Like the Old Saying Goes- “ for Every Job, There is a Perfect Weapon”. The Same can be Said about the Food Scene in Bangalore(2020)! Best Places in Bangalore to Eat for All the Food Lovers Out There

Like the Old Saying Goes- “ for Every Job, There is a Perfect Weapon”. The Same can be Said about the Food Scene in Bangalore(2020)! Best Places in Bangalore to Eat for All the Food Lovers Out There

Bangalore is known as the IT hub of India. People from different states and different countries come here to work. Because of all these reasons, the food culture in Bangalore is different than any other state. Here, one can find almost all types of food items. Not sure about where to start? Here BP-Guide will help you choose some of the best and affordable places in Bangalore. So without wasting time let's see them.

Why is Bangalore Famous for Its Food?

Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. It is not only a cultural hub but also the heart of the country's software industry. You’ll find internationally well-known entrepreneurs who move to the city to make a fortune from all across the globe. You’ve probably heard about Bangalore as the IT hub of Indian, however, it’s more than just that. The people that visit Bangalore bring with them not only the diversity in technology but also in food. The very fact that the city is a destination spot for many has motivated the locals to bring together dishes that no one could have thought of!

Food & Bangalore


Bangalore is a city of vivid colours, people and cultures. It offers lavish and extravagant dishes that you just can’t say no to. For this, Bangalore is famous worldwide with tourists coming in only to try the unique dishes that aren’t served anywhere else.

In this article, we’ve highlighted all the exotic dishes that you must try in this life. With its aspiring dishes, Bangalore offers a plethora of new dishes that chefs from all across the globe adore. Many visits this IT hub not for the IT but the food!

Mix of Traditional and Global Flavours

The city is a contradiction on every turn. It is still a traditional town that unexpectedly took a turn into the dynamic world of metropolitans. An old Bangalorean would still lament about the turn that the city took to become a bustling hub of IT.

Even though there is traffic in the main regions of the city, you’d still find romantic alleys that will leave you awestruck. This gives all the more reasons for one to visit Bangalore. This rollercoaster ride of changes the city has experienced has led to experimentation in global cuisines, and in this way, the city developed into the perfect place for trying out unique dishes. Gone are the days when you visited the city to find out that it has only dosas to offer. Bangalore is an amalgamation of the old and new, sweet and spicy, and IT and food. If you’re visiting the city for a few days or planning to stay there for life, Bangalore offers everything that you can’t possibly decipher.

Mentioned below are the 10 best places to eat in Bangalore.

10 Best Places in Bangalore to Eat

Although you can find mouth-watering food in every corner of Banglore but still for making your work easy, here we are mentioning only 10 places which serve must-try food in this life. After that, if you find the time, you can visit so many other places too.

Food Street Bangalore, V V Puram

The first one on the list is a place where you can take in tradition and modern tastes. The ultimate food street of Bangalore offers a plethora of dishes for both the tourists and the locals. These dishes range from the spicy masala dosa to the sweet dal holige made in mouth-watering ghee. The food is not only lavish but also very economical. The food hub offers dishes ranging from cheap to extravagant. Regardless of how much you’re planning to spend on this food, we guarantee that you’d love it.

Some of the stalls at Food Street include Pav Bhaji stall, Sweet Corn Stall stall, and Manchurian stall. You’d also find an interesting dish called Gobbi Manchurian that has been in trend in Bangalore since the beginning of time. It may sound peculiar but it is as delicious as it gets. The rose gulkand drenched in relish honey is one thing that you must not miss out on.

Shri Sagar - CTR – Malleshwaram

If you’re a fan of “tiffin” and coffee, don’t miss out on Shri Sagar Malleshwaram. The tiffin and coffee have been the favourite subject for poets of both the traditional authors as well as modern ones. The natives won’t think twice before travelling halfway across the city just to try out this dish drenched in warm butter. After that, a cup of steaming hot yet pure coffee is a must. The charm of old tales is prevalent throughout this spot. It’s a dream destination for all the foodies out there.

The task of serving such fresh and delicious tea is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, Malleshwaram has been successful in accomplishing this mission since its very foundational years. This has earned the place numerous devoted customers. The must-try at this spot is filter coffee and benne masala dosa. The spot is open from 8 AM to 12 PM and then from 4 PM to 9 PM.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar – Basavanagudi

One of the best places Bangalore has to offer for traditional relish dishes is Brahmin’s Coffee Bar at Basavanagudi. It offers hot, mouth-watering rice delicacies that won’t be found elsewhere in the country. These rice delicacies entail soft texture as well as crispy vadas that will get you going for more plates than you had planned. A plethora of dishes are offered here but nothing beats the Idly Vada combo.

Lakeview Milk Bar

The Lake View Milk Bar holds its high reputations since the 1940s. The old locals probably had their first dates in this bar over an exotic strawberry milkshake that the Lakeview milk bar is still famous for. It was initially owned by an Englishman James Meadow Charles who sold it to Vrajlal when the British were leaving India. In this way, the spot holds not only a cultural but also a historical image.

The bar started with merely milkshakes and ice creams but now has a disparate range of modern foods ranging from pizzas to sand witches. However, the milkshakes should be on your bucket list for nostalgia if not for the creamy taste they drench your mouth with.


This small yet cozy café is a place not everyone knows about it. If you’re a tourist, you might have not heard about it but you’ll find it intriguing. If you’re a local, the Koshy’s has probably slipped your mind. That’s the beauty of this place- it is not crowded at all. You can enjoy an ambient environment with exotic wooden tables and chairs all beautifully dotted around the mini bakery. It provides you with a unique experience on its own.

However, don’t go in there expecting fancy crockery. It’s not what the café is famous for. The creamy egg puffs and the steamy mutton cutlets are what make this café stand out. Dishes ranging from samosas to chicken rolls are found here. Nevertheless, don’t forget Koshy’s is well known for its beef cutlets for these are not only juicy and soft but also crispy in that they provide a blend of perfection. Some call them puffs from heaven.

To end your journey, Koshy’s offers doughnuts. These doughnuts are creamy, soft and lightweight. The chocolate layering on the doughnuts along with flaky casing makes you come back for more.

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms’

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms began its journey in the early 1920s when three brothers decided to begin their voyage of extravagant delicacies. Visiting the MTR is a reminder of not only the history but also the cultural heritage that the nearby region holds.

Today, the MTR brings foreigners from across to the globe to test the delicacies as well as enjoy the ambience. The branches of MTR are spread across the city making it a very popular food spot. Of course, you should try out the legendary masala dosa that MTR offers but don’t forget to try out the rice idlis that has its roots traced back to the WWII when idlis were scare.

The Only Place

Don’t hesitate to stuff your tummy with the delicious continental delicacies offered at The Only Place. After all, it is The Only Place that satiates your inner foodie. Not only the food but also the environment is extremely extravagant. The light ambience coupled with vibrant colours and quick service makes this place utterly unique. If you’re a beef lover, this should be on your bucket list. The beef dishes come with garlic bread, mashed potatoes and veggies. If you’re a vegan, you can simply opt for one of the simple yet tasty veggie dishes. This spot is for everyone.

Truffles Koramangala

Truffles Koramangala is famous for burgers and steaks. For a fast-food joint in India, it is pretty crowded and you might have to wait in the line to taste these. This is due to the loyal customers that this spot has earned. We guess they have the Kraby Patty’s secret formula.

Smally’s Resto Cafe

The Smally’s Resto Café offers a charming small-town feeling in both its interior and exteriors. The seating arrangement provides space for anyone and everyone. The ambience coupled with delicious snicker shakes makes it totally worth your while. Foods such as chicken steak and wings are also available at their crispiest version.


There’s a reason for why the Karavalli made its way to the list of San Pellegrino Asia’s fifty best restaurants. The reason is simply the diversity of clean, high quality and fresh dishes that are served here. Dishes ranging from seasonal curries to steamed grills have made Karavalli a popular spot for foreigners and a permanent spot for the locals. This means that you’d have to make your way through crowds to have a bite at Karavalli. However, the wait will be totally worth it.

Tips to Savour These Relish Dishes

We’ve put together everything you need to know about these must-try delicacies that will water your mouth more than any other dish you’ve read about! The fact that Bangaloreans are primarily food lovers has led to Bangalore winning the name “town of beans”. With a reference to food in your very hometown, you’ve got to fall in love with the food even if you’re not a foodie innately. If you’re a foreigner reading this article, we hope you enjoyed the list of places that you need to visit to quench your thirst for sumptuous dishes.

These are some tips for you to follow:

  • The must-go dishes at Food Street Bangalore are Pav Bhaji, Chat Masala and Potato dish. Its location is nearby the Old Market Road nearby Basavanagudi. The average cost for one person would be Rs. 100 which is pretty impressive on its own.
  • You’d have to wait a bit to get breakfast at the Shri Sagar Malleshwaram but it’s worth it. Furthermore, it is a common norm to take the coffee outside once it’s prepared to make room for others. Another tip would be to talk with the old citizens of while you’re out on the wait instead of merely using your cellphone because these seniors will have a lot of tales to share that will leave you enchanted. You can also just grab your cup of coffee and enjoy the fresh air that clears your mind of all the stresses of this world and the next. Also, the average cost for one customer is Rs. 100 which is pretty reasonable.
  • The must-try at Basavanagudi is Idly Vada and Almond Milkshake. This dream spot for foodies is located on ranga rao road near Shankar mutt. The average cost one individual is Rs.75 which means that the food is practically sold free.
  • One tip to bear in mind while visiting Lake View Milk Bar is that it offers not only desserts and dishes but also snacks. So if you’re a junk food lover or a lover for traditional delicacies, this should definitely be on your bucket list. The spot is open for long hours during the night so you can easily enjoy the dishes at 3 am in your car. The average price for one individual is Rs. 200 which is a bit more than other restaurants but then again who can put a price on this experience of a lifetime.
  • Koshy provides the perfect bread butter with sausages for your breakfast. The very beginning of your day will be refreshing. It is situated on the St. Marks Road near Ashok Nagar. The average price for one individual is Rs. 350.
  • Most of the loyal customers visit MTR in the early hours for the delicious breakfast they serve. If you’re a fan of South Indian meals, we’d recommend you stop by the lunch hours to taste the timeless thalis. The average price for two individuals would be Rs. 250 only. Since a lot of tourists visit this place, you’d find a plethora of dishes at Karavalli. So whether you’re a vegan or a seafood lover, this should definitely be your go-to option.
  • At The Only Place, we’d recommend you go for steak for it is not only tender but also one of the juiciest and well-cooked steaks you’ve ever tasted. You should also try out the Lasagna. The price for one individual is Rs. 600 which is nothing compared to the experience that the Only Place provides.
  • The location that Truffles Koramangala offers makes it very feasible to access and famous among many. The popular foods to try here are burgers and steak. The cost of one is Rs.400. We recommend you try out Peri Peri Chicken Steak at Smally’s Resto Café. The average cost for one individual is Rs. 400.
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Take a Good Care of Health

As we already mentioned, you can get all kinds of food in Bangalore and "Too much of anything isn't good for anyone." So we suggest you don't eat everything and in excess quantity. It should not affect your health. All the food will be very delicious and irresistible so try to taste everything but not too much. Health should always come first. Take care of hygiene as well and don't get sick because it will ruin all the fun.