Essential Desk Accessories For Home Office! Learn How To Organize a Home Office and Some Fundamental Basics Of Setting Up A Home Office. (2021)

Essential Desk Accessories For Home Office! Learn How To Organize a Home Office and Some Fundamental Basics Of Setting Up A Home Office. (2021)

Setting up a home office is a simple task since you might only need a desk and chair. The only problem comes in when you have to find some office essentials. That means you will have to look for things that make work easier around your home office. This feature from BP Guide will walk you through what you have to find in order to fully set up your home office. Below are the best desk accessories for home office.

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Get Ready To Set Up Your Home Office!

The recent events has made working out of our home the new normal. As we look to spend more work days sitting at our home office it makes sense to have a set up that is best configured to make us feel productive and comfortable. Everyone has different preferences. For instance, while some want their home offices to be utterly clean, others may like a little disorganization. Choosing the right one, as you will be able to find out later, is extremely important. So, let us dive into it.

Tips For Accessorizing Your Desk For Home Office and its Benefits

  • So, for the benefits, correctly accessorizing your home office desk can be useful in many different ways. The most obvious one would be that it should feel like your actual office in order for you to be able to work in such a way as well. For this, you should try and find the most simplistic of the accessories, as they would be in the actual office, and find a silent place where no family members would disturb you.

  • Also, by finding the correct ones, you won't have to get up and away from work in order to get the things you require as much. That brings us to the next tip, remember to look for function, not form. In other words, choose the things that you will need, not the ones that you want or that will make the room look good.

  • Additionally, setting apart a place for just work will help you to keep from getting distracted by other work and your productivity levels will stay high as well. Here, you should remember to choose energizing colors for the walls, while also remembering to get the right chair and desk that suits your needs well. The view outside the window should also be good, without distractions, and not just spread everything out but to keep them well-organized.

  • So, here is another benefit of properly accessorizing your home office; you will stay organized. Meaning, through this, you won't have to get up to find a particular thing that you require and spend time on it. Therefore, you should set everything right, keeping the things that you require most close and others a little further. You may even label different shelves or cupboards to know which thing is where.

Things to Consider When Getting Desk Accessories

The Size

Your desk isn't simply going to be able to accommodate every size. Therefore, the very first thing to consider when buying the accessories would be if it could fit the desk well. For this, we suggest that you make a list of the required things and determine the size of each thing. Remember to check how they'll fit together on the little desk, if at all, so that you don't fret later.

The Ease-Of-Use

If you want the most productivity, you should also consider buying the things that are easier to use rather than the ones that look good. This way, instead of spending time figuring out how a printer, for instance, looks, you will be able to spend time on getting the pages ready to be printed. This goes without saying, not only for things like printers but also little ones like your note-book or perhaps your shelf or desk itself.

The Brand

For the brand, this is up to you; if you can get a suitable product from a local brand. However, usually, because they have to maintain a good reputation, good brands tend to form great products. Therefore, if you don't know about a particular product, buy it from a good brand. For instance, you don't really know what makes a printer good, buy a recommended one from one of the known brands like HP or Canon.

The Requirement

So, rather than wasting money, time, and space on the thing that you want or that makes your office look good, spend it well, getting the accessories that you need a lot. Here, again, you are suggested to make a checklist and try to get all the things that you will be required to have in order to work efficiently. Moreover, try to figure exactly how much you will need a particular thing and set preferences.

The Price

For the price, this is also completely up to you. So, make an overall budget of the total home office requirements and set the preferences right. Then, cancel out the things that you will be rarely required for now. Once done, assign an amount to each of the items left and find them online or by going to the shop, trying to find a cheaper choice than expected. Once you have all of those, check if the budget was higher and get any of the things that you canceled out.

Best Desk Accessories for Home Office You Can Get in India

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebooks with 2 Pilot Frixion Pens

If you will be making a lot of notes and don't mind spending a little higher on them or want to add to the saving of the environment, we suggest that you give this notebook a try. Using it, you will be able to easily wipe off anything that you have written with a damp cloth, hence wouldn't be wasting any paper.

In addition to that, using the Rocketbook app, you can easily convert these notes into digital files and save them in the form of, Evernote, Slack, iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, or email, etc. So, the package includes the larger notebook, a mini size notebook, two Pilot Frixion Pens, and two microfiber cloths. You can get it from Ubuy for INR 4,317.

Lamicall Cell Phone Stand, Phone Dock

Another important thing that you will probably be needing a lot is a good mobile phone stand. So, this first one is highly compatible with different mobile phones including iPhones 6 onwards, Galaxy Samsung S7 onwards, Galaxy Samsung Note 9 onwards, LG, Moto, Sony, Google Pixel, And Nexus, among others.

In addition to all that, the stand is made of great-quality aluminum that is not only very stable but also anti-scratch and the rubber pads also help prevent falls. Moreover, the stand will provide a suitable viewing angle and has great detail as well. Made in the US, the red cell phone stand can easily be bought online from Desert Cart for the price of just INR 2,299.

Callas Metal Mesh Desk Organizer, Black LD 708-05


Moving on to the next home office desk essential, this one is a desk organizer. Manufactured by the brand Callas, this product has a total of nine compartments, with four being great for things like markers, pens, and pencils, etc. Three more are great for things like sharpeners, erasers, mathematical appliances like protractors and scales, among others, and one can accommodate some larger items like notebooks, while the last one is a slide-in compartment that is good for keeping things like staples pins, sticky notes, staplers, or paper clips, etc.

For the appearance, it is in black metal mesh. However, it is available in four other colors, and all have lengths of 4.5 inches, widths of 9.34 inches, and heights of four inches. You can get it from Amazon for INR 999.

Nalwort 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station With QC 3.0 Adapter


So, if you didn't want the cell phone stand before because it is wired or because you want your pad to be able to accommodate more devices, give this one a try. So, it has been particular made for Apple products and can easily charge any of the iPhones that support wireless charging. It is also suitable for Samsung Galaxy phones that support wireless charging.

However, alongside that, it also has the ability to charge one pair of AirPods and Apple Watch Series 3 and onwards. Moreover, it can charge through a cover of 5 mm thickness and can charge the phones at a speed of 18 W and watch 2.5 W. Also, it is secure with systems like temperature control, short-circuit prevention, surge protection, and battery protection and can be bought from Amazon for INR 7,305.

Sheepi - Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

If you have some extra space left on the desk and want to fill it up with something pretty and useful and can spend money on it, we suggest that you give this Magnetic Paper Clip Holder a try. Made by Sheepi, this one includes thirty white paper clips and a magnetic holder. This holder can not only securely hold paper clips but, due to the strong magnets within, it can also hold some heavier items such as staplers or simply more paper or hair clips.

This can be great if you use paper clips a lot as it will prevent them from getting spilled, saving both, time and effort. It is especially good if you want to keep the desk organized in a great manner and can be bought at Desert Cart for INR 3,859.

Anti Glare Computer Glasses-Blue Light & UV Blocking Computer Glasses


In case you will be using your laptop, phone, computer, or any other screen a lot, we suggest that you invest in a great pair of computer glasses. One such product would be these Computer Glasses by Optician's Choice. So, they are will help block any harmful UV rays or visible light from the computer while also keeping in mind not to cause color distortion.

In addition to that, they meet FDA and ANSI standards and have been made in the US. Additionally, they are of optical quality and are available to be easily bought from Amazon for INR 11,498.

Aimrow Dimmer Designer Study Lamp

In case you stay up late, working, you will probably also be needing this Aimrow Dimmer Designer Study Lamp. The product is made of greatly-quality ABS plastic and can also be customized to an extent. Other than that, the lamp has a maximum voltage of 10 Watts and a color rendering index of over 7DRA.

It also has a high luminance effect with soft illumination. Moreover, it has efficient heat dissipation, a solid light source, low power consumption, is mercury-free, produces no radiation, has little carbon imprint, is anti-dazzle, can save up to 80% energy, and does not require assembling. You can get it from Flipkart for INR 2,950.

Homtime Digital Black Clock

Another essential that you will surely be needing is a clock. You might argue that you can use your phone to check the time but that will just cause a distraction and this product will help prevent just that. So, this table clock has a 10 cm width with a 6 cm height and a six-month warranty is included in the package.

Moreover, it has an LED display and a free charging cable is included in the package. Also, it has Bluetooth and is made with ABS plastic, and can also be used to set alarms. You can easily buy it online for the price of just INR 4,600 from Flipkart.

Shivom Crafts Wooden Calendar Multi Color SCCAL Never Ending Table Calendar

For this last product, we present to you the Shivom Crafts Wooden Calendar Multi-Color SCCAL Never Ending Table Calendar. This is necessary to help you keep a record of your progress and meet the set deadlines. Also, not only will it just improve the proficiency levels but will also make the office look better.

The product has a weight of 250 grams and includes a wood calendar. This calendar is manual and consists of five parts, with a container and four cubes. The first of the cubes have the names of the days written on it, with two on each side out of which just one appears at a time.

The second and third have various numbers written on it in a similar manner for the date, while the last has the various month names on it. You can move the cubes and it can be bought from Flipkart for INR 499.

Some Other Accessories for Home Offices That You Should Have

HP OfficeJet 7612 Wide Format e-All-in-One


Another thing that you might require is a printer and where better to get it from than HP. So, this product has an automatic document feeder, and a front USB drive port for additional features and can easily be connected to the phone for easy printing.

Additionally, it has a speed of up to fifteen black-colored sheets per minute or eight multi-colored. It is an all-in-one device that can work as a printer, copier, scanner Fax, ADF, and Duplex, etc. For connectivity choices, there is the USB choice, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 1-USB port, and 2 RJ-11 fax and you can easily get it online from the official store of HP for the price of INR 29,750.

Black & Green Hedgetopia Desk Plant with Pot by OddCroft

Another product that you will need to get if you want to be most productive is a plant like this Black & Green Hedgetopia Desk Plant With Pot By OddCroft. So, it has a single plant in the pot with the Hedgetopia desk plant in it. The plant is of green color with a black resin pot. Also, the plant is artificial and made of plastic, meaning you won't have to care much care of it other than cleaning it every once in a while.

It has a width of 27.94 cm, a depth of 27.94 cm as well, and a height of 25.4 cm. To clean, you should use a brush rather than a cloth to prevent damage. You can buy it from Myntra for the price of just INR 2,007.

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A Complete Manual on Desk Accessories for Home Office

Besides working from the office premises, you might need a home office where you will continue with your work or take up different tasks to work on. This will, therefore, call for a home office. Setting up a home office won't be that much different from your work office. You will need accessories that help make work easier. Not only that, there are many more benefits of having a home office as afore-mentioned. Moreover, there are also certain things to consider when setting up a home office. For instance the size of the office, the type of accessories and for some items, the brand. All this will help make up a great home working environment. Detailed above are the best desk accessories for home office.