Selecting the Right Gift is More of an Art than Your Day-to-Day Task: Gift Buying Tips for You to Get the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One (2020)

Selecting the Right Gift is More of an Art than Your Day-to-Day Task: Gift Buying Tips for You to Get the Perfect Gift for Your Loved One (2020)

There is nothing as personal as getting someone a gift that they will absolutely adore. Therefore, it is essential to consider some things before purchasing the right gift. However, that should not be a huge concern anymore, as the following are some of the essential tips that will help you buy the best gift for your loved ones.

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Importance of Giving Gifts

1. A Symbol of Love

There are many ways through which people show their love for other people and also to themselves. However, if you are considering to buy a gift, then it is essential to understand that the act of buying someone a gift is, at times, necessary to strengthen a relationship. This is a result of so many reasons, including the fact that it shows love.

Especially for those in relationships, be it dating or even just being friends, gift-giving indicates that you love the other person and vice versa. Besides, it would be best if you did not wait until it's an event for you to give a gift. There is that feeling of being loved that comes with receiving a gift, therefore, provide it as often as you can.

2. An Act of Appreciation

Appreciation comes about after someone does something good for you, and when telling them that you are grateful for their actions, it is crucial to go beyond just a thank you note. This is because irrespective of the extent of the help received, a gift will make the receiver feel appreciated more sincerely. Therefore, in case you intend to recognize someone for some good deed they did for you, always consider giving them a gift that will make them happy.

3. To Show Support

Anyone taking a massive step in their life or moving from one stage to the next in life, they require assistance from those close to them. What better way to support someone close to you other than giving them a special gift on their big day? These changes in life may be a promotion at work, where they require that extra confidence to show them that they deserved the new position. Another such change maybe when a student gets accepted to the college they always wanted. To some extent, such a scenario is always filled with uncertainties. Therefore, it calls for a show of support that is correctly delivered by giving a gift.

4. To Emphasise an Apology

Many people avoid taking the step to apologise, which is not advisable. This is because uttering those words can be hard for some people who eventually opt not to do it. However, there is an act that can emphasise the apology even more, and that is gift-giving. Therefore, when offering an apology, consider sending a small gift with a note apologising.

A good example is when something ordered by a client is delivered late, tampered with, or even delivered the wrong thing. This may affect the business negatively, therefore calling for the need to mend the relationship with the client. Consequently, they may take the ordered goods back, and while they try to solve the issue, send the customer a gift of their product or services. Besides, when the apology is done and received right, it can improve the company’s relationship with the client.

5. To Show Kindness

This world is filled with both kind and unkind people. However, despite who you are, everyone needs an act of kindness. A right way of delivering goodness as a tangible thing is through giving a present. This is because once you give a present, the recipient feels loved and cared for, which would brighten up their moment, thus showing kindness. A gift presents compassion in a way that kind words would not, therefore, consider showing someone some affection by getting them a gift. Similarly, in this scenario, giving the award should not wait until there is an event, you never know when someone needs that act of kindness, therefore give gifts anytime.

A Few Important Gift Buying Tips

1. Seek to Understand What the Recipient Needs

The whole reason behind buying any gift is so that you can give the recipient something they need. This can not be achieved that easily without fully understanding what they need or rather what is missing that needs to be there. Therefore, fully understanding what someone needs is essential so that when the gift is bought, it is received with gratitude, and to some extent, you make the life of the recipient better.

There are various things that different people prefer; therefore, by fully understanding the recipient’s needs, you personalise the gift to the point that it fits their personality. Besides, this tip needs one to be observant to note the recipient's interests or needs so that the gift you buy may be useful. This, however, should not hold you back from buying someone a gift since you do not know them; there are various platforms available online that will aid in identifying the perfect gift to give. Sometimes it is hard to understand someone's needs fully; therefore, using some of these platforms can help to an extent— for example, the, which avails a variety of gifts specifying different occasions.

2. Make a List

Once you have understood the recipient's needs, then you ought to make a list. This is important since no one has everything, and as human beings, we always want something more. Therefore, the needs may be so many and some so expensive. To avoid any confusion while buying a gift, make a list of all the needed things so that while you go gift buying, you have options. Also, this list gives you ideas on what to focus on and what not to since it's not necessary for you to buy everything on the list.

This list may be made from your observation of what the recipient keeps wanting, or the recipient may decide to make a list themselves in case the gifts are for an event. Therefore, based on this list, you can make a budget of what to spend, where to find the item, and for what period the item is available in the market. This is because somethings may be on high demand while others may be sold out. It also helps you be more organised.

3. Be Charitable

Remember that different people have different tastes and preferences; therefore, some might love huge gifts, while others may prefer something simple and thoughtful. Therefore, depending on the nature of your recipient, your definition of being charitable may differ. However, the secret behind being charitable is knowing what the recipient is really passionate about.

For example, your recipient may be dedicating their time to planting trees which could be their passion, therefore, you could be charitable by getting them a number of tree seedlings for them to continue with their passion. This may seem a bit awkward, but trust us, when you are contributing towards their passion, they would fully appreciate the thoughtful and special gift given. Therefore, go to the extent of looking at what your recipient is committed to and what is dear to them, then present them with a gift to that course and it will be an unforgettable gift.

4. Decide on a Budget

Budgeting for any activity is vital for it helps you maintain your discipline when it comes to money matters. In this case, one may get confused when presented with so many beautiful and exciting gifts in the market to the point that they end up buying the wrong gifts at a very high price. Therefore, if you are trying to be better when it comes to spending, formulate a budget.

This gift buying tip is achieved easily once you have made a list of what your recipient may need. This is because with a list you get to narrow down to your choice of gift that is comfortable to buy without overspending. Once you have identified the gift you want to buy, then you get to look for a store that will offer the same gift but at an affordable price. In the end, you end up buying the perfect gift and at an affordable price within your budget.

5. Do Not Rush!

Rushing is the most common mistake people make when it comes to buying gifts. Many wait until the last minute to shopping for a gift, especially during some occasions such as Christmas or New Year’s. Rushing should be the last thing you do when you intend to buy the best gift. There are many reasons why you should not rush, as it leads you to get the wrong gift, overspending, or even getting an inferior quality product. Another thing that happens once you go shopping for gifts last minute is that you get overpriced gifts, or may also find they are all sold out.

It is important to understand that for buying a gift and excelling at it, you need to have sufficient time to go through your budget, your options, and everything else. Therefore, once you decide to buy someone a gift, make sure that you start the process quite early and you will be assured of the recipient loving it. However, if you are a last-minute person, at least have a week or so prior to the actual event, so that you can get the gift you want.

6. Do Enough Research

Research is a very beneficial process for you to get adequate and detailed information about your subject. In this case, gift buying is the subject. Therefore, when you go researching, then you get options of what type of gift is perfect for what occasion, the different prices for different products, and from which specific store to get a particular gift. Then since you want to get the best gift that will have the recipient mesmerized, you need to know all the details of what to get.

You can conduct this research online by getting various suggestions, and also the specific prices of your choice of gift and where to get the gift. You can also go to a few malls or stores to look up for various options. More so, you could also conduct this research by observing the person you intend to gift to know what they need at the moment. With adequate research, you will have all the required details when you go to buy a gift.

7. You Could Consider Asking the Recipient

For those who are buying gifts for a specific occasion, it would never hurt to approach the recipient directly and get the particular information of what to get them. While for those who seek to surprise them with the gift, then they could ask their immediate friends, or even ask them indirectly. However, despite the method you use, most people will appreciate it since you have taken the step to ask and not just buy anything.

8. Be Creative

Creativity, no matter the magnitude, is always appreciated. One person’s creativity is very different from another’s creativity; therefore, when you’re creative, you are assured that the outcome will be a one of a kind gift that will be unique. This is because, to the recipient, the gift will be an indication of the effort you put in and a reminder to them of the extra step you took. Besides, when referring to the DIY (do it yourself) gifts, there are countless ideas from which you could choose from.

While being creative in gift buying, you could opt to buy a gift but then add up some touches of creativity; similarly, you could make the gift yourself from scratch. Therefore, depending on the exact thing you want and what the recipient really needs, your gift will be unique and appropriate.

Some Thoughtful Recommendations on Gifts You Can Buy

  • Jewellery: This is one of the gifts that you can never go wrong when giving someone as a gift, however you need to know their preferences before actually buying it. Some of the occasions that would be appropriate for such a gift include: birthdays, weddings, and work-related events with an appropriate idea being a watch.

  • Personal Essentials: This type of gift includes those essentials such as soap sets, grooming kits, and beauty gift sets. However, these can't be given to everybody and at all times. Some of the most appropriate occasions and persons whom you can present with these include close friends and family members, a mother to be, a baby shower, etc.

  • Food Gifts: If you want to give something different, you can look for food-related gifts. If the recipient happens to be a foodie or doesn't want the usual gifts, food gifts are a great idea here. They are also suitable in some situations such as if someone is going through an exam period and they study most of the time.

  • Stationery: Stationery ranges from books to pens and other such products which are needed by a vast range of people, both who are close to you and those who are not all that well known such as clients and customers. A good example is when a student gets accepted to the university, then getting them a fountain pen could be the perfect gift for them.

  • Plants: Some people consider plants a good gift as they have the time to take care of them while other people don't. Therefore, for you to consider this type, you need to understand the personality of the recipient fully. It is perfect for your environmentalists, florists, and botanist friends.
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A Personalised Note Always Makes it Better!

No matter whatever gift you decide to get for the recipient, this trick will make your gift more appealing to him/her. While we would recommend that you go with DIY gifts if the receiver is someone personal to you; however, if you don't have the time to make one, buying the right gift for them, and adding a personalised note along with it will do the trick for you!