Grow Your Kurti Business with These Websites That Sell Kurtis at Wholesale Prices (2020)!

Grow Your Kurti Business with These Websites That Sell Kurtis at Wholesale Prices (2020)!

Get to know all about wholesale shopping for kurtis and some great websites from where you can order kurtis in bulk. Whether you are bulk buying kurtis for your business or just for an event, you will find several good options to explore. We have provided some tips that you should keep in mind before ordering from these sites. So read on and find out how to go about websites for wholesale buying of kurtis.

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Why Buying Kurtis in Wholesale Is a Great Deal for Sellers

Amazing Catalog Pieces

When you are buying kurtis at wholesale, you get to buy all the catalog pieces in a pack. Not only will you be able to access one-of-a-kind pieces direct from the catalogs but it will also improve your market image in front of your customers. To be able to give out special kurtis in only a single colour and style will influence the mindset of the buyers and they will buy more from your shop.

Versatility of Collection

Not only catalog pieces but there is a huge variety available when it comes to buying the kurtis on wholesale price. For example when you are buying wholesale kurtis in Surat, you will get to see that they people manufacture various types of kurtis which are usually not available for single piece purchase. The more versatile collection you will buy in wholesale price, the more you will be able to offer to your buyers.

Great Margin in Terms of Pricing

This is the main reason that many shopkeepers prefer to buy kurtis in wholesale, directly from the manufacturer. Wholesale kurtis are way cheaper than single pieces. Hence, you buy kurtis at lower prices and sell them at a much higher price and hence great amount of profit can be earned without even putting a lot of effort into it.

10 Sites That Provide Kurti in Wholesale

Cotton Duniya

Contrary to its name, Cotton Duniya not only deals in amazing cotton kurtis in wholesale but also a variety of other kurtis. From catalog pieces to plain kurtis, you can find anything out there on their website. Their Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) for kurtis vary with the variety but usually it starts from at least 6 kurtis together. Usually, it remains high for normal kurtis and becomes lesser for heavy and designer kurtis.

The kind of wholesale kurti packages you can find here are cotton kurtis, long designer kurtis, A-line kurtis, casual ones, ethnic and many more. The versatility and quality of their collection is just amazing and the wholesale pricing for each kurti is quite affordable too. The entire pricing is put together by combining main price + GST + shipping charges. So go through the details before ordering the kurtis.


When it comes to ordering kurtis online that too in wholesale, Garmeto is a place which won’t disappoint you at all. They work from the largest textile hub of India i.e. Surat. Hence, there is no doubt in the fact that you are going to get the wholesale kurtis at very reasonable pricing. Garmeto provides the kurtis from over 300 manufacturers and ships them globally. So, no matter where you live, ordering from this site won’t be an issue.

Talking about their collection, the MOQ starts from at least 6 pieces and goes on to 12 or more quantity. You can choose the kurti type according to their fabrics and each of the category have so many designs to offer. Finding out the desired kurti type from Garmeto won’t be a big deal at all. You can simply browse through the given catalog, choose your designs and order them.

Wholesale Bazaar

Whole Sale Bazaar is not only a place to find the cheap Kurtis for wholesale business but also sarees, lehenga choli, salwar suits and unstitched fabrics too. The site provides you with the facility to both buy and sell on their site as a wholesaler. From simple to fancy, they deal in all types of kurtis. The best part is their flexible dealing policy as their MOQ varies from 4 pieces to even 20. They deal in silk, rayon, cotton, georgette and various other types of kurtis.

Each kurtis is shown amazingly through the catalogue designs so that the buyer can get satisfied before buying the products. Although they have bulk stock in all types of kurtis but we would recommend this site for more ethnic and fancy kurtis on wholesale pricing. You can also order through WhatsApp to avail special discounts.

Surat Fabric

As it is understood by the name, Surat Fabric is situated in Surat and ships its products directly from there. When you are getting the kurtis directly from the biggest textile market in India, you cannot doubt their quality at all. The kind of kurtis they deal in are printed, designer, silk kurtis, casual kurtis and many more. The platform is amazing not only for retailers but also for boutiques and resellers too. You can find all trending designs of kurtis in their catalogs.

Surat Fabrics deals in catalog kurtis only and through perfect visualisation, each piece is showcased beautifully. However, the biggest let down of the site is that they do not accept any returns but they surely replace the items if found damaged. Their MOQ varies from 4 to 20 pieces and apart from kurti you can also buy sarees and salwar suits at wholesale prices too.

India Mart

India Mart is definitely one of the most popular platforms to buy kurtis at wholesale. In fact, it is not limited to clothing only and their products belong to many categories like construction, furniture, electronics and many more. Talking about the variety in kurtis, they deal in a lot of categories like long kurtis, embroidered, party wear stuff, printed and casual kurtis, fancy kurtis and many more. Through the details provided, you can get to know about the manufacturer in details along with their contact number too.

Unlike other sites, they do not work on catalog pieces and sell out only a single type of kurti at wholesale prices. However, the minimum order quantity always starts from 50 pieces only. So, this site is more suitable for larger businesses. You can also send your quotes and other requirements to the manufacturer to get the desired details regarding the order.

Textile Export

Textile Export is a site which is quite like any other online wholesale destination mainly because they also operate from Surat. Not only do they ship internationally but also combine various manufacturers together to provide great options to their customers.

Their refund policy is a bit strict and they usually provide store credit only. The kind of kurtis they provide are georgette, designer kurtis, embroidered, anarkali, printed and long kurtis too.The price range for a single piece on this site varies from Rs.200 to Rs.2,200 depending upon the type of the kurti. Only catalog pieces are provided and each catalog has at least 4 kurtis whose images are provided too. For a retailer, this site is perfect to earn a huge margin in the kurtis and you won’t be disappointed with the quality too. Use the filters and choose from your favorite brands to order from this site.

Wholesale Duniya

Wholesale Duniya is a big world full of products like sarees, kurtis, leggings, bedsheets, etc. and all are available at wholesale pricing. Talking about the kurtis alone, the site deals in great variety like party wear kurtis, simple cotton kurtis, kaftans, casual kurtis, etc. Thanks to the organised platform and multiple filters like fabric, work on kurti, size, etc. you can easily find out about the desired catalog.The site deals in catalog pieces only and does not provide single type of kurti in bulk. Thankfully, their MOQ starts from even 2 kurtis.

Wholesale Duniya entertains return and replacement for only defected pieces and nothing else. You can simply scan their barcode to download all the catalog images in no time. The place is literally perfect for the retailers to buy kurtis in super affordable wholesale pricing. Make sure to keep your eye on their discount deals for further price reduction.

Textile Infomedia

Textile Infomedia does not just stick to plain kurtis wholesale stock or even designer kurtis but it is something more than that. The site keeps a track of various suppliers companies and manufacturers across India, textile news and many more. If you are operating a large textile business then you should know about this platform too. Talking about the kurtis, there is a huge variety available offering rayon, embroidered, cotton, designer and various other types of kurtis from trusted manufacturers.

However, the site lacks much needed filter for finding out the desired catalog kurtis. Thankfully, the pricing is pretty reasonable and hence retailers have great scope of earning here. Buy kurtis directly from the site or know about the manufacturers in India and even in international locations too. Textile Infomedia should definitely be there on top of your list when it comes to buying wholesale clothing.


Bulkli is an amazing place to buy items in bulk and that too at reasonable pricing. They sell out catalogs only which is usually comprised of 6-15 pieces. No single kurti is available for purchase here on wholesale pricing. Their price range varies from Rs.300 to Rs.3,000. Each catalog kurti is available in various sizes too, so it won’t be an issue for a buyer to find the much needed versatility in the collection.

The site covers every type of kurti between casual and designer collection and you will always have thousands of catalogs to choose from. Apart from wholesale pieces, you can also buy single kurti and dresses from their platform too. Thankfully, the site has great return and replacement policy and they accept the returns within 7 days.

Wholesale Mantra

The final pick to buy kurtis on wholesale pricing is Wholesale Mantra. The site provides a great range of products like sarees, lehengas, home décor, kurtis, bottom wear, etc. and all of them are available at wholesale prices. The price range on this site for each kurti varies from Rs.150 to Rs.2,200 and covers a huge range of kurtis in various fabrics, designs and patterns. From designer to very casual kurtis, you can find them all here.

Only catalog pieces are provided through the site where the minimum order quantity usually varies from 6 to 20 pieces. The site offers a number of filters to help you out and hence you can enjoy faster accessing here. Wholesale Mantra ships globally and hence location won’t be an issue here. Get your hands on this website for your successful retailing and reselling.

Why Are These Wholesale Sites Better Than Offline Wholesalers?

As the textile market is changing rapidly, the ways to buy kurtis at wholesale are changing too. People are inclining towards online media more than offline ones. If you are keen on purchasing kurtis or any other items at wholesale pricing then you should know that why these sites are a better option than contacting the manufacturers themselves.

24 Hours Access

When it comes to ordering through the site, there is literally no time limit for it. You can order whenever you want whether it is 2 in the night or 12 in the noon. 24 hours availability comes as a fantastic feature when you are in hurry or have an emergency. You can order your stock online at a wholesale price without even worrying about the timing. This gives you the liberty to order at your will and as per your requirements without contacting any third party for it.

Feature of Quotes

While most of the sites provide the direct method of paying as per instructed, some of the sites demand you to quote your price first. For example, Indiamart is a site which requires you to quote your price and if it is good enough for the manufacturer then you can claim the product at the same pricing. This is a great method to get the kurtis at desired pricing.

Lesser Chance of Frauds or Scams

There is very little chance of fraud when it comes to buying kurtis online at a wholesale price. You might have come across various cases where the manufacturer asks you to deposit the money in advance but then either delays the consignment or rather stops taking your calls. However, the scenario is completely different in terms of online purchase. Not only is everything clearly mentioned like minimum order quantity, pricing, types of kurtis etc., but also, there is lower chance of being cheated on.

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Wholesale Shopping Made Easier

With the advent of the internet a lot of things have become easier for a lot of people which includes wholesale buying for retailers. Now you can buy good kurtis in bulk and not worry about burning a hole in your pocket or about wasting time running from one shop to another. Make sure you read the offerings properly and check for return policies in case you get damaged goods.