Why to Make a Gift for Boyfriend and 10 Handmade Gifts to Pamper Him With (2018)

Why to Make a Gift for Boyfriend and 10 Handmade Gifts to Pamper Him With (2018)

Making things by hand is immensely satisfying, and if you've been looking for a good gift for your boyfriend without any luck, it could be a sign that you should make him one. Our list of DIY gift ideas covers easy projects for beginners, simple gifts that can be put together in no time as well as some more intricate handmade things which require skill and patience. Which one will you make?

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Why DIY Gifts Are The Best?

There is no doubt that most people have to suffer hustle and bustle searching for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. You probably spent a lot of time in stores searching for the best gift. You might have endured the sassiness of others in such circumstances. To avoid such critical issues, we brought something really interesting for you.

If you are literally looking for something unique and special, then you must give your attention in making a handmade gift rather than spending a copious amount of money on readymade gifts. It doesn't always mean that handmade gifts will be cheaper sometimes they can be costliest too but giving such gifts are personal and individual to your loving boyfriend. They have meaningful values and are one of a kind. Handmade gifts deliver a special message to your boyfriend which states that he is worth the time you spent in creating this beautiful gift. Investing your precious time in crafting a romantic gift introduces the love factor in those amazing gifts, and your boyfriend will definitely love and adore them.

Tips To Make A Perfect Gift For Your Boyfriend

It Must Hold a Special Purpose

There are some points you must keep in your mind before making a handmade gift for your boyfriend. You should always consider the purpose that your gift will serve you are making for him. Know the occasion and create one accordingly to make the maximum impact. For example, if it is Valentine's day, then your gift must have a romantic touch.

It's also not necessary to give gifts only on a special occasion - you can give it to him anytime you feel like doing something special for him. There might be many situations in his life when he feels like giving up and might be depressed because of it. Understand the situation and find something that can motivate him to do better. For instance - you can make a motivational thoughts scrapbook which will help him to be positive in every situation.

Gifts Which Remind Him of Special Memories

A relationship is all about love, trust, confidence, understanding, care, and affection. If you are in love with each other, then you might have made a lot of special memories together. If you want to surprise him with something unique and romantic then curating something which will remind him of those past special moments he spent with you would be priceless.

Making such memory gifts will not only make him feel happy but also strengthen your relationship. Remembering your past memories with him is the most beautiful thing you can ever do with him. You can make a photo frame or a memory book which contain photographs of your past beautiful memories. Those could be photographs of your first date, any special trip together, or birthday celebration. It will show your caring behaviour towards him, and he will feel special.

Gift Must Have an Everlasting Effect

Gifts are considered an expression of love from one person to another one, and when you are sending a gift to your boyfriend you are sending your love through it, and you always want it to last forever. Your gifts must symbolize the longevity of your relationship. Make sure that it stays with him all the time and its regular presence in his life will remind him of you, and he will feel how much you appreciate him for his presence in your life. Making a handmade gift for him also shows that you think of him and cared about his lifestyle. Such handmade gifts will always receive appreciation and will be enjoyed by him.

10 Unique DIY Ideas for Boyfriend

Pop-Up Photo Box

Your boyfriend will appreciate you for the time, effort, and love you spent in making a meaningful and special handmade gift for him. If you are looking for a romantic way to surprise your boyfriend, then you can consider making special and romantic handmade gifts for him.

Let's get started making this pop-up photo card for him.

Pop-up Photo Card

What you need?
  • Scrap book paper
  • Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Wood box
  • Stain
  • Paint
  • Stencil
  • Protective finish coat

How to make it?
  • Measure the size of your box and after that mark at every 2 inches on the paper using pencil and ruler
  • Fold the paper at first mark and crease it precisely. Fold and crease the next mark in opposite direction from the first and do this with all other marks to get a according folds. After folding, erase all pencil marks
  • Place the folded scrapbook paper on a flat surface with topmost fold facing you and cut any three images in 1.8 inches squares and then paste these images at the center of each scrapbook paper folds
  • Paste the backside of the bottom square of scrapbook paper to the inside bottom of the box and adhere a ribbon to the top square on back to make it look even more beautiful. Let it dry and then present it to your boyfriend, and he will love it.

Handwritten Romantic Diary

If you want to do something special for your boyfriend, then you can consider making this journal for him. If you want to make this diary on your own, then follow the procedure to create a beautiful one for him.

Handwritten Journal

Materials you need
  • 7 Journal Sheets
  • Crop-A-Dile punch tool
  • String or twine
  • Paper trimmer
  • Embellishments, paper, leather, or any oilcloth for the cover

  • You have 7 sheets in total. Trim all those 7 sheets in vertical half. Now you have 14 sheets, and after folding them you will have 28 pages in your diary. Measure the size of each page, then cut diary's cover page according to the size of pages with an extra inch so that pages fit correctly inside the cover
  • With the help of Crop-A-Dile punch two holes through the pages and spine of the folded sheets and cover, then fix the folded sheets and cover with the help of twine. You must keep the knot inside the diary so that it looks much better
  • Now you can decorate the sheets using glitters, sequins, watercolour, or photographs. Fill the pages with your personal messages, and give it to him.
  • You can also add stamping, leather, or oilcloth on the cover to make it even more beautiful.

Open When Envelopes

You don't need a special occasion to make him feel romantic and beloved. You can surprise him every day with these "open when envelopes". You can make such pretty gifts on your own, and you will really enjoy making it. If you are planning to give him this gift, then we have the proper procedure for making it.

Open When Envelopes

What you need?
  • Colourful sheets and letter-sized papers
  • Colourful Envelopes
  • Glitters, Stickers, ink pens, or Sketch Pens

  • Note down the situations we face in our everyday life like sadness, anger, happiness, missing someone etc. and prepare your messages accordingly. You must prepare 2-3 messages for one kind of situation.
  • Mention the situations on Envelopes and write on it like open when you are sad, open when you are happy etc. and decorate it with glitters, stickers, and watercolours to make it look attractive.
  • Write down your messages on letter-sized sheets and then place each message card in its specific envelope.
  • Let these Envelopes inspire him in his bad times. These Envelopes will tell him that how much he means to you and he will definitely appreciate you for such an amazing gift.

BookBox with Personal Note

We have some special moments in our life which we never want to forget. We have some unforgettable moments with our loved ones, and that's why we never want to lose anything they had gifted us. Such gifts from them have their memories, and we want to keep safe them with us. You can gift this keepsake to your boyfriend with whom you have spent a lot of memorable time, and the most beautiful thing about this gift is that you can make it on your own. So, let's dive in.

Memory Box

  • A thick hardcover book
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Paper Cutter
  • Glue
  • Water

  • Open the book and first page. On the second page, draw a rectangular shape leaving about half inches from every side of page.
  • Cut this rectangular shape and try to cut as deeper as possible but you must not cut through the book. Try to cut pages as straight as possible.
  • Mix the glue with water to make it runny enough so that you can spread it with a brush. Spread this glue on all sides leaving the cover page. You can also spread the glue in between pages so that they stick together properly.
  • Leave it to dry, and in this time you can prepare a romantic letter for your boyfriend expressing your love and thanking him for being in your life.
  • After drying out, paste this letter inside the cover page so that when he opens the book, he can see it on first sight. Use decorative material to decorate the box. You can also write your feelings on the first page that we left to make this box look even more beautiful and attractive.

Valentine's Light Bulb

Thinking to make something really amazing for your boyfriend? We have brought a super duper idea that you can create for him at your home. Everyone is giving ready-made gifts, roses etc. to their loved ones but you have the best of all here. Check this romantic light bulb idea for love of your life.

Romantic Light Bulb

  • You will need a regular size incandescent bulb, thin red gauge wire, pliers, screwdriver, safety goggles, wood cube, pins, wire cutters, paper pen, hammer and nails, and a hot glue gun.

Let's follow the procedure:
  • Wear your leather hand gloves and then hollow out the bulb carefully without breaking it. Collect all little chunks so that they don't hurt anyone and throw it in the dustbin.
  • Cut 10 inches of wire and fold it in half to make a sharp crease. Grip both wire ends and loops them around the crease to create the half heart, then pull back the wire ends overlapping the center of the crease to complete the heart shape.
  • Take this filament and insert it inside the hollow bulb. Adjust it correctly just like the position of the original filament and then cut out the extra wire if it is there.
  • Use hammer and nails to create two holes in the wood cube so that you can fix those two wire ends there without any distortion. You can also use hot glue in order to stick the wires properly.
  • Now fix the bulb over that wire filament and glue it to the base of the wood cube. You can also attach a small love note on the front of the cube using pins or hot glue.

Beer Bottles with Love Notes

Let's create something out of the box for your boyfriend which you can gift him on any occasion whether it's Valentine's day or Christmas. This gift will fit in any occasion. We will now learn to make cute beer labels for your boyfriend, so let's get started.

Romantic beer labels

  • You will need 6 bottles of his favourite beer, card stocks, stickers, spray paint, funny beer slogans, and glitter pens to make this amazing gift for him.

  • First, you will need to remove the original labels from the beer bottles. Measure the length of original labels and cut your card stocks to the exact measurement so that they fit properly on bottles.
  • You can paste clever slogans on the card stocks, or you can write on your own. Decorate the labels with glitters, watercolour, and spray paint. You can take the slogans ideas from makethebestofeverything.com. Paste the DIY labels back on the beer bottles and gift it to your boyfriend. He will definitely appreciate and enjoy your gift.

Candy Bar Romantic Card

Are you running out of time on Valentine's day to give a perfect gift to the love of your life? Don't worry we are here with the last minute gift idea for your boyfriend. Try making this candy bar card for him, and we guarantee that he will definitely love your idea and appreciate you for doing something unique and special for him.

Romantic Candy Card

  • For this, you will need some candies which will replace some words and complete it with their brand name.

  • Think of any romantic message where you could replace some words with these candies names.
  • You can take ideas from this message- “Our life is a Symphony” (using chocolate Symphony bar) “There are many Riesens why I love you” (using Riesen candies) “I love you Now and Later” (using Now and Laters) “There is no one on Earth, Mars or in the Milky Way that is better than you!” (using Mars and Milky Way bars) “You are a Life Saver” (using Life Saver candies).
  • You can visit repeatcrafterme.com to know some ideas on how to write a perfectly funny and romantic love note using these candies and chocolates.

Intax Camera Card

Source yspages.com

This photo card is perfect for your photography lover boyfriend.

Intax Camera Card

  • You will need some glossy white printing papers, scissors, coloured paper sheets, a ruler, glue, pencil, photographs, and a glitter tape roll.
  • This DIY will take about 2-3 hours to complete, so you have to follow this tutorial carefully in order to create a thoughtful gift for your boyfriend.

  • Print your favourite photographs on a glossy paper and cut them in a perfect size.
  • Take 6-8 square sized paper and fold each of them in such a way that it opens when you rotate it. Paste all of them together to form a big cuboid. You will get to know how to do it in the tutorial.
  • Follow each step carefully. Now make a box using thick paper, and decorate it in the shape of camera.
  • Fix that cuboid to this box and close the box. Magic happens when he will open it.
  • You can also include your photographs in making this gift for him. When he will open it, he will be so happy to have you in his life. View this tutorial video in order to understand it clearly so that you can create it perfectly without any mistakes.

Watch Weave Bracelet

Everyone in this world wears watches, and its purpose is not only to watch or tell time, but it also became a fashion accessory. More stylish watch compliments professionalism and enhances the overall look of the person. You can also get him a personalised watch which is not only beautiful but will also look sexy on his wrist.

Beautiful Watch Weaving

  • To accomplish this goal, you will need a black thread, scissors, measurement tape, two coupling clips, and your 16 minutes.

How to do it?
  • Take out the wristband from the watch and start weaving the thread just like shown in the video tutorial. Follow each step properly so that you come up with a perfect band. You can visit fabdiy.com to know exactly how to do it.
  • Take 3-4 threads and pass them through the clip of the watch to each side.
  • Now you have a threaded band of the watch. Roll each thread over one another in a specified way to weave it.
  • After weaving from one side do the same procedure on another side. Remember to keep the length of thread on both the side.
  • On completing the weaving, cut out the extra part if it is present there.
  • You can choose the colour of thread according to his choice. Handover to him his watch with an amazing look. He will definitely appreciate your creation.

Laptop Sleeve

Laptops are the lifeline in any professionals life, and they need to take proper care of it. Sleeves are something which saves their laptops from any damage. Why don't you make a beautiful laptop sleeve for him? This is really unique and one of a kind idea of giving something special to him.

You can watch the detailed tutorial on sweet-verbena.blogspot.com. You will also get a lot of embroideries ideas there which you can use to create many more gifts for your loving boyfriend in the future.

Laptop sleeve

Things you need
  • 4 sheets of felt leather which is 8 inches wide and 10 inches long
  • half yard faux leather
  • buttons
  • 3 or 4 embroidery floss and embroidery needle
  • strong spray adhesive

  • cut the leather piece to the size of the laptop with an extra inch to all the sides. Cut the piece in such a way so that it accommodates the laptop properly.
  • stitch 4 pieces of felt leather together so that it forms like a rectangle
  • stitch the felt leather and faux leather together from one side to form a partial sleeve. Insert the laptop to see where your next stitches would be.
  • Mark the points with a marker and stitch it with an embroidery needle. Cut off the extra part if it is there.
  • Cut out a triangle from the extra leather you removed in the previous step. Mount the button on top of the sleeve.
  • Stitch the triangle part along with a leather strap at the bottom part of the sleeve. Make sure that strap fits around the button with the laptop inside the sleeve.
  • Present this special gift to him on any occasion you want, and he will definitely appreciate your embroidery skills.
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DIY projects are usually exciting as they offer a superb chance to practice your creativity and to surprise your beloved. Your effort and intention are the most important part of the gift, so it it goes wrong a little, don't worry. However they turn out - DIY gifts created from scratch usually have a special meaning to your significant other.