Make Your Bed Pretty and Comfy! Find the Perfect Sheets from Our 30 Best Bed Sheets Recommendations List (2023)

Make Your Bed Pretty and Comfy! Find the Perfect Sheets from Our 30 Best Bed Sheets Recommendations List (2023)

Beds are our haven after a hectic day. Bedsheets add charm and style so you naturally are prone to spend time to find the right one. With so many bedding start-ups promising premium-quality, hotel-style sheets at direct-to-consumer prices, it can be hard to know what’s what. Below, you can find tips on what to look for in a great set of sheets, some of the top picks and highly rated sheets we chose based on expert guidance.

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The Importance of a Good Bed Sheet for Sound Sleep

Bed sheets are one of the most essential items in the bedding space. However, it is also one of the most underrated items as the majority of us hardly consider the important aspects such as thread count, material and so on. Bedsheets are important because it directly is in touch with your skin and therefore can impact your sleep more than you know. If the material of the bed sheet is not skin-friendly, you might have sleepless nights. Not just that but a good bed sheet can also prevent bed bugs and get you a nice temperature to sleep. Now that we have enough understanding of the importance of bed sheets let's go ahead and check out major types of bed sheets.

Most Popular Bed Sheet Fabrics

Let's have a look at the most popular bed sheet fabrics when making a purchase.

Cotton Bed Sheet


Within the cotton bed sheets also the are so many different types of cotton bed sheets. Out of all Egyptian cotton is the best as the high thread count making it as luxurious as it could be. There bed sheets are very soft and super comfortable to sleep there are various other types of cotton based on various factors such as thread count and various other factors.

Linen Bed Sheet


Linen bed sheets are luxurious and aloe one of the most comfortable fabrics to sleep on. The fabric has ventilating and bacteria resistant property. Further, the cooling benefits of linen Bed Sheet is unmatchable preventing from various type of allergies. While selecting a linen bed sheet make sure to check the fine print that says French or Belgian origin. Often times it is about the flax origin and the linen itself is woven in China.

Flannel Bed Sheet

A flannel bed sheet is but for those who are looking for a cozy sleep dosing the winter. A good quality flannel sheet is made of a cool cotton blend. While wool is essential for providing warmth, cotton gives the softness and ease of sleeping. However, flannel sheets might not be as breathable as cotton bed sheets or linens bed sheets. So if you are looking for more luxurious options then you might want to side with cotton or linen bed sheets.

Top 30 Best Bedsheets in India

Here are the top bed sheets in India that we have curated for you.

Best Cotton Bed Sheet Brands in India

1. Bombay Dyeing Cotton King Size Bed Sheet


One of the finest brands in the country, Bombay Dyeing was founded in 1879 and is currently headquartered in Mumbai. Popular for its premium bed sheet products, the brand produces bed sheets made of a wide range of suitable fabrics such as cotton, microfiber and polyester. Soft and breathable bed sheets from Bombay dyeing are also easy to maintain as you can easily machine wash them. Bombay Dyeing 140 TC cotton king-size double bedsheets are made from the finest cotton. The bedsheets come with two pillow cover and is purple, a shade that is very soothing to the eyes. According to the instructions on the bed sheets, dry cleaning is the best option. Coming from a trusted brand, this bedsheet is available on for just Rs. 2,079.

2. Portico New York Marvella Printed Cotton 144TC Double Bed Sheet


This beautifully printed Bed Sheet from Portico is sure to elevate the decour of your room and accessorize the entire room. The 100% cotton fabric is velvety soft and comfortable to sleep on. Further, the fabric is processed nicely for providing colour strength and making the bedsheets shrink-resistant. With all these high-end processing and fabric quality, you can still maintain it easily through machine wash or hands. In the box, you get one bedsheet and two pillow covers making it a complete bedsheet solution. Get this 144 TC, multicolour Bed Sheet from Portico on for just Rs. 1,299.

3. Raymond Home 100% Cotton 104 TC Brown Double Bed Sheet


Raymond is one of the oldest and most well-known brands in India in the fabric space. This floral printed bed sheet from Raymond is a 100% cotton fabric with a beautiful floral pattern. Along with the bedsheets you also get two pillow covers making it a complete bedsheet solution for any home. Easy to wash and maintain, this bedsheet is apt for use at home or even for gifting purposes. You can get this bedsheet on for just Rs. 850.

4. Divine Casa 100% Cotton Geometric Print Mix N Match Bed Sheet


This bedsheet from Divine Case is woven out of Glace quality cotton printed fabric. With its lime teal and off-white colour, it will add a pleasant hue to your room. The bed sheet feels very soft and comfortable on the skin. In addition to the superb fabric and feel, the geometric design is a timeless pattern fitting every home decour from traditional and modern. While you are washing this sheet for the first time, make sure to wash it separately because of the dark shades. The Bed Sheet can be comfortably washed with cold water and a washing machine. Buy this highly breathable and skin-friendly Bed Sheet on for just Rs. 659.

5. DDECOR - Brick 100% Cotton Double Bed Sheet


Flaunt your classy style with these double-size bed sheets from DDecor which is made of one of the finest cotton. The bedsheets from DDecor turn out to be much softer than the normal bedsheets, thanks to the entire process that these bed sheets go through. Use it in the contemporary or traditional interior setup, these bedsheets are perfect for any decoration. If you are worried about the vibrant print getting faded then know that this bedsheet is printed with German ink that lasts long. Moreover, the comfortable and easy-to-care Bed Sheet does not give you the headache of having any separate washing or ironing mechanism. Get this Bed Sheet on for just Rs. 1,499.

6. Portico New York Marvella Printed Cotton 144TC Double Bed Sheet


This 100% cotton bed sheet with 144 thread count is made from one of the finest materials. The soft and comfortable fabric of this bed street enables you to sleep And wake up in the morning fresh and energetic. Moreover the design and the pattern of this bed sheet complement room, drawing room, and even the kids' room. Further, you don't even need to worry too much about the maintenance of this sheet given the fact that it can easily be washed in the washing machine. Last but not the least, the beautiful orange colour pillow covers complement the light-shade Bed Sheet perfectly. You can buy this bed sheet on for just Rs. 1,299.

7. EasyGoods Cotton Rajasthani Jaipuri Sanganeri Print Double Bed Sheet


This multicolour floral bed sheet from easy good has a magnificent Rajasthani design that looks elegant and suits every decor. Made from 100% cotton this Bed Sheet is also very comfortable and soft given the thread count is 120. This bed sheet is suitable for the Queen size bed and also comes with two pillow covers completing the look. The pattern of this bed sheet is such that you can also use it as a decorative accessory in your drawing room or just casually put it on the sofa for completing the stylish look. Buy this stylish bed sheet on for just Rs. 999 with some crazy discounts running currently.

8. Spaces Atrium Beige 100% Cotton Double Bed Sheet


If you are looking for a velvet soft feel and breathable bedsheets then this bedsheet from Spaces is the perfect one to have. The beige colour of the bedsheets along with the two pillow covers is soothing to the eyes. Further, an ideal thread count of 144 ensures a soft feel and touch. Also, the ink used in the bedsheets is 100% safe for the skin. When it comes to the maintenance of the Bed Sheet, you can comfortably wash it in the washing machine. Buy this high-quality and soft bed sheet on for just Rs. 1,499.

9. Story@Home 186 TC Floral 100% Cotton 186 TC Double Bed Sheet

The 186 thread count bedsheets from Story@home are all you need for a good night's sleep. Apart from its eye-catching contemporary design, you will also fall in love with the smoothness of 100% pure cotton. Plus the manufacturing and finishing technique used ensures long-lasting softness and smoothness. If you are thinking that the maintenance would be a costly affair then this bed sheet can be washed comfortably in the washing machine. With the bed sheet, you will also get a set of two pillow covers for the complete look. Buy this bed sheet on for just Rs. 749.

10. Amazon Brand - Solimo Leafy Spring 144 TC 100% Cotton Double Bed Sheet


The floral and refreshing print of this bed sheet from Amazon brand - Solimo will catch your eyes instantly. The double bed sheet is made from 100% cotton and the thread count is at 144. Moreover, this colour fade-resistant bed sheet is easy to tuck below the bed making it perfect for those who always look for small details and want perfection. One of the biggest drawbacks of the many bedsheets is their weight which makes washing and maintenance very challenging. However, this bedsheet is lightweight and therefore you can wash it comfortably. The bold colour and patterned bed sheet are available on for just Rs. 869.

Best Luxury Bed Sheets in India

11. Montana by AnnaSimona

In the world of luxury, our first pick is AnnaSimona Montana's bed sheet. Manufactured using viscose velvet, this bed sheet has a thread count of 360 making it one in the luxurious lot. The quilted pattern on this navy blue coloured bed sheet is a fine example of craftsmanship. When buying this bed sheet, in the pack you will get a 1-bed sheet, 2 pillow covers, 2 euro shams and 1 decorative pillow giving you the perfect bed set. AnnaSimona Montana bed sheet is suitable for king-size beds. However, make sure that this bed sheet is dry-cleaned and not hand or machine-washed. Buy this luxurious bed sheet set on for just Rs. 25,999.

12. Vintage Bijoux by Maspar, an Eight-Piece Bedding Set in Cotton King Size

If you are looking for a complete bed ensemble then these bedsheets from Maspar Vintage Bijoux is a must-have for luxury and comfort. Let us start with the packaging which contains Kind bedsheets, quilts, Pillow Covers, Pillow Sham and cushion covers. Apart from buying it for personal use, this bed sheet set also makes for a good gifting option. While making a luxurious and high-end product, properties such as skin-friendly and softness are not ignored. You can easily wash this entire bed set in the machine, therefore, making it easy to care for and maintain. Buy this luxurious bed sheet set on for just Rs. 19,593.

13. Saphed Indus Linen Bed Set

Hit the refresh button in your room with this bed set from Saphed with its playful design and high-end feel. The bed sheet is created out of superior quality linen and the Indus colour is soothing to the eyes. In the set, you get 1 flat sheet, 2 pillowcases and 1 duvet cover. Just like any other linen item, you would need to pre-wash the bed sheet and other items before use for extra softness and comfort. Use it for your own room or gift a friend, this bed sheet is sure to elevate the look of the bedroom. Buy this beautiful bed sheet on for just Rs. 10,499.

14. Mark Home White Striped Bedding Set

The striped cotton bed sheets are unparalleled when it comes to the neat and elegant look they provide to the bedroom. Mark Home white striped bedding set is a complete bedding solution with a 1-bed sheet, 4 pillow covers and 1 duvet cover. This 100% cotton bed sheet is also easy to maintain and requires a simple machine wash. What however adds to the luxury in the thread count of 400 making this bed sheet an entirely amazing experience to sleep on. Striped white bed sheet with other bedding accessories is available on for just Rs. 10,999.

15. Sadyaska Cosmic Coral Treasure Bed Sheet

If you are looking for a contemporary design and collection then this bed sheet from Sadyaska Cosmic Coral Coral Treasure Bed Sheet is a perfect pick. This coral bed sheet set from Sadyaska has a soft material and gives a silky smooth feel when lying on the bed. The philosophy of the brand, i.e. beauty in simplicity fits reflects perfectly in this bed sheet. In the pack, you get 1 king-size bed sheet, 2 pillow covers and 1 cushion cover. While washing however makes sure to wash it separately from the dark colours for the best results. Get this bed sheet on for just Rs. 3,600.

16. Boutique Living Akira Geometric Beige 225 TC Cotton King Bedding Set

The bedding set from boutique living is a perfect blend of class and elegance. The cotton is all-natural and breathable making this bed sweet one of the safest and softest. There are almost 6-7 shades of this bed sheet to choose from. Moreover, in addition to that, you also get two pillow covers and one double comforter. With a thread count of 227, this bed sheet gives you the most comfortable sleeping experience and a fresh morning. Buy this stylish bed sheet on for just Rs. 6,799.

17. Trinity (Traditional Pattern) by Mark Home

This nine-piece bedding essential bed sheet set from Trinity is just what you need for a stylish bedroom. The nine pieces are inclusive of pillow covers, diver covers, show covers, cushion covers and a deco pillow. A 100% Cotton bed sheet and grey colour naturally add to the soothing element. One of the biggest advantages of buying this bed sheet set is that you do not need to buy anything extra for adding decor to the room. Washing and maintaining this bed sheet is very easy and you can do it in the washing machine or hand wash. Just make sure to not lay it directly under the sun as the colour might fade. You can buy this useful bed sheet set on for just Rs. 16,199.

18. NIMMITGrey Double Bed Sheet Set

A beautiful piece from NIMMIT this bed sheet set is regal and compliments both the traditional and modern decor of your bedroom. The beautiful Kasauli embroidery is running vertically in this bed sheet on both sides. Further, there is a 2 cm hemming on all four sides. In the set you get I bed sheet and 2 pillowcases. Get it for your bedroom or gift it to someone close, this bed sheet is sure to leave a mark. Get five grey double bed sheets on for just Rs. 7,240.

19.Shades of Life Beige & White Ethnic Motifs 250 TC King Bed Sheet

The beige and white colour bed sheet set from shades of life is one of the most royal and stylish-looking bed sheets with high-quality cotton. A thread count of 250 ensures that you get a perfect sleep in the soft bed street without compromising on the bed sheet. Ethnic motifs work like a charm giving an enhanced style statement to your entire bedroom. In the set, you get one-bed street and 4 pillow covers completing the entire sleeping set. Since it is a fine cotton bed sheet, make sure to Wash it with your hands rather than machine wash it. You can get this bed sheet on for just Rs. 12,799.

20. Home CentreFloral 210 TC Cotton King Bed Sheet with 2 Pillow Covers

This bed sheet from Home Centre is everything that you expect from high-quality bed linen. The comfort of 210 thread count, a matching queen-size comforter and 2 pillow covers are sure to give you a good night's sleep. The fabric is cotton and machine wash making it easy to care for as well. The King-size bed sheet was a floral pattern which looks perfect for every weather. Adding to the exclusivity all these items come in a beautiful box that can be used to store the entire bedding item on just use it as a decorative item in your living room. Buy this bed sheet on for just Rs. 13,999.

Trending Bedsheets under 1000

21. Loreto – A Quality Linen Brand Printed 144 TC Cotton Double Bed Sheet


Sleep better and have a fresh start every day when you . . bring home this high-quality bed sweet from LORETO. The design of the bed sheet is such that it fits any bedroom of your house, be it the kids' room, guest room, your room or parent's room. With a thread count of 144, the bed sheet is very comfortable to sleep on. Simple to maintain, the bed sheet can be machine-washed and dry in the shade. Each bed sheet set comes with one king-size bed sheet and two pillow covers. The bed sheet can be purchased on for just Rs. 699.

22. Vihaan Fabindia Cotton Double Bed Sheet with 2 Pillow Cover


Jaipuri prints are one of the most sought-after points when it comes to bed sheets and upholstery. This Jaipuri print bed sheet is made from 300 thread count and has a smooth finish for a comfortable sleep. Moreover, the care and maintenance of this bed sheet are very simple as all you need to do is just hand wash or machine Wash with cold water. The Vihaan fab India bed sheet comes with two pillow covers making it a complete bed sheet solution for everyone. You can pick this bed sheet on Amazon for just Rs. 999

23. Home Ecstasy 100% Cotton Double Bedsheets


This geometric pattern bed sheet from Home Ecstasy comes with a thread count of 140 which is very comfortable. The design is very modern and sets the tone of the room. Even this premium bed sheet can be gifted to friends and families on any occasion. Further, the Bed Sheet can also be maintained easily as all you need is machine wash or hand Wash. In the back, you get a one-bed sheet and two pillow covers. Enjoy the high-quality material with superior weave giving a comfortable sleep and fresh mornings. Buy this bed sheet on for just Rs. 895.

24. Cozy Furnish Glace Cotton Modern Double Bed Sheet


The modern design of this bed sheet is sure to capture the eyes of everyone and the brown shade just adds to the sophisticated touch. With a thread count of 144, this bed sheet is very comfortable for sleeping. Further, the cotton fabric ensures a skin-friendly experience for everyone. In the pack, there is one king-size bed sheet and 2 pillow covers. Crafted with box stitching technology along with premium filling and thermal ability, the bed sheet is perfect for all weather. Maintaining the bed sheet is also very simple as you can machine wash it. Buy this bed sheet on for just Rs. 516.

25. Huesland by Ahmedabad Cotton 144 TC Cotton Bed Sheet


The green colour and floral print perfectly bring a festive mood and light the entire bedroom. One king-size bed sheet of 144 thread count along with two pillow covers makes for the perfect sleeping experience. This bed sheet is made from cotton fabric that is specifically suitable for the Indian climate. Further, the long-lasting softness along with deep pockets gives the perfect fitting and comfort while sleeping. Easy home maintenance and light weight make it a preferred bed sheet for the Indian climate. Buy this summery bed sheet on for just Rs. 711.

26. TIB 100% Cotton King Size Bed Sheet


This floral fitted Bed Sheet from TIB is 100% cotton with a good enough thread count of 160. If the height of your mattress is around 4 to 8 inches then this elastic Bed Sheet is ideal for you. The full elastic trim ensures that the bed sheet fits the mattress nicely. One of the best features of this bed sheet is that it stays in place once you have made the bed. Moreover, you need not worry about lifting the heavy mattress up for tucking the bed sheet as very little effort will just do. Buy this fitted bed sheet on for just Rs. 859.

27. Magnetic Shadow King Size Bed Cover Elastic Fitted Bed Sheet


If you are looking for a bed sheet fabric that is less prone to wrinkles and more affordable than cotton then this bed sheet from Magnetic shadow king is a perfect pick for you. You can use this bed sheet during winter as well as summer making it an all-weather investment. Blue shade gives a very soothing feel to the eyes making you instantly comfortable and wanting to slip into sleep mode. Feel the freedom of not having to tuck in the bed sheet every morning with this king-size Bed Sheet from Magnetic shadow king. Along with the Bed Sheet, you also get a set of two pillows. Buy this bed sheet on for just INR 649.

28. Cot Prints Cotton Bed Sheet


Get a versatile and elegant touch in your bedroom with this bed sheet from COT PRINTS. It is a large double bed sheet with two pillow covers. Further, you can be sure of using this bed sheet frequently as maintaining and taking care is very simple. The thread count of 200 ensures that you get a comfortable sleep. One of the best features of this bed sheet is that it has duper pockets so that you do not have to struggle for fitting the bed sheet onto the larger mattresses. Buy this bed sheet on for just Rs. 1,799.

29. Haus & Kinder Victorian Summer Dream 100% Cotton Floral Double Bed Sheet


This Vintage Bed Street Print adds a statement to your room making it look like a floral dream. Create an everlasting statement this bed sheet is 100% cotton and woven with the finest cotton and celebrates happy moments. The 186 thread count ensures the finest sleeping experience. Make sure to wash the bed sheet before first use for the best experience. The size of bed sheet is large enough to tuck beneath the mattress comfortably.

30. Dreamscape 100% Cotton Double Bedsheets


This Dreamscape bed sheet has a geometric pattern with a thread count of 144. The blue colour of the bed sheet gives a sense of calmness and a relaxed feeling in the bedroom. Further, the two pillow covers also complete the look and make it a complete sleeping experience. The bed sheet goes through a severe lab test to prove various attributes such as Color fastness, machine wash, thread count and fibre identification. Buy this bed sheet on for just Rs. 899.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheet

Here are a few things to consider when buying a bed sheet.

1. Fibre Content Matters

A 100% cotton is a perfect fibre to go for when buying a bed sheet. Within cotton, you get extra long staple cotton like Egyptian and Pima. Both these types of cotton are superior one. Another popular fabric is Colton polyester which is relatively less expensive compared to the cotton bed sheets. So when buying a bed sheet make sure to check the quality of fibre and the type for the experience that you are expecting.

2. Thread Count Isn't Everything.

Thread count is a great way to identify the quality of a bed sheet. Most of the times it is the thread count that we are focussed on while buying a bed sheet. However, there are certain techniques by the manufacturing companies that can allow them to increase the thread count without increasing the quality of the fabric. So make sure to focus on brands and other such aspects along with the thread count when you go out to purchase a bed sheet.

3. Know the Difference Between Weaves

There are two different types of weaves broadly – sateen and Percale. While Sateen weave is done for a silky and smooth feel, percale is a basic weave with a simple grid-like weave for a lightweight and crisp feel.

4. Always Check the Return Policy

Perhaps the most important aspect while buying something is to look for the return policy. It is difficult to understand the quality of the bed sheet without actually touching it on lying on it. There are certain brands that restrict the return to 1 week and then there are internet-only brands that allow you to return for up to 1 month or even more. So, based on the return policy you can choose the brand and make a purchase.

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Today's consumers understand the urgency of protecting the environment and care about how products are made. You should consider buying bedsheets from brands that care about the environment and use sustainable manufacturing processes. From ethical farming practices to the use of eco-friendly manufacturing techniques, today there are brands that are leading the way in creating a better future, resulting in a brighter future for all of us.