Can't Figure Out the Best Way to Clean Your Oven(2021)? Fret Not, Read on to Learn the Basics of Oven Cleaning!

Can't Figure Out the Best Way to Clean Your Oven(2021)? Fret Not, Read on to Learn the Basics of Oven Cleaning!

Oven cleaning might seem like a herculean task, but it is actually not that tough. If you are new to adulting, you might have a few questions related to it. Read this article if you want to find the answers to questions regarding oven cleaning. Learn how often you need to clean your oven, which products are best for this purpose and even some simple home remedies to make your job easy.

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When Should You Actually Clean Your Oven and Why is It Important?

For when one should clean his oven, the time is not the same for everyone. However, if you are a cook or use the oven frequently, you are suggested to clean it every three months or so. For people who use their ovens only a couple of times a month, the time would be after about every six months.

Be that as it may, if your oven isn't working properly, you should clean it immediately. This not working properly includes three things. First, it may smell bad even before you place anything inside to warm it up. Second is if the oven seems to be unclean, means if you can see any residue or something on the surface.

The last and perhaps the most important one is if it produces smoke. If so, delaying the clean can nearly ensure it stops working or even bursting and starting a fire. So, now that you know when you should clean your oven and what would happen if you do not, below are some of the best ways to clean it.

Some of the Most Secure Methods to Clean Your Oven

With Market-Bought Oven Cleaners

Being probably the easiest of all the ways to clean an oven, oven washers are also one of the safest. To clean with these, you will need an oven cleaner, a pair of rubber cleaning gloves, protective safety glasses, some old newspaper or cleaning towels, damp cloth rags, a microfiber sponge, and a large garbage plastic bag.

To get started with the cleaning process, first, remove any food remainders or other substances placed in the oven and also cool it off. Next, wear gloves and all and put the newspapers on the bottom. Now, spread the cleaner while remembering to not spray over the electrical components or the area where the gas comes from.

Once done, let it sit for about thirty minutes or as suggested on the cover inside the closed oven and spray over the racks, placed in an open place. After half an hour, clean the spray off the both, using a damp cloth and the microfiber sponge for the stickiest spots. For the racks, clean them under warm water and dry the parts of the oven.

With Baking Soda and White Vinegar

Another great way would be by using vinegar and baking soda. For this method, you will need baking soda, water, rubber gloves, a damp dishcloth, plastic or silicone spatula, a spray bottle, and white vinegar.

For this particular method, you will have to, first, remove the pizza stone(if any), the oven racks, the oven thermometer, and any other substances that you may have placed in the oven. Now, make the paste by adding half a cup of baking soda to three tablespoons of water. Next, spread the paste in the interior of the oven and especially coat the corners, and rub it a bit to coat thoroughly.

Let this mixture sit for over twelve hours and meanwhile clean the racks. After twelve hours, using a damp cloth, wash off the paste carefully, and use the spatula when needed. After this, spray some vinegar on the same areas and again do a final wipe before placing the oven racks back.

With Lemon

You can also give lemons a try. These will not take as much time as the vinegar and baking soda one and is really effective as well. For this, you will not have to remove any racks or something and is safe, so you can even skip all the gloves, etc. So first, get the juice of two big lemons and add it to a baking dish along with the skin. Now, pour in some water and form a nice mix.

Next, preheat the oven before placing the tray on the rack and bake the lemon juice in the oven at 250 °F for about half an hour. Even if your oven produces smoke here, don't freak out. Now, let it cool before cleaning off the oven like in the earlier methods just by using a scouring pad here. Also, remember to dry off the oven with a towel here.

With Ammonia

Ammonia is another great oven cleaner, as it can effectively remove the food particles. For this, you are to preheat your oven at about 150 degrees Fahrenheit before adding half a cup filled with ammonia to an oven-safe bowl. Now, place it on the top shelf and a pan of steaming water on the lower shelf.

Next, close the door and let the two bowls sit in there for a few hours. After this, open up the oven and let the fumes caused overnight to let go. Once this is done, follow the rest of the steps the same way as in the first couple ones, and find your oven sparkling.

A Couple of the Oven Cleaners in the Market

Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner Kitchen Cleaner (300 ml)

Now that you know some of the ways to clean your oven, you will want to know some of the best oven cleaners in India. So, you are suggested to definitely give this Mr. Muscle Oven Cleaner Kitchen Cleaner (300 ml) a try. This product has been created especially for the toughest of the grease and grime stains and may also help remove minor rusting.

The spray will form a self-scouring foam formula, which will be extremely effective and clean of the stains in under half an hour. For this reason, you are suggested to let it stay for no more than thirty minutes and also remember to wear glasses, as well as gloves when applying it. In case it touches any area of the skin, you should wash it with water for at least twenty minutes and get medical attention.

You can get it from Flipkart for INR 599.

Easy Off Fresh Scent Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner, 14.5 oz

You might be wondering why this product is so expensive as compared to the first one. Firstly, this contains over 400 ml liquid, as compared to the 300 ml of the first one. Secondly, unlike the first this can also solve your rusting problem and can be used more often without damaging the oven surface much. Also, it will only take about five minutes and clean both warm as well as cold ovens.

Furthermore, these can also clean broilers, oven doors and stainless steel surfaces, etc. They even come in various fragrances and are imported. You can get it from Amazon for INR 2,819.

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Things To Keep In Mind When Using Home Cleaning Products!

While home products are easy and effective to use for cleaning oven, it is important to learn some do's and don'ts regarding their use. If you plan on using the baking soda and vinegar combination, it is important to learn that any baking soda residue can cause smoke when baking. Similarly, it is important to completely dry oven completely after use of ammonia or lemon, or it may lead to rusting!