Tired of Hairfall and Frizzy hair? Checkout these Easy and Cheap Keratin Hair Treatment Kits that can be Prepared at Home for 2020

Tired of Hairfall and Frizzy hair? Checkout these Easy and Cheap Keratin Hair Treatment Kits that can be Prepared at Home for 2020

Smooth and glossy hair is still a dream for many but it's achievable. Treating the root cause is the best method. Keratin is a building block of our skin hair, hence reinforcing this keratin is the best approach. Let's check out some natural remedies and a few artificial shampoos to improve the hair.

Keratin and its Use in Hair Treatment

Are you aware that keratin is a type of protein that makes up our skin and hair? And, having healthy and glossy hair is essential to make you look beautiful. The keratin is the building block of your hair, and you must undertake a regular keratin treatment at home to ensure that you have healthy hair.

If you have damaged or frizzy hair, it is essential that you undergo a comprehensive treatment regimen using keratin. It will act as a deep conditioner and ensure that the entire follicle is strengthened. But what are the treatment options available to you? In this article, we will discuss some of the options for keratin hair treatment in home. For those who are too busy through the day, we also have a few shampoos that can aid you in the keratin treatment.

What are the Benefits of Keratin Treatment?

You have Better and Stronger Hair

Use of keratin ensures that the follicles are healthier – right from the roots till the tip. It prevents any breakage of the hair. Once the roots are stronger, the risk of hair loss is minimised. The strands of hair grow stronger and, as a result, can withstand the harsh environmental factors better. If you apply hair masks rich in protein, it will help you prevent hair fall and make it smooth and shiny as well. On continued use, you may also experience growth of new hair.

Helps in Damage Repair

Nutrients are necessary for your hair, and the keratin provides additional protection for your hair. It can also work against any damage to your hair from any harmful chemicals. The use of keratins can help to revitalise your hair. During some time of the year, your hair may tend to get drier, the presence of keratins in the conditioning can help to maintain the health of your hair. It can add additional moisture to the hair and prevent it from staying dry. The use of supplementary nutrients can also help in working against broken tips.

The Frizz is Reduced

While some of us may don't mind frizzy hair, most of us would prefer straight hair. The causes of frizzy hair may be several but having straight hair can be an add-on to your looks. While several options prevent your hair from being frizzy, but most of them contain harmful chemicals too. According to research, people who use keratin for their hair are known to be able to manage their hair better.

It ensures that the cells of your hair are smoothened and makes your hair look glossy. It can also act against the frizziness of your hair and make it look straighter, thereby allowing your hair to be set according to the style preferred by you.

You Can Style Your Hair Easily

You would like to style your hair according to the latest trends. However, it would not be easy if you have frizzy hair. It will be worse if your hair is damaged due to the harsh environmental conditions. If you have a hair mask periodically, it will help in having the latest hairstyles easier.

If your hair is smooth by itself, you need not add on too much chemical-laden hair styling products, which would lead to severe hair damage. It will also not make you use too many products to bring your hair back in shape.

Your Hair Becomes Straight Naturally

Most of us prefer straight hair. However, if your hair is damaged, there could be problems in having straight hair. The hair products would have too many chemicals that would damage your hair. However, using natural chemicals can help in keeping your hair straight while preserving the natural elasticity and beauty.

DIY Keratin Treatment at Home

Egg-Yogurt Hair Pack

Eggs are known to be a powerhouse of proteins and can prove beneficial for the health of your hair too. While eggs can make your hair look shiny, yoghurt is also known to enhance the health of your hair and make it look shiny. To make a hair pack of yoghurt and eggs, you need to give yourself five minutes. You need an egg and two large spoons of yoghurt.


  • You have to beat the yoghurt and the egg in a bowl.
  • Remember to use only the egg white if you have oily hair.
  • Once there is a full mix, apply it on your hair and keep it for around half an hour.
  • Then rinse your hair with cold water.
  • After this, shampoo your hair along with a conditioner.
  • You can apply the pack twice a week.

Avocado-Coconut Milk Hair Pack

Avocados are rich in several vitamins, while coconut milk has an abundance of proteins. The nutrients enhance the production of collagen that helps in the growth of hair. You can also add some amount of olive oil to make your hair feel silky. Before going ahead, remember that this pack must not be used by those having oily hair.


  • The pack makes around five minutes to complete.
  • You have to peel the skin of the avocado and take the pulp.
  • Next, smash the pulp till it is smooth.
  • Then, add the coconut milk and olive oil and ensure there is a smooth consistency.
  • Apply it on your hair and scalp and keep it for half an hour.
  • You wash it off with water.

Banana-Avocado Hair Pack

Due to various external conditions, the keratin in your scalp may get reduced. It becomes essential to do some home treatment to make your hair strong and healthy like before. Bananas contain amino acids that can help in ensuring the proteins in your hair is restored. On the other hand, the avocados are rich in essential vitamins. The mask works well in your hair and ensures it does not get frizzy.


  • You will need a ripe banana, a spoon of wheat germ oil, a spoon of rose oil and avocado.
  • You have to scoop out the pulp from the avocado and mash it till it is smooth.
  • Similarly, mash the banana and add the oils.
  • When there is a smooth paste, apply it on your hair with a brush and keep it for around half an hour.
  • Then wash it with a shampoo.
  • The pack can be used once a week.

Gelatin Protein Hair Mask

This gelatin hair mask is known to contain the keratins that help to strengthen your hair.


  • Take 1/3 cup of water and add half a spoon of gelatin powder over it.
  • Continue to whisk it till they mix.
  • You can also use coconut milk instead of water to ensure more nutrients for your hair.
  • You must heat the mixture and stir so that the gelatin does not stick at the bottom.
  • Bring it down once it boils and cools it down.
  • When it is still warm, add a spoon of olive oil or some mashed bananas or avocado.
  • Apply the pack on your when it is still warm.
  • You can keep it for around fifteen minutes.
  • You must use lukewarm water to wash your hair.

Coconut Milk and Hibiscus Hair Mask

Coconut milk contains proteins that ensure healthy hair. On the other hand, hibiscus contains amino acids that help to strengthen the roots of the hair and keep it healthy. The pack will ensure regrowth of the follicles and thicken the hair. You will also need yoghurt, aloe vera and honey.


  • You have to take the ingredients and make a paste.
  • Hibiscus powder must be used to make the paste.
  • Apply it on your hair and scalp and keep it for around half an hour.
  • Then wash it with a mild shampoo while this keratin mask removes the dryness and stops the breakage of the hair.

Few Off-the-Shelf Keratin Treatment Options

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo

This product from TRESemme has a unique formula to restore the ideal levels of keratin in your hair. It will make your hair look straight and make it turn silky too. The shampoo also has argan oil to repair the damaged hair and enhances the texture of your hair. The frizz can be controlled for around two days and tackle the split ends.


  • It is ideal for damaged hair and controls the frizz for around two days.
  • The product is suitable for all types of hair.
  • There is a unique formula that restores the ideal keratin levels.


  • The product contains SLS and could be harmful to your hair.

The product is priced at Rs. 465 for a 580 ml bottle and is available on www.amazon.in.

Wella Professionals Oil Reflections Luminous Smoothening Oil

Source www.amazon.in

This keratin pack at home is ideal as it cures dry and damaged hair. The oil is rich in avocado oil, macadamia seed oil and vitamin E. It is lightweight and cures the dullness of your hair apart from preventing breakage and frizz in your hair. It has the added benefit of being used for conditioning and styling your hair. There is an added shine and glossiness in your hair.


  • Your hair does not feel heavy after using it.
  • It is made from premium quality ingredients.
  • The product can be used for all types of hair.


  • The effects of the shampoo do not last long.

A 100 ml bottle is priced at Rs. 1,059 on www.amazon.in.

Keratin Complex Keratin Care Shampoo

Source www.amazon.in

The shampoo has a unique blend of nutrients like soy proteins and wheat that helps in proper conditioning of your hair. It makes your hair smooth and shiny, that enhances your personality. The product does not contain salt that ensures the effectiveness of the keratin remains longer in your hair. The damaged or dry hair is restored to proper health. The product also works against split ends and prevents breaking of the tip of the follicles. It also provides a long-lasting effect on your hair on continuous usage.


  • Continuous usage provides the ideal results and keeps your hair silky and prevents breakage.
  • The ideal level of proteins is restored.
  • It reduces frizz in your hair and is suitable for all types of hair.


  • The shampoo is a bit expensive.

It is priced at Rs. 4,381 for a pack of two 13.5 ounces and is available on www.amazon.in.

Bella Vita Organic Keratin Hair Mask Spa Cream

Source www.amazon.in

We have seen earlier that coconut extract is an essential nutrient for your hair. The product is enriched with mango, cocoa butter and argan oil. The choice of ingredients ensures that your hair is silky and soft. The addition of fatty acids and vitamins revitalises your hair.The shampoo does not contain harmful chemicals like mineral oils, parabens and SLS. The product ensures that hydrolysed keratin makes your hair elastic and enhances the lustre and shine.


  • Your hair is hydrated and also moisturises the dull hair.
  • Made from natural ingredients only and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • It contains ingredients like coconut extracts and cocoa butter to nourish your hair.


  • It is made in Thailand, and availability can be an issue.

A 200 grams pack is priced at Rs. 399 and is available on www.amazon.in.

Giovanni 2chic Brazilian Keratin And Argan Oil Shampoo

Source www.amazon.in

This product brings together the benefits of natural extracts from Morocco and brazil. The Brazilian phyto-keratins and Moroccan oil ensure your is smoothened and makes it glossy. Moreover, the product also contains coconut oil, jojoba seed extracts and aloe vera. It helps to provide nutrition to the damaged hair. The elasticity of your hair is enhanced due to the plant-based nutrients.


  • The product is safe for hair treated with colour.
  • It is free from harmful chemicals, like sulphates.
  • Your hair becomes shinier, and it reduces any breakage and frizz.


  • Some may not like the smell of coconut.

A 250 grams tube is priced at Rs. 650 and is available on www.amazon.in.

Schwarzkopf Professional Bc Keratin Smooth Perfect Treatment

Source www.amazon.in

This keratin hair treatment at home kit repairs the structure of your hair and even handles unmanageable hair with ease. It provides a soothing touch to your hair. You can even apply it to your chemically-smoothened hair, and it will keep away the frizziness of your hair. It nourishes your hair properly and strengthens the follicles from the root to the tip.The product has a unique combo of silicon oils and cationic polymers to smoothen your hair. It detangles your hair and forms a protective layer against exposure to the environment.


  • Provides overall nourishment to your hair.
  • It adds shine and improves the manageability.
  • Protects your hair from the elements.


  • Availability can be an issue at times.

A 200 ml pack is priced at Rs. 780 and is available on www.amazon.in.

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