Blue Your Favourite Colour? We Have Found 10 Breathtaking Blue Lehenga Designs that Can Make You Look Extraordinary on Every Occasion (2022)

Blue Your Favourite Colour? We Have Found 10 Breathtaking Blue Lehenga Designs that Can Make You Look Extraordinary on Every Occasion (2022)

Give those reds a miss and say hello to the new trending colour of the season. It's Blue!! Break the dreariness and intensely parade the tones that are "not so weddingly". I bet these blue shades of lehenga colours will make you change your mind as well. View the most exquisite blue lehenga plans that we spotted for various occasions, so read on!

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All about Lehengas

What are Lehengas?

Today everyone believes in taking steps according to the latest trends and fashion. These trends are being found everywhere from casual wear to wedding wear. The wedding seasons bring up a number and variety of outfits for females. The most commonly worn and elegant outfit with perfect looks for the females during the wedding is the lehengas.

Lehengas are like skirts whose length is being designed till the ankles and are the most popular and liked outfit in India. The lehengas are in varieties as some contain unique embroidery and some have unique fabric utilization while creating the lehenga. Mostly the single lehenga can be paired up with a blouse or a top to create a new look or even a new outfit such as ghagra choli. Usually, the lehenga is worn in two or more pieces that complete a female's apparel. It can be accessories such as bangles, earrings, bags, etc. 

When are These Lehengas Worn?


The lehengas are occasional outfits that are worn on occasion mostly at weddings. Other times when these lehengas can be worn are: can be worn in engagement, it can be worn in birthday parties, it can be worn in celebrations, it can be worn at festivals or it can be worn at some events. Lehengas are worn as they suit these scenes. It was first worn in the Indian subcontinent as the lehengas are traditional attire but now people prefer it and adopt them in foreign nations too.

What Do You Wear Inside a Lehenga?


Lehenga is one of the heaviest outfits for a female when they wear them on occasions or festivals. To make the females easy and comfortable with that, it is necessary to make them wear some light garments or comfortable garments to make them enjoy their moment and shine. Mostly it is suggested that one can wear saree shapewear or a body shaper that can make them feel comfortable from the inside. Some may wear lingerie or some may wear a comfortable lower as per their preferences.

Types of Blue Lehenga with Different Fabrics

Velvet Blue Lehenga

Blue is the colour everyone prefers for their outfits. It is the most soothing colour to be worn. Velvet is a smooth and soft fabric that is a multi-layered fabric with dense heaps. The fabric is multi-layered due to the compilation of a bunch of threads. The Velvet Blue Lehenga proposed here is in the shade of navy blue. This set consists of a navy blue lehenga, navy blue blouse, and a Russell net dupatta. The length of the lehenga is up to 44 inches, the size is also up to 44 and Flair is up to 3 meters. The blouse in this set is in a piece of 0.80 meters and the dupatta is 2.25 meters in length. You can buy this lovely lehenga from a pink saree for just Rs. 2,199.

Raw Silk Blue Lehenga

Raw silk is the original silk obtained after sericulture but before the removal of sericin for producing silk. Raw Silk is a soft and shiny fabric and is best suited for your lehenga. The Raw Silk Blue Lehenga displayed here is a set of a semi-stitched lehenga, an unstitched blouse with a net dupatta. The Blue Lehenga is designed with Sequins and Zari Embroidered work outside and from inside it is of satin with a layer of net. Its size is 43" and the Flair of Lehenga is 3.75 meters. The Blue Blouse is also with Sequins and Zari Embroidered work and is sized up to 42". The net dupatta is 2.25 meters and with Zari Embroidered with sequin motifs. You can buy this from leecks India for Rs. 2,499.

Banarasi Blue Lehenga

Banarasi silk is one of the most famous silk in India that originates from the city of Varanasi, in Uttar Pradesh. The fabric is so comfortable that with Banarasi Sarees, Banarasi Lehengas are also becoming popular in India. The Banarasi Blue Lehenga that is being shown here is a combination of navy blue with white work on it.

The set comprises a navy blue lehenga consisting of banarasi silk outside with cotton inside, a dupatta of navy blue banarasi silk with tassels border, and a navy blue silk blouse (that is unstitched) with a boat neck and long sleeves. You can buy this gorgeous lehenga from Myntra just for Rs. 1,799.

Brocade Blue Lehenga

Brocade is also one of the bright fabrics as it is the composition of various silk or even with gold or silver threads. It looks very creative, shiny, and beautiful. It may be a mixture of cotton or even polyester with silk fabric. The Brocade Blue Lehenga shown here is in the shade of midnight blue with a set of lehenga, dupatta, and blouse. It is woven with Moroccan motifs. The size of the outfit in this photo is 5'10 bust - 32 inches wearing a size. The dupatta is of organza with brocade woven scallop cut border and buttis and the matching unstitched blouse. You can buy this lehenga from Malik fashion for Rs. 17,792.

Georgette Blue Lehenga

Georgette is one of the fabrics that is a kind of crepe, that is being made either from pure silk or can be of synthetic material such as rayon, etc. It is a strong and highly protected fabric that makes it good for printing and other purposes. The Georgette Blue Lehenga showcased here is a set of lehenga, blouse, and dupatta. The lehenga is of royal blue with embroidered work, its flair is 10 meters and its length is 44. The blouse and dupatta are also royal blue coloured, with embroidery work on it, and the size of the blouse is 0.90 meters. You can buy this from a wholesale outlet just for Rs. 1,899.

Net Blue lehenga

Net fabric is a kind of fabric in which the threads are linked, coiled, or twisted at their nooks, occurring in a fabric with free areas between the threads. It is the most comfortable fabric as the gaps between make the person breathe easily and be flexible, transparency gives a fantastic look and stretchability avoids the tearing or damaging of your fabric. The Net Blue Lehenga proposed here has an embroidered blouse with a net orange dupatta. The lehenga is of sky blue net on which some work is being done and the shape of the lehenga is flared. You can buy this lehenga from kreeva for just Rs. 3,000. 

Crepe Blue Lehenga

Crepe is a fabric procedure technique that outcomes in a different rippling, three-dimensional fabric. It is usually a portable to medium-weight fabric that helps an individual to be convenient and satisfied with their outfit of crepe fabric. The Crepe Blue Lehenga shown here is in the shade of cadet blue with a blouse, lehenga, and a dupatta. The Cadet blue is a very light and vibing colour chosen for your outfit. The work on this outfit is of Gota Patti  Embroidery, Zarkan, and Resham Work. The lehenga is shaped like an A-line with a designer blouse and Flair Dupatta. You can buy this from ethnic Trendz for Rs. 10,287. 

Cotton Blue Lehenga

Cotton is the most lightweight fabric among all other fabrics. Mostly it is being used and preferred by the people for their outfits. It is the natural fabric grown on the land and harvested as small balls known as cotton balls. The Cotton Blue Lehenga suggested here is blue rayon cotton with a lehenga, blouse, and dupatta consisting of heavy embroidery and sequence work with canvas. The Lehenga is semi-stitched with a silk inner surface and it is 42 inches in size. The blouse is unstitched with a dupatta of 2.30 meters. You can buy this wonderful lehenga from Royal Anarkali for Rs. 1,999. 

Chiffon Blue Lehenga

Chiffon fabric is an airy, sheer plain-weave cloth produced out of highly jerked filament fibres. This fabric has a sheer, transparent formation, and when clasped under a magnifying mirror, it gazes like an excellent mesh or netting. The Chiffon Blue Lehenga shown here is navy blue with a set of lehenga and choli. The upper wore a pentagon neckline shaped with short sleeves. There is Floral print with beads and thread work all over the apparel. The Beads and cut pipework lace on the neck and lower part of choli and there is a Broad cut pipe and beads work border on the lower edge of the lehenga. You can buy this lovely lehenga from AFPL stores for Rs. 3,899.

Organza Blue Lehenga

Organza is a slim, ordinary weave, sheer fabric formally prepared from silk. Many recent organzas are knitted with artificial filament threads such as polyester or nylon. This fabric is comfortable as it is thin, transparent, stiff with ease of wrinkle and tear. The Organza Blue Lehenga is a set of Organza Choli, Lehenga, and Dupatta that is being proposed to you here. The top is unstitched with digital print and the semi-stitch is available up to 42. The lehenga consists of crepe from inside, Embroidery with Digital print, semi-stitched up to 44, and flair is 3 meters with canvas patta. The dupatta consists of embroidery with four side lace borders. You can buy this from Womenia Fashion for Rs. 1,699. 

Things to be Remembered while Choosing Blue Lehenga

Know Your Accurate Size with All Comforts

You should be aware of the size of your lehenga. You can measure your lehenga size with an inch tap and can be ordered ready-made according to your size or can order an unstitched set of lehenga and blouse which can be stretched by a tailor according to your preference. You can select the size of your upper body on the site where these choices are given to have the fitting according to your comfort. 

Have a Proper Length of Lehenga According to Your Height

You should check the length of your lehenga properly so that it can fit your height and size properly. Check the description box properly for knowledge regarding the proper size. If you are a cute bride, you should go for long-core lehengas that will automatically enlarge a few inches to your elevation. Tall heighted brides should dump their heels and opt for long choli for their lehenga to enhance the rate of their all-around posture.

Choose the Shade According to Your Skin Type

The blue colour is mostly seen in the outfits. The blue consists of various shades such as Royal blue, Cadet blue, navy blue, Sky Blue, pale blue, deep blue, etc. But you can't have every colour as some may only suit your skin tone. The fair and white skin toned may wear light shades of blue whereas the dark shades may be suited to every skin tone. You have to understand that the lehenga should not be the focus of the viewers but the focus should be on you.

Have a Proper Suiting Dupatta

Dupatta makes adds even more shine a lot more in their lehenga. So, when you choose the desired fabric lehenga you should select the dupatta either in contrast to the used fabric or the same fabric for the dupatta as the fabric used in the entire outfit. You should know that your ultimate look, a substantial portion of your outfit, will be filled in with the dupatta, hence providing it as much significance while concluding your lehenga for the required occasion or festival. You can tie your dupatta on your lehenga choli by styling it as a jacket. 

Confirm It is Different and As Per Your Prescription

When you look for the blue lehenga for your work, you should be sure that you have selected the lehenga which makes you look unique and extraordinary whenever you visit with that beautiful attire. For all this, firstly you should visit any fashion designer and make a rough sketch of the lehenga you want for your function or wedding so that you can find it easily. You can also design your look and place the order of the lehenga set for having the special attire on your special day. 

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Turn Heads with Your Outfit!

Don't wear your lehenga too tight. You will be walking around in it for a long time, so be careful about how tightly you tie your lehenga because being uncomfortable all day long is not a risk you should be willingly taking. Pay equal thought in curating a hairstyle and a complimenting makeup that binds your entire look together. Accessories it the right way. If your outfit is overly embroidered then you might as well simmer it down when buying your jewellery. Too much of everything looks bad. Less is always more!