Switching to a Smart Kitchen in 2021? Know How an Induction Stove Works and How You can Use It.

Switching to a Smart Kitchen in 2021? Know How an Induction Stove Works and How You can Use It.

Kitchen is the most important place in a house. It is where the loving aroma of delicious dishes start! With the inherent disadvantages of traditional stoves, people are switching to modern cooking methods like induction stoves. If you are also one among those making the switch, have a look at this guide on how an induction stove works.

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Induction Stove for Beginners

Gas stoves are becoming out of fashion as the technology improves and has brought induction stoves into our kitchens. Most of us have heard about induction stoves but here we want to tell you exactly what an induction stove is, how it works and how you can use it in the kitchen. If you remember how when rubbing your hands during winter makes it warm because of the friction created between them then you will understand how an induction stove works. It runs on the same principle, it is created by the electrons inside the cookware and makes a heat source out of the cookware itself. When you turn an induction stove on an electromagnetic current flows through its copper coils which is called the heating element. When an induction compatible cookware is placed on it, it pulls the electrons from the pan. These electrons react and try to resist the formation. This causes friction inside which is called a resistive electric current. It creates heat and cooks your food.

Steps to use:

  • Buy the right pans with iron in the bottom.
  • You can put a magnet on the bottom of the pan; if it sticks you can use it if not buy new pans
  • Turn on the induction top, you can check the instructions as different stoves might have different buttons
  • Put the pot on the cook top and it will immediately heat up
  • Time your cook time according to the dish; it should take about 15 minutes to make a dish at max on an induction stove.

How to Use an Induction Stove Wisely

We have listed 8 points through which you can learn to use your induction stove properly and cook delicious food every day.

Learn the Different Settings on The Stove

An induction stove comes with different settings therefore you will have to learn the setting to use it properly.

Some common settings are:

  • If you wish to control the time and temperature setting yourself then you can do it manually. Simply press the manual button and use + or - button to set the cooking temperature.
  • You can also make roti or dosa through the flat induction type tawa. Here also you can use the + or - button to control the temperature.
  • If you are making a gravy dish then the stove has moderate heating for 5 minutes and then switch it to a higher level for different vegetables or meat.
  • When making a stew or a soup you can use the setting at low temperature and cook without it spilling over.
  • For using a pressure cooker, if you leave it on the stove for more than 30 minutes it will switch off on itself.
  • You can also use the deep fry setting for frying food
  • For boiling milk and water you can use settings on slim, boil or reheat

Use the Right Cookware

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We know that an induction works by using electromagnetism therefore it only works well with pans that are affected by magnets. Ferrous metals like cast iron and some stainless steels can be used on an induction stove. Metals like aluminum, copper or glass cannot be used on it. They may also leave a scratch mark on the surface which are almost impossible to get rid of.

Wattage/Power Rating

When using an induction stove it is important to consider the power rating. High power rating will cook your food faster. To make Indian dishes you will need around 1500 to 2000 watts therefore for better food quality check out the power rating.

Using a Pressure Cooker on Induction Stove

When using a pressure cooker on an induction stove you won't need to preheat it. Let the pressure cooker make pressure in medium heat and then make adjustments. You can use the cooktop's timer to turn the heat off automatically. You might have to try a couple of times before you get a hang of using it with a pressure cooker but it is worth the effort.

Keep an Eye on the Clock

If you are used to using a gas stove, you can turn the flame up or down as per your need and the pot keeps heating as long as it is on the stove. You also sometimes need to shift or move the pan to get the maximum heat. When using an induction stove theelectromagnetic projections infiltrate the whole surface of the pan therefore there are no hot or cold spots that need to be shifted. The heat is distributed evenly and you get the perfect dish.

When using a gas stove, you have to deal with gasoline and a flickering flame. So, while you can move your pan on a gas stove you can't do that with an induction therefore you will need to keep an eye on the clock and make sure you don't burn the food.

Prepare all Your Ingredients at the Start

Induction stoves heat the pan immediately and if you are used to cooking on a gas stove you must be used to let it heat for a bit while you prepare the ingredients. If you are using a recipe book in cooking make sure you gather all the ingredients and prepare them to use immediately to avoid burning the oil or the spices.

Go Ahead and Experiment

Induction stoves allow you to experiment with certain recipes which you can't on a gas stove, you can make glasses etc easily on it since the pot is evenly heated and will get you a perfect dish. You can also combine cooking zones on some of the induction stoves which lets you use odd shaped or large pots on it without having to fear an undercooked or overcooked meal. So, go ahead and experiment with the dishes you thought could only be made by a professional cook.

Check Out all the Controls before Using it

All inductions are different so be prepared. You will have to learn about your induction stove perfectly. You might know the exact setting for low simmer, rolling boil etc on a gas stove but it will be different on an induction cooktop. So, if you induction cooking zones have temperature settings ranging from 1 to 12 you can say that 8 is medium high, 1 will keep your food warm etc.

Points to Consider when Buying an Induction Stove

Before going out and getting an induction read the following things you should consider.

  • The latest induction cooktops now come with a pre set menu. You can use these pre set menu of the appliance. So, when you boil milk, make rice or fry your vegetables your induction stove adjusts the temperature accordingly. So before buying one look for a pre set menu to make life easier.
  • Safety is most important and most of the induction stoves come with pan detection features and turn off the heat when the pan reaches the needed heat. Look out for one with automatically switch off feature on your stove.
  • You should always look for A grade German crystal plate when buying an induction stove. Avoid buying ceramic top plate if you want to use it for a long time.
  • Also look for the safety cut out feature where if a cooking zone is left on for a long time without the temperature being altered it will turn off by itself.
  • Your induction stove should also have auto heat up feature in it where the cooking zone allows it to be set on a higher setting and will automatically turn down at a set time. This will help you get perfect rice each time as it will boil and simmer when needed.
  • Look for a one to two year warranty. Also ask about spare parts like the top plate and about the service provided by them.
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Switch to Smart Cooking in 2021 with an Induction Stove

Gone are the days of dangerous gas stoves which have to be operated with care and which keep needing repair and replacement. The next era is of induction stove which are 100% safe and offer easy and quick cooking. Now that you know how to use an induction stove, what are you planning to cook?