If You Are Looking for Cool Things to Paint with Nail Polish Check Out Our Incredibly Cool 5 Minute Crafts Using Nail Paint

If You Are Looking for Cool Things to Paint with Nail Polish Check Out Our Incredibly Cool 5 Minute Crafts Using Nail Paint

A lot of time and money is spent on achieving fabulously manicured nails. If it's more than you'd like, why not try some of these nail polish hacks to give yourself professional-looking nails without the hassle. Today we are sharing some fun, cool, easy and cheap crafts ideas, nail polish DIYs are some of the best around!

Making Your Nails Look Good

Nail care is important not only to look good but also for good health. One should trim nails weekly, as germs can remain trapped underneath the nail and cause infection.

Nail art craft is a way to add more attraction and appeal to your overall look. Most of us just paint our nails in different colours to enhance the outfit style. But nowadays, OPI and acrylic nail trends have become very in trend, and people pay higher prices to get those done from salons. If you want to try doing these fun styles at home then we have got you. Here is a selection of chic and eye-catching nail art crafts you can try easily at home to save you money and time.

5-Minute Nail Paint Craft DIY

Mint Mani Diva DIY

A summer beach party came over out of nowhere, and your nails are not done? Give this mint mania DIY a try and get ready to receive lots of compliments. For this DIY, you need sea-green, light blue, navy blue, and glittery nude pinkish nail paints.

Start by applying a nudish nail paint on your nails. Apply two coats of it for a semi coverage. Next, take a sea-green nail paint and line it down on the left side of the nail. Next, line down the two lines with the rest of the nail paints; light blue, and navy blue. Now, take a toothpick and or a thin bristled brush and make random lines with it. You can mix the colours by pulling the lines up and down. Continue to make the doodling design until the nail paint gets dry. After this, remove the excess nail paint from the cuticle area by using a cotton bud or you can even do it with your hand. Before moving on to the next nail paint, let the previous one gets dry.

You can repeat the same design on the rest of the nails or add a few modifications by adding chevron style or traditional up and down lines. Lastly, take a sticky glitter in silver colour and put it alongside the detailing to add a sparkly effect.

Marble Nail Art

A college event coming up and you want to do your nails with minimum products in a jiffy? Give this DIY a try and get ready to become the center of the attraction. For this you need, neon pink, yellow blue, clear white and black nail paints.

Start by putting on a liberal coat of one colour for a smooth application of the marble design. Next, draw a thin line with pink paint the one side and a thin line of blue paint on the opposite side. Now, draw a black stripe in the middle, take yellow colour and add a drop in over the pink and also in over the blue one.  This will turn the colours into green and orange shades, giving it multiple effects. Now, randomly put three drops of white in the corner of the cuticle. After this, take a lining brush and pull it through the colours in the upward and downward motion. Try to make a mandala design or just random pulling of lines. Now, pull off the excess nail polish with your finger from all the sides to give a flat effect. You can go through the paints again with the brush to add more depth.

Repeat the same design on the rest of the nails. However, you can use more nail paints to add more colours. Lastly, take a transparent polish and apply one coat of it on the top of every nail to give a shiny and neat effect.

Gradient Nail Art

Gradient nail designs are the latest in trend and look very chic and fashionable in all the seasons. You can take any two colours of your choice for this gradient effect. We recommend you to go for one dark shade and one lighter shade. Make sure that your accessories match up with the nail colours as it adds more spice to the outfit. Here, we are taking a fresh peach shade and a neon pink shade for a refreshing sunny day.

Start by applying a coat of your base colour on a nail. We have peach shade as a base colour. Now, wait for a few seconds or let the colour dry completely. After this, take a liquid latex and, with the help of the brush, apply it around the cuticle, on your finger. This will help to prevent the finger from getting stained. Now, take a sponge and cut it with a sharp wide edge. Now, apply your nail paints to the sponges. Start by applying the peach shade closer to the edge, and the neon pink after it. Apply three coats of both colours, to get a thick and visible gradient effect. Also, make sure that both the colours overlap, as it gives more depth and a smooth look. Next, pat the sponge onto your nails and dab it hard 3-4 times. Let the polish dry between each dab. In between the pause for drying, you may also add one more coat of polish on the sponge.

You can repeat this process several times or until the desired result is achieved. Now, remove the latex and clean off the excess paint with the brush dipped in the acetone. Finish it off with a top transparent coat.

Pink Fire Nails

To add more colours to your outfit, try this DIY nail art. These fire nails are a perfect choice for the musical night, Gig shows, carnival, or other happening events. For this DIY, we recommend you to have shorter nails as they look more eye-catching.

You need nude pink, neon pink, clear black. In acrylic, teal, yellow, and purple are required. Start by applying a base coat with nude pink. Make sure that the coat is liberal yet smooth. Next, take a neon pink shade and swipe it in a slanted way from the right side of the cuticle to the left. Now, take a black polish and apply it below the pink sideways. Then, take a thin brush and pull through the colours, in the upward direction. Also, make sure that there is consistency between your swirling up. After this, take the same brush and pull the polish down. This will add an additional pitch to the design. After this, take acrylic paints and do the highlighting of the previous design.

Make three lines of each colour in between the pink and black paints to make the nails more vivid. You can also add hollow silver glitter for some sparky effect. Lastly, take a dazzle dry polish and apply a single coat of it over the nails. This adds zest and makes them look shiny.

Heart Printed Nails

Try these heart printed nail designs for an upcoming pajama party, bridal shower, or family get-togethers. For this, you need white nail paint polish, red nail polish, and a transparent topcoat. However, you can select any lighter colour for a base coat and a darker tone for print. You may also use hollow glitter or shimmer to add a glistening effect.

Start by applying white nail polish to the nails. Apply two thick coats of it to cover the nails completely. If the nails are see-through, the print will not be clear and quite visible. Now, take a toothpick and dip it into the pink nail paint. Now, create two dots in pink colour on the base coat, and drag the polish to a point for the bottom of the heart and fill it in. You can make heart shape as big as you want. Now, take another toothpick, dip it in the white polish, and clean up the heart shape, if needed. Next, repeat these hearts on the entire nail and apply a coat of hollow glitter. After this, lock all the nail paints by applying a top coat over them. Now, repeat this process on the rest of the nails, and you are good to go.

Striping Tape Art

If you want to get your nails done for movie night, this striping DIY is a great choice. It does not require lots of products and tools. You just need a few nail paints, and scotch tape to achieve this look. Select any two colours of your choice; one should be matte while the other one should be glittery. If you are choosing red or pink tones, go for gold other, while with blue and green, silver is the best option. We have selected a navy blue and glittery silver colour.

Start by painting the silver polish onto some scotch tape. While the silver paint is drying, apply a coat of blue polish as a base onto the nails. Apply two coats of it to achieve a smooth base. After this, cut off the painted part of the tape and cut it further into thin stripes. Now, take tweezers and apply the stripes however you like. We recommend you to do double stripes on a single pain. Keep the less distance between both the stripes as it looks more appealing. After this, take scissors and cut off the extra tape from the sides of the cuticle. Lastly, take a brush dipped in acetone and remove off any excess paint from the sides.

Nail Art with Safety Pin

In case you are a big fan of shimmer and glittery nail polish, try this craft. It is a splendid choice for wedding events like sangeet, mehndi, shendi, and bridal shower, among many others. For this, you can choose any 2 shiny paints; one should be darker while the other should be either silver or gold. We have decided to take gold and maroon shade.

Start by applying two thick coats of gold shade as a base colour. Make sure the coats are thick enough to cover the base of the nails. Next, take a toothpick and dip it in the maroon nail paint. Now, make 3 polka dots over the base coat and connect them by using a safety pin. Pull the safety pin through the dots and create a thin line. Repeat the same process on the other nails as well. Lastly, take a transparent paint and apply a coat of it over the nails to make them last longer.

Ombre Nail Art

Ombre design is very much similar to gradient style but with various alterations. This nail craft is shimmery and sparkly, perfect for both day and night events, festivals, and even weddings. You can select the colours, based on your likings, but make sure all the nail polishes belong to the same colour family.

We have selected a purple colour palette with three different blue tones. Start by applying the base coat. For this, choose the lilac shade. Apply two coats to make the colour solid and smooth. Next, take a cotton pad and remove off the excess. Now, let the polish sit until it dries off completely. Now, take three OPI colours; mauve, eggplant, and wine. Next, take a sponge and cut it into a triangular shape with wide ends. Now, put the coat of mauve, then eggplant, and the final wine on the sponge. Now, take a sponge and roll it on the nail. Dab it several times, until you reach the desired result. Apply the new coat of polish over the sponge, before dabbing in on the next nail, as the colour gets dry faster. This will add a bright colour instead of the faded one. Make sure that the swirls are equally divided on the middle as well as the sides of the cuticles.

However, the tips will be a lot darker due to the darker nail paint on the wider end. Now, take clear polish and apply a top coat of it. Next, take cotton bud dipped in the acetone and remove off the access. You may also put some glitter before applying the topcoat in order to get a more sparkling appearance.

Things to Consider When Applying Nail Paint

When making nail paint art, time is one of the most important things to consider. If you are short on time, go for the simple hacks with a nail craft kit or non-water marbled art. This is so, because, it takes less time as compared to OPI nail art, and also lasts for 3-4 days. If you are a student or any working professional, give these above hacks a try as they hardly take 5-7 minutes and your nails are just done.

Also, these crafts are a quick fix for unexpected functions and events in almost no time. Moreover, the mint mania, gradient, and ombre DIY is a great choice for the summer season, beach parties, and vacations. Whereas, the pink fire nails, marble nail art, striping nail, as well as checkered nails are an ideal choice for night functions and musical events. Last but not least, choose nail paints and nail craft tools made up of premium quality as they won't damage the nails and their natural shine. Also, try to match your outfit colour and accessories with your nail colour to achieve a statement look.

From our editorial team

Use Natural Remedies

You must keep your nails in shape and care for them right away. We all make mistakes and it’s totally normal to wear the wrong type of nail polish sometimes. Just make sure you use natural remedies to remove nail paint . They’re just healthier alternatives and if they don’t seem to be working, just opt for a commercial nail polish remover.