Get Your Fun Spirits High If You're Visiting Bangalore for the First Time: 13 Awesome Things to Do in Bangalore for Youngsters (2020)

Get Your Fun Spirits High If You're Visiting Bangalore for the First Time: 13 Awesome Things to Do in Bangalore for Youngsters (2020)

Indulging in South Indian food, enjoying at the spa centers, and violin recital at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall are only some of the exciting things you can do in Bangalore. The best thing, however, for youngsters in Bangalore is its happening nightlife. So, if you are on tour to the silicon valley of India for some days, check out the below-mentioned things to do in Bangalore for youngsters.

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Why Bangalore is the Perfect Destination for Youngsters!

  • Host to some of the best pubs and clubs: Bangalore has many pubs and clubs in its main areas. A popular name on the list is Indigo Live Music, which has theme-based events daily. It has served nightlife for many years and is counted among one of the oldest places across headbangers in the city. Besides, Indigo is also the most exhilarating location in the city. It provides platforms to various rock bands throughout the whole week. The pub's rooftop offers a magnificent view of the city's skyline.

  • India's largest hub of young engineers and IT professionals: Bangalore city is home to the largest number of young engineers and IT professionals in India. The engineer's number in the city is equal to that in Delhi and Mumbai combined. This makes it the most vibrant and the fastest-growing city in Karnataka as well. The number of young professionals is due to most of the tech companies located in Bangalore.

  • Picturesque Sites: Besides the techie part, Bangalore has various picturesque sites and offers access to many adrenaline rushing activities as well. Hiking and trekking at the places such as Nandi Hills, Narayanagiri, Ramanagara, and Savandurga are quite popular among trekking enthusiasts. For a more exciting experience, you can try fishing or camping as well.

  • Distinct Seasons: The city has 2 distinct seasons, dry and wet. While the wet or damp season lies between June to September, the rest of the year is usually dry. However, you may get some unpredictable showers in those days. With the dry season being typically sunny, the temperature stays at a minimum of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. And, if you are planning a visit to the city, the perfect time should be anytime between November to March.

Fun Activities for Youngsters in Bangalore



Bangalore is home to many karting places where you can experience the fun ride on wheels. And, those kart vehicles come in several sizes and shapes. On the list of popular karting destinations, some names are Play Arena, Raceway Motorsports, and Patel's Inn Resort located at Off Sarjapur main road, Kanakapura main road, and R.T Nagar respectively.


Paintball arenas are another place of fun in Bangalore where people enjoy playing the game on weekends or during some corporate outing. Since the arrival into the adventure activities' band, paintball has emerged as a preferred choice of fun sport in Bangalore. It becomes more enthralling with the fact that you can take part in paintball in a group. In Mylasandra, Paintball X is on the list of famous paintball arenas that are operating in Bangalore.



Wanting to experience the ultimate thrill with your friends? Zorbing could be the activity for you. You might have seen your favorite characters in those childhood shows doing this. Now, it's your time to do that thing for real. You can walk, exercise, or run inside a big plasticine ball, either underwater or on the ground. Zorbing needs some fitness and balance senses, and the trainer may help you choose the right attribute across the path.

Rolling down a slope while being enclosed in a transparent plastic ball is a new venture of adventure that many youngsters experience in Bangalore for the first time. Besides, burgeoning is also popular in zorbing. In the countryside, you can find zorbing as a part of several adventure activities and resorts. Another factor that makes it more fun and enjoyable is that you do not need any type of special skills.

A Gala Time at Wonder La


Wander La, an amusement park in Bangalore spans across more than 80 acres of area and comprises of a massive range of thrill rides, water rides, kids, and dry rides. Here, you can spend a wonderful day with your family. The place is home to various fun activities as well as 3D and IMAX shows for those not much interested in adventure rides or underwater fun.

Wonder La has various exciting as well as a fun activity for all age groups. Go for a thrill shoot down the rails at the wonder splash while sitting into a bogie that lands splash into a pool of shallow. Or you can enjoy the Equinox that appears like a pendulum and rotates simultaneously. Play pool and wave pool are particularly designed for families and younger kids. You also get to relish multi-cuisine foods like pure vegetarian food, continental delicacies, non-vegetarian food, Chinese, and North Indian cuisines. The place is also equipped with several facilities such as drinking water, changing room, lockers, resorts, parking spaces, ATMs, etc.

Social Activities for Youngsters in Bangalore

Visit Snow City

Snow city in Namma Bangalore is another place you can visit with your family or friends for a great time. Here you can enjoy snow climbing, snowfall, igloos, and sliding of the snow tube in just 45 minutes. You will be given snow boots and jackets to enjoy your time inside, where the temperature is -4 to -5 degrees. Snow city is the garden city's latest attraction. It opens every week with visiting time from 10 am to 8 pm.

Apart from this, you can enjoy the 5D theatre in the place. Thus, at the place, you get to do lots of things such as creating big snow castles, entering into an igloo, sliding on the snow slides, rock climbing, dance at the snow dance floor, etc. You can also get clicked to have photographs as memories of the time you spent at snow city. These pictures come in a paper themed winter snowfall. However, if you want to take some photos back home, you can carry your camera as well.

Indigo Live Music Bar

You get to see clubs in all the main areas of the city with some more popular than others. The most famous one is the Indigo Live Music Bar, where theme-based events occur daily. And, this destination serves a beautiful nightlife experience to the visitors as well as local people. Indigo Live Music has stood up its reputation as the most exciting destination in the city by hosting some of the best DJs across the country.

Hang Out at the Rasta Cafe


Rasta Café is a savior for all the party freak people who don't know where to go once the lights are turned off in the city. It is one of the perfect things to do in Bangalore for youngsters. It's situated on the Mysore road, lying approximately 30 miles away from the city. The place stays open for 20 hours a day except for Mondays and makes up for the best destination for midnight roam with friends.

Adventurous Activities In & Around Bangalore

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one of the most thrilling and adventure sports in Bangalore that is popular among tourists from across the world. The adventure activity happens in a stadium or any such open place where all the equipment is located at the height of around 130-feet. Usually, the minimum age to be a part of this adventure is kept at 18 years. And, you may or may not get a fixed jumping platform depending on the location you are visiting.

A place with a non-fixed platform will have a crane for you to jump, which is considered riskier than those places with fixed platforms. Equipment involved in this adventure activity includes leg straps, crane, harness, slings, karabiners, bungee cord, and winch. At Ozone Adventures situated on the St. Mark's Road, Bangalore, you can enjoy bungee jumping from a non-fixed platform (a crane) at the cost of Rs. 400 per person.



Trekking is another adventure you can take up in Bangalore. There are many places near Bangalore where you can trek in one day, out of which two famous ones are:

Halu Chilume Ganga Temple: Here, you will get to enjoy trekking with unexplored nooks and thorny trails. You will be trekking through forest trails, boulder sections, and rocky patches. The trek is easy, and you can complete it within five hours. Besides, you can also choose to trek through stony steps and the jungle. And in heavy rains, stone ruin may be used as a shelter.

Nandi One: Nandi hills comprise of Nandi Giri, Skandagiri, Govardhanagiri, Chandragiri, and Brahmagiri. Out of these, Brahmagiri is referred to as Nandi One. The patches and leafy green vegetables that need builder hopping are treated as senses. It gives you birds' eye view of roads and cutting via farmlands. The trek gradient is easy.

Other trekking places near the city are Yettina Bhuja, Handi Gundi Betta, Ranganatha Swamy Betta, and Makalidurga.

River Rafting


River rafting has gained popularity as an adventure activity because of the comfortable facilities being offered. If you have the time, then consider heading to close by areas like Coorg or Kodagu, where youngsters can go for water rafting across the double shores of Dubare and Barapole. You should try river rafting in the monsoon season if you want to take on the water when it swells. A raft accommodates around 6-8 people and includes a trainer or guide. The perfect time to visit Bangalore for river rafting is from July to August.

Kabini River is another popular destination for water rafting. It is known for its lush green surroundings, easy accessibility, and big herds of elephant sightings. It also provides an enthralling rafting experience that is mixed with sufficient wildlife spotting. The route of Kabini rafting passes through some untouched wildlife sanctuary parts.


This activity is for you if you want to fly like a bird in the sky and also experience the stunning city look from the top. It is an excellent experience that is open only on the weekends. It is one of the best things that you can do in Bangalore when visiting the city on the weekend.

Moreover, parasailing is considered safer as compared to paragliding. In this activity, the parasailer is pulled up with the help of a vehicle at a certain speed to set the levitation. The experience of being a part of this activity is a pure delight despite the parasailer's proximity to the surface. Jakkur Aerodrome is one of the places around where you can enjoy parasailing.

Caving at Antaragange

Anthragange is one of the best adventure gateways in Karnataka. If you want to gain a thrilling experience in Bangalore, exploring this place is the best thing you can do. The best time to go to the Anthragnage is between October to March.

The Anthragange trek is a combination of caving and trekking, which will give an experience of a lifetime! The hill is fully encompassed by boulders situated almost 65 km away from the city of Bangalore. A night trip is the best for night cave and trekking exploration at the place. The wonderful experience of crawling through the volcanic rock of cave formation and creating your path is a story worth sharing. For this activity, you need to carry a torch, trekking shoes or sports shoes, water bottles, raincoats, dry fruits, napkins, tissues, along with other basics.

Camp Overnight at the Antara Gange


Located at a distance of around 40 miles from the city, Antara Gange is a mountain accessible by a private vehicle. At the destination, you will be discovering a place full of caves and hillocks made from volcanic rocks. And, if you are looking to add some adventurous feeling, the location is the best for bonfire or night hike.

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There Are So Many Things to Do in Bangalore!

Bangalore, the city of techies, is famous for much more than being the silicon valley of India, such as its moderate weather, and is known as the coolest city for outdoor activity lovers. Other things that you can try here include going to the numerous gardens, shopping at MG road, and enjoying at places such as pub crawling. When in the city, don't forget to try a range of good drinks and regional food items. And lastly, Bangalore Palace should be a must-visit on your list of destinations if you're coming here for the first time!