Looking for a Quality CC Cream(2022)?  30 Best CC Creams Available in India that Can Be Incorporated into Your Skincare Routine.

Looking for a Quality CC Cream(2022)? 30 Best CC Creams Available in India that Can Be Incorporated into Your Skincare Routine.

If you want flawless skin without layering on multiple products, get your hands on a CC cream. CC cream aims to blend the work of a foundation, sunscreen, moisturizer, and anti-aging serum together. But finding a CC cream that suits all your needs and your skin can be difficult. Here are our best picks to help you navigate the world of skin care:

Understanding BB Creams and CC Creams

What are CC Creams

Tons of different makeup products come into the market and one of the most popular is the CC cream. Women love CC cream because of the simple way it can be used and the effect it brings to your face but before we go more into CC creams let us learn a bit about it. CC cream is a cosmetic product that can be used as a sunscreen, foundation, and moisturizer all-in-one. It is also known to provide color correction to your skin hence the name 'CC'.

CC cream can be used on uneven skin, for correction of dark spots and red patches. Almost all CC creams are made with different formula but they have some ingredients that are same like Vitamin C, peptides and antioxidants to improve your skin. It can be used as a concealer together with a foundation. They are known to neutralize the imperfections found on the skin as long as you use it according to the complexion of your skin. The best way to find the perfect CC cream is if you have purple under eye circles and veins then you can go for peach/orange color CC cream but if you have redness associated with rosacea, sunburn, acne or broken capillaries then a green CC cream would be best for you.

A good CC cream not only provides coverage but also has anti ageing properties. It also has better texture in comparison to the heavy BB cream. People with enlarged pores, redness caused by rosacea or uneven texture can use CC creams to cover it with ease. Although there are end number of CC creams in the market but try to find one with Niacinamide, Vitamin B and E to help your skin feel young

CC creams are best for people who are not very fond of makeup but still want their face to look nice and supple. It hides skin's imperfections in the least amount of time. A CC cream with broad spectrum SPF is wonderful to use on a sunny day to protect your face from UV rays.

What are BB Creams?

Now that we know what a CC cream is let us talk about BB creams.

BB cream is also known as 'beauty balm' or 'blemish balm'. BB creams are a bit heavier than CC creams when it comes to texture. They provide coverage and can be used in place of a foundation. The difference between a CC and BB cream is not much. It provides you with a heavier coverage but does not help too much with blemishes on your skin.

BB creams are mainly used to refresh, brighten, hydrate and smoothen your skin, it can also be used as a sunscreen. You should try buying a BB cream with SPF 15 and Niacinamide. It also contains glycerin to keep your skin hydrated. They can be used as daily makeup, especially in the morning when you need to get ready in less time. Simply dab it on your face and spread it out evenly and you are all set for the day.

When talking about the difference between the two BB cream gives light coverage whereas CC cream corrects the skin's imperfections.

Best CC creams in India under Rs. 500

Here are some CC creams that are available under Rs. 500 in the market.

1. Riyo Herbs CC Cream

Source www.foxy.in

Riyo Herbs CC cream is a wonderful alternative to makeup. It works wonders on pigmentation and uneven skin tones. The cream helps in bringing a natural glow to your skin as well as hides pigmentation, acne scars, and blemishes. It also protects from harmful UVA/UVB rays and keeps your skin hydrated for a long time. You can use this CC cream daily as it is made of all-natural ingredients. You can buy this non-oily CC cream for Rs. 468 from www.foxy.in.

2. Lotus Ecostay CC+ Illuminating Creme

The Lotus Ecostay CC + Illuminating Creme comes with a goodness of SPF 30. It is a lightweight formula and has light reflecting particles to give you a radiant glow. You can use this CC cream every day to hide imperfections like dark spots, and fine lines. The cream also has a hydrating formula that not only keeps the skin moisturized but enhances the complexion. You can use it alone or as a makeup base and look perfect each time you go out. The cream is available for Rs. 299.40 on lotusherbals.com.

3. Faces Canada Ultime Pro Sun Defense CC Cream

The Faces Canada Ultime Pro CC cream is not just a CC cream but an excellent sun defence with SPF 50. It is made to meet skincare needs and is great for people who don't have a lot of time on hand to follow a strict skincare routine. It provides light coverage and hides fine lines, and blemishes resulting in naturally glowing skin. You can either apply it directly or mix it with a moisturizer of your choice to apply it daily before you head out. This CC cream can also be used in place of a foundation as it stays on your skin throughout the day due to its water-based formula. The Faces Canada CC cream is available for Rs. 454.30 on www.netmeds.com.

4. Seven Seas CC Matte Cream Foundation

Another excellent CC cream you can try is the Seven Seas Matte Cream Foundation. The cream is made for people who desire a flawless complexion without using a foundation or too much makeup. It mattifies and refines pores and gives your skin a natural glow. Seven seas CC cream is best for people with oily skin as it has micro-powders to control shine and blur pores. You can buy this cream for Rs. 229 from sevenseascosmetics.com

5. Swiss Beauty Skin Care CC Cream Foundation

Source www.nykaa.com

You can also check out the Swiss Beauty CC cream which works wonders on your skin. This cream comes with a soft creamy texture and blends easily into your skin. You can replace your foundation with this CC cream to hide imperfections on the skin and keep it moisturized for a long time. The Swiss beauty CC cream protects repairs and provides a natural finish to your skin. You can buy this multitasker CC cream for Rs. 319 nykaa.com

6. Faces Canada SPF 20 CC Cream

Another one from Faces Canada is the SPF 20 CC cream. This cream provides you with multiple benefits and gives you flawless skin. It primes, perfects and protects your skin throughout the day. It also hides the imperfections and creates an even skin tone for you to look perfect each time you go outside. This is a non-oily formula and is made with all organic ingredients. The cream also has anti-aging action that keeps your skin firm and SPF 20 protects you from UVA/UVB rays. This cream can be bought for Rs. 287 from www.facescanada.com.

7. Lakme 9 tO 5 CC Complexion Care Cream

Lakme does not need an introduction, it has been providing excellent skincare and makeup products for ages and now you can try out the Lakme 9 to 5 CC complexion care cream. It is a perfect daily skin cream that provides you with full coverage without having to use a foundation. This cream comes in 2 skin tones and is perfect for Indian skin tones. It also provides sun protection with SPF 20. The cream is an excellent mix of CC cream and makeup that will keep your skin moisturized, bright and fresh. You can buy it for Rs. 239 from lakemindia.com.

8. Avon Skin Goodness Color Corrector Cream

Another very famous brand for skin care is Avon and it provides you with an excellent CC cream with 10 benefits. It works on uneven skin tone, conceals dark spots, hides pimples and redness as well as controls shine. It also protects the skin from sun exposure and acts as a primer. The cream has a perfect mixture of vitamin A, C, E, green tea and licorice extracts that nourish the skin and works as an anti-aging agent. You can buy this cream in Nude and Wheat shades and get a perfect matte finish. This cream is available for Rs. 273 on flipkart.com.

9. Swiss Beauty Foundation Skin Care CC Cream

Source www.amazon.in

You can also check out the Swiss Beauty Foundation skin care CC cream and ditch your foundation forever. This is a lightweight liquid foundation that is not a foundation. It is one of the most sold CC creams in the market that is affordable and gives your perfect results. It has a double moisturizing factor and is oil-free. The cream is a blessing for people with sensitive skin as it does not harm your skin in any way and works on hiding wrinkles and fine lines. The cream is available for Rs. 284 on amazon.in.

10. IKSU Flawless Match CC Cream

If you are looking for a CC cream that can provide you with perfect skin at an affordable price then you can buy IKSU CC cream. This cream is a perfect option for people who are always on a run and don't have the time to put on makeup. It has a radiance formula which allows you to wear it throughout the day and achieve a perfect matte and even finished skin tone. It is packed with SPF and provides you with sun protection. You can buy this cream for Rs. 199 from lifestylestores.com.

11. Kiss Beauty CC 3IN1 Foundation Clear & Correct

The Kiss Beauty CC cream is a 3-in-1 cream that works like a foundation and gives you a natural look all at the same time. It gives your skin a soft matte finish and makes it look healthy. The soft creamy texture of the cream makes it easy to blend in and hides all the imperfections. You can apply this cream as a primer or wear it in place of a foundation to get that perfect look. This cream is available for Rs. 349 at purplle.com.

12. Matt Look Fair CC Conceal N Cover

The Mattlook Fair CC Conceal N cover can be a great choice for women of all ages. This cream is a perfect blend of foundation and moisturizer that gives you blemish-free natural-looking skin. The cream comes with SPF 15 which helps protect your skin from the sun. Its waterproof formula makes it stay longer on your skin without washing away from sweat or water. This is a non-oily-based cream and is perfect for people with light skin. You can buy it for Rs. 266 from myntra.com.

Best CC creams in India between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1200

13. Giordani Gold CC Cream SPF 35

The Giordani Gold CC cream is a medium-coverage CC cream that serves as an all-in-one makeup solution. This is cream is formulated with a lightweight texture and gives intense moisture to your skin. With regular use one can improve their skin's clarity and luminosity with the cream. It serves as an anti ageing agent and protects the skin from harmful UVA/UVB exposure due to its SPF 35. The cream can be bought for Rs. 1,099 from in.oriflame.com.

14. Miss Claire Prestige CC Cream

Source www.nykaa.com

Another excellent choice in CC creams is the Miss Claire Prestige CC cream. This cream works as a makeup base, and foundation and takes care of your skin as well. It comes with SPF 30 which protects you from the harmful sun rays and is infused with whitening agents to correct your complexion. It also provides long-lasting moisture to your skin and makes it look hydrated. You can buy this CC cream for Rs. 846 from nykaa.com

15. Spawake CC Cream

Source www.nykaa.com

You can also check out the Spawake CC cream that is packed with rich sea minerals and beauty actives that works on the blemishes of the skin. It reduces dullness and redness on the skin due to pollution and makes it look smoother. The cream is a lightweight cream that glides over the skin and gives a perfect salon-ready look to you. It also has various skin protection benefits like anti-pollution protection and sun protection with SPF32/PA++. It keeps your skin hydrated as long as for 10 hours. You can buy this skin-perfecting cream for Rs. 549 from nykaa.com.

16. Coccoon Protective Radiance Cream with BB + CC & Kakadu Plum

There are a ton of CC creams in the market which can leave you confused as to which one you should buy especially if you are not sure about buying a CC cream or a BB cream. The Coccoon Protective Radiance is a perfect blend of BB and CC cream with Kakadu Plum SPF 30. This cream will moisturize your skin, protect your skin from UVA/UVB, it will give you an even skin tone and a lot more. It is packed with the goodness of Kakadu plum, vitamin E and green tea extracts that repair and nourishes your skin. It is available for Rs. 679 on sublimelife.in.

17. CVB Paris CC Miracle Colour Corrector Cream

This is yet again an excellent CC cream that can be used in place of a foundation. The CVB Paris CC cream is needed a miracle colour corrector that will take care of your skin as well as give you a perfect look each time you apply it. It can be used on any Indian skin tone and will give your skin a smooth finish. The cream can be bought for Rs. 500 from mirraw.com.

18. L'Oréal Paris C'est Magic CC Cream Anti-Redness

One does not need to be skeptical when it comes to L'Oreal. This C'est Magic CC cream is a wonderful corrector and neutralizer for your skin. It has anti-redness properties that adapt to your natural skin. The cream looks and feels like a foundation when applied thus leaving your skin with a perfect look. It gives your skin a nude feel and the lightweight coverage gives you a no-makeup look. It is enriched with Glycerin and Fig extracts to keep your skin hydrated and has Pro vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to repair your skin. It also comes with SPF 20 and prevents premature ageing. Don't think a lot simply order it for Rs. 1,023 from www.lookfantastic.co.in.

Best CC creams above Rs. 1200

19. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream Warm Glow

The Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream is a 12-in-1 multi-tasking CC cream that gives you all-rounded protection throughout the day. It can be used on all skin types and works on your fine lines and wrinkles while it makes you look perfect. It can be bought in seven shades and comes with no artificial dyes or colours. This cream is made with all organic ingredients and is formulated without chemical SPF ingredients like oxybenzone, parabens, and other harmful agents. You can buy this cream for Rs. 4,200 from boddess.com and look beautiful without worrying about skin damage.

20. Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30

Clinique is again an excellent brand when it comes to skincare products and it brings this wonderful Clinique Moisture Surge CC cream with SPF 30. It is a lightweight cream that works on redness, dullness, and swelling on your skin and makes it look healthier and happier. It provides excellent moisture to normal to dry skin and is made especially for Indian skin tones. If you don't have enough time for a detailed skincare routine you can invest in this cream and forget about imperfections. The combination of ingredients like aloe, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E will take care of your damaged skin and make you look brighter each day. You can buy it for Rs. 4,400 from clinique.in.

21. IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+

The IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ is an award-winning cream which works as a perfect colour corrector. It provides full coverage that you thought can be achieved only through a foundation. It is also a hydrating anti-aging serum and has SPF 5+ to give you protection from the sun all day long. The cream not only corrects your complexion but also reduces acne, wrinkles, dark circles and redness and leaves your skin looking super soft and flawless. It has hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins that repair your skin and makes it shine. You can buy this miracle worker imported from the USA for Rs. 1,739 from getuscart.com.

22. Neutrogena Clear Coverage Flawless Matte CC Cream

The Neutrogena Clear Coverage Flawless Matte CC cream is the one you can buy with closed eyes. This cream is an excellent way of keeping your skin healthy and glowing. It provides full coverage and its lightweight formula helps it to blend into your skin smoothly and gives you a perfect matte look. The cream has niacinamide that keeps your skin protected and healthy. It comes in various shades and has special shades for Indian skin tones. You can buy it for Rs. 4,464 from flipkart.com.

23. Kaya Clinic Complexion Perfector Cream

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking for a complexion corrector and willing to shell out some bucks then you can check out the Kaya Clinic Complexion Perfector Cream. This cream is able to give you radiant and flawless skin from the very first application. It hides all the imperfections like dark spots, blemishes, fine lines, and uneven skin tone and leaves you with a glowing face. It has Imperata Cylindrica and niacinamide to give you intense hydration and the SPF 25 protects the skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays. The lightweight formula of the cream does not leave your face looking oily and blends in perfectly with your skin. The cream is available for Rs. 4,200 on amazon.in.

24. Ultra Light Daily UV Defense CC Cream

Source kiehls.in

Thinking of what to give your sister for her anniversary, the Ultra Light Daily UV Defense CC cream can be a perfect gift for her. This cream comes with SPF 50 PA+++ which not only protects the skin from harmful sun rays but also has pollution protection to save the skin from environmental aggressors. It is made with a combination of Lychee extract and hence has a beautiful aroma to it. Its lightweight formula blends into the skin and gives you an even skin tone. It can be used on all skin types and is available for Rs. 3,000 on kiehl's.in.

25. Thank You Farmer Be Beautiful Luminous CC Cream

Source skinbae.in

Thank You Farmer Be Beautiful Luminous CC cream is a perfect one for women who love to party but do not want to spend too much time on makeup. The cream has micro pearls that reflect light and provides a luminous, illuminating effect to your skin. It is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin E, and Shea butter to provide your skin with a youthful look. The Niacinamide in the cream brightens the skin and hides those unwanted dark spots. This multitasked cream works as a skincare cream, sun care as well as makeup. You can buy it for Rs. 2,179 from skinbae.in.

26. Sesderma C-Vit CC Cream Colored Corrective Cream

The Sesderma CC cream comes with SPF 15 which not only protects your skin from the sun rays but also is a perfect colour corrector. It comes with iridescent particles to enhance your complexion and give it a boost. It also has an AniOx Booster system to protect your skin from free radicals. Hyaluronic acid keeps your skin hydrated and works like a sponge that retains water on the surface of the skin. The Syn-Tack and Syn-Coll provide your skin firmness and improve wrinkles and fine lines. You can get this cream for Rs. 2,217.64 from caretobeauty.com.

27. E.L.F., Camo CC Cream

Source in.iherb.com

The E.L.R, Camo CC cream will help you get rid of your foundation forever. This is an excellent color-correcting cream that gives your skin a natural glow by enhancing your complexion. This cream is infused with collagen, peptides and niacinamide which makes your skin soft and supple. It provides that extra hydration your skin needs to look younger as well as protects it from UVA/UVB rays due to the SPF 30 in it. The creams provide full coverage and keep you looking fresh all day. You can buy it for Rs. 1,248.55 from in.iherb.com.

28. Femme Couture Get Corrected CC Tinted Moisturizer Light

Let us not forget about the famous Femme Couture brand. Here is again a perfect CC cream brought to you from Femme Couture, Get Corrected CC Tinted Moisturizer Light. This cream works like a miracle on your uneven skin tone and camouflages imperfections. It provides a clean and natural look to your face. The creams serve as an excellent moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated all through the day. If you are looking for a good CC cream that you can rely on then you can buy this for Rs. 2,879 from ubuy.co.in.

29. Erborian CC Dull Correct Cream

We all hate that dull look on our faces that comes due to a lot of stress and fatigue. You can improve that look now with the help of the Eroborian CC Dull Correct Cream. The cream is made with a combination of Asian Centella and licorice which keeps your skin looking bright till late hours. It works efficiently on the skin and smoothens the complexion as well as corrects the lack of luminosity. It also hides skin's imperfections like dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. The cream comes with SPF 25 which helps it protect from the harsh rays of the sun and reduces the signs of ageing. If you are looking for a correcting cream of dull skin then you can buy it for Rs. 3,246.13 from idivia.com.

30. Excel Therapy O2 CC Cream

The Excel Therapy 02 CC cream is the last one on the list but is one of the best in the market. This is a CC cream that hides imperfections and moisturizes your skin to the 'T'. This is a light textured cream that provides full coverage and blends in easily into the skin giving it a matte look with an impeccable complexion. The creams come with whitening, softening and detoxifying ingredients which are very good for sensitive skin. It repairs your skin and acts as an anti-aging cream to make you look younger. This cream is available for Rs. 2,131.80 lojaglamourosa.com.

How to Choose the Best CC Cream

  • You need to learn how to apply makeup perfectly but when it comes to applying CC cream anyone can do with without having to learn about it. All one needs to know is to buy a CC cream depending on the skin type and one can save a lot of time. People who are blessed with clear skin can simply use CC cream and be ready in a few minutes. People with oily skin can put CC cream with a little loose powder to get a matt look. If you are looking for extensive coverage then you can use CC cream in place of primer and add in some concealer and foundation and set it up with some powder and you should be good to go.
  • Finding a foundation that suits perfectly your skin tone can be hectic but CC creams make it easier for you to find one that fits perfectly with your skin tone. They are able to transform and adapt to your skin which makes it easier to apply and get a perfectly natural look.
  • Sun rays are good for our skin, it provides Vitamin D but excessive exposure to UVA/UVB rays can be very harmful therefore it is important to protect your skin from them when going out. Most CC creams come with SPF and you need to know which level of SPF is good for you according to your skin. Normally a person can use SPF 10 up to 50. CC creams also work on issues like scars from carcinoma and melanoma.
  • If you are combating dull skin then CC creams can come in very handy. These creams come with hydrating properties which are good for people with dry skin. You can buy a CC cream with hyaluronic acid and glycerin to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.
  • If you are tired of using different creams for makeup and as an anti-aging cream then you can start using CC creams. You can opt for CC creams that have anti-aging properties with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in regenerating skin and promotes healthy skin.
  • Another great advantage of using a CC cream is that it gives a perfect finish to your skin without having to apply any foundation at all. They give you a natural look and keep your skin radiating.
  • The best way to find the most accurate CC cream is to check your skin tone. There are four groups of skin tones: fair, light, medium and dark. The best way is to test a product on the jawline as it reflects the actual colour of your skin. You can also determine the skin tone of your skin to find the most suitable shade of CC cream. There are three skin tones: cool, warm and neutral. You can check your veins to find your skin's undertone. If your veins appear green then the undertone is warm, people with blue or purple veins have cool undertones and if you are not able to determine the colour of the vein then you probably have neutral undertones.

Application of CC cream

  • 1. Choose the best shade of a CC cream for yourself
  • 2. Squeeze out a pea size CC cream on the back of your palm
  • 3. Apply dots on your forehead, nose, cheeks, chin
  • 4. Spread it evenly on your face and blend it well
  • 5. Apply rest of the makeup if needed.
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To choose the right cream, it's important to know your skin type, sensitivity and level of coverage you need. Before you buy, see the list of best CC creams in India above and do your best. These creams are formulated to provide lightweight, even coverage and sun protection. The ones above are suitable for all skin types, including oily and sensitive skin.