Find the Best Gaming Controller for Your Laptop. These are the Best Gaming Controllers for Your Laptop for Every Budget and Every Style(2020)

Find the Best Gaming Controller for Your Laptop. These are the Best Gaming Controllers for Your Laptop for Every Budget and Every Style(2020)

Gaming has revolutionized to a whole other level. From the simple game controllers to sophisticated gaming equipment, besides the console. Now, every gamer wants part of these accessories and here BP Guide has made a list that every gamer wishes for. The list is of the best gaming controller for laptop and what to consider before getting one.

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Gaming Controllers: What It is ?

If you are a gamer, you probably already know the answer to this. However, if you aren't, we suggest that you first read this or you may get the wrong type and end up regretting it. So, for what it is, a gaming controller is a device that is used to provide input into a video game in order to control a character or an object.

Now, these developed over time from being difficult to control, hence not helping much, to being ultra-smooth, helping improve your performance greatly. Also, at first, the controllers used to have to be plugged into the console to use it but have now developed to include wireless connectivity.

Other than that, these have, over time, become even more responsive with deep haptics. Gaming controllers now are also easier to hold and there are even some made for particular purposes. For instance, now there are steering wheels that help with driving games or light guns for shooting games.

What are the Different Types of Gaming Controllers Available

Let's understand the most popular types of game controllers available today. The first one is a gamepad. These are the most compact and include a couple of omnidirectional control sticks with some action buttons. Particularly used in the pong games, the paddle type includes a round wheel in the middle with fire buttons on the side. However, these are no more famous and their usability is also quite low, hence not being able to make the list.

As mentioned before, there are also the steering wheels, or the racing wheels, used for car games, These work just as a wheel in a car and you turn to move, press for horn, and there are also accelerants and all for changing speed and everything.

Then there are the light guns for shooting games and feel just like a real gun while a joystick consists of a hand-held stick with some buttons. However, these can be difficult to use for beginners and tend to take up a lot of space as well, hence not being able to make the list.

Things to Consider when Buying a Gaming Controller

The Design

So, the very first thing to consider when buying a controller is the design. So, if you do not get a gaming controller whose design entices you, you may end up not liking it and getting bored soon. Then, you may be forced to change the controller or you may simply lose interest in playing games. This is why you should carefully read the section above and check the one that you want carefully.

The Size

For the size, this can affect you in various ways. The most obvious one would be stored; you should get the one that you have enough space to easily place near the console or it might trouble you when you are not in the mood to go and get it. Also, if it does not fit your hand properly, you may end up not enjoying playing or may not play so well.

The Battery

For the battery, this is up to you. So, if you do not mind charging your controller every couple of hours, well and good. However, if you play too much or do not like charging, repeatedly, do spend some time considering the battery life of your controller. If you like one with low battery life and can afford it, simply get two.

The Connectivity Options

This, again, is up to you. So, if you do not mind keeping it plugged in when playing, you probably won't mind a wired controller. However, if you want the best experience with the best performance, we suggest getting one with wired as well as wireless connectivity options.

The Material

If you take great care of your things or don't mind using a controller with lots of scratches, don't concern yourself with this. However, if you don't and want your controller to stay in great shape, buy one made of a material that is highly durable and is not only break-resistant but also scratch-resistant.

How a Gaming Controller Might Help You

The Comfort Factor

This is probably the most obvious of the benefits of gaming controllers. So, these tend to be easier to hold and are very compact, as compared to the mouse and keyboard that contains two different components and can't be held in the air.

In addition to all that, unlike in a gaming controller, here, you cannot change hands in between the game. Other than that, the mouse and keyboard with probably be wired and that will make it even less comfortable. The controllers, unlike the mouse and keyboard, also have buttons as well as a stick that further improve the comfort levels and help improve your performance.


As mentioned before, nowadays, gamers have various haptics and are highly responsive, helping improve your experience through immersion. In fact, some are so good that pressing the buttons becomes even more difficult as the character runs for longer periods of time.

In addition to all that, the controllers like steering wheels help you feel as if you are actually in there, racing. These are also smoother, increasing the immersion levels further.

You Have More Choices

Another benefit that you might not even have thought of is the number of choices you have. So, while there some wireless mouses and keyboards, they can never work as well as a controller. Also, with these, you can mostly either choose one that is wireless or one that is wired.

With controllers, however, you can choose one that can be connected wirelessly or wired. For wired as well, you may have different choices, and the same goes for wireless. For instance, there may be a Bluetooth option as well as a USB or something.

The Best Wireless Gaming Controllers for Laptop

Sony PS4 Gold Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller Gamepad

This first one, as you might know, is by one of the most trusted brands, Sony. It not only has a very intuitive design but is also somewhat revolutionary for the gaming industry. It also features great comfort as well as the precision and is great for not only PlayStation games but works just as well with PC and Xbox.

In addition to all that, it has amazing sensitivity along with great response and haptics. The controller also has very smooth trigger buttons, as well as analog sticks and the Share Button, which improve the experience even further. It also has a light bar, a built-in speaker, and a 3.5mm headphone jack along with efficient charging. You can get it from Flipkart for INR 5,999.

NACON Controller Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3

This next controller is an amazing choice if you want to up your game through a pro controller. So, it is customizable to an extent and has a great appearance as well. Also, the sensitivity of the sticks can be controlled due to the interchangeable heads as well as shafts.

Additionally, it has wired and wireless connectivity choices and the vibration intensity can also be varied as required. Lastly, you can also change the colour and brightness of the right stick and is highly compatible with great usability. You can buy it from Ubuy for INR 14,604.

Valve V000937-00 Steam Controller


Being the first gaming controller to have been made particularly for PC gaming, this Valve Steam Controller is great for people looking for precision. It has dual trackpads with high-fidelity input, while the HD haptics has been brought to a whole new level, with great vibrations measured in just microseconds.

For the stage triggers, they can be used for analog, digital, or even both types of shooting at the same time. That, with its amazing wireless connectivity, ergonomic design, great battery life, and configurable controls truly do make it a great choice. You can get it from Amazon for INR 18,460.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller Series 2


As the name suggests, this truly is an elite gaming controller, made for both the best of the players, for better performance, and beginners, who want the best experience and to start well. It has a great wrap-around rubberized grip along with short-hair trigger locks for added precision and enjoyability.

In addition to all that, it has adjustable tension thumbsticks, great portability, up to forty hours of battery life, and re-engineered components from the previous series to further refine them. In the box, is a controller, a carrying case, a set of paddles, a charging dock, a cable, and a set of thumbsticks. You can get it from M Cube Games for INR 18,999.

ASTRO Gaming C40 Tr Controller

Now, this last one of the wireless controllers does cost a lot but seems to be well worth the money. So, for starters, its premium design makes it near perfect for all types of games, and the optimum rear button layout helps improve the ergonomy for better precision during intense gaming.

It has great response time with amazing haptics and allows smooth yet quick swap from analog stick to d-pad modules for consistency. Pair this with easily activated trigger stops, high fidelity game sounds, great wired and wireless connectivity, and US-standard materials used, you will find it to be way more than alright. You can get it from Desert Cart for a whooping price of INR 56,839.

The Best Wired Gaming Controllers for Laptop

Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller for Windows 10 PC (Red Limited Edition)

Moving on to the best-wired gaming controllers in the market, this first one is great if you want a premium controller with a premium appearance and controls. So, even though it is particularly made for the Xbox, it works just as well with PC. It has vibration feedback, with analog triggers as well as bumpers through the black and white buttons, for a realistic experience.

For easy usage, it still has a similar design to a classic controller with the black and white buttons, the X, A, Y, B, LT, LB, RT and RB buttons layout. It also has a nine feet detachable USB cable and a 3.5 mm headset jack for connectivity and sound and is imported from the UK. You can get it from Desert Cart for INR 13,497.

Thrust Master TX RW Ferrari 458 Italia Edition

A mix of the paddle, steering wheel, and joystick-type gaming controllers, this is one is probably the best choice if you want a controller made particularly for car racing games. It is manufactured by Thrustmaster and feels just like the wheel of the Ferrari 458 Italia and comes with a detachable metal pedal set as well.

Now, even though it was made particular for Xbox Series X, it works just as well with PS4 as well as PC. Also, it has a premium feel and weighs around 13 kg. You can get it from Flipkart for INR, 34,999 which is expensive but perfectly fits its quality.

ESWAP Pro Controller


Made particular for beginners, this one also costs a lot but provides great features for the price. So, it has T-MOD technology along with the Hot-Swap features in order to swap between modules at any point in the game and the action buttons are also very precise, with the lowest response time. Also, the gaming controller has an amazing lifespan with great durability.

Moreover, it has four ergonomic and re-mappable rear button with the option of adjusting the sensitivity of the triggers. Lastly, it has free software embedded within for PS4 as well as PC for a great experience and can be bought from Amazon for INR 12,999.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Officially Licensed Controller

With an amazingly compact design, this last game controller is no less than the ones above. It has a competitive edge switch that will move to the hair-trigger mode for reduced travelling distance between the right and left triggers. It also has four re-mappable multi-function buttons for ultimate control.

In addition to all that, the chroma lighting, with the availability of a wide range of selection of lighting effects, will help show your personal style. It also has an ergonomic design with great battery life and is imported directly from the US. You can get it from Desert Cart for INR 17,049.

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Immersive and Trailblazing Gaming Controllers for Laptop

These gaming controllers are for the gamer looking for an unprecedented and unmatched gaming experience. The gaming controller will complement the gaming set. A gaming controller for a laptop could also be a joystick or a gaming wheel, not just the gaming pad. With this idea in mind, one can therefore proceed to make a wholesome gaming set, and above are recommended gaming controllers to add or upgrade the gaming set.