Sensational Quotes and Soul-Stirring Teddy Day Gifts to Express Best Wishes and Adoration to your Boyfriend. 10 Teddy Day Wishes for Boyfriend and Some Spectacular Teddy Day Gift Ideas. (2022)

Sensational Quotes and Soul-Stirring Teddy Day Gifts to Express Best Wishes and Adoration to your Boyfriend. 10 Teddy Day Wishes for Boyfriend and Some Spectacular Teddy Day Gift Ideas. (2022)

While Valentine's Day fast approaches, it is significant to note Teddy Day which is on the 10th of February, is a separate day on its own and worth celebrating, especially for those in love. It's a day to show you affection through teddy day wishes for boyfriend. But, how do you wish teddy day to your crush? Worry not as BP Guide has got you covered with awesome gift ideas and plenty of quotes for teddy day wishes for boyfriend.

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Here’s Why Teddy Day is Celebrated in the Valentine Week

The ‘Valentine Week’ is the most anticipated week of the year, especially for all those who wish to pour their heart out to their loved one. The origin of Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the Roman celebration known as Lupercalia, which was the day dedicated to the Gods Faunus and Lupercus and Remus and Romulus, the famous founders of Rome. The ‘Teddy Day’ is celebrated on 4th day of the Valentine Week that is, 10th Feb of every year. On this day, the soft, fluffy and cuddly-worthy teddies are gifted to the beloved to mark their love. The inexplicable innocence, and the inherent charm of these cute teddies is a tangible gift unlike flowers that wither away in a day or two. A cute adorable teddy as a gift paired with Teddy Day wishes is an amazing way to express your feelings to your partner. Check out these latest Teddy Day Quotes and Wishes to convey your feelings beautifully.

5 Fun Gifts for Teddy Day

1. Personalized Wooden Desk Organiser


Personalized gifts are extraordinary and if you are tired of those regular conventional gifts then go for this elegant personalized Wooden Desk Organizer. You can personalize this desk organizer with your favourite quote. Now, your partner need not search for things, as a lot of items can be organized neatly with his organizer. You can purchase this desk-organizer on IGP for Rs. 595.

2. Bluetooth Shower Speaker


Bluetooth shower speakers are compact, portable, easy to connect and can be used with any device. With these endless advantages, a Bluetooth speaker is definitely a great gift for your boyfriend/husband. The shower Bluetooth speakers are water-resistant and can be used in any place be it a pool, beach, bath, car, indoors/outdoors etc. The Bluetooth Shower Speaker by Johns Avenue is available on Amazon for Rs. 6,038.

3. Luggage Tag

If you are looking for a gift for your jetsetter boyfriend then surprise him with this gorgeous Tartan Luggage Tag available on The Black Canvas. The tag features a bi-fold design and is crafted in best quality black leather. The price of this Marble Grey luggage tag is Rs. 1,400.

4. Wellness Massage Cube

A wellness massage cube is a great way to ease everyday pain and aches while also softening the skin. Your beloved will definitely appreciate this massage cube, when his sore muscles are relieved from pain. Created by KOA+ROY, this wellness massage cube is available on Uncommon Goods for Rs. 2,900.

5. Teddy and Chocolates


Cute little teddies paired with chocolates is a gift unsurpassed. The gift basket available on IGP is truly a Basket of Happiness that comprises of Cadbury Chocolates and 3 endearing white teddies all packed in a round basket. The price of this gift hamper is Rs. 1,145.

Teddy Day Wishes and Quotes to Celebrate the Day in a Meaningful Way

Quote 1:

It’s Teddy Day and I am thinking of someone cuddly and cute and that is you. Sending you my hugs and cuddles and wishing you a day filled with happiness and delightful moments. Te Amo. Happy Teddy Day!

Quote 2:

Let’s make memories together that we’ll remember for a lifetime. Giving you a big hug, b’coz I am your teddy for a lifetime. Love You… Honey…Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Quote 3:

A big warm hug to my sweetest adorable teddy. Gifting you this cute teddy to say that I will always be there for you. Have a fun and exciting day. Happy teddy day my love!

Quote 4:

Pink or blue, old or new, teddies are always cuddly and cute. On this special day, I want to say, you are centre of my world, and you are my one and only thought. Happy Teddy Bear Day Sweetheart!

Quote 5:

All day I want to see you. At night I want to dream of you. All I want in this world is you. Wishing a very Happy Teddy Day to you, my love!

Quote 6:

I feel wonderful when I am in your warm embrace. You have bewitched my body and soul. My favorite place in the world is inside your hug. It’s Teddy Bear Day and I just want to say ‘I love you beary much’. Lots n Lots of sweet teddy hugs from my side!

Quote 7:

Hugs matter! No one can match you, when it comes to giving those wonderful teddy bear hugs. One hug from you will melt my stress away. When I am in your arms, I find love and warmth that I have always been looking for. I am sooo lucky to have you. A special hug just for you. Happy Teddy Day my love!

Quote 8:

To my sweetheart, I miss you a lot. You make even small moments seem so special. I want to hold your hand, walk by your side, laugh with you and create beautiful memories every single day. The moments we spend together are so precious to me. You are all my heart yearns for! On this teddy bear day, I wish to tell you how much I love and care for you! Mi Amor, Happy Teddy Day!

Quote 9:

I think of you when I wake up in the morning. I think of you before going to sleep. I think of you on this special day. My life has become more beautiful with you. As we celebrate this wonderful day, I want to show my admiration for you with this cute, cuddly bear. Kisses, love and hugs sweetheart. Happy Teddy Day!

Quote 10:

Every moment I spend with you, my happiness grows leaps and bounds. Let’s celebrate this day with cute teddies, yummy candies and hearts to epitomize our love. Happy Teddy Day, sweetheart!

Quote 11:

“If I had to dream up the perfect man, he wouldn’t even come close to you.” Thank you for always being there for me. A warm hug and kisses. “Happy Teddy Day, my love”!

Quote 12:

Today, is a special day, so it’s perfect time to say that you are very special to me. I am thinking a lot about you! Wishing you a Happy Teddy Day, Sweetheart!

Valentine Week List

The Valentine Week celebration lasts for 8 days and they are as follows -
1. February 7th – Rose Day
2. February 8th – Propose Day
3. February 9th – Chocolate Day
4. February 10th – Teddy Day
5. February 11th – Promise Day
6. February 12th – Hug Day
7. February 13th – Kiss Day
The celebration culminates on February 14th as Valentine’s Day.

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How do you Wish a Teddy Day?

A question worth pondering. First of all, unlike Valentine's Day, on Teddy Day you don't have to go all out with your expression of love. A simple heart-warming gift such as a teddy bear will work as a spectacular expression of love. Second, since Teddy Day is a different day on it's own, how then do you go about celebrating it? The first suggestions is a great way. Another way is to use teddy bear text messages whether say it physically or through messaging platforms. Finally, one sure way to express your love to your boyfriend on Teddy Day is through teddy love quotes or gifts such as those suggested above.