Make Your Gender Reveal Party a Roaring Success! 10 Classic and Traditional Party Favors for Your Gender Reveal Party (2020)

Make Your Gender Reveal Party a Roaring Success! 10 Classic and Traditional Party Favors for Your Gender Reveal Party (2020)

Gender reveal parties are a growing trend in recent years. A fun moment when friends and relatives come together to celebrate a new life. And also to find out the gender of the little one. No party is complete without a little return gift. And we have just the ones for you.

Host a Wonderful Gender Reveal Party to Announce Your Little Bundle of Joy

Gender reveals are parties hosted to announce the gender of the baby. Many parents-to-be resort to these parties to surprise their friends and families with the gender of the arriving member and as a gathering of goodwill. Here are some fun ideas you can use to reveal the gender at a gender reveal party.

Fun Ideas for a Gender Reveal Surprise

Make the announcement of the baby's gender creative and fun. Try these novel ways of announcements. Use pink colour to indicate girl and blue to indicate a boy.

  • Balloon Pop: Fill a balloon with blue or pink confetti and pop it. Let your guests shout the gender loud.

  • Party Poppers: Hand a party popper for everyone to pop together. The colour reveals gender.

  • Fun with Paint: Use water guns or paint buckets to splash paint on each other and reveal the gender through the paint colour.

  • Suspense with Riddle: Use a riddle and a game to make your guests guess the baby's gender. This can make everyone involved in the reveal process.

Tips for a Memorable Gender Reveal Return Gift

With your friends and relatives joining you in celebrating the new bundle of joy, it is only proper manners that you gift them with something as a courtesy. Something to remember the occasion by; Something that reminds them of the on-coming occasion.

  • Traditional Gifts are a Sure Winner: Regardless of the age group, traditional gifts are cherished by everyone as home decor and the cultural look. It is perfect to express gratitude for blessings.

  • Personalize with a Baby Image: You can personalize your gift with a baby image to leave an imprint in the minds of your guests.

  • Include Something Useful: Make your gifts useful as well so that it adds value. Try to include things that will be used in daily life and items that will be cherished forever for their usefulness.

10 Gender Reveal Party Favor Ideas That Your Guests will Remember Forever

Before you start looking for gender reveal party favours read on these collections to find some great gifts you can use for your gender reveal party.

Wooden Lord Ganesha Idol

Ganesha is always the universal favourite for gifts. Of course, this elephant god who can remove obstacles and bestow prosperity is an ideal symbolism to convey best wishes. This wooden Ganesha idol is an enticing one and will be highly appreciated by art lovers. It inspires devotion and serenity in the minds of the onlookers. Mesmerizingly beautiful and finely carved, it is made from the finest wood for its aesthetic appeal. Young or old, this piece of Ganesha sculpture will be appreciated by all.

This statue is of 5-inch dimension and has a coffee brown colour. It can be kept in the pooja room or shelf. If you wish you can even get the name engraved on the statute for a personal touch. Gift this to your guests and they will remember you and the wonderful gender reveal party whenever they see the Ganesha idol in the showcase.

You can buy this auspicious Ganesha idol from Boontoon for Rs.350.

Antique Looking Piggy Bank with Handcrafted Chess Pattern

It always best to put loose change into a piggy bank. Before you know there could be quite a good amount of money waiting inside for you. Piggy banks are ideal to inculcate saving habits in adults or children. A piggy bank that can be a great home decor is the best gift that you can give for your guests. Place it on the office desk or dining table, you are sure to drop in some change into it often. The best part is that even kids will participate in it.

This awesome piggy bank is made of solid wood and has an antique chess pattern printed on it. Piggy banks need not resemble pigs, it can be attractive in different shapes. This piggy bank comes in a cylindrical shape giving it a unique look. It is 10 cm in width, 14 cm in height, and 10 cm in depth. It weighs 200 g and has a smooth finish. It comes with a 10-day replacement policy.

You can buy this multicoloured, handcrafted, antique-looking piggy bank for Rs.199 from Flipkart.

Metal Ganesha on Leaf with Diya


Ganesha idol finds a place in all homes and diyas are always welcome for dusk or dawn pujas. Here is a combination of auspiciousness and prosperity with a resplendent Ganesha idol sitting on a leaf and a small diya in front. It can lighten up and transform the living room with its divine look. Your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this auspicious idol that can also serve as beautiful home decor.

This idol is made of aluminium metal and is handcrafted with a gold finish to give it the hue and charm. It will fit any room perfectly. This cute Ganesha can shower blessings on you from home, office, living room, or puja room. It also makes an ideal accessory for traditional functions at home or festivals. It is 3 inches in height, 3 inches in width, and 4.5 inches in length. It weighs 159 g. The leaf is perfectly carved to resemble a banyan leaf.

This metal Ganesha sitting calmly on the leaf can be bought from Amazon for Rs.367.

Dry Flower Botanical Star Hanging Diya/Candle Holder

Diyas are highly useful in most traditional households. Diwali, Navratri, engagements or any auspicious function has lots of brightly lit diyas to usher in prosperity and divine blessings. You can gift your guests with alluring diyas, or better still, it can be a diya holder. Diya or candle holders can give your gift a difference and make it memorable.

This diya or candle holder is a perfect combination of creativity and utility. It is hanging star decor with designer dry flowers. Each star has two attractive diya or candle holders. These hanging decors come in bright red colour and golden patterns making it very appealing. These diya holders are handcrafted and made by inhouse female artisans. Each piece goes through a stringent quality check to give the perfect divine vibe. These are wonderful home decors and gives a traditional look to your interiors whether it is an office, living room, or puja room. these are eco-friendly, elegant, and economical and bring an authentic feel with it. It is definite to bring a smile on your guests face when they receive it.

This decorative hanging star comes in a set of 2. Each star is of 10.5 cm breadth, 20 cm length, and 20 cm height. For a gift with traditional and contemporary look order this star hanging diya holder from Qtrove for Rs.399.

Aakarshan Tarakshi Painting


Attractive paintings transform the look and feel of any room. It can set a mood and tone for the interiors. Bright designs, nature flowers, gods and goddesses all form the theme of many wall hanging paintings. Here you can choose an amazing tarkashi painting which brings in the beauty and talent of Rajasthani art and craft. Tarkashi painting uses brass, silver, or copper wires and inlays it in wood. This art form dates back to the late 19th century and commonly uses geometric and floral pattern. The work is usually done on teakwood to produce a stunning piece of art.

This tarkashi painting is graceful and elegant. It has a double wood panel with a beautiful picture of two women. The women stand in a graceful posture flaunting their well-endowed body. The artfully represented picture is moulded with fine and delicate metal wires. It is a splendid addition to the drawing-room to give it a look of art and culture. It has a portrait shape and has dimensions 3.5-inch width and 11-inch height. It uses Sheesham wood of dark colour and does not have a frame.

You can buy this beautiful tarkashi painting from IGP for Rs.375.

Carpet Safe Cylindrical Agarbatti Stand


Agarbattis are an integral part of the traditional households during their pujas. These perfumed sticks serve multiple purposes. It is believed to usher in divine energy and drive away negative forces from the house. It can also set a divine vibe during the dusk. Agarbattis also purify the air and can even drive away small insects.

Here is an agarbatti stand that is carpet safe and can be used daily for your pujas. The stand is cylindrical and has several holes all over the surface. It is silver coloured and is made of steel. It has a length of 8.5 cm, height 25.5 cms, and width 8.5 cms. You can use it to hold several agarbattis at the same time and light them during the puja. This gift is going to be well appreciated by the guests and you can expect a thank you note from them.

This carpet safe agarbatti stand can be purchased from TheOneShop for Rs.89.

White Metal Cow and Calf

The cow is a divine symbol and is associated with Aditi, who is the mother of all gods. It is believed that cows are a source of fortune. Here is a small metal statue of a cow and calf. This statue will evoke tender emotions when you look and see the calf drinking milk from its mother.

It is made of white metal and is oxidised and the statue stands on a beautiful round plate. There is a golden bell with red thread around the cow's neck and also a red tilak to give the traditional look. It is the 3.5-inch breadth and 4-inch height. It weighs 200 gm. The minimum order for this cow and calf statue is 25 numbers. It is a gift that your guests are going to receive happily and appreciate.

You can order this white metal cow and calf for Rs.170 from Wedtree.

Biodegradable Small Coconut Husk Pot


Indoor plants are not only healthy but great home decor as well. Plants purify the air and also give a green relaxing look of nature inside the home. Gifting planters are a great idea to promote healthy living. You can try this biodegradable coconut husk pot as a gender reveal party favour. Biodegradable gifts are highly welcome for any occasion as it is eco-friendly and sustainable. Besides coconut husk is high valued plant manure. Coconut husk is used to manufacture many fertilizer items like coco peat. Hence this biodegradable pot brings many benefits together into your living room. It is healthy, syncs with nature, and provides fertility.

Since the pot uses coir it does not get too hot. Because of this you need not use much water for the plants. This husk pot has a wonderful finish with an elegant and classy look retaining an earthy vibe. It is an ideal decor in the office room, living room, or any part of the house. The vase has a natural coconut husk colour. This pot can be placed in a bigger pot if you want a different look for your living room and at the same time reap the benefits of the natural fertility of coconut husk. It is breakable and should be handled with care. You can easily clean these pots with a soft and dry cloth. Its dimensions are 4x4x3.5 inches. When you gift this coconut husk pot as a gender reveal party favour you are ideally giving a gift of a clean environment and a message of love for nature.

You can buy this small coconut husk pot from FernsnPetals for Rs.299.

Silicon Rubber Manatea Tea Infuser

Let's come to something different and unique. A tea infuser can stand out as a gender reveal party favour. This manatee shaped tea infuser is super cute and will be loved by everyone. It flaps will stand firmly on the rim of the teacup. It is made of silicone and is safe to use. The tea dust stays put inside the manatee and does not seep out into the tea.

Just remove the tail portion and put some loose tea into the manatee. Place it inside the hot water in your teacup. Manatee does the remaining work of brewing your perfect cup of tea. Once done, you can remove it easily. It is simple to clean as the dust doesn't stick to the pores. Empty the dust, wash it and let it dry. It is ready for net use. These cute little tea infusers are great as conversation starters. Your guest is going to use this daily for their evening tea. Adorable and cute, it sits in your teacup waiting to give you a warm tea.

Buy the Manatee tea infuser online from BigSmall for Rs.299.

White Color Wood Floating Wall Shelf

Home utility items like wall shelf or key hanger can be an ideal gift that provides value to your guests. Here is a floating wall shelf that acts as a key hanger as well. It is a practical gift and looks classy and elegant with its black and white colour design. It can be placed near the entrance of the home to place the daily essentials. There are three keyholders to hang the keys securely. The neat finish gives it a decorative look as well.

This key holder is made of engineered wood and is 6 inches height, 8 inches length, 4.5 inches width. It weighs 0.5 kg.

You can buy this floating wall shelf from Pepperfry for Rs.470.

Include an Advance Invitation to Bless Your Baby on Arrival

Friends and relatives everyone have gathered for the gender reveal party. Now that they are leaving after joining in your happiness and conveying their best wishes, you can include an advance invitation in the party favour. Invite them to bless your baby when it arrives and welcome your bundle of joy !!!

From our editorial team

Keep it Simple!

A gender-reveal party is a fun way to let friends know the gender of the baby. You do not want to let them find out the gender of the baby before you reveal to them. Make sure your party decorations have the right amount of masculinity and feminity without leaning either side. But your party favours need not be so. But being in a country where traditions and cultural values are held high, it is better to choose your party favour accordingly. Nothing over the top; Something simple to remember the occasion by. Remember you would also have your baby shower.