Enjoy BBQs with the Help of an Electric Grill! The Best Choice when it Comes to All Things Grilling and BBQ, Here are the 10 Top Electric Grills in 2020

Enjoy BBQs with the Help of an Electric Grill! The Best Choice when it Comes to All Things Grilling and BBQ, Here are the 10 Top Electric Grills in 2020

BBQs are always fun, and what better way to enjoy them without the smoke from charcoal or fumes from propane tanks. Here you will get to know the 10 best Electric Grill BBQs to acquire and all the specifications to help you when selecting an Electric Grill.

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Get Ready for Winter Fun with the Best Electric Grill BBQ

Do you love grilled food? Want to expand your cooking prowess without putting yourself to the hassles of a charcoal grill or gas? It's time to buy an electric grill. With BBQ electric grills' help, you can easily add an authentic flavour to your grilled food. Moreover, cooking with this appliance is also very simple as you don't need to engage with any flame or smoke.

Electric grills are famous for outdoor as well as indoor grilling. Especially if you like convenient cooking but desire to enjoy a well-seared flavour of grilled veggies, meats, etc. So, are you convinced to buy an electric grill now? Here, we will guide you about the various benefits of electric grills, the right type you should buy, and some options to choose the best one for you.

Make Grilling Easy with Electric Grills: Top Benefits

  • Money-saving: It can be an expensive option to use a natural gas grill. You will have to continuously change the gas tank or hook up to a gas pipe. The natural gas expense increases if you grill your food more often. And when working with electric grills, you won't need to worry about these things.
  • No fumes: BBQ electric grills don't produce any harmful fumes. It uses electric wire mesh to heat the grill surface and cook your food. And when environmental health is a serious concern today, this benefit makes electric grill an ideal option for indoor use.
  • Mobility: Also, most electric grills are smaller as compared to charcoal and gas models. And they are easy to move from one place to another.
  • Good for health: As already stated that electric grills don't release any fume or carbon monoxide like gas. This is good for the user's health.
  • Heat Control: You get temperature settings with electric grills. Simply set up the required heat level, and the grill will automatically put your food to the right temperature.
  • Clean up: On top of all, electric grills are very easy to clean and use. Thus, if you want a comfortable maintenance appliance, go for an electric one. Besides, you also get non-sticky grates that can again be wipe cleaned with ease.

Which Type of Electric Grill Should I Buy?

Built-In Electric Grills

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This type of grills is designed for a permanent outdoor kitchen. Built-in electric grills are directly installed in a countertop, similar to an outdoor stove. Although this one can be an expensive option, it enhances the value of your house.

Electric Grills with Carts

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This one's similar to a traditional BBQ grill with side tables, wheels, and storage, among other features. They are generally prepared with metal, preparing food is easy, and the tables are simple to store when not cooking. If you are looking for something conveniently movable, this can be an ideal choice for you.

Portable Electric Grills

A portable electric grill is another ideal option if you desire to use one in different areas across your place. You can take this one to a tailgate during summers and move it indoors during the winter season. These electric grills are smaller in size, simpler to transport, and take less storage space.

Indoor vs Outdoor Electric Grills

Generally, outdoor electric grills are similar to propane or charcoal ones. It uses electric power to heat up instead of any other fuel. These needless efforts as compared to propane or charcoal grills for preparing grilled food. On the other hand, indoor electric grills are designed for use within the walls of a premise. This type is used more in states prone to cold temperatures where grilling outdoor during winters isn't possible. Besides, it is also suitable for a person who has a busy schedule and desires to prepare food rapidly.

Choosing the Right Size

Countertop models of electric grills are smaller in size and are perfect for small families. If you need to grill more food at a time, you should look for a bigger surface area. Other factors that goes in while choosing the right size include the number of people you are cooking for, available storage space, and the cooking area.

Maximum Heating Temperature

Heat outputs may vary from one model to another, and some may yield over 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Most of the electric grills are prepared with temperature settings, ranging from 400 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees. Analyze the maximum temperature you regularly need and choose the one the offers desired settings.

Our Top 10 Electric Grill BBQ Picks: Best Models Available in India

Now, when you have learned about the benefits and types of electric grill BBQ, here are some options you can buy.

Wellberg Iron 2 in 1 Electric Tandoor with 6 Gifts (Black, 10 IN)

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A compact and simple tandoor that brings six gifts along with it. Wellberg Iron Electric Tandoor has a unique feature, the 2-in-1 option that allows you to cook at the tandoor's top and inside. Moreover, you can transport the appliance conveniently from one place to another in the kitchen for parties and other purposes. You can cook chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, fish, pizza, biscuits, and many more items in this.

The electric tandoor comes packed with one non-stick sheet, jaali grill, steel seekh, heat mitten, pizza cutter, and recipe book. It features aluminum construction and glass windows at the front that makes the device durable and shockproof. You also get a warranty of 2 years for the heating element added to the product. This 2 in 1 electric tandoor is available in black color on Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 2,321.

Glen Electric Tandoor 5014

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The body of this electric tandoor has a matte finish and stainless steel construction. Heating elements and glass windows used in this allow for high-performance output. Elegant modern looks with a handle to push or pull the tray make it equally appealing. The electric tandoor has different use settings that you can choose from as per your grilling needs.

The sliding tray makes it easy to put the food item to be cooked and slide in. You can make roti parantha, pizza, roti, fish, and much more in this grill. A wattage of 1,100W is maintained with the help of reflectors and insulation, making it energy efficient. You can buy Glen electric tandoor from Amazon at the price of Rs. 4,195 with a warranty period of 2 years.

Bright Berg Mini Cast Iron and Aluminium and Rubber Electric Tandoor

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Here's an elegant looking and lightweight electric grill BBQ on the list, made with cast iron and glass window front. The product is entirely durable and shockproof with a high-grade aluminum cooking tray that promises healthy food and excellent quality. Besides, the tray handle is also ergonomic.

You can use this electric tandoor to make delicious and healthy food items like potatoes, mushrooms, fish, chicken, mutton, etc. Besides, you can also defrost frozen food and again heat it without overcooking it. Package contents include jaali, one non-stick sheet, pizza cutter, glove, and seekh. While rubber legs add extra insulation, a 2-year manufacturer warranty for the heating element keeps your worries at bay. This multi-purpose tandoor is available for Rs. 2,290 on Amazon.

Fabrilla Portable Charcoal Barbeque Grill Set

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The fabrilla portable charcoal barbeque grill is made of stainless steel and has spring handles for easy handling. Being portable, you can carry it to a picnic spot and enjoy tasty grilled food. Not only so, but also cook delicious food items with less oil, making it an ideal cooking appliance. It is also the best outdoor parties' equipment if you desire to experiment with culinary skills. The open grill has enough cooking space for grilling a sufficient amount of kebabs and food items. The efficient BBQ grill with adjustable height is available in silver at Amazon for Rs. 2,439.

Mini Chef Electric Tandoor (Big Size)

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The mini chef electric tandoor is the best for medium to big families. With this, you can cook meat, veggies, grill fish, mushroom, kebabs, and coconut cookies. What makes it a good pick is that it allows reheating and warming food without overcooking. A rectangular glass on the front lets you see the food when it is being prepared.

If you want to do oil-free and healthy cooking for a small party, this is a perfect option. Besides the dishes mentioned above, you can also cook juicy and crispy paneer tikka, tandoori roti, and naan in this tandoor. Buy this Mini Chef Electric Tandoor from Amazon by paying Rs. 3,990.

Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque

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Here's one with detachable legs so that you can effortlessly set it across different settings. The big size of this product allows cooking a big meal at a time. You can rely on this electric machine for parties and picnics. Besides being simple to assemble and clean, it provides a proper grip for adding food, setting it up, or changing the coal. Moreover, the cooking rack is designed to effectively hold the meal in place and distribute the heat equally. The rack serves as a cooling tray after the grilling is complete.

You can prepare delicious food like fish, vegetables, or meat, and please your loved ones. If you like to throw BBQ theme parties, don't wait any longer, order the Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque from Amazon for Rs. 1,949.

Hy-tec Portable Metal Barbeque

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Here's another one with easy to install feature that lets you set it up in no time. The ergonomic structure comes with wooden grab handles for a safe grip and easy transfer. A powder-coated finish of this tabletop BBQ protects from heat radiations. Mainly designed to increase safety and comfortable usage, it is perfect for backpacking, outdoor camping, picnics, and grilling in small areas.

The product comes with two detachable legs for right balance and support. With this, you can broil, grill, roast, and bake meals as per your desire. The appliance with stainless steel and rustproof body lasts long and is budget-friendly and available for Rs. 1,417 on Amazon.

B.N.Brights Electric Tandoor – Metal Body with Nonstick Tray

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This electric tandoor has insulated rubber legs for placing it easily on a flat table and works well for the small- and mid-sized family. It comes with a cookbook, magic cloth, grill, and mitten glove. The tandoor's doors have a rectangular toughened glass that lets you see the food inside while being prepared. The tandoor is best for grilling and baking, which is good for your health as no oil is used for cooking the meal.

It comes with a manufacturer's warranty for two years. This multi-purpose kitchen appliance needs less space in your kitchen and is very simple to maintain. You can buy this B.N. Bright Electric Tandoor from Amazon at the cost of Rs. 3,290.

Skyline VTL-4545 Barbeque Grill

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The BBQ grill is perfect for outdoor as well as indoor use. It comes with an adjustable grill rack height that helps you prepare various food items, and the heat reaches all the parts. The grill comes with an aluminum oil tray below the lower surface to gather residue, helping you easily clean the appliance. With an electric power source required, you can place it on a kitchen countertop, floor, or tabletop.

Specially designed for the one willing to add perfection to their culinary art, this electric grill BBQ has a highly mechanized food procedure. Skyline VTL-4545 Barbeque Grill is available on Amazon for Rs. 2,250 with a warranty period of 1 year.

Krevia Velkro Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill Toaster

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The BBQ grill toaster is fully stainless steel made and can be used outside as well as inside the home. While it's easy handling and smart design are enough to impress you and your loved ones, that's not all with it. Features like ventilation angle and adjustable height help maintain a strong fire. It comes with a 3-level rack holder that allows you to locate your grill as far as you need it from the direct flame. You get a barbeque spatula and grilling fork that help you in preparing food.

If you want to buy a multi-purpose grilling that is efficient and stylish, this grill toaster is perfect. Stop waiting and place your order today for the Krevia Velkro Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill Toaster from Amazon by paying Rs. 1,490.

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BBQs with an Electric Grill

This might sound to modern, especially to those used to charcoal and propane. Not to worry as Electric Grill BBQs are also a good way to enjoy roasting and cooking meals. With temperature ranges and less accessories required, simply plug it in and start cooking, an electric grill is a very good option. An added advantage to electric grills is most of them are usually indoor grills making them suitable for use even during winter.