15 Best Birthday Surprise Ideas for Her to Shower Your Love with Surprises and Gifts Which Are Sure to Melt Her Heart (2022)

15 Best Birthday Surprise Ideas for Her to Shower Your Love with Surprises and Gifts Which Are Sure to Melt Her Heart (2022)

Planning a birthday surprise for her? Birthdays are special because they bring so much pleasure and happiness into your life. But, coming up with birthday surprise ideas for women can sometimes feel like a more difficult task than it needs to be. Because women, in general, tend to be fussy and finding something special for them is usually not that easy. So, for your convenience Bp-guide brings for you the best birthday surprise ideas to make her birthday unforgettable with these incredible ideas.

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What to Know Before Planning Everything?

Keep Her Choices in Mind

Before you decide to do all the planning of birthday surprise ideas for her. There are a few things that you should keep in mind. You need to keep all her choices in your mind to make the day just perfect for her. Every woman is different and so are their choices and you just can’t force your wishes on them especially when it is their big day. For example, not all women like candles and flowers and other cheesy gestures. So, make sure to stick to the list of her choices.

Try to Include All Her Loved Ones

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Every happy occasion is incomplete without the involvement of your loved ones in it. This is why you should better start getting in touch with all her friends, coworkers, family members etc. In fact, they can also help you with all the planning for her birthday. This way you can create a wonderful balance between all important elements of her life and she will be more than happy to see everyone at her birthday party too.

Plan At Least A Week or Maybe A Month in Advance

If you are planning a big surprise for her then make sure that you plan at least 15-20 days in advance. If you are making reservations for a restaurant or booking a DJ then they must be informed at least a month in advance to get the bookings done. It can be huge trouble to find any venue at the last minute as all popular places would be already booked.

Best Birthday Surprise Ideas for Her

Go Cliche with Rose Petals and Candles

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One of the best birthday surprise ideas in the home that you can try is a really romantic decoration with rose petals and candles all across your home. This is the kind of surprise that never goes out of style and almost all women love such cosy and cute surprises.

Apart from roses, you can choose her favourite flowers for the decoration and make sure that you do not go minimal on those candles. Every corner of your home should be lit up with those candles as she enters.

To help you out a bit we have this pack of 50 tea lite candles to suggest. They are smokeless and contain paraffin wax. They can be lit up for 3 hours which is quite enough to execute your surprise idea. You can buy this pack of 50 unscented candles on Meesho.com for 126Rs.

Trip Down the Memory Lane

Revisiting all beautiful memories of the past isn’t a bad surprise idea for your wife/girlfriend on her birthday. You can do so much in this theme but to keep it simple you can prepare a beautiful memory wall for her. All you have to do is take print old photos and beautiful memories that you two share together.

This can include childhood images, your wedding photos and other special occasions. Get all these photos framed and decorate an entire wall of your bedroom or living room with these special photographs. If you do not want to invest in so many frames then you can simply paste them on the walls with the help of some glue or tape.

To take things further, you can plan an entire day for her where you can revisit old places where you two used to hang out a lot. And then you can end the day with this beautiful memory wall surprise.

Shopping Spree

To keep things exciting and entertaining, take her out on a shopping spree. Women love shopping but they just can’t find time for themselves amidst work and family responsibilities. On her special day, you can take her out to shop so that she can feel loved.

For this, you can plan everything in advance like selecting a specific shopping mall for this adventure. Talk to various shopkeepers in the mall and hand over them a birthday card. Request them to hand over this card to your wife along with a birthday wish when you two arrive for shopping.

In this way, not only your wife will be happy about shopping but also she will be surprised by so many people wishing for her. With minimal effort, you can definitely put a smile on her face on her big day.

Dinner Date Surprise

One of the most romantic birthday surprise ideas for a girlfriend or wife is to take her out on a candlelight dinner. After a long day at work/home, all women would want to feel special and loved especially when it is her birthday.

Take this opportunity to make your wife/girlfriend feel overjoyed and happy. You can book a table at a popular restaurant in your city and ask them in advance to make some arrangements like cake, flower bouquet, candlelight dinner decorations etc.

Surprise your wife by gifting her a dress and some matching jewellery before dinner. She will surely feel more excited to know what else you have planned for her later on. You can also request the restaurant to play her favourite music and then dance with her to make the night super special for her.

24 Hour Surprise Hamper

If you are someone who couldn’t get much time to plan something special for her in advance then we have just the right solution for you. This 24-hour surprise hamper by Oye Happy is the perfect solution to your problem.

This superb hamper has consisted of 8 packages containing a total of 9 gifts. Each package is created with a card and some instructions about when to open it. These gifts include a handcrafted jar with lights in it, a customized coffee mug, romantic letters, chocolates and many more.

Each of the gifts is supposed to be opened at different timings like midnight, noon, morning etc. and all the instructions are mentioned on the hamper itself. This hamper will surely keep her busy for the entire day. You can buy it on Oyehappy.com for 4,890Rs.

Balloons and Inflatables

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You have to agree on one fact no matter how old you grow, your birthday party is simply incomplete without some balloons in it. So, why not turn this into one of the cutest birthday surprise ideas for her?

There are tons of ways in which you can use the balloons and inflatables to not only decorate your home but to surprise your better half too. For example, use helium-filled balloons to decorate the entire ceiling of your room and tie ribbons to them. Leave a note or a picture on the end of the ribbon to create a wonderful surprise for your wife.

For more decorations, you can buy this superb balloon decoration pack. It comes with an inflatable Happy Birthday tag along with golden, black and silver latex metallic balloons, golden, silver and black star inflatables, an LED light set and a balloon pump too. You can buy this 60 piece set on Meesho.com for 396Rs.

Spa Session Surprise

Your girl is the centre of your world and she definitely leaves no stone unturned every single day to make a perfect work-life balance. But it is her birthday and she definitely deserves some pampering.

For this book, a relaxing spa session for her is the birthday surprise. You can either book a session with her friends or go for a couple of spa sessions together. If she is working on her birthday then book something closer to her office for her convenience.

This is such a fun and relaxing way to let go of the stress. Also, you can get to spend some quality time with her too. You can also plan a fun little gift at the spa to be handed over to her after the session.

Musical Surprise for Her Birthday

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If the special woman in your life is a big music fan then we know just the perfect birthday surprise ideas for her. Music is a very unique way to convey your feelings without having to say a word. This is why surprising your wife through this would be a wonderful way to show how much you love her.

You can hire a guitarist or a musical band to perform for your wife at your home. All they have to do is knock on the door and when she opens it, play her favourite songs and wish her a happy birthday with some flowers and a note.

The other way to do this would be to arrange a musical program for her on your dinner date. Candlelight dinner with her favourite live music in the background sounds really great.

Day Out With Friends

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This is a surprising idea best for a situation when you are not able to spend much time with your wife. You can ask her friends to help you so that she doesn’t feel alone or left out. Plan an entire day for her to hang out with her friends and enjoy the day.

You can book movie shows or tickets to a concert for her and her friends. Or simply plan a picnic for all of them at the nearby park where they can enjoy food and drinks.

And finally, when they all go out for dinner, you can get a birthday cake delivered to her through the restaurant staff. All of these are little things but they can make a big difference for your wife.

Surprise Vacation or Road Trip

If you have a big budget and you haven’t planned a vacation for quite a long time then we have the most unexpected birthday surprise for her. You can plan a vacation or a small road trip for her birthday which is definitely going to leave her shocked for good.

You can definitely pack her bag on your own in advance. All you have to do is take her out for a long drive and then reach a beautiful hotel or private villa to spend the beautiful night together.

It will be a great excuse to get out of the city life and have some much-needed rest. You can plan the rest of the things like dinner, music and other surprises at the hotel itself. Don’t forget to book the hotel at least 15 days in advance to get cheaper tariffs.

Special Birthday Gifts Ideas for Her

This was all about the birthday surprise ideas for her but what about the special birthday gift? Don’t worry because we have got you covered with everything. We have handpicked a few extra special birthday gifts for her which are quite different from regular ones. Your girl would surely love them.

Bundle of Love Gift Box

The first one is a Bundle of Love Gift boxes. This box contains all sorts of self-care products for every mood. Some of the items included in this hamper are a bath care set, rose and sunshine hand cream, different types of hand cleansing gels, Shea soap etc. We are in love with the packaging too as everything comes packed in a really pretty box. Shower your love on your girl with this cute love gift box which is available on Kimirica.shop for 1,578Rs.

Mega Gift Box for Her

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The next one is a Mega Gift Box for her which is all about customized and personalized gifts. This gift hamper allows you to curate customizable gift items for her without making many efforts. This set includes a leather wallet, keychain tag, eyewear case, and a passport cover. You can customize the name of your girlfriend/wife/sister or anyone else on all the items and can pick their colour too. Buy this Mega Gift Box on Homafy.com for 2,450Rs.

Sparkle and Shine Gift Box

The next birthday surprise idea for her is a special gift called Sparkle and Shine Gift Box. This one is a well-curated combo of gifts that is surely going to be loved by her. This beautiful gift box contains very pretty gold plated earrings, a very cute keychain and a diffuser oil to set her mood right when she is stressed. All these items are wrapped and tied with ribbon for that special touch. You can buy this hamper on Wishingchair.in for 2,790Rs.

Special Sunshine Hamper for Her

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This last one is our favourite. This Sunshine sweetness gift hamper is a really special gift box comprised of cute little items. Everything comes packed in a very adorable yellow gift box which itself is quite beautiful. The items included in this hamper are two blue canisters containing honey roasted almonds and cashews separately, chocolate cookies, honey lemon tea, and exotic flowers like lilac roses and white statice. You can buy this gift box on Igp.com for 2,995Rs.

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