For the Most Action-Packed and Totally Immersive Gaming Experience(2020), Here are the Top Android Gamepads with Stunning Designs and Full of Useful Functionalities.

For the Most Action-Packed and Totally Immersive Gaming Experience(2020), Here are the Top Android Gamepads with Stunning Designs and Full of Useful Functionalities.

A good gaming setup needs to incorporate a handy gamepad. With a good grip and easy buttons to press. These and other features looked at in this catalogue are what every gamer is looking for. Besides gaming on a computer or console, android devices have the option to game and what better way to enjoy gaming on your android device than with the use of a good gamepad?

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What is a Gamepad and How it is Used

A gamepad is an external device that is connected to computer or other gaming consoles that is useful in providing proper and immersive gaming experience. These gamepads provide the user with multiple tight tactile buttons and 2 joysticks to assist their gaming experience. Presence of these gamepads can vastly improve the user experience and control for all multitude of games such as FPS(First Person Shooters), racing games, fighting games, etc.

The earliest gamepad was made by one of the most repudiated game company in 1985 known as Nintendo. Since there have been multiple changes in appearance and increase in the number of parts, but the core functionality of a gamepad has never changed. It is a powerful and impressive gaming arsenal in the hand of a gamer hand. From computer to gaming consoles and android games, the gamepads have become a crucial part of a gamer life. These gamepads can connect to the respected devices in multiple ways such as USB connection or type C connection or even Bluetooth connection.

After connecting the gamepad to your device it automatically maps specific buttons of your device that is helpful in making the controlling of the device possible with just the gamepad. Some of the mapped buttons are specially used for navigating through the device such as:-

The home button is used to return to the main screen while the back button is used to retire to the last viewed screen. Whereas, the buttons present on the D-pad are used for navigating through screen and a button used for selecting the desired option, the power button is used to turn on the gamepad when pressed for at least 3 seconds. Also most gamepads are pre programmed to turn off when they are not being used for long.

Troubleshooting the Gamepad

The gamepads come with a multiple set of commands pre-programmed in the gamepad that helps the user to connect the gamepad to various android devices, the setups are present to help the user if for some reason the gamepad is unable to connect with the device.

  • Method 1: Access the setup by pressing and holding the back button together with the home button for 5 second. After this open the setting option in your respective device and under the option labeled as “remote and accessories” select the option of add accessory and add your game pad in the selected devices.
  • Method 2: Restart your device and unplug the gamepad from the device for at least 10 seconds. Also, if the gamepad being used is a wireless gamepad then try opening the battery container and remove the batteries from the holder for 5 second. After this try plugging in the gamepad again and try connecting it.
  • If the user is still unable to connect the device with the gamepad, the user can also reset the factory settings of the device and then try to connect the gamepad with the device again.

Advantages of Using a Gamepad

The increase in the popularity of the android gaming among the people of all ages has made it one of the most loved medium of entertainment. People started loving the idea of being able to play high end video games that can be played on an everyday device without any strain. But as the competitive nature of the new world of gaming world increases, people started to try and find new ways in which they can gain an upper hand. This makes the android gamepads an essential tool for the mobile game players. These gamepads provides physical and tactile controls that are leagues better than the virtual controls present on the flat glass screen of the mobile. Further advantages of using android gamepad are:-


  • Functionality - The presence of multiple physical buttons give the user more options and multiple ways in which the user can make use of these button for better control rather than having to control the game using the virtual screen and virtual buttons to play a game.
  • Ergonomics, Quality and Expandability - The tactile and spring buttons of the gamepad feels good in hand and provides the user with precise control which is helpful for gaming.
  • Cable and Wireless-The gamepads come in both wired and wireless options with their own purpose and advantages. The wireless gamepad such as Bluetooth gamepads provides the user with a proper control with freedom of movement, but this wireless freedom comes at a cost as the wireless gamepads often take a minute between the command given by the user and the device implementing these commands. The wired gamepads which physically attach to the device via cable and can be used to play game. These wired gamepads provide the user with zero lag between the commands given by the user and implementing the command, but these gamepads lose the freedom of movement as these are physically attached to the device.
  • Control -The primary function of these gamepads are to provide the user with better control that are physical rather than virtual the physical controls are more reliable and responsive than the virtual controls.
  • Familiarity - The design and functionality of these gamepads are similar to the controllers provided by other gaming console and systems as these help the user to be familiar with the controls of the gamepad.
  • Responsiveness and Speed - Being responsive is also a property/advantage of the gamepads as any delay betting the command can be the difference between the user winning or losing the game. The highly responsive system provides the user with better reflexes and provides the user with better gaming experience.

Best Gamepads for Android that You Can Buy in India

Cosmic Byte C3070W Nebula 2.4G Wireless Gamepad


The Cosmic Byte C3070 W Nebula is a powerful wireless gamepad that is compact and looks a lot like a Play Station making it easy for people to use it. This wireless gamepad is capable of connecting to not only android smartphones but can be connected to desktops and play stations as well. With integrated dual-mode, the device can be used as both a wireless and wired gamepad. It is made with high-grade plastic which makes it quite durable and gives the gamepad a premium feel. The device is available for a price of Rs. 1,499 on Amazon and comes with a powerful battery that provides almost 12 hours of wireless gameplay.

Logitech F310 Gamepad


The Logitech F310 Gamepad is again a premium gamepad that has a sleek and industrial look and comes with a 6 feet long cable that provides the device with a seamless and no-lag connection to the user. Its smooth curves and a rubber grip provides a proper, tight and no-slip grip to the gamer and helps them concentrate on the game without worrying about it slipping from their hands. The gamepad also has a dual mode namely X input and Direct Input which enhances the gaming experience to its max. You can buy this gamepad for Rs. 2,098 on Amazon and enjoy your gaming sessions throughout the day.

Microware Gamepad Wireless Bluetooth Joystick Game Controller


If you are looking for an affordable android gamepad this festive season for your kid or brother then you can buy the Microwave wireless gamepad. This is a Bluetooth connected gamepad and can be paired with any android device. It comes with a 400mAh lithium-ion battery which lets you play an uninterrupted game for almost 6 hours. It also has a 10-minute sleep and wakes up function which saves a lot of power and let it run for longer. It is available for Rs. 4,499 on Microware.

Live Tech Yo!Man Wireless Smart Gamepad with Bluetooth Dongle Android PC Playstation


This very stylish gamepad is again a Bluetooth connected device that has a USB dongle attached to the back of it to let the user mount their android device on it. It has a built-in 400mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery which is able to run the gamepad non-stop for 10 hours. It has a powerful haptic motor which gives the user an immersive experience of any game and enables the user to feel every single moment of the game. The Live-Tech wireless smart gamepad is an innovative, designer, high-end gamepad that gives a premium feel to it and can be bought for Rs.1,375 from Amazon.

SUNKY PS4 Slim Pro Controller Android Phone Clip

The SUNKY PS4 slim pro android phone clip is yet again a great gamepad for an android device. It comes with a 180-degree mobile clip which lets you use it with an android device of around 6 inches. It is made with a strong polymer known as Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene which makes it sturdy and lightweight. This is one gamepad that can enhance your action gaming experience and makes playing shooting and fighting games better. You can buy it for Rs. 1,293 on U Buy.

ipega PG-9129 3 In 1 Wireless BT Gamepad + Joystick + Holder

The ipega PG-9129 3 In 1  is a powerful wireless gamepad that can be obtained by the user online for a price of Rs. 2,340 from Eassy Mall. This gamepad has high accuracy with precision simulation and a clear-cut joystick that provides proper control of the gamepad. The gamepad also comes with a mount that is able to hold a device that the user is using to play the game. The wireless gamepad also comes with a powerful battery that helps the user use the gamepads for a long time without any problem.  The gamepad has a comfortable grip on it and makes takes your gaming experience to a higher level.


PS4 Wireless Controller Phone Clip Holder Clamp Mount Stand for PlayStation

The PS4 wireless controller is again a very sleek gamepad. It is a wireless gamepad that is of the same design as the PlayStation 4 gaming console. The mobile holding grip comes with a 270-degree rotation which makes it easy for the gamer to use from different angles. It can be easily connected with any android devices. It is a lightweight and compact gamepad that can be easily carried along on trips and make it more entertaining. You can buy it for Rs. 1,609 only on Desert Cart.

Bebon Cool Wired Gaming Controller,USB Wired Gaming Controller Gamepad


Another cool gamepad is the BEBONCOOL wired gaming controller. This is a high-end wired game up made with high-quality material which makes it highly durable. It can be easily used with smartphones, PCs and gaming consoles. It has a dual shock vibration motor which creates strong vibrations to enhance your gaming experience. It can be bought for Rs. 1,499 only on Amazon and can make a great gift for a loved one who is crazy about games.

SAMEO SG27 Wireless Gaming Controller Gamepad


The SAMEO SG 27 is a lightweight and compact gamepad that is portable enough to carry around with you. It has a clip-on mount device that can be connected to any android device. The gamepad is a wireless device and can also be connected to PCs and PS3 easily. The gamepad comes with a strong vibrating motor that produces powerful haptic feedback and makes your gaming better. You can buy it for Rs. 2,985 from Amazon.

GameSir Wired Controller_for_PC_PS3_Android

If you are one of those people who are fond of games and want to play better then you can check out the Game Sir controller. It is a powerful gamepad that can be connected with a USB type connector to multiple android devices, PCs or PS 3. It has a 32 bits control chip which enables it to produce lag-free communication between the devices. With the dual vibrating motors, the gamepad is able to produce a brilliant feel of the environment of the game and with a high responsive system. The cool gamepad is available for the price of Rs 6,000 on Flipkart.

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Standalone Gamepads for Gaming on Android Devices.

Nowadays gaming has gone to another level. Gamers now want to game on the go or wherever they feel like it. This has been made possible by the ability to have games on android devices. To make it even more fun and enjoyable, android gamepads come in. Looked at above are the top android gamepads. In addition, how to set up a gamepad and some advantages of gamepads too have been looked at to help you when selecting the desired gamepad and start to enjoy playing on your android device.