10 Most Out-of-This-World 'Star Wars' Gifts in 2022 for Kids and Adults

10 Most Out-of-This-World 'Star Wars' Gifts in 2022 for Kids and Adults

If you have a Star Wars lover in your life, then don't make the wookie mistake of getting them an ordinary gift for Christmas or a birthday (though, of course, receiving any gift is always nice). Here are some of the best Star Wars gifts you can get for any occasion.

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How to Pick a Star Wars Theme Gift for Someone?

Get Some Context

This is such a difficult task to decide on star wars gifts ideas when you are someone who has no idea about this movie and books. So, before you even plan to find some gifts, first of all, get some context of this theme and movies. You can check out a few websites providing a quick guide on the movies and books of this theme. This will help you get to know about some of the characters and it will be easier for you to find related gifts then.

Know About Their Favorite Character

You can ask your friend about their favourite character in the movie and then you can find them a gift related to that character. For example, if their favourite character is Yoda then there are various gifts like action figures, Yoda books, Lego sets etc. to select from. You can definitely find a gift related to all the characters of this space opera movie.

Ask Another Star Wars Fan to Help

Now, even after doing so much digging and research if you can’t find something appropriate then we have perfect recommendation for you. You can always ask for help from another friend who is a big star wars fan. This way you will be able to find local shops or online stores selling such gifts that you had no idea about.

Best Star Wars Gift Ideas

Star Wars Lightsaber

Source www.amazon.in

One of the most anticipated and most loved star wars gift ideas for adults is an actual lightsaber. Well, not the real one, you would not want to hurt someone with that. But this one is an excellent replica that looks quite similar to the original one.

This replica simulates lights and sounds to create effects similar to the original one. This one is a blue lightsaber representing the popular character Luke Skywalker. You can also find a red one on the website.

You just need to press a button to activate its light and you are good to go. This one is definitely a perfect gift for Star Wars Fans. You can buy this lightsaber on Amazonfor Rs. 5,999.

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Spaceship Bottle Opener

A small but very adorable gift for a true star wars fan is this portable Millennium Falcon Spaceship beer bottle opener. Made out of metal alloy, this tool gift may not seem significant enough but for a fan, it is definitely one for the keeps.

Created in silver colour, the details of the spaceship crafted in metal are seriously amazing and only a true fan can recognize the intricate craft done on this bottle opener.

Well, not only beer bottles but you can use this opener to open any bottle. This is a very unique gift that can be bought on Mega Deal Mart for Rs. 1,399

May The Force Be With You T-Shirt

Source shopdisney.in

A Star Wars theme T-shirt is by far the most practical and thoughtful gift we could find for a star wars fan. Although this one is made for men we truly believe it will be perfect as a unisex garment.

Available in black colour, this simple T-shirt says “May the force be with you” a popular Star Wars saying that no fan ever forgets. Crafted in 100% cotton material, this T-shirt is quite comfortable to wear in all seasons and available in various sizes too.

The t-shirt got a round neck, short sleeves and a regular fit. We are totally loving the cool vibes of this t-shirt that anyone would want to wear. You can get your hands on this star wars theme t-shirt on Shop Disney for Rs. 499.

Star Wars Theme Music Box

Source jholmaal.in

If you are looking for some unique star wars gifts ideas then you might want to have a look at this creative star wars theme musical box. This musical box is entirely manual and plays the main theme song of star wars in an orchestral tune.

This box is available in three different designs which are casual brown, enchanting black and casual brown baby Yoda. We picked this enchanting black colour for you to create a sense of mystery with this gift.

This box is really small and can be carried anywhere you want. You just need to rotate the handle to play the music. We totally loved the way it has been crafted beautifully with wood. You can buy this musical box on Jhol Maal for Rs. 599.

Yoda Star Wars Airpod Case

Who wouldn’t want to receive a gift with a Yoda theme? Even if you aren’t a big star wars fan, you would still want to have this cute gift. This one is an adorable Yoda star wars AirPods case. It is crafted smartly to mix star wars with the latest technology in order to keep your AirPods safe in it.

This case is built from premium quality soft silicon rubber and hence it is quite durable. It can fit all sorts of Apple Airpods in it.

This AirPods case comes with a carabiner attached to it which makes it super portable. This super adorable Yoda case is a perfect collectible for a star wars fan. This case is available for purchase on Uncommon Gifts for Rs. 799.

Star Wars the Mandalorian Waffle Maker

Our next option for the list of best star wars gift ideas is definitely the most adorable one and it is specially designed for the kids. If you know a little friend who is a big star wars fan then this Mandalorian child waffle maker is a perfect gift for them.

This waffle maker creates mini baby Yoda waffles which are simply adorable. This waffle maker can be used by anyone and is the perfect gift for people of all ages but we are very sure kids would like it even more.

It has non-stick coated aluminum heating plates which make perfect waffles and they are quite easy to clean too. This waffle maker comes with dual indicator lights too which shows when the waffle is done. You can buy this waffle maker on Ubuy in for Rs. 4,595.

Star Wars Be More Yoda Book

Source www.amazon.in

If you want your friend to learn more from Yoda’s thoughts and knowledge then we have a perfect gift to recommend. Gift your star wars fan this Be More Yoda: Mindful Thinking From a Galaxy Far Away book.

This book contains words of wisdom by characters like Yoda, Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. If your friend is a true star wars fan then they are going to love this book for sure.

This book makes you learn about the qualities of a Jedi and how to master a chaotic life. This is definitely an entertaining guide towards mindfulness featuring various star wars moments and popular sayings from the movies. You can buy the hardcover of this book on Amazon for Rs. 628.

Luke Skywalker Pop Holder

Source myxtur.com

Just forget about your phone falling from your hands while you are taking selfies or when you are using it in the middle of the night. We have a perfect solution to this problem which comes in the star wars theme. One of the most functional star wars gifts ideas on this list is this Luke Skywalker pop holder.

This pop socket can be easily attached to the back of your phone, tablet or literally any gadget to improve its usability for you.

These pop holders can pop out anytime you want to provide you with a better grip and they work as superb phone stands too. Being a star wars fan you are going to love its black colour and Luke Skywalker picture on it too. You can buy this pop holder on Myxtur for Rs. 159 only.

Storm Trooper Decanter Glass Liquor Bottle

If your friend is a big star wars fan along with being an alcohol enthusiast then we have a gift that brings the best of both worlds together. We found this stormtrooper decanter's glass liquor bottle.

Made out of premium quality glass, this bottle is shaped like the face of a stormtrooper and looks even more stunning when liquor is filled in it. It is perfectly eco-friendly and has a capacity of 650ml. This liquor bottle is perfect to serve drinks in style.

This bottle comes with a closing cork cap too. This stormtrooper glass bottle can be purchased on Shop Aholics for Rs. 2,175.

Star Wars Bb-8 Droid Wall Light

Another one in the list of star wars gifts ideas is a Star Wars Plastic and Metal Bb-8 Droid Led Wall Light. Although this gift is more suitable for kids there is no harm in gifting it to an adult who would want such interesting light in their bedroom.

This 3D deco wall light comes with a wall-crack sticker which gives the illusion of a droid being crashed into the wall. This light is completely cordless and works on batteries.

This light also comes with an auto-shut-off option too and it is perfectly safe to be installed in your kid’s room to give it an intergalactic feel. This 3D wall light is available on Hamleys for Rs. 2,624.

Star Wars White Soldier Mug

Looking for an absolutely cool gift for a star wars fan? Well, we are here to throw some light on this uber-cool Star Wars While Soldier Mug. Not only does it make a perfect star wars theme gift but it is super practical too.

This distinctive coffee mug comes with its lid too which keeps your drink warm in it. It has a capacity of 420ml and it is made out of ceramic.

The finishing on this mug is quite excellent and it transmits major intergalactic vibes. Any star wars enthusiast would love to have this mug and you can buy it on Uncommon Gifts for Rs. 899.

Star Wars Lego Set

And finally in this list of star wars gifts India, we have the last gift to suggest. This one is a Star Wars Lego set. This set comes with mini figures of Mandalorian and Baby Yoda along with other items like baby carrier, jet pack and awesome tile.

You are also provided a clear zip lock bag to keep all the items in it for storage. This is a perfect gift to a kid who is a big star wars fan.

Use this lego set to create these mini figures or just use them as collectibles. Made out of quality plastic material, this set will be loved by every star wars fan. You can buy this complete set on Ubuy for Rs. 2,445.

Other Star Wars Theme Surprises for a Big Fan

Apart from the star wars gift ideas mentioned above, you can give a larger than life star wars themed surprise to someone close to you. If they are a big fan of the Star Wars then they totally deserve a themed party on their big day and we have some ideas to share.

Throw a Star Wars Themed Party

Rather than thinking about star wars birthday gift ideas, you can better think about a star wars themed birthday party for them. You can make all the decorations according to the theme and ask everyone to dress up as Star Wars characters. And don’t forget to cake to be in sync with the theme. You can go for a Yoda shaped cake or a millennium falcon shaped cake too.

Get them a Personalized Star Wars Gift

We have mentioned so many star wars gifts for you but none of them are personalized ones. But you can definitely get a personalized star wars gift for their special day. It can include a custom t-shirt, a star wars theme coffee mug or maybe an action figure with their name on it. You can find more such ideas to get creative with.

Gift Them All the Movies/Books

There are total 10 books in the star wars series. And talking about the movies then there are total 9 movies in “space opera” series and 2 other standalone movies made till now. You can either gift them a complete book set or a movie set for their birthday/anniversary or any other special day. This surprise is far more amazing than any other gift you can give them.

Buy a Star Wars Limited Edition Gift for them

Talking about the special and unique star wars gifts ideas, then if you can find something limited edition related to the theme then you have literally hit a jackpot for your friend. Although it can be quite a struggle but finding a movie memento or a signed book by the author or maybe an actor’s autograph can do quite a wonder.

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Customise Your Gifts to Add a Personal Touch

There are so many options that let you add a personal touch to the gifts by customising them. Adding a special caption or customising the gift by adding a photograph that is close to the heart of the receiver can be the best way to express the feelings. So next time consider adding a personal touch to your gifts. Since you have the ease of customisation, it becomes easier to convey your emotions through gifts.