Take Care of Your Skin During Winter for Healthier and Vibrant Looking Skin. Here Are the Must-Have Winter Care Products for Good Skin and Hair (2020)

Take Care of Your Skin During Winter for Healthier and Vibrant Looking Skin. Here Are the Must-Have Winter Care Products for Good Skin and Hair (2020)

During the winter, one may easily forget to take good care of their skin as they are regularly heavily and fully clothed, to keep the winter cold out. In addition, when sun basking, one may forget something as simple as using sunscreen during winter. Here is a guide to keeping you safe during the winter season with helpful tips and the best winter skincare products to take care of your hair and skin.

Why Our Skin Needs Special Care During Winter

Winter is the season for those cozy movie nights and enjoying hobbies such as skiing in the lap of nature. However, our skin demands extra care during the winters because the cold and harsh weather steals away the moisture. Apart from maintaining the moisture balance, winters are the time when you would like to be under the sun more often, and when you get a chance you may end up exposing your skin to the harmful rays. So essentially, it is the winters when we want to invest in the good sun protection protects and so on.

Tips to Take Care of Your Skin During Winter

With the change in the weather, the needs of our skin also change and therefore skincare products should be chosen wisely. Here are a few tips to help you out in taking the right care of your skin during the winters.

Choose the Correct Winter Care Product

Our skin needs loads of moisture during the dry winter season. If throughout the day you do not feel like using a lot of moisture then go for something light weight, then include a good moisturiser in your night skincare routine. Similarly, your skin type is an important factor to consider before selecting the skincare product during the winters.

Exfoliate Regularly

If you underestimated the benefits of regular exfoliation then now is the time to include it in your skincare routine during the winters. During the winters, you might experience flaky skin and dry skin. To keep the skin moisturised, exfoliation is extremely important to remove the flakiness. It is because the application of moisture on the dead skin will not reach the layers underneath thereby making your skin dry frequently.

Stay Away from the Sun or Wear Sunscreen

Well, we know that sunbathing during the winters feels like a luxury in the lap of the nature. While sun light is good for our body for the proper balance of Vitamin D, the harmful UV rays might damage the skin if exposed for the longer hours. One way to avoid the harmful rays is to apply a lot of sunscreen lotion before stepping out. You can enjoy the sun by ensuring that issues like pigmentation and sunburn do not occur. Just like our overall skin, lips also need special care from the sun and therefore do not skip a good SPF lip balm.

Eat Good

Winters bring various health problems such as flu but that’s not all. The season is known for bringing an assortment of healthy and vitamin rich food and veggies. To maintain the right balance, make sure that you eat the locally sourced veggies, fruits and cereals available during the winter season. Dieticians across the world recommend including locally sourced food products to remain healthy irrespective of the season and weather

Must Have Hair and Skin Winter Care Products

We have rounded up a list of the products for you to keep your hair and skin healthy even during the harshest of the winters. Let’s get started

Khadi Kailash Luxurious Morning Cold Cream

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Cold creams are essential for skincare during the winters and Khadi Kailash cold cream is a must have skincare product in your closet. Enriched with vitamins, this cream is apt for applying during the day to remove the signs of fatigue and make your skin look fresh. The special formula of this cream ensures that your skin is safe from the harmful rays of the sun therefore reducing the risk of premature skin aging. Moreover, the paraben free formula of the cream gives you the comfort of not applying any harmful chemical on your face, the repercussions of which are often visible in the later years. You can enrich your skincare routine during the winters with this cream at just INR 109 on 1mg.

Auravedic Kumkumadi Body Oil

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Not just our face but also entire body needs special care and nourishment during the winters. This kumkumadi body oil from Auravedic nourishes your skin from deep within and rejuvenates it therefore improving the skin tone. Over time you will start feeling the benefits of this body oil on your skin experiencing spotless and clear skin. Apart from moisturising the skin, the oil is also effective in reducing the fine lines and the other signs of aging therefore making the skin smoother and young looking. The good news is that the oil is suitable for both applying on the face as well as body for the complete nourishment. Buy this super beneficial oil on Amazon for just INR 322 and give your skin the food it needs during winter.

mCaffeine Must-Have Winter Skincare Set

Look no further for collecting the winter skin care essentials in bits and pieces as you get it all in this winter skincare set by mCaffeine. The benefits of coffee for the skin are widely known and these products from mCaffeine are your one stop solution to all your winter skin problems. In the kit you get, face mask, serum, body polishing oil and body scrub. All these products are infused with the real coffee grains. Exfoliate hydrate and moisturise your skin with the rejuvenating formula of these products including pure arabica coffee. Other effective ingredients that these skincare products are infused with include white water lily, coconut oil, vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil among other beneficial ingredients. Feel the goodness and freshening effect of coffee on your skin when you buy this kit on M Caffeine for just INR 1,475.

Heavy Moisturising Shampoo, Conditioner & Oil Shots Comb

The shampoo is not just for taking care of the frizz but also locking in the moisture. The intense formula from Brillare is effective in replenishing the hair protein and reducing hair porosity. Moreover, the ingredients such as Soybean oil, wheat protein, avocado fruit, shea seed and argan seed are known for their excellent properties benefiting the growth and nourishment of hair. Say goodbye to frizz, flakes and undernourished hair with this moisturising shampoo available on Brillare for just INR 1,225

L'Oreal Professionnel Nutrifier Glycerol + Coco Oil Nourishing System Silicone-Free Shampoo Men & Women

Winter care is incomplete without hair care and therefore our next product is for your precious hair. The L’oreal nutrifier shampoo is filled with the goodness of glycerol and coconut oil making the formula apt for those winters when your scalp become dry and flaky. The good thing about this shampoo does not end at it being suitable for all hair types but also the fact that the formula is silicon free. Feel the bounciness of your hair back with more nourished, shiny and healthy hair. This fortifying shampoo is easily available on Flipkart for just INR 605.

Indus Valley Bio Organic Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil With The Natural Aroma Of Coconut Oil For Hair & Skin Care (Set of 1)

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Coconut oil is known for its immense benefits to the skin and hair, especially during the winters. This organic extra virgin coconut oil from Indus Valley is enriched with Vitamin E and is good for both skin and hair. Apart from being a natural moisturiser, this coconut oil ensures that the hair strengthens from the root and also helps in preventing dandruff and hair fall. One of the best parts of coconut oil is its benefits to both hair and skin and therefore you do not have to worry about buying skincare and hair care product separately. You can buy this coconut hair oil on Amazon for INR 177 and get a winter ready hair and skin.

Beetroot Lip Balm

Source deyga.in

We often forget to take care of the lips, one of the most delicate part of our body. Lips do get affected due to winter and dryness in the atmosphere and therefore appear chapped. This beetroot lip balm from Deyga is a perfect solution to all your lips issues retaining the moisture and protecting the lips from becoming chapped. Moreover, the cuts and fine lines that occur on the lips due to dryness also eventually disappear on applying this lip balm regularly during the winter season. Add this super effective lip balm to your daily skin care routine and see the results in just few days of application. Purchase this lip balm for just INR 290 on Deyga.

Dot & Key Hand Cream : Sanitizer + moisturizer, with Mandarin & Lemon, alcohol free sanitizer plus hand cream for women and men - Paraben Free

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This hand cream from Dot & Key gives you the nourishment of a moisturiser and sanitizes the hands. However, if you have been in search of a cream that does not contain any chemicals then this hand cream is for you. Gentle on hands, the cream retains the moisture and keeps the skin hydrated for long. Furthermore, the jojoba and shea actives also nourish the hands to make them feel soft and free from fine lines. No alcohol, parabens and phthalates is what makes this hand cream a must have for daily usage. Moreover, the sanitizer formula of this cream helps in killing the 99.99% of germs and leave your hands germ free and soft. Add this hand cream in your winter skin care list for just INR 395 on Amazon.

Just Herbs Winter Care Box

A box with everything you want to keep your skin nourished and healthy during winter, this kit from Just Herbs is a must-have during the winter season. In this pack you get a nourishing almond complexion pack, face wash with neem and orange extract, coconut bathing bar, extra virgin coconut oil, Lip balm with shea butter and coconut body butter. The natural ingredients in all these products ensure that your skin is not exposed to the harmful chemicals. Grab this winter care box on Just Herbs for just INR 2,845 and shine through the winter.

BIOAYURVEDA Rose Calamine Sun Protective Face Cream with Spf 60, Broad Spectrum, UVA UVB Protection All Type Skin Care 40gm

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With winter around the corner, skin issues such as tanning, dullness, sun dryness is bound to happen only if you do not use this sun protective face cream from Bioayurveda. The cream is enriched with various herbal ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants therefore protecting the screen from harmful UVB and UVA rays therefore keeping your skin hydrated and shiny. The cream is beneficial for all skin types and for both men and women. Further, the SPF 60 formula ensures that the skin is protected from the harmful sun rays fighting against sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and other such issues. You can buy this cream on Amazon for just INR 339 and improve your skincare routine during winter.

Home-Made Skincare Products in Winter

Milk, Cream and Honey

Source food.ndtv.com

If you are looking for all natural care for your skin during the harshest of the winters then magical ingredients like milk, cream and honey are your best option. Easily available in all households, milk acts as a natural moisturiser to the skin. Just take a cotton ball and dab it in raw milk. Gently wipe your face with the cotton and let your skin rest for 5-10 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water and pat the skin dry. Cream on the other hand can be used as natural ingredient for facial products as it provides the pinkish glow to the skin. Honey is known for its anti-aging and hydrating properties keeping the skin glowing and supple. Get the sun kissed glow with these all-natural ingredients, at least one of which will be easily available in your home.

Oatmeal Bath

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People have sworn by the benefits of oatmeal since ages and carried forward to their next generation as a treasure tip for good skin. Various studies and research have already concluded that oatmeal is effective for cleansing and moisturising the skin. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties of oatmeal makes it one of the best winter care products for dry skin during the winters. To cut down on the work but absorb full benefit of this ingredient, oatmeal bath is the most effective way. Take 1 cup of oatmeal powder and scatter in the under the running water. Make sure that there are no lumps of oatmeal. Get in the bathtub for 15 to 20 minutes and pat yourself dry. Doing this activity regularly will start showing the results with your skin retaining the moisture and becoming soft and glowing.

Loads of Moisturiser

It looks like a no brainer but most of us cut down on applying the moisturiser on our skin. One of the harshest thing that you can do to your skin is not give it enough of winter skin care products such as moisturiser to survive through the winter. Issues such as fine lines, premature aging signs and stretch marks are the most common problems that your skin would suffer because of the lack of moisturiser. Whether natural or a good moisturiser from the shop, make sure not to leave your skin dry in the winter.

From our editorial team

Say Goodbye to Frizz, Flakes and Undernourished Hair and Skin During Winter

Hair and skin that isn't being taken care of may end up frizzy, flakey and undernourished. This could in-turn end up being a severe medical condition and to stay ahead of this, regularly taking care of the hair and skin by using good skincare products could avert the problem. During winter, such problems could be hastened as taking good care of the hair and skin may be forgotten.

In addition to the harsh weather, dry skin may be adversely affected too. With winter care products for dry skin enriched with neem and orange extracts, coconut bathing bar, extra virgin coconut oil, lip balm with shea butter and coconut body butter and many other helpful and nourishing elements such as sanitizer and oils, the winter care products above are your best solution to maintaining good hair and skin.