Ready to Make Your First Mommy-Daughter Mani/Pedi Appointment(2021)? Try These Best Kid-Friendly Nail Polish to Make Some Serious Creativity.

Ready to Make Your First Mommy-Daughter Mani/Pedi Appointment(2021)? Try These Best Kid-Friendly Nail Polish to Make Some Serious Creativity.

If the thought of regular nail polish brands touching your kiddos' previous hands makes you squirm, you need to keep reading. We’ve compiled all the best kid-friendly non-toxic nail polish brands below so you can have fun as a family without worry about chemicals getting anywhere near your kids.

Nail Paints - A Must for Every Grooming Kit

One of the most beloved ways of pampering themselves is by applying vibrant and elegant nail polish. But do you ever wonder how did painting of nails even started? Nail polish has been around for more than 5000 years. It all started in ancient China and was mainly used by the rulers or the rich and powerful. They used beeswax, gelatine and egg white dyed with flowers to paint their nails. The most popular colours were red and black and people loved to put metallic dust of silver and gold on top of these colours to make it look prettier. Gradually the tradition shifted to other parts of the world and reached India, Africa and Middle East. The Egyptians coloured their nails with henna and the beautiful Cleopatra used plant extracts to paint her nails red.

Currently, in these Covid times, nail polishes sales have increased far more than lipsticks. The reason might be the covering of the face with masks. According to market research, the sale of nail polish increased 12% during the first lockdown and has been increasing since. With this, we can say that more and more women are investing in nail polishes recently which has brought us to create this article for you. We have compiled a list of some excellent nail polish kits for you that you can buy online and try out at home.

How to Apply Nail Paint Like a Pro

Don't you just hate it when you buy a very expensive nail polish and apply it but the end result is not perfect. You might think that applying nail paint is as easy as a child's play but there is actually a proper method of doing so. If you want those perfectly polished nail paints then you will have to invest some time in them. Here are a few tips on how to apply nail paint like a professional without having to go to a salon.

  • Start with filing and buffing your nails.
    Clean your hands with soap and water, even better if you get a manicure done before applying your favourite colour. Shape your uneven nails with a file and a buffer. When file your nails remember to move them in one direction. Avoid using it like a saw on your nails as it can damage your nail tips.
  • Use the base and top coat on your nails..
    To get perfectly polished nails you need to use the base coat before applying the colour and top coat after your done painting the nails. Basecoat is important to avoid paint to chip or peel as well as to avoid breaking the nails and cuticles. The topcoat helps in locking the colour and adding a perfect shine to your nails. Try to choose a fast-drying shiny top coat to avoid any smudges.
  • Use a fine tip brush for an outline .
    Take a fine tip brush and use acetone polish remover to create an outline around the cuticles, this will give your nails a salon look. You can use any oil or lotion to add the lost moisture due to the remover to your cuticles.
  • Apply nail paint with care.
    Always remember to wipe one side of the brush clean and fan it along the neck as soon as you pull it out from the bottle. Apply the paint by moving the brush across the center of the nail, from the cuticle to the tip. Now move it from the left and right sides. It is important to apply two coats to get a perfect finish and the actual colour of the paint.
  • Use your dominant hand to apply nail paint.
    It is easy to apply nail paint with your dominant hand but when it comes to the other hand it can become challenging. Let's say your dominant hand is the right one then it is better to lay your right hand flat and then rotate it as you move along the nails.

BEROMT Professional Base Coat


We all love to paint our nails but very few actually know the benefit of using base coat on our nails before applying nail paints. Base coat helps keep your nails stay healthy as it does not allow the nail polish to touch your nails and stain them. It is made with a combination of nail conditioners, moisturizers, vitamins and minerals which cover your nail and do not let your nail getting infected due to the chemicals used in nail paints. It also helps in applying nail paints by making a smooth surface for the polish. Base coat has plasticizers, polymers that makes the nails flexible and shiny and do not allow the nail to chip off easily.

You can start with buying this Bermot professional base coat polish. It is chip resistant with the fast-drying formula that acts as a nail primer. It has aloe vera and Vitamin A and E which nourish your nails. It has a round-cut brush to give you the perfect finish. Each bottle of Bermot base coat has 2 stainless steel agitator balls that move around the paint to keep it mixed for best results. You can buy it for Rs. 99 from

Bella Voste Top Coat


A top coat is a clear nail polish usually applied over dried nail polish. It creates a barrier that prevents chipping of the nail polish and giving it a gloss-shine look. It also makes your manicure look to stay for longer and hides flaws or discolouring of the nails. A base coat helps your nail polish last longer and saves a lot of time. If you are looking for a quality top coat then you can check out the Bella Voste top coat which stays on your nails without changing the actual colour of the nail paint. It is made in France & Luxembourg and your nail will surely grab some attention with this top coat on your fingers. It is available for Rs. 99 on

Exquisite Nail Paint Sets You Can Buy Online

Now, that you know the benefits of using the top and base coat with your nail polish. Here are some cool nail paint sets you can buy online and have a great time painting your nails while you stay safe in your home.

Color Fx

Fx Studio is one of the leading cosmetic platforms in the world which was registered in the USA. They have a collection of products for skincare, nail paints and eyes. They offer some of the coolest and out-of-ordinary colours.

Here is a set of 6 non-toxic nail paints which are bold and beautiful. They are a perfect set to try out the colours and you will surely find one that suits you the best. These are glitter nail paints that will make you seem to rock with each move of your hand. You can buy this set for Rs. 1,194 only from

Makeup Mania Nail Polish Set

Another excellent brand for nail polishes is the Makeup Mania. It was founded in 1998 in Hollywood when she realized that a lot of products used in the film industry are hard to find in the market. Makeup Mania offers this wonderful 24 pcs nail paint set that has trendy and vibrant shades. The nail paints have innovative colour lock technology that keeps the paint on your nails for a longer period of time. Each bottle in the set is for 6 ml with which you can now try doing some nail art as well. The set is available for Rs. 490 only on

Born Pretty

Bored sitting at home during the lockdown, don't fret. Get a nail polish set for yourself. Invite your friends over and become a child again. Yes, girls have a thing for nail paints and no friend of yours can turn down an invitation that has nail paints in it. The Born Pretty thermal nail polish is a new trend in the market. They are said to change colours according to your mood, so why not find out if they really do. The set comes in 12 hip colours that you can play around with your girlfriends. You can buy this set for Rs. 995 from

ROSALIND Nail Polish

Buying a gift for a girl can be a daunting task because you can never figure out what to get her that will make her smile. The solution can be a nail polish set. Girls/women, in general, are in love with nail paints. If you are stuck with what to get your girlfriend for her birthday then buying a nail polish set can be a good choice. She will surely enjoy playing with the colours and might even want to try one or two on you.

The Rosalind nail polish set comes with 12 pcs and has beautiful and subtle colours in it. These colours can be worn at a party or even to work without being too gaudy. The set can be bought for Rs. 1,999 from

Tenno Pastel Palette Nail Enamel

So, your daughter is a teen now and always looks for ways to make her look prettier but you don't want her to get into makeup yet. You can now get her a nail polish set. A nail polish set will keep her busy with her friends and will help her feel more girly without trying to put on makeup and damaging her skin.

The Tenno Pastel Palette nail enamel has 12 colours in it and all the colours are made for young teens. The colours are all in trend and would look good when she goes out with her friends. This nail paint set is available for Rs. 359 on Buy it for her and get ready for some loving and hugging.



Nail paints make a great gift for women of all ages. They also make excellent return gifts, so if you are wondering what to give your friends after a bachelorette party then you can always buy nail paint sets and give them as a token of appreciation. The MI Fashion platinum collection comes with a set of 4 glitter high shine colours in gold, pink, silver and red. This nail paint kit is an excellent giveaway gift for your crazy friends and they will fall in love with it as soon as they see it. Each bottle is 12 ml and gives a stunning glitter effect. The bottles have a smart application brush in them to avoid any smudges and they last for a long time. You can order it in bulk from for Rs. 398 and make your friends happy.

Faces Canada


Buying nail paints of different colours can be fun but your collection is incomplete without a perfect white and black nail polish. The colour white and black shows your personality and your interests. Teens especially love the black and white nail paints as it stands out and what else can be better than buying both the colours in a set.

Faces Canada has excellent, high-performing nail enamels in both colours. You can buy it for Rs. 218 from and use it according to your mood and style.

2 Best Nail Art Kits for the Creative Types

Since we are talking about nail paints, we have got to talk about the nail art kits. It is a new trend and everybody is trying it on especially when getting bored at home. Check out these two nail art kits that will bring out the creativity or will keep your daughters busy when you are watching your favourite series on Netflix.

SGM® Nail Art Paint kit


The SGM nail art paint kit is a 15 piece kit that has dotting pens, an assortment of nail colours, nail stripping tape, a brush set to play with. You can create your own masterpieces right in your bedroom and look hop. The kit is available for Rs. 325 on

FOK Plastic Nail Art Paint Kit


Another excellent nail art paint kit is the FOK plastic kit. If you don't want to go out of your home but still want to look stylish then you can buy this kit and have fun. This kit will give you salon-styled nails as it is easy to use and will help you create unique styles. The kit has 15 pcs nail art brush set, double-sided nail dotting tool, stripping roll tape and tip guide sticker. You can buy it for Rs. 383 from

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Moisturize Your Kids Hand and Nails Regularly

You wouldn't go to bed without moisturizing your face so why should your kid's nails not get some too? There’s no dearth of pampering, nourishing formulas to keep your kids' cuticles and nails hydrated while they sleep. Trim their nails regularly to maintain healthy nails and void snagging or breaking. Use a fine file to smooth out the edges of nails.