10 Top Derma Rollers for Your Skin in 2021 Plus, Tips to Add This Multi-Use Device to Your Skincare Regimen.

10 Top Derma Rollers for Your Skin in 2021 Plus, Tips to Add This Multi-Use Device to Your Skincare Regimen.

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A derma roller is a handheld tool that uses tiny needles to puncture the outermost layers of your skin to promote healing. At first, it may seem strange to roll hundreds of tiny needles over your skin. But that’s exactly what micro-needling devices — a.k.a. derma roller does. So ready to roll? Here are the ten best derma rollers for every skin concern and budget.

What is a Derma Roller and How Does It Work?

Before you decide to invest in one of the top derma roller brands, you should know what exactly is a derma roller and how it works. A derma roller is basically a small roller having hundreds of small sharp needles on it. When rolled on the skin, the roller can cause small injuries which bleed too. Doing this produces collagen and elastin in our body to heal that area which makes your skin tighter and youthful.

Using a derma roller isn’t an overnight formula for glowing skin as you need multiple sittings of it to work properly. For wrinkles, fine lines, under eye problems, reduction of pores, improvement of skin texture, you will need to use it over a period of time to see results. Of course, the roller hurts as the needle penetrates your skin so many times, so you need to have a good amount of pain threshold if you are looking to try this method out.

Benefits of Using Derma Roller

Reduces Signs of Aging

Skin ageing is the most common problem which can be subsided with the help of derma rolling. Invest in top derma roller brands and fight with skin ageing issues like wrinkles, sagging skin, fine lines, under-eye darkness, age spots and many more. As micro-needling or derma rolling helps in boosting collagen and elastin in the skin, it improves skin texture, elasticity and complexion too hence reducing ageing issues.

Reduction in Stretch Marks and Scars

Stretch marks is a problem almost every woman would want to get rid of. Caused by sudden weight gain or loss, stretch marks are basically stripes occurred in deep dermal layer of skin and are quite visible on thighs and tummy. Derma rolling helps in stimulating the repairing process here by boosting collagen. It helps in filling broken dermal layer and hence reduces stretch marks to quite some extent.

Boosts Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Hyperpigmentation is a condition caused by excess production of melanin than usual which causes dark patches/spots on the skin. It can also be caused by sun exposure and acne scars too. Using a good derma roller in the prescribed format can help you in getting rid of hyperpigmentation too. Undergoing a derma rolling procedure helps in normalizing pigmented areas by breaking down scar tissues inside the skin. This produces more and more collagen and your skin starts to get healed.

10 Derma Roller Best Brands Available in India

Bronson Professional Titanium Needle Derma Roller

In order to find the top derma roller brands in India, you really need to research hard and deep. But you can leave that to us because we found some of the best options for you like this Bronson Professional 0.5mm Titanium needles derma roller.

One of the strongest derma rollers available in India, this one has a carved design which makes this roller easy to hold and use too. The roller is rather small in size as compared to other rollers and composed of 192 micro-needles which are made of Titanium alloy. The small size makes it perfect to be used on sensitive areas like under the eyes, around the nose and on lips too. The quality of this device is really good and hence it is quite durable too. You can buy it on Purplle for Rs. 300.

Love and Pebble Microneedle Derma Roller Kit

If you are looking for a complete derma rolling kit which is ideal for the whole body and face then look nowhere else. We found this Love and Pebble Derma Roller Microneedle Kit which is ideal for the face and body.

This kit is comprised of 4 professional-grade .25mm titanium replacement derma roller heads, a storage case and 3 disinfecting cups. For the best results, you can use this derma roller along with the hyaluronic acid serum.

Each roller head contains 600 microneedles on it which is way more than what is provided on most derma rollers. The titanium needles used in these rollers are way stronger than usual steel needles and hence provide the best results. This complete kit is available for purchase on Amazon for 4,839.

ZGTS 192 Gold Plated Titanium Alloy Needles Derma Roller

The top derma roller brands need to be something that is also the best in the market. In order to serve both purposes, we picked this ZGTS Derma Roller which is a complete solution for various skin issues.

This derma roller is designed in a curved way which makes it pretty easy to hold and use. This roller contains 192 micro-needles made out of titanium alloy for the best results.

This derma roller is ideal for both large and small areas. This one has 1.5mm needles which means they need to be used once every week on your skin. Make sure to not use them in case of chronic skin conditions. Buy this derma roller now on Nykaa for Rs. 1,260.

Angel Kiss 4 in 1 Derma Roller Kit

If you want something more professional and advanced then we bring you Angel Kiss Derma Roller Kit here. This one is a 4 in 1 Needling Instrument kit for face and body. The set here contains two 0.25mm micro needle attachments and one 0.3mm microneedle attachment.

Don’t forget to use a serum prior to your face before using this microneedle roller on it. All of the microneedles are made of titanium which is of the highest quality. Moreover, two 0.25mm attachments contain 300 and 720 needles each and another attachment contains massive 1200 needles.

You can use each of the attachments as per your requirements. All the needles are non-invasive and hence they provide a very painless experience. This professional 4 in 1 derma roller kit is available for purchase on Desert Cart for Rs. 4,189.

Healthy Care 540 MicroNeedles Titanium Derma Roller

One of the derma roller best companies that we found is Healthy Care and their microneedle derma rollers are quite amazing too. They provide 540 microneedles on their derma roller which are 0.25mm long and made out of high-quality titanium.

The design is good with black coloured handle and curved shape. Moreover, as this derma roller contains small needles, it can be used 5 days a week for the best results.

As the needles of this derma roller are made out of non-allergenic medical grade material, there is nothing to worry about allergic reactions too. This strong and effective microneedle derma roller provides better absorption of serum into the skin and hence you can see your scars and hyperpigmentation fading rapidly. Buy this derma roller on Amazon for Rs. 2,436.

DNS Derma Roller for Acne Scars

For the complete solution of hair loss, wrinkles, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation and a lot more, you can try out this DNS Derma Roller by BioGenesis. Although their roller is quite small in size it is highly effective in treating all sorts of skin issues, especially on sensitive and small areas too.

The set provides a derma roller with 540 micro-needles which are mm long. As the needles are quite small, you can use this roller almost every day for your skin issues.

In fact, this roller is perfect for the skin of both men and women. Make sure to apply a moisturizer or serum on your face before using this derma roller on your face. It’s collagen-stimulating property works on skin tightening and rejuvenation which is great to fight with anti-ageing issues. You can buy this roller on Flipkart for Rs. 325.

Prosper Beauty 5 Piece Derma Roller Kit

We got another derma roller kit for you to make sure that you get everything for your skincare just at home. This Prosper Beauty Derma Roller Kit is a huge 5 piece kit. It is composed of 4 replaceable head along with one derma roller handle. And it also comes with a storage case too.

Each of the head is equipped with 0.25mm titanium micro-needles which are a total of 600 on each head. This means you get the best of everything in a single attachment.

As the needles are quite small, it won’t be a problem to use them on your face, under-eye area, neck or on other sensitive parts of your body. These needles are quite strong and hence the entire kit is quite durable. Buy this on Amazon for Rs. 6,434.

Stacked Skincare MicroNeedling Skin Refining Tool

Stacked Skincare is one of the top derma roller brands and you would surely want to invest in their product. So, we bring you their derma roller called Micro-Needling Skin Refining Tool. Their at-home micro-needling tool is perfect to cure uneven texture, dark spots, scars and a lot more.

This roller is suitable for all skin types and helps in curing fine lines, wrinkles etc. What you should know is that this roller isn’t for curing existing acne but for curing their scars only.

Apparently, they use an ergonomic aluminum handle for their tool along with 0.2mm stainless steel microneedles. The roller head can be easily replaced with another one when gets deteriorated. Grab this amazing derma roller on Stacked Skin Care for Rs. 10,200.

Cosmoderm DRS Dermaroller

Cosmoderm is another popular brand of derma rollers which offers their DRS derma roller. This roller is helpful in skin regeneration, skin tightening and amazing collagen stimulation therapy. All of this comes together to fight with skin ageing issues like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, under-eye bags, dark spots etc.

In fact, you can use this derma roller for hair care too and it is quite effective in promoting new hair follicles too.

Moreover, this derma roller contains 540 microneedles which are 1.5mm in size and made out of titanium material. This amazing DRS derma roller is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 424.

Epyz Derma Roller with 540 Titanium Alloy Needles

One of the best brands for derma roller, Epyz derma roller is the best in business. This roller comes with 540 micro-needles which are 0.25mm in size and hence perfect for thin skin areas like face and neck too.

Available in the transparent pink-coloured handle and dark pink coloured roller head, this one is definitely a keeper in terms of ergonomic design.

This anti-ageing treatment is way better than any other skincare products you will find in the market. You just need to use this 2-3 times per week for at least 10-15 minutes for the best results. Grab this amazing derma roller which is available on Flipkart for Rs. 440.

Essential 4 Tips, If You are Using Dermaroller for the First Time

If you are a first time at using derma roller of any type then it is important for you to know more than top derma roller brands. You should also know how to use this roller and the safety precautions you are supposed to keep while using it. Here are a few tips you should know about before you start using derma roller on your skin.

Know the Microneedle Size

Derma roller is available in so much variety and hence you can find it in various needle sizes. In fact, derma rollers comes with different needle sizes for different areas of the skin. Thicker areas require longer needles while sensitive and thin areas like eyes and neck requires small sized needles. So, before you set to use this roller, make sure you know everything about it.

Sanitize the Derma Roller Area

Apparently, just sterilizing your roller and its needles isn’t enough to make sure nothing happens to your skin. You are supposed to sanitize the whole area where you will be keeping and using the derma roller. Disinfect the work surface where you will be putting the roller as it will prevent any sort of contamination or infections. You would not want an infected needle to penetrate your skin.

Skin Prep is Important

You will be penetrating your skin with hundreds of needles and hence not only invest in top derma roller brands but also in a good amount of skin prepping too. Make sure that your skin is absolutely clean by using soap and water on it. You can also exfoliate the area for maximum results. Moreover, using a serum/essential oil on the face is important to provide lubrication on the skin.

Know How to Roll Properly

Now, here comes the main tip of how to roll the roller. In one area, you need to roll the roller diagonally, horizontally and vertical for maximum effects. On sensitive areas like your face, do not press the roller too hard else it will induce pain. The pressure should be comfortable enough for you to withstand. Do not apply the serum on eyelids and be extra cautious under your eyes and lip area.

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Are They Safe to Use at Home?

Derma rollers can be harmful if used aggressively. It can create a lot of infections and spread cold sores that end up causing scarring in some cases. But when you use them once a month lightly and do not have unrealistic expectations, they are fine to use. Make sure you use sterile tools every time when you are using it at home.