First Diwali with Your Wife? Shy Away from Old Sweet Boxes & Glassware and Ignite the Passion with these Unique First Diwali Gift Ideas for Wife (2021)

First Diwali with Your Wife? Shy Away from Old Sweet Boxes & Glassware and Ignite the Passion with these Unique First Diwali Gift Ideas for Wife (2021)

Diwali is just around the corner and we cannot keep calm especially when this is your first Diwali with your wife. If you haven’t planned something special for her, worry not. This post will certainly assist you in discovering the best-ever Diwali presents for a woman. We’ve rounded some of the best Diwali gifts ideas for every woman that will bring a smile to her face:

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Gift Your Wife the Best This Diwali


The first Diwali after marriage is special for you and your wife. It marks the first Diwali you spend together as a married couple and the beginning of many years of celebrations. A significant day for the entire family often involves plenty of rituals, family visits and gift exchanges.

If you were stressing about what to gift your wife on this special day, then we can help. Understandably, you want to make sure the gift is exceptional - something that will be thoughtful, and express your feelings Given that it is the first Diwali together, the gift should rekindle the romance that will stay in your hearts for a long time.

It can be hard to choose the perfect gift - after all, it must be the crucial X factor that would gel with the occasion. Something handmade, or something small may do the trick, or you may choose an expensive one too. This article will discuss some of the options for the first Diwali gift for your wife.

Points to Note When Choosing Your Gift

Check the Preferences


While planning for a gift, the most important aspect is keeping in mind the preferences of your wife. Since it's the first Diwali together as a couple, you need to think of what you know of her - is she someone who likes jewelry? Or will she prefer something personalised? Or perhaps something simple like chocolates.  

Think of her interests and her personality and make a shortlist. Once you have shortlisted the gifts, you plan and assure you do not delay buying them.

Give a Surprise

The gift should be selected such that it would be a surprise to her. Think up something she will cherish having while also expressing your feelings. It could also be a premium product. A complete surprise surely would be exciting for your wife!

If you ask for her wish list, it must be done skillfully. She should not get any idea of the probable gifts that you would present to her. You can present the gift a day before, and it can act as a surprise too. You must pay heed to her emotions while choosing the surprise gift.

Customise the Gift


When you are presenting the gift, you must also pay heed to the presentation. Perfect packaging can provide the added oomph factor for the gift. The packaging should consider the nature of the gift.

Another great idea is to customise and personalise the gift. You can engrave her initials on the gift or have a Diwali theme for the gift. Another way to customise it is by including a thoughtful message and placing it strategically on the package.

Do Some Research

It can require loads of research when you are searching for a gift for your wife. Moreover, it is your first Diwali together. It is essential to be thoughtful as you consider her preferences but going overboard does not help either.  

It is suggested that you choose a gift that is useful and captures the moment of the celebrations. Ensure that the gift is impactful and caters to the sentiment on the occasion too. You can also consider practicable solutions and those that do not add to the problems.

Be Within Your Budget

It is easy to spot gifts that can cater to her preferences. It can also be perfect for the occasion of Diwali. But if it's going to be a strain on your budget, then stop! The gift must also come within your set budget. Always search for gifts that can cater to your wife’s lifestyle but can fit your budget too.

You must have a fixed budget and stick to it. It will also help in the shortlisting of the gifts. You can also finalise the online shops where you find the gifts that you can buy within the fixed budget. It is not suggested blowing the budget while choosing the gift. Have a proper tolerance on the budget you consider.

Ideal First Diwali Gift for Your Wife

Exquisite Jhumkas

The festive season is the time to endow love to your wife. If it is the first Diwali after your marriage, you can try out jhumkas as a gift. There are attractive options available for you, and you can also double it up as a Dhanteras gift. There are several jhumkas across various brands, and you can choose one of the diamond jhumkas available. It could lighten up the first Diwali with your loved one.

You can consider this exquisite 18 Karat gold and diamond jhumka from the house of Tanishq. The dazzling gift can bring forth the ideal first Diwali with your loved one. There is a diamond flower inside that is suspending a bell dangler. There are also diamonds inside the rhodium petals. It comes with the purity guarantee of Tanishq.

It is priced at Rs. 69,990 on the Tanishq Website.

Scented Candles


You can move beyond the beautiful diyas and consider gifting these scented candles. They will come within your budget and can have an incredible effect on your wife. Several brands provide these elegant and scented candles. The candles can be placed in the bathroom or your bedroom and mesmerise your wife without the beautiful scent.

The products from Lagom can be an ideal choice for your wife on your first Diwali together. It is formal, luxurious, and versatile. There are several scent options available for you. Each of the packs has two candles along with the complimentary snuffer. Exquisite artisans make it in France from the best quality natural oils.

The candles weigh 180 grams, and each box is priced at Rs. 4,990 on the Misa website.

Elegant Diyas


Diyas are an integral part of Diwali and can also be an excellent gift for your wife to spice up your first Diwali. There are several painted diyas as an option. Many of them come in bright colours like red, gold, and blue. You can also place the beautiful diyas in glasses that can revitalise the festive spirit in the house. There are several DIY options to decorate your home with designer diyas.

You can quickly light up your house with exquisite designer diyas. You can choose this option that comes with a unique metal tealight holder that is handcrafted. It can be used for decorations at different festivals too. You can replace the candles in the holder after use.

A pack of 8 items is available at Rs. 525 on Amazon.

Lehenga Set

A bright lehenga set can be another great gift option for your first Diwali together. Women are usually fond of lehengas, and they look gorgeous when wearing them. However, it is also essential to search for the perfect patchwork and embroidery that can do justice to your choice. The ideal lehenga will be depending on your wife's figure. The colour of the lehenga is another factor to consider. The lehengas come in several colours, and they must complement the skin tone of your wife.

The height of the lehenga you will choose is also another critical factor. There are several fabrics and textures to choose from too. Finally, the tastes vary across women. You should select the ideal lehenga along with your wife too.

You can choose this red lehenga that can make your wife look enchanting. The set from Gulabo Jaipur also contains a blouse and a matching dupatta. It is designed in premium quality georgette and is rounded up with a long-sleeved blouse with a round neckline.

It is available in sizes XXS through 4XL. It is priced at Rs. 27,000 at the Nyka Fashion website.

Beauty Box for Diwali

Diwali is not only for fun gifts, and a beauty kit can also be an excellent option for you. Several brands have a combo box for the festive months. It can add to the warmth in the air and can melt your wife's heart. You can choose among the luxurious gift boxes that smell divine.

You can choose this ultimate glow luxury box that is ideal for all skin types. It is packed with the best four Indulgeo Essentials products. It has an Aqua Gold gel that hydrates and brightens the skin. It is infused with natural ingredients. The Rose Gold Oil is ideal for organic luxury and makes the skin glowing with natural radiance.

The Pout It doubles up as a lipstick application that increases blood circulation and works against free radicals. There is a Toning Mist that ensures radiant skin.

It is priced at Rs. 3,663 on the Indulgeo Essentials website.

Personalised Chocolate Box


A premium box of chocolates can work wonders for your first Diwali. You must be aware of her choices and select the chocolate box according to her preferences. It is not enough to only get hold of a chocolate box. Do remember to personalise it with proper packaging and a note for your first Diwali together.

You can choose this assortment of 32 chocolates that includes milk chocolates, exotic dark ones with nutty or soft centres. The recipient is bound to drool with the taste of the Praline chocolate box. The chocolates are blended with raisins, hazelnuts, blueberries, almonds, etc.

It is priced at Rs. 1,300 on the Smoor website.

Stone Work Laxmi Ganesha in Gift Box


This can be the ideal present for Diwali. Lord Ganesha is known to be the God of intelligence. Again, Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of prosperity and wealth. They are worshipped to welcome intelligence and wealth. The idols are present across several households across the country.

This stonework is carved from stone resin and is inlaid with beautiful stones. The idols look enchanting and are confirmed to take the breath away of the onlookers. The idols weigh 180 grams, and the dimensions are 1.6 inches X 1.2 inches X 1.4 inches.

The idols are priced at Rs. 1,495 on the IGP website.

Crafted Goodies

Women are known to prefer crafted goodies, and there are several dazzling options before you. Several handcrafted designs showcase the purity of the occasion. You must be thoughtful, and these products can break the monotony in your lives long after Diwali is over. It will help your romance to blossom once again through an elegantly crafted present.

Good Earth is known to be among the leading design houses in the country. They are known for their beautifully designed home products that set the standards for luxury retail products. The products are well entrenched in the rich cultural tradition of our country. You can choose to present this handcrafted Anjali diya with polished silver brass. It can be used both outdoors and indoors.

The idols are priced at Rs. 1,495 on the IGP website.

Smart Wearable


A smart wearable is ideal for the first Diwali that will help her to care for her health. They can be considered as a smartphone, and a fitness tracker rolled together. It can help track the performance during workouts and allow access to the library of music stored on the smartphone.

This Chumbak Squad smartwatch is ideal for women who are fitness freaks. You can choose the band from six options, and the product has a 1.4-inch full touch screen and has dynamic display capability. It can monitor blood oxygen, continuously monitor sleep quality, and track blood pressure and heart rate. It can also track the menstrual cycle through OTA updating.

It has a 150 mAh battery and assures 14 days battery backup capability. It is priced at Rs. 3,999 on Amazon.

Wireless Speakers


Is your wife a tech freak? If yes, you can choose a wireless Bluetooth speaker as the first Diwali gift. As they are getting more popular, several premium quality ones are available. It is essential to consider various factors, like battery life, sound quality, or water resistance.

The Sony SRS-XB12 has a built-in microphone that allows hands-free calling. The wireless Bluetooth speaker also has a passive radiator that works with the speaker to improve low-end tones.

It is waterproof and has an IP67 rating, and is dust-proof too. A detachable strap allows for hanging it up while moving around.

It is priced at Rs. 4,950 on Amazon.

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Those were some splendid Diwali gift ideas for your wife that ought to make her happy. With her, you can choose to do many other things as well. For example, make a collection of favourite songs and movies of your wife or make her favourite food. Be it a luxury pick or a simple gift idea for Diwali, make sure to wrap everything in love and shower your bae with endless warmth and happiness.