints Should You Use for Kids?

The biggest challenge when you think of putting nail paint on your baby is that they will be exposed to chemicals made for adults and can be dangerous. Nail paints which have water-based formulas are safest to use by far for kids. Those nail paints can be peeled off easily, which removes another source of potential toxins.

Options for Safe Nail Paints for Kids

You can think of putting nail paints on your kid's finger and toe whenever they stop putting them in their mouth. After almost two years you can use nail paints that are chemical-free, non-toxic and safe for babies and children. All children are different when they are going to stop putting their nails in their mouth, but fortunately, few brands make nail paints specially for babies and children, avoiding dangerous chemicals.

Best Available Nail Paints for Kids

Over the parents' growing concerns, some of the brands have developed some nail paints or nail polishes specially made for children without any harmful chemicals. It can be a challenge sometimes to find those amidst all the readily available brands. But if you want safe options for your kids regarding nail paints, then you can buy these online.

1. Sublime Life Non-Toxic Nail Paint

The Sublime group has many years of experience in skin and personal care products. You can get a Kanai Organics which is a sustainable name itself. The brand says it is born from Ayurveda and made with plants. They have a range of non-toxic, matte nail polishes which are perfect for any age. You can use it for kids as it does not have toxic ingredients. It has fewer chemicals and is made from plant-based products and costs around Rs. 200 on the Official Sublime Life Website. They do not have any paraben, sulphates, sulphates, mineral oil, heavy metal, chemical sunscreen or aluminum. It is free from any toxic ingredients that can lead to complex problems. It gives maximum coverage and a gel-like finish. It has a cream pastel shade that applies beautifully to make nails look beautiful.

2. Piggy Paint Nail Polish


Piggy Paint nail polish is made from natural ingredients and dry hard and gives a smooth finish. It does not contain any adverse toxic chemicals, and it has a water-based formula. Solvent-based nail paints have a strong odour, but Piggy Paints nail paints have natural ingredients, making them virtually odourless. This eco-friendly nail paint is safe for pregnant women, babies, toddlers and children. You will get many non-toxic nail paints half the bottle of the regular ones in the market, but Piggy Paints comes in full size. It is free from harsh chemicals, absolutely vegan and cruelty-free. The price for this chemical-free nail paint for kids on Amazon is around INR 2,193.

3. Ola Candy Nail Paint


Ola Candy is a professional nail enamel brand that features trendy nail paints with a variety of colours. They have mini sizes to experiment with colours and choose your favourite one. They use high-quality professional ingredients which are non-toxic, which means it is a safer option for kids. These eco-friendly nail paints have brilliant, long-lasting colours which give a radiant and flawless finish. It does not fade, which allows you to create beautiful nail designs in a short time. The price of these nail paints is INR 254, on Amazon and it has a free shipping option.

4. Iba Halal Breathable Nail Colour

Iba Halal presents India's first revolutionary breathable nail colour range formula that allows air and water to permeate through the nail colour by keeping nails healthy. It has a unique French formula and particular molecular structure which holds the nails hydrated, fresh and beautiful. It does not give any yellowing or chipping of nails and requires no base coat. It is Internationally wudu friendly and halal certified. It is free from twelve harmful chemicals, including parabens, alcohol, gluten etc., it is also quick drying and long-lasting. It's cruelty-free and Peta-certified vegan formula makes it safe for kids to use. Available on Nykaa, the price for this nail paint is approximately INR 175.

5. Volo Non Toxic Professional Nail Polish

Volo HD colours provide a high shine and long-lasting colour effect. It is non-toxic and has no harmful chemicals to speed up the drying process. It has a flat round brush which is easy to use and gives a neat finish. The price of this fast-growing branded nail paint is INR 398 on Flipkart.

6. Karma Kids Nail Paint

Karma kids nail paints are nontoxic and cruelty-free products specially designed for children. It is free of toxic chemicals, and it is safe for pregnant women, children of all ages, and allergy sufferers. It has no harsh odour and comes in a variety of colours. This 100% organic nail paintbox set available on Desert Cart will cost approximately INR 2,789.

Choose Safe Products

A smaller amount of toxins and chemicals can have an impact in a more significant way on the little bodies of kids. That is why we need to take care of what we are choosing for them as a vanity product. Always make sure to select the best quality of nail paints for children to keep them safe and happy.

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Bedizen Your Kids Nails with the Safest Nail Paints

Certain nail paints in the market contain harmful chemicals such as Toluene. This is a chemical, if regularly used or in contact with, could cause damage to the kidney. You wouldn't want this to your child. Therefore, to be safe from it, this list will help you find nail paint kids friendly accessories. Besides, some nail paints only offer half bottle paints, though those listed above are full bottles. These are safe with no parabens, alcohol and without harsh odour and even safe for expectant women.