Monsoon can Be Hard on the Skin: Follow these Skin Care Tips for Monsoon to Keep Your Skin Healthy & Fresh this Rainy Reason! (2021)

Monsoon can Be Hard on the Skin: Follow these Skin Care Tips for Monsoon to Keep Your Skin Healthy & Fresh this Rainy Reason! (2021)

Just because the clouds have taken over the harmful UV rays coming from the sun doesn't mean your skin is not prone to damage. Your skin is as susceptible to damage in the rainy season as it is in the dry season, which is why we bring you some of the most crucial skin care tips for monsoon you can follow.

Monsoon Season and Skin Condition

Skincare has only gained more importance in our life with growing pollution and lesser time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. During monsoon, as the humidity rises, skin gets various problems which can be a concern. For some sensitive skin people, high humidity can make the skin super oily and dull, leading to acne breakout. Sweat can also clog the pores and make them more prone to common skin problems. It is essential to change the skincare routine according to the season and skin type, and you should not neglect the monsoon from this process.

Skincare Tips During Monsoon for a Flawless Skin

It is essential to pamper your skin regularly, even if it is monsoon time. You should notice your skin's signs and follow a monsoon oriented skincare routine to keep it healthy and bright.

Maintain Seasonal 'CTM' Routine

After the scorching heat of summer on our skin, we enjoy the cool breeze of the rainy season and feel a sense of relief. However, monsoon, along with numerous diseases and health issues, brings various skin problems too. While eczema and boils are common during this time, we also get many rashes, pimples, and itchiness. Maintaining a cleansing routine, toning, and moisturising exercise are essential even in the temperate monsoon weather. Always try to use dermatologically tested products that are not made with harmful chemicals and are free from toxins, parabens, and mineral oils. Cleaning keeps the dirt away from the skin, toning de-clogs the pores, and moisturising maintains hydration and makes a protective barrier between your skin and the outside atmosphere.

Properly Hydrate Yourself

Sometimes occasional rains and cool breeze makes us forget about drinking water throughout the day. Hydration is necessary. Our body should keep on restoring fluid, which helps us maintain the much-needed balance of electrolytes in the body and perform daily activities with much-needed energy. When the body is well hydrated, you will see a visible difference in your skin. It will not feel dull and dry and will have fewer fine lines. More water means more toxin removal from the body. It will boost your energy and activate your mind, which will give an inner glow through your face and skin. Along with water, you can drink honey-lemon tea or hot chicken or veggie noodle soup, which will provide hydration as well as vitamins to your skin.

Rely on Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

When the monsoon season is in its full glory, man's skin problems arise now and then. To protect the skin from such ailments, it is ideal for feeding the skin with nutrient-rich foods. Seasonal fruits and vegetables increase immunity and help the body fight against bacteria and viruses or other infections. Bananas, apples, papayas, pomegranates, plum squash, and more can help keep you healthy during monsoon. By taking these fruits and veggies, you can achieve healthy skin from inside. It is better to avoid street foods that are oily and better focus on seasonal food items.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Some changes in the skin during the monsoon season are not fun. Your skin may appear dry or oily much more, and also, you can have more acne or pimples during this time of the year. Exfoliation two to three times a week teaches our skin to appear as a new shield. It helps remove dirt and grime by eliminating the barrier of dead skin cells and opening the clogged pores. It reduces spots, sun-damaged, and discoloured skin, which reduces wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. The skin appears younger and brighter due to good exfoliation. It softens the skin's texture, enhances the colour and clarity, and improves overall skin tone.

Go Easy with Makeup

If you love doing makeup, you will know how the humidity and weather change affect your skin. It would help if you changed the ways of makeup round the year according to the weather. A wrong choice of makeup can clog your pores and create toxins in your body. In monsoon, you should such makeup which will not wash out or make your skin dull looking.

Some makeup lover considers monsoon as the worst season for doing makeup. Rain and humidity do not allow for everyday makeup outside. You will need to avoid patchy foundation, dripping eyeliner, or smudging lip colour by creating some changes in your makeup bag. Avoid cream-based products and use matte or powdery kits to absorb oil use water-based moisture for your skin. Always go for waterproof eyeliners and lipsticks for long hours of pretty looking face.

Be Careful About Fungal Infections

Monsoon and humidity aggravate skin infection. Fungal infection causes itching, rashes, and acne. Always keep your skin germ free and do not put your hands or fingers over your face. Touching your skin might create a fungal infection, and it takes time to get rid of it.

Keep a Nighttime Monsoon Regime

Keep a healthy nighttime skincare routine and make a habit of it. This routine will keep your skin supple, nourished, and young for a long time. Use water-based products and gels if you have oily skin. As in humidity, oily, sensitive, and combination skin get breakout more often than any other time of the year.

Use Sunscreen as Needed

Sunscreen is not only for summer as during monsoon season, whether the sun is showing or not, but ultraviolet rays are always there. We should use sunscreen lotion or gel before heading out in the monsoon. For rain, as it might wash out the cream, you can use an organic matte sunscreen, which will be in the skin for a much longer time.

Simple Natural Remedies for Monsoon Skincare

As the beautiful nature during monsoon make us overwhelmed, getting out of home sometimes becomes next to impossible. If you can not go to the beauty parlour for a relaxed facial appointment, you can use home remedies to eliminate everyday skin problems. Use camphor, rose water, apple cider vinegar, fuller earth, camphor sandalwood powder during monsoon to keep your skin healthy and flawless. It takes a little effort to get a confident look with healthy skin.

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Is is Especially Crucial to Keep Clear of Infectious Vectors

Monsoon is the season when many microbes proliferate and become disease-causing vectors. It is very crucial to keep disinfecting yourself and items surrounding you. As these microbes are also behind the diseases related to skin, you must take proper measures to keep your skin clear off of these!