Healthy, Strong and Lustrous Hair with Ayurvedic Ingredients: Discover the Best Ayurvedic Shampoos For Complete 360° Haircare, Naturally (2023)

Healthy, Strong and Lustrous Hair with Ayurvedic Ingredients: Discover the Best Ayurvedic Shampoos For Complete 360° Haircare, Naturally (2023)

India's ancient medical science of Ayurveda is a treasure trove of providing complete haircare remedies for long, lustrous and healthy hair. The best part is that you can get complete haircare without depending on harmful chemicals, fragrances, parabens, etc. If you are looking for a quality Ayurvedic shampoo then this BP Guide has curated a list of the top Ayurvedic shampoos just for you. It will also elaborate the numerous benefits of Ayurvedic shampoos for providing you complete and safe haircare.

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What Qualifies as an Ayurvedic Shampoo?

Ayurveda is in the roots of India and it has given mankind some of the most precious and timeless solutions for skin and hair problems. However, following Ayurveda and all its recipes to the core is a strenuous task. Moreover, not everyone might be qualified in identifying just the right herbs and ingredients because it requires certain expertise. In its simplest terms, Ayurveda means the natural system of medicine. Originating almost around 3,000 years ago in India, Ayurveda includes herbal remedies, special diet, massage, yoga and so on. When we talk in the context of products then we refer to the natural ingredients such as amla, brahmi, shikakai, etc. An ayurvedic shampoo, is therefore a formulation that is infused with the extracts of such natural ingredients and which repairs hair damage and nourishes your hair naturally.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Shampoo

Some of the most important benefits of an ayurvedic shampoo are:

  • Chemical Free Cleansing:

    One of the biggest advantages of using an ayurvedic shampoo is that it does not contain harmful chemicals. Chemicals in any product might give you an instant result. However, in the longer run the excessive use of chemicals on the skin and hair will have serious damaging effects. An Ayurvedic shampoo on the other hand restores the natural balance of the hair and immensely benefits your hair in the long run.

  • Right pH Balance:

    The pH balance of hair plays a very important role in the growth and overall natural health of the hair. If your hair's pH balance is disturbed, it can lead to itchiness, dryness and also affect the natural growth of your hair. Maintaining the right pH balance ensures that the elasticity of your hair remains intact. Moreover, the right pH balance helps in reducing issues such as breakage and split ends. Ayurveda has the recipe of restoring and maintaining the right pH balance of your hair.

  • Negligible Chance of Side-Effects:

    "Negligible" because there are certain natural ingredients that you might be allergic to. However, for most of you, Ayurveda is known to be a safe option for everyone. A shampoo with natural herbs and ingredients nourishes your hair from within and poses the least risk of any side-effects. However, you should be aware of ingredients you are allergic to before buying any product.

  • Antiseptic Properties:

    Just like the skin, your hair is also exposed to harmful UV rays and infections. So, while chemical-laden shampoos can worsen the condition, an Ayurvedic shampoo has antiseptic properties that protect your hair against all such harmful rays and infections.

Top 30 Ayurvedic Shampoos in India

Here are our top 30 bets on ayurvedic shampoo that you can select from for different hair issues:

Top 10 Ayurvedic Shampoos for Combating Dandruff

1. Khadi Herbal Neem & Aloe Vera Shampoo for Preventing Dandruff


Khadi Natural has been in the Ayurvedic products business for long and is one of the most reputed brands. This herbal shampoo from Khadi Natural is infused with neem and aloe vera extracts. The shampoo is an extremely effective scalp cleanser because the ingredients thoroughly cleanse the scalp removing any deposits. The mild aroma is very soothing and the shampoo does not make the scalp dry by keeping the moisture intact. Control dandruff naturally with this herbal shampoo from Khadi Natural without any harmful chemicals. It is available on Amazon for just ₹ 163.00.

2. Biotique Bio Neem Margosa Anti Dandruff Shampoo


Yet another brand that has set high standards when it comes to natural ingredients is Biotique. It is not just the natural ingredients but also the magical fragrance of their products that transport you back to nature. The Biotique Bio Neem Margosa Anti Dandruff Shampoo is enriched with the goodness of neem. Neem is a powerhouse of various properties that work wonders on your hair and skin. Its anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties ensure that your dandruff problem is gone from the roots. A 180 ml bottle of this shampoo is available on Amazon for ₹ 139.00.

3. Sri Sri Tattva Anti Dandruff Shampoo


Neem, reetha and hibiscus are the top 3 ingredients known for their magical properties to cleanse the hair and prevent dandruff. While neem works effectively towards reducing itching and dryness, reetha with its saponins works as an excellent cleanser. Hibiscus on the other hand has conditioning properties keeping the hair smooth and shiny. You can get a double pack of 200 ml bottles of this shampoo from Amazon for ₹ 270.00.

4. VLCC Dandruff Care & Control Shampoo

A potent combination of rosemary oil and menthol oil this shampoo helps in controlling and eliminating dandruff. Moreover, the orange oil and lemon oil keep the hair fresh and give them a citrusy aroma. Not just that, orange oil is also effective is preventing dandruff and keeping your scalp free from itchiness and dryness. Lemon oil on the other hand has antimicrobial properties and strengthens the hair follicles, thereby reducing hair fall. You can order a pack of 2 VLCC Dandruff Care & Control Shampoo from Flipkart for just ₹ 244.00.

5. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

A household name, Patanjali has made a mark for itself in the Ayurvedic products segment across the country. Patanjali Kesh Kanti Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is a powerful blend of essential oils, vitamin, protein and herbal extracts. Apart from cleansing, this shampoo also removes dandruff from the root of the hair. Ingredients such as rosemary oil, tea tree oil, Nilgiri oil, gurhal extract among other ingredients work wonders for your hair. The shampoo is pretty simple to apply and all you need to do is just apply the adequate amount of shampoo on wet hair, massage and rinse. You can buy this shampoo from Patanjali for just ₹ 102.00.

6. Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


Aloe Vera and tea tree oil are two known ingredients for eliminating hair woes. Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Shampoo comes with the goodness of both these ingredients. While tea tree oil has dandruff fighting properties, aloe vera conditions the hair naturally. Further, this shampoo is free from parabens, toxins and artificial colour. Moreover, the clinically proven formula fights the dandruff for up to 96 hours after every application. Made with botanical herbs, this anti-dandruff shampoo is pH balanced and cruelty free. There are packs available in multiple sizes from which you can choose the one as per your convenience. Try Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 200 ml pack for just ₹ 112.00 available on Amazon.

7. Indulekha Bringha Shampoo


Not one or two but with the goodness of nine full bringharaj plant extracts, Indulekha Bringha Shampoo is one of the most effective. This proprietary Ayurvedic medicine works effectively for all your hair problems. In addition to the bringharaj extracts, the shampoo also contains six different types of herbs and essential oils. Further, if you do not want your hair to be exposed to harmful chemicals, then this shampoo from Indulekha should be your pick. Free from parabens, synthetic dyes and perfumes, this shampoo is loaded with the goodness of shikakai, amla and rosemary. A complete hair care solution, this Indulekha shampoo is available on Amazon for just ₹ 180.00.

8. Vedix Taritha Anti Dandruff Shampoo


A powerful blend of pipali, bhringraj and aloe vera, Vedix Taritha Anti Dandruff Shampoo eliminates dandruff. In the process, to ensure that your hair does not get dry and frizzy, the aloe vera extract works as a conditioner by retaining the necessary moisture. Furthermore, pipali helps in reducing the itching and keeping the roots cool from within. This shampoo is completely safe to use at least twice a week and works perfectly on normal and dry hair. Moreover, it also helps in retaining the pH balance of your scalp. If you are looking for a paraben free and sulphate free shampoo enriched with Ayurveda then give it a try. Vedix Taritha Anti Dandruff Shampoo is available on Amazon for just ₹ 320.00.

9. WOW Skin Science Green Tea and Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


This anti-dandruff shampoo is equipped with the power of effective ingredients such as green tea and tea tree oil. Apart from working wonders on the dandruff issue, the rosebay extract in the shampoo ensures that your scalp is free from itchiness and dryness after wash. Further, the sweet almond oil moisturises the strands leaving your hair smooth and shiny from the roots to the tips. While tea tree oil works as an anti-oxidant, green tea is a powerhouse of catechins and polyphenols known to be effective in fighting dryness and hair fall. All you need to do is to take the required amount of shampoo in your palm and rub together to apply on the scalp. Massage for 2-3 minutes and then simply rinse with plenty of warm water. Get this shampoo on Amazon for just ₹ 319.00.

10. Just Herbs Ayurvedic Dandruff Control Shampoo


This shampoo comes in various Ayurvedic formulations ranging from methi-shikakai to soya protein. The soya protein version of this shampoo is effective in controlling dandruff for normal, dyed and treated hair. Apart from soya protein, the shampoo also contains hibiscus which helps in boosting collagen, Indian gooseberry for volume and bounce and neem for cleaning the clogged pores and boosting hair growth. Together, all these ingredients are a powerful blend of just the nourishment that your hair needs. The added goodness of other natural ingredients such as wheatgerm, vetiver and lecithin makes this shampoo even more effective. You can buy this shampoo on Amazon for just ₹ 469.00.

Top 10 Ayurvedic Shampoos for Hair Fall Prevention

11. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Hair Cleanser

The Bringadi Hair Cleanser from Kama Ayurveda nourishes, repairs and increases the volume of your hair. You get a clinically proven formula with the punch of powerful ingredients such as amla, bhringraj and indigo. These ingredients help in treating dandruff and removing excessive oil from the scalp. Nourishing your hair from within, the shampoo enhances hair growth. Moreover, the shampoo is free from harmful chemicals such as paraben and sulphates, thereby enhancing the natural volume of the hair after every wash. Clinical tests done on this shampoo ensure that it reduces hair fall by up to 60% and five times improvement in the natural hair volume. Buy this shampoo on Kama Ayurveda for just ₹ 415.00.

12. Mamaearth Onion Shampoo


Onion has long been considered on one of the most potent ingredients for combating hair fall and other hair issues. This Mamaearth Onion Shampoo stimulates the scalp and enhances blood circulation making it frizz-free. The plant keratin prevents damage and dryness thus giving natural strength to the hair. This shampoo is suitable for all hair types as it is loaded with the natural ingredients. Taking a step ahead Mamaearth also gives a code that the user can scan to see the authenticity of the product. If you are also looking for an effective solution for hair fall then this shampoo from Mamaearth is available on Amazon for just INR 304.

13. Dabur Vatika Ayurvedic Shampoo


The "Vatika" brand from Dabur is one of the most popular brands in the herbal products category. This shampoo from Dabur Vatika is a strong mix of 10 natural ingredients such as bhringraj, henna, methi, amla, reetha, rosemary and so on. Compared to other shampoos, you get up to 48% more protection from hair damage when using shampoo. While amla is known for its nourishing property, aloe vera gives a perfect conditioning to the hair. bhringraj is known for its property of controlling hair fall. Another Ingredient yashtimadhu strengthens the hair from within. You can buy this shampoo on Amazon for just ₹ 210.00.

14. Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Shampoo


Suitable for both men and women, Bella Vita Organic Growth Protein Shampoo controls dandruff and hair fall naturally. It contains extracts of natural ingredients such as onion, coffee and black seed oil which enhance the natural growth, shine and nourishment of hair. Fenugreek is yet another ingredient that helps in restoring the folic acid, vitamin K, A and C. Yet another wonder ingredient is onion that is a powerhouse of sulphur which stimulates the hair growth by boosting keratin. Overall, the shampoo is rich is every ingredient that aids growth and nourishment of hair. You can buy this shampoo on Amazon for just ₹ 244.00.

15. Lever Ayush Anti Hair Fall Bhringaraj Shampoo


If you are suffering from heavy hair fall then Lever Ayush Anti Hair Fall Bhringaraj Shampoo could be a good pick for you. One of the major ingredients in this shampoo is bhringaraj and we have discussed plenty about the immense benefits of this ingredient for hair. Another ingredient in this shampoo is bhringamalakadi tailam which is an amalgamation of amla and bhringaraj giving a good nourishment to your hair. Other natural ingredients such as glee, cardamom, kesar and black salt work together in nourishing and strengthening your hair from within. A complete solution to your hair fall problem is this shampoo available on Amazon for just ₹ 147.00.

16. Aroma Magic Hair Fall Control Shampoo Lavender & Mint


Induced with the goodness of aloe vera juice, Aroma Magic Hair Fall Control Shampoo nurtures and enhances hair growth. The natural and essential oils in this shampoo balance out the pH level of the scalp thereby strengthening the hair strands. Another ingredient reetha is known for its cleansing properties ensuring enhanced blood circulation and hair growth. Further, thyme, peppermint and natural vitamins also boost the blood circulation and promote hair growth. This shampoo also includes tocopherol which is a known ingredient for its hydrating properties and for maintaining the natural moisture in the hair. Get natural hair growth and healthy hair with this shampoo available on Nykaa for just ₹ 194.00.

17. OZiva Naturelle Infusion Nourish & Growth Shampoo


This shampoo from OZiva has powerful ingredients such as rosemary and essential hair vitamins that prevent hair fall and promote natural hair growth. Other ingredients such as brahmi, basil root and Phyto DHT blocker are very effective towards strengthening the hair from the roots and preventing hair fall without any side-effects. Further, the volume enhancing blend of rosemary, biotin and jaborandi also produce the desired result. For those of you searching for a shampoo that is chemical free and very effective in preventing hair fall, you can pick OZiva Naturelle Infusion Nourish & Growth Shampoo from OZiva for just ₹ 382.00.

18. Ayur Amla Shikakai with Reetha Shampoo


Ayur Herbals is one of the oldest and most notable brands in India in the Ayurvedic haircare space. Their amla, reetha and shikakai shampoo is pure bliss for all your hair vows. The unscented and chemical free shampoo is an excellent blend of nourishing, cleansing and foaming properties. Amla is an excellent remedy for stimulating hair follicles and promoting growth whereas shikakai on the other hand is a natural cleanser which cleanses the scalp without affecting the natural oils. Unlike chemically treated shampoos, you do not get the foam from chemicals in this shampoo, rather reetha is used to do the same. Buy Ayur Amla, Shikakai with Reetha Shampoo on Amazon for just ₹ 192.00 and give your hair superior care.

19. The Body Shop Vegan Shea Intense Repair Shampoo


With its intense repair formulation, as the name suggests, The Body Shop Vegan Shea Intense Repair Shampoo has been infused with shea butter for nourishing dry and frizzy hair. The shampoo is specially formulated for those of you with extremely dry hair that are prone to breakage. Almost 92% ingredients of this shampoo are of natural origin protecting, cleansing and conditioning the hair from within. Give your hair the love they deserve with this shea butter shampoo from The Body Shop available on Amazon for just ₹ 745.00.

20. Coco Soul Hair Fall Control Shampoo


A powerful blend of cold pressed coconut oil, hibiscus and bhringraj, this hair fall control shampoo from Coco Soul is an Ayurvedic medicine for your hair. Further, the banyan tree extracts also known for their astringent properties cleanse the hair and make them stronger. Hibiscus has been one of the most used ingredients in Ayurveda to control hair loss and hair greying. In Ayurvedic science, hibiscus is known to be kapha-vata hara and stimulates hair growth as well as strengthens hair follicles. The benefits of reetha are self-explanatory as its foaming properties make it a natural shampoo. Last but not the least, cold pressed coconut oil is used for its cooling and soothing properties for the hair along with providing conditioning to the hair. So, a shampoo with all these ingredients is going to benefit your hair immensely. Get this shampoo from Coco Soul on Amazon for just ₹ 245.00 and take the right step towards eliminating all your hair problems.

Top 10 Ayurvedic Shampoos for Dry Hair

21. Nyle Dryness Hydration Herbal Shampoo

This everyday hair wash shampoo is suitable for both men and women in effectively reducing the problem of dryness. Natural ingredients with Ayurvedic properties such as aloe vera, tulsi, green tea and amla help in cleansing as well as conditioning the hair effectively. These ingredients are also known for not altering the pH balance of the scalp thereby ensuring a permanent solution to the dryness and dullness. Adding more to the goodness, this shampoo is free from harmful chemicals such as parabens. Nyle has been an old and trusted name in the haircare industry and you can try their dryness hydration shampoo available on Apollo Pharmacy for just ₹ 232.00.

22. Biotique Bio Soya Protein Fresh Nourishing Shampoo

Biotique is a known brand in the Ayurvedic products space and their soya protein shampoo for stopping hair fall and curing dry hair is a great option. The natural soya protein is known for its hair binding properties and cures the dry, flaky and itchy scalp. Not just the soya protein but this shampoo is also infused with wild turmeric, also known as kasturi munjal in Ayurveda. Wild turmeric has many antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that are good for both hair and skin. The all natural botanical ingredients are perfect for treating dry and damaged hair. This shampoo is suitable for both men and women and you can buy this Biotique Bio Soya Protein Fresh Nourishing Shampoo on Netmeds for just ₹ 159.00.

23. Mamaearth Argan Shampoo with Argan & Apple Cider Vinegar


Get the settled look with this shampoo from Mamaearth which is ingrained with the goodness of apple cider vinegar. The shampoo is specially formulated for reducing the dryness of hair. Further, vitamin E along with argan oil and glycerine help in repairing damaged hair. The gentle cleanser is free frown harsh chemicals such as SLS and SLES. Rather, the cleansing is derived from the natural ingredients making it completely safe for all types of hair. Reduce split-ends and frizz with this shampoo from Mamaearth available on Amazon for just ₹ 307.00.

24. St. Botanica Ultra Nourishing Hair Shampoo


With the goodness of bioactive ingredients such as avocado and amla, this nourishing hair shampoo from St. Botanica is all you need for your dry hair woes. The natural oils present in this shampoo deliver the utmost care and shine to your hair, and the absence of harmful chemicals makes it even better for the best care. This shampoo promotes hair growth, locks in the moisture and enhances the natural strength of the hair. Give your hair the best care with this shampoo from St. Botanica available on Amazon for just ₹ 389.00.

25. Herbal Essences Smooth Rose Hips Shampoo


Enriched with the goodness of rose hips, vitamin E and jojoba oil, this shampoo from Herbal Essences is perfect for repairing dry hair. The healthy fatty acids such as linoleic and oleic acids are perfect for hair. Further, antioxidants such as lycopene and vitamin C are also effective in fighting free radicals, boosting collagen and moisturising the scalp. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose hip oil is good for the scalp and it promotes a healthy scalp and hair growth. Last but not the least, the extracts of rose hip oil keep the scalp moisturised. You can buy this Herbal Essences shampoo on Amazon for just ₹ 7,720.00.

26. Lotus Herbals Kera Veda Amlapura Shikakai-Amla Herbal Shampoo

Lotus Herbals Kera Veda Amlapura Shikakai-Amla Herbal Shampoo is an ideal shampoo for both men and women. The goodness of amla, shikakai, behra and reetha soothe and nourish the hair and scalp enhancing the texture and shine. The Ayurvedic ingredients such as trifla extracts in the shampoo help in strengthening the hair roots. Further, the natural hair conditioner cleanses the hair well and the antimicrobial property also protects the hair roots and conditions it adequately. Prevent excessive hair fall without having to deal with excessive fragrance. This Lotus Herbals shampoo is available on Netmeds for just ₹ 245.00.

27. Vaadi Herbals Superbly Smoothing Heena Shampoo with Green Tea Extracts


A unique Ayurvedic formulation for dry and frizzy hair, this shampoo from Vaadi Herbals is infused with the extracts of henna and green tea. The natural ingredients are powerful to repair the cuticles and cleanse the hair completely. Henna penetrates the hair shafts and adds shine to the hair whereas green tea extracts on the other hand repair the damaged hair and prevent split ends. Green tea is infused with the goodness of powerful antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which makes it an effective treatment for hair loss. Since the production of a molecule known as Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) is lessened by the green tea extracts, it promotes healthier and better hair. If you have been looking for a shampoo to take care of all your hair woes then buy this Ayurvedic formula from Vaadi Herbals for just ₹ 95.00 on Nykaa.

28. Trichup Hair Fall Control Herbal Hair Shampoo


Trichup has been a long standing name in the haircare industry and is known for its quality and the use of natural ingredients. This shampoo is a strong formulation of three most powerful ingredients - amla, licorice and bhringaraj. These natural herbs are known for strengthening the roots, cleaning the scalp and promoting natural hair growth. Further, the problem of hair thinning is also taken care of with this shampoo from Trichup. The natural keratin in the shampoo helps in strengthening and growth of the hair. The scent of rosemary is soothing and leaves a good fragrance in the hair. You can buy this shampoo on Amazon for just ₹ 225.00.

29. Buds & Berries Rice Water & Chia Seeds Nourishment Shampoo


This shampoo from Buds & Berries includes the starch of rice and provides complete hair nutrition. Rice water has long been used for getting natural, long and lustrous hair around the world. Further, the rice water along with chia seeds increases the volume of hair over a period of time with regular usage. The shampoo does not contain any harmful chemicals such as sulphates, paraben and silicone. Chia seeds have 23% protein which act as a hair growth booster. You can buy this shampoo on Amazon for just ₹ 325.00.

30. Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo


Enriched with argan oil, this shampoo from Herbal Essences promotes hair growth and frizz-free hair. The unique bio renew blend along with the natural antioxidants such as aloe and sea kelp ensure problem free hair and a silky smooth texture. Even more, this shampoo is also suitable for coloured hair. Suitable for both men and women, Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo is a fine blend of natural ingredients, exotic fragrance and beneficial spices giving your dry hair the best care, leaving them smooth and sorted. If you are looking for a solution that gives long lasting smooth hair then do give a try to this shampoo from Herbal Essences available on Amazon for just ₹ 303.00.

Ingredients to Look for in a Herbal Shampoo

  • Shikakai:

    Rich in vitamin A, C, D, E and K, shikakai has been used in Ayurveda for centuries. Almost all the Ayurvedic shampoos will have shikakai as one of the key ingredients.

  • Reetha:

    With its tridosha balancing properties, reetha cleanses the scalp and prevents dandruff. Since dandruff is identified as one of the reasons for hair fall, you should look for this ingredient when buying a hair fall prevention shampoo.

  • Neem Leaves:

    Neem leaves are beneficial for the skin as well as the hair because of their anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. For those of you who are frequently travelling, you should pick a shampoo with neem leaves extracts.
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Lastly, a word of caution, in case your specific hair problem persists even after sustained use of a quality Ayurvedic shampoo, it is prudent to consult your Ayurveda practitioner or dermatologist so that he can fine-tune your treatment for optimum results. We hope you would have loved this BP Guide. Share your haircare experiences with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.