Refresh Yourself with a Cup of Piping Hot Coffee Anywhere: Check out the Top Self-Heating Coffee Mugs Available in India and Important Factors to Consider When Buying One (2022)

Refresh Yourself with a Cup of Piping Hot Coffee Anywhere: Check out the Top Self-Heating Coffee Mugs Available in India and Important Factors to Consider When Buying One (2022)


If you are a coffeeholic and love to have your coffee at just the right temperature without worrying about it getting cold too fast, it is perhaps time to buy a self-heating coffee mug. This device ensures that you get a piping hot mug of coffee every time you want it and without disrupting the rhythm of activity you are involved in. This BP Guide will introduce you to the best self-heating coffee mugs available in India.

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Buying Guide for Self-Heating Coffee Mug

Only Buy from Trusted Brands

Before you decide to buy a self-heating travel mug for yourself, make sure that you know everything about it. And most important of all, you should be buying from renowned brands only. Local brands may provide these mugs for a much cheaper price but they do not last long. Some of the popular brands available in India are Ember, Pringle, East Mount, etc. and we have also picked their mugs for the list which is provided below.

Charging Time and Power Capacity

Different brands offer different charging time and power capacity in such mugs. You should better know about everything before buying these mugs. Check how much time the mug takes in one full charge and how long it can last with that charging time. If the mug can provide heating for all day long then you cannot find a better option than this.

Don't Forget to Check the Reviews

The next important step before buying a self-heating coffee mug is to check its reviews. Sometimes even the most popular brands can provide average quality products. Thanks to the reviews provided on the website, you can make sure that you are buying the right product. Apart from this, you can also check for any guarantee or warranty provided with these mugs. This can surely save some money for you in the long run.

10 Best Self-Heating Coffee Mugs You Can Find Online

Coffee Warmer/Cup Heater


The first one amongst various self-heating coffee mug options mentioned in this list is by the brand Lucky. This may sound like a local brand to you but we checked the reviews and this one is actually well received by the customers. This one is more like a coffee warmer which comes with a thermostatic plate to place your mug on it. This is an automatic thermostatic plate which automatically adjusts the temperature of your coffee and keeps it just enough warm to drink. This plate comes with a matching ceramic mug, ceramic mug cover and a steel spoon too.

You just need to plug the plate and keep your mug on it and then you are good to go. This is just the perfect option for work and home but definitely not a travel-friendly option. You can buy it on Amazon for ₹ 1,099.00.

Pringle Stainless Steel Heating Mug

Pringle brings you a very different kind of stainless steel self-heating mug. This mug can be used for tea, coffee, milk or literally any other beverage that you would like to heat. This one is the HM-1205 Deluxe version which is multipurpose. It can be used for preparing instant noodles and to even boil eggs in it. Some of the smart features included in this smart mug are auto-cut-off when extremely hot, ergonomic handle which doesn’t get hot and a single touch lid-locking feature.

The heating element in this stainless steel mug is concealed and this is why there is no scope of a fire hazard in it. Unfortunately, it is not wireless and must be used after plugging in the power. You also get 6 months of warranty with this mug which is just superb. You can buy it on Khurana Metals for ₹ 460.00.

Ember Temperature Control Mug


Ember is a popular US brand which also delivers their best self-heating coffee mug in India. We picked their ceramic black smart mug which is not only super smart but also looks quite sleek too. This temperature control mug comes with an improved design. It provides 1.5 hours of functioning when charged fully, which means it absolutely works on wireless concept. However, the charging coaster provides all day long hot coffee for you but it has to be plugged in a power socket.

You can even select the desired temperature on this mug which provides perfect coffee every single time. Other features of this mug includes scratch-resistant ceramic coating, smartphone controlled functioning, notification options, and much more. You just need to set the temperature one time and the mug will remember the last saved temperature every single time. You can buy it on Amazon for ₹ 21,994.00.

Kitchonic Self-Heating Mug

Another one in this list is the Kitchonic Self-Heating Coffee Mug which is quite similar to the ones provided by the Pringle brnad. If you are traveling in your car then this is a must-carry item for you as it can be charged through your car’s USB port. This travel electric mug runs on 12V car charging and is made of stainless steel material which is quite strong. It has a capacity of 450 ml which is more than enough for your tea, coffee and other hot beverages. What you would absolutely love about this mug is that it comes with an airtight lid which contains an anti-spill slider on it. This mug also has a anti-corrosion feature along with a toxin-free body. Moreover, this is a completely travel-friendly mug which is a must for your car. You can buy it on Flipkart for ₹ 449.00.

Smrtmugg Heated Coffee Mug

This is one of the best self-heating mugs which is quite different from the other mugs mentioned above. Provided by the brand Smrtmugg, this self-heating mug comes with all-day battery life. Sounds too good to be true? Thankfully, it is 100% legit information. This one is a battery-operated mug that is powered by a 14,400mAH battery. The huge 10 hours of battery life of this mug provides you with the perfect temperature for your coffee. This mug only takes 10 minutes to heat up cold water in it.

What you would absolutely love about this mug is its power bank feature. You can even charge your phone, tablet and any other smart device through this mug, thanks to its huge battery. The double-walled vacuum insulated mug makes sure that you feel no heat on your hands while holding, which is literally the best customer-friendly feature ever. Grab this superb smart mug now on Desert Cart for ₹ 20,769.00.

Noir Electric Coffee Warmer


Next up here is the Noir Electric Coffee/Tea Warmer which is quite similar to the first option in this list. However, this one is a more advanced version of the self-heating mugs. Just like the other ones, this one comes with an induction plate which is responsible for keeping your tea/coffee warm for you.

Moreover, in this warmer you get 3 different settings to adjust the temperature of this plate ranging from 40°C to 65°C. In case of any spills you just need to wipe the surface and it will be clean in no time. This is quite durable and easy to use and also comes with touch technology which prevents burning in case of contact on the plate. However, this is not portable enough as it must be plugged into a power socket while being used. You can buy this on Teabox for ₹ 2,110.00.

Akiba Temperature Control Smart Travel Mug


The next option of self-heating coffee mugs is quite a travel-friendly option. This Akiba mug can be charged with a 12V car charger which makes it an ultimate car and travel accessory. It is made of stainless steel and comes with smart temperature control features too.

Not only coffee but you can use this mug for heating tea, milk and anything else too. It comes with a vacuum insulated body which keeps your drink warm for a longer time without power supply too. The airtight lid provided with this mug makes sure that you have no spills in your car. The ergonomic design of the handle provided with this mug makes sure that your hands do not touch the heated surface. Also, the mug is super-easy to clean. You can buy it on Amazon for ₹ 448.00.

Electric Self-Heating Mug

The next option of a self-heating coffee mug is from the company Hubei. They provide a 450 ml capacity self-heating electric mug which is suitable for traveling. This mug doubles up as an electric mug and a thermos as it keeps your drink quite warm in it even without the power supply. The mug is made of stainless steel which adds durability to it. You are supposed to mount the mug on the heating station which can be powered through your car’s USB port.

However, you need to make sure that the beverage inside it isn’t completely cold and should be a little warm. The stainless steel mug comes with a closing lid to avoid spills and leakages too. Grab this wonderful self-heating mug on Trade India.

Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Mug

Bestinnkits provides this very useful combo of a smart coffee mug and warmer. This is basically a small induction plate which has enough space to mount a cup on it. You are provided with a ceramic mug to be used on this plate which can warm all sorts of beverages like tea, coffee, milk, etc. along with candle wax too.
The cup warms at 55°C which is adequate enough to keep your coffee warm for you. This set comes with an auto on/off feature where the warmer automatically turns on when the mug is placed on it and turns off when the mug is removed.

Even if you don’t want to use the mug provided with it, you can use your own mug too. In fact, it is super easy to clean and comes with waterproof technology too. You can use it at work and at your home too. Buy it now on Ubuy for ₹ 3,849.00.

East Mount Heated Coffee Mug

Looking for a battery heated coffee mug? You might want to take a look at this East Mount Self-Heated Coffee Mug. This smart coffee mug comes with a unique temperature control system where you can adjust the temperature of your coffee from 86°F to 185°F. It just takes around 4-9 minutes to set your coffee at the desired temperature.

This mug comes with a powerful 14,400mAh rechargeable battery which takes 3 hours to charge fully. A full charge gives around 8 hours of battery life to this mug which is simply outstanding. No more wires, no more stale coffees. Now you can enjoy your coffee just the way you like it, anytime you want. The powerful battery of this mug is capable of charging your iPhone 12 twice which is a great lifesaving feature in case of an emergency. You also get a 1-year warranty on this product and you can buy it on Desert Cart for ₹ 20,439.00.

These Are Some of the Coffee Brands You Should Try

We tried our best to bring some of the most popular self-heating coffee mug options for you. But what is the use of these mugs without some good quality coffee in them? So, we picked some of the best coffee brands available in India and their popular coffee products for all the coffee lovers out there.

Country Bean Coffee Bundle

Country Bean is one of the most trusted and popular brands for coffee lovers out there. We picked their bestseller coffee bundle for you which consists of 3 different flavours of coffee. This pack includes an cocoa mint coffee flavour along with hazelnut and caramel flavours. Each jar contains 50 gm of coffee in it and they look super adorable too. You can buy this bestseller pack on Country Bean for ₹ 975.00.

Rage Coffee Pack

Rage Coffee is an emerging coffee brand in India which is getting popular by the day. We picked their Coffee Essentials Mega Combo Pack. This combo contains 50 gm coffee jar with premium coffee frother and a “Keep Raging” coffee mug too. The best part about this combo is that you can choose the flavour of the coffee as per your preference. This amazing combo is available for purchase on Rage Coffee for ₹ 899.00.

Espresso Coffee Pack


Another popular coffee combo that you should totally try is the Espresso Gift Box by Artisanté. This is perfectly going to compliment your self-heating coffee mug with its coffee. This combo contains tiramisu, vanilla latte, cold brew and mint mocha. This beautiful coffee gift pack is perfect for espresso lovers as all varieties include a shot of espresso in them. You can buy this pack on Artisanté for ₹ 1,450.00.

Perfetto Special Coffee Pack


You are going to love this Special Edition Gift Box by Perfetto. This pack includes so many varieties of coffee that you would love to use it all the time. Different flavours included in this pack are hazelnut, mint, vanilla, caramel, cardamom and berry. You get 10 gm of each flavour which is more like a sample packaging. You can buy this beautiful gift box on Amazon for ₹ 329.00.

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Do a Detailed Cost-Benefit Analysis Before Buying a Self-Heating Coffee Mug

Self-heating coffee mugs come at all possible price points from a few hundreds to many thousands of rupees. Rather than overspending impulsively you should do a careful cost-benefit analysis and then decide which self-heating coffee mug meets your requirements the best and in a budget that you are comfortable with. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which self-heating coffee mug would be ideal for you. Share your experiences with us and remain connected for more such engaging content.