Taking too Long to Find Your Favourite Food? Best Fridge Organization Tips To Make Your Life Much Easier in 2020

Taking too Long to Find Your Favourite Food? Best Fridge Organization Tips To Make Your Life Much Easier in 2020

Its that hour of the night when you are desperately craving for your favourite cake, but your fridge is too cluttered to find it. Or you keep calling the mechanic often because your fridge keeps giving problems. If you also suffer from such situations, its time to start organizing your fridge! We are here to help with the following tips.

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How Organizing Your Fridge Properly be Beneficial for You

A fridge is something we use every day, and, therefore, we need to organize properly to get the best out of it. We have great tips here that will help you do just that. The most obvious benefit would be that you will no longer have to waste time hunting for things from the fridge!

In addition to all that, by organizing it properly, you will be able to keep your particular foods in better condition for a longer time. This is as it is because all parts of the fridge do not stay at the same temperature, with the lower normally being cooler than the upper. Also, unlike what you might think, you are probably storing the wrong items in the door.

By storing the correct foods in the right place, another great benefit is that the fridge will not require as much maintenance as well. This too will save a lot of your time as well as effort, while also ensuring that your fridge keeps working better for a longer period of time.

Top Fridge Organization Tips You Should Implement Right Away

Set Up Zones

The very first thing that we suggest you do when organizing your fridge properly is to set up zones. So, here, for instance, separate a zone for meat, one for vegetables, one for fruits, and another one for dairy items, and so on.

By doing this, not will you be able to ensure that all these items are easily accessible, but, a common problem of foods having mixed smells of meat and vegetables can also be avoided. Here, also, we suggest that you make a separate zone for the soon-to-be-spoiled foods and make this in the front, if possible so that you remember to use them while they can be.

Other than that, for further ease, you may even set up sub-zones. For instance, instead of a zone of 'meats', you can add subzones like fish, beef, pork, or chicken, etc. Or, if they are cooked, you can make sub-zones of the way they are.

Use Labels and a Checklist

So, setting up different zones will not be helpful if you can't remember which one was where. Or worse, if friends come over, they wouldn't know how you set up the zones and will mix things up, requiring you to rearrange everything. To avoid this kind of situation, we would suggest the usage of labels. Here, you may simply label the various zones and sub-zones, or, to make things even easier for yourself, you can even write down everything present in a particular area.

To make this easier, you can even make a list of all the things that you might be storing here before separating them by categories. Them you can clearly define each category, and make the labels accordingly.

Use Shelf Liners

Another important tip would be to use shelf liners. Now, this one completely depends on you. So, some things that you may want to consider include if you want to spend the money on these or if you prefer difficulty in cleaning over these.

Yes, that is exactly what these will help do. So, if water or any other liquid spills in the fridge, it will be way easier to simply wipe it off of the liner rather than the fridge itself. Also, if the vegetables rot onto the liner, you can easily bring them out and wash them while continuing to use the fridge. However, if you don't use it, when cleaning, you will have to stop using the fridge for a while.

Using the Right Containers

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Using the right containers can make all the difference in the world. For instance, they will help make sure that the things are stored without going bad in anyway. We have provided you with a selection of containers as well made for particular items and simply make it easier to store them.

In addition to all that, by using good containers, you will be able to store more items at a time. This is so because some of these include different compartments vertically, using which you can store more items over each other without destroying the ones under.

Keep Fruits and Vegetables Separate

Another very important thing to keep in mind when organizing the fridge is to keep the fruits and vegetables separate. This can affect the two foods in various ways. For instance, some vegetables and fruits have strong odor that, if they take over the other foods, can have negative affect.

In addition to all that, as you might not know, fruits give off ethylene. This is a ripening agent that can cause the vegetable around to spoil very quickly. Also, for this, we suggest you to not chop these beforehand as this can cause them to deteriorate quickly.

Use The Fridge Door Correctly

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You will probably be storing things like milk in the fridge, believing them to be kept in the best condition here. However, because you will be opening the door often, the temperature here will not be consistent, sometimes getting really low and at others not sufficient enough.

The same goes for other similar items like eggs and other dairies and these should be kept on the middle shelf. So, for what should be kept in the door, we would suggest keeping light things like condiments here that don't spoil very easily.

Store The Meat on The Lowest Shelf

As you might already know, the meats like chicken, fish, pork, and beef, require really high temperatures. For his reasons, we suggest that you keep these items in the freezer instead of the fridge as that enjoys the lowest temperatures that are also consistent.

However, if you do not have a separate freezer or there is not enough space in it, we would suggest that you keep the various meats on the lowest shelf. So, this part is most consistent with the lowest temperatures as these don't gain heat quickly. Or, you may even use a separate item to keep the temperatures low.

Store The Snacks Properly

This one, again, is completely up to you. So, this is not really gonna extend the lifetime of the fridge or keep the food items better. Instead, what this will do is simply keep the snacks more easily accessible. This is especially beneficial if your kids usually get the snacks from there themselves.

This way, they won't move things around and will easily and quickly get the snacks from the particular compartments. Also, how this could benefit the fridge is that the children won't have to spend too much time finding the foods, and, therefore, won't keep the door open for longer.

Keep The Foods that Need Higher Temperature on The Top Shelf

So, as mentioned below, not only are the temperatures high but are also inconsistent. This is so, because, when you keep the door of the fridge open, the heat tends to go out most quickly from this area. Also, even when it is not, the colder, the heavier air tends to stay on the bottom with the warmer one staying on the top.

For this reason, we suggest that you keep things like tomatoes and baked goods on the topmost shelf. These will stay good at even lower temperatures, and so do the others like berries.

Put The Oldest Foods in Front and Tallest in The Back

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This one might seem most clear but isn't often followed. So, as mentioned below. we would suggest that you keep the oldest items in front as these will probably be most likely to be spoiled. And, by keeping it in front, you will remember to use them soon.

Other than that, in all of the categories, the taller items like milk bottles should be kept at the back with the smaller ones in front. The obvious reason would be that this way, the smaller items will be easier to find for you. Also, this way, the cold will be able to reach smaller items more.

Build a Can Pyramid

In case you are planning to keep a lot of cans in your fridge, you will know that these tend to take up a lot of space, filling up your whole fridge very easily. So, to make it be able to fit in less space, what you can do is make a can pyramid and make use of the vertical space as well.

Here, we suggest that you make use of a binder clip. So, for this, lay down the cans vertically on the bottom with the binder clip fixed on top of it, followed by another layer of the cans and so on.

Store The Soft Herbs Properly

You will probably be aware of the fact that soft herbs like cilantro tend to change color and smell as well as taste very quickly. So, if you do not want this to happen as fast, we suggest that you treat them like a bouquet of flowers, meaning, freshly-cut flowers.

So, for this, divide the total into bunches before cutting down some part, not all, of the stem. Now, bring them together and wrap a plastic sheet around them and store the herbs separately, onto the middle shelf.

Store The Lemons and Condiments Right

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For condiments, again, these take up a lot of space. In case your fridge isn't so big and can't accommodate them all, we would suggest making use of an egg carton. This might seems ridiculous to you but, by putting the top side into the carton and then placing that into the fridge, you will be able to save up a lot of space.

Additionally, instead of keeping the lemons in the freezer, we suggest putting them in any section of the fridge. So, for this, you should fill a shopper with some water and then place the lemons in it before putting it there. This way, the lemons won't dry off very easily.

Beware of Storing The Strawberries

Unlike as advised before, the fruit strawberries are not to be stored away from the vegetables but rather with them. This is so, because, strawberries, unlike other foods, need a more humid surrounding like that of the vegetables. So, by storing them with the vegetables, you will able to make sure that they don't turn mushy but instead stay fresh and crisper for longer periods of time.

Some Freezer Organization Tips

Just like the fridge, there are also some tips for the proper organization of the fridge. For instance, the very first thing to know is to know what to freeze and what not to. Here, foods like lettuce, watermelons, dairy products, and fried foods should not be frozen. And, you should freeze foods like peas and corn before adding them to a milk carton and putting that in there.

Also, instead of freezing whole bags, you should divide them into servings and then freeze them. You are also suggested to melt and take off all the ice from the walls at least once a month and freeze the foods flat rather than in full bags. Here, again, you should use labels and containers to make things easily accessible.

Some Fridge Organization Products

BottleLoft By Strong Like Bull Magnets

Now that you know some of the tips for correctly organizing the things properly in the fridge and freezer, you may want to know some of the equipment to help you with it. So, this first one is good for making use of the top part of the fridge.

The product is the world's first magnetic bottle hanger and the package includes two strips. Each one has three magnetic positions and can, in total, accommodate six bottles. Also, it is very sturdy and is imported from the US. You can get it from Desert Cart for the price of INR 4,329.

InterDesign Fridge Binz Soda Can Organizer

Source www.amazon.in

In case you want to be able to easily store the cans, you should give this product a try. So, it weighs around 350 grams and has a clear plastic material. The dimensions of the container are 14 x 34.8 x 9.9 centimeters, and, using it, you can again make use of the vertical space in the fridge.

So, it can hold up to nine cans at a time and you can stack the cans upside down with this. You can easily get it online from Amazon for the price of just INR 7,550.

iDesign Linus Plastic Fridge And Freezer Divided Storage Organizer Bin

This last product is great to store things like milk bottles, juices, flat bags of foods as suggested in the freezer tips part, or cans. So, this particular product has three different segments and will help save a lot of space.

In addition to that, it is also made up of clear plastic and has an open front design for ease of access. It measures about 11 inches x 7 inches x 3.5 inches and is imported from the US. You can get it from Desert Cart for the price of only INR 1,689.

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Keep Your Fridge Organised and Easily Access What You Need in 2020

These fridge organisation tips will surely help in one way, allowing you to find that midnight snack just at the right time! Organising your fridge properly will also help in reducing waste and your chances of getting food poisoning. Avoid keeping hot food in the fridge, as it will cause the overall temperature to rise and can lead to food poisoning and unnecessary food spoilage.