Add Style and Elegance: 30 Best Women's Backpacks, Curated For Your Every Need

Add Style and Elegance: 30 Best Women's Backpacks, Curated For Your Every Need


Women's backpacks can be carried as daily carry-ons and safely store all of their essentials. An undisputed wardrobe essential, the backpack effortlessly combines functionality and style. Upgrade your bag collection with our guide to the best backpacks for women. We promise: you’ll never look back.

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Are Women's Backpack any Different?


For decades we all have been comfortable with the unisex backpack and honestly, there did not feel a need for women’s backpacks. In part, it is because we could hardly imagine how backpacks specifically designed for women be any different. One of the major differences between a woman's backpack and a unisex backpack is the size of the bag. Usually, the women’s backpack is smaller to ensure it stays within the torso rather than hanging from your back uncomfortably. A common misconception is that backpacks should be of an adequate size to pack most of the needs. However, if you are not very tall then carrying a large backpack will hurt your shoulders and might also injure the back.

The straps are made in accordance with the shoulder of men and women in the unisex backpack and therefore might not take the entire weight off for women. However, in women’s backpacks, the straps are designed keeping in mind the shoulder of women and therefore fit properly. Further, gravity also has a role to play as women have a lower centre of gravity compared to men and therefore good quality women’s backpacks are designed keeping that in mind.

Types Of Women's Backpack: Choosing the Best Option for Your Needs

1. Outdoor Backpack

Commonly known as hiking backpacks these backpacks are made of different materials and have certain features specifically meant for outdoor. Generally, there are three broad categorizations of hiking backpacks – frameless backpacks, internal frame backpacks and External frame backpacks. The first one is meant for carrying light loads and has a flexible construction. The internal frame backpack has a semi-rigid construction with aluminum rods or plastic frame sheets and is meant for heavier weight. External frame backpacks are the sturdiest of all three and are meant for carrying heavy loads. However, the last one is the least popular for its heavy weight.

2. Fitness Backpack


These backpacks have well-defined sections to fit all the gym essentials such as shoes, towels, pairs of clothes, water bottles etc. A standard fitness backpack will have basic compartments but much also depends on your needs. For instance, you might want to have a specific section for keeping your laptop, tablet or phone. There is a range of fitness backpacks available these days to select from. Fitness backpacks come in different materials such as canvas, polyester, nylon and leather.

3. Mini Backpack


Much in trend these days, mini backpacks are extremely popular with Gen Z. However, that does not mean that it is only meant for the younger generation. Usually, a mini backpack is very useful for keeping phones, a few makeup items and toiletries. In addition to that shoulder straps make it easier to carry and walk around. These mini backpacks are perfect for carrying regular stuff around without having to carry big bags.

4. Designer Backpack


As the name suggests, designer backpacks are great to have if you are looking to spend a little higher. With the features of normal women’s backpacks designer backpacks are more about aesthetics and visuals. There are several designer brands out there with backpack collections for you to pick from.

5. Urban Rucksack


Rucksacks are like backpacks except for additional pockets and chest or hip belts for carrying more weight. Rucksacks are normally meant for smaller journeys and shorter trips like hiking for a day. These rucksacks are made of materials that are water-resistant and also hard to rip.

Top 30 Women's backpacks In India: Best Options Across Different Uses

So, there we have some of the most common types of women’s backpacks explained for you. Let us now look into top 30 backpacks that you can consider buying.

Top 10 Mini Backpacks for Women in India

Here are a few most stylish mini backpacks for you.

1. London Rag Women Olive Green Solid Backpack

This olive green mini backpack from London rag screams stylish and multipurpose just by the look of it. It is a non-padded bag with ergonomic straps that support your shoulder and does not cause pain or discomfort. Apart from a non-padded haul hoop, the bag also comes with one main compartment with buckle closure. You also get three multiple pockets and 2 zip pockets leaving enough room for all your stuff for that day out. Since this bag is made of nylon; it can be cleaned easily with the help of a cloth. London Rag all-purpose mini solid backpack is available for purchase on for just Rs. 2,034.

2. Caprese Women's Whitney

The brand became synonymous with stylish and trending bags. Also, it readily caught the attention of young users with some of the popular faces such as Alia Bhatt endorsing Caprese bags. The one we have here is a Whitney Women’s Salmon Orange backpack. Ideal for any time of the day, this bag is enough to store a wallet, phones, a pair of sunglasses and other small essentials. A spacious interior with a snap button and two drawstrings gives this bag a perfectly modern look. Since the material used is high-grade faux leather, it is extremely durable and long-lasting. If the bag appeals to you then go ahead and buy it on the official website of Caprese for just Rs. 2,050.

3. Baggit Women's Sling Bag


Black and stylish, this Baggit women’s sling bag can never go wrong with any of your dresses. The material used for making this bag is cruelty-free and waterproof. The sling bag comes with 1 large compartment and 1 interior zipper. The main compartment is large enough to store all the essentials. Wear it with neutrals or bright colours, this bag goes with everything. The straps are long and comfortable enough. To get your hands on this amazing thing bag from Baggit you can buy it on Amazon store for just Rs. 1,790.

4. Black Women Core Up Minime Backpack from PUMA


We would call this Puma mini backpack a level up in fashion statement. Made from soft synthetic leather, the bag has luxurious metallic details. There are multiple features in this bag making it functional and very useful. The bag has two-way zip opening in the main compartment. Additionally, there are also Zip pockets in the front. The webbing shoulder straps are fully detachable and adjustable. The Puma logo on the front pocket makes it every bit stylish and glamorous. Up your glam quotient with this black mini backpack from Puma. This bag is available on for just Rs. 949.

5. Modern Myth Women's Handbag


The unique design and comfortable shape of this bag make it worth consideration. Modern myth mini backpack comes with features such as a large main compartment along with a compact inner zip. While you can keep all casual and daily use items in the large compartment, the inner smaller chain can be used to store cash and small jewellery items. One of the best features that we liked in this bag is that it can double ups as a hand-held bag. The handcrafted bag in India has two open shots as well. Buy the beautiful multipurpose bag on for just Rs. 1,499.

6. Lino Perros Backpack


A basic and compact design is what makes this Lino Perros backpack worth consideration. One of the best features of this bag is its gender-neutral design along with multiple pockets perfectly fitting all your items of daily use. The main compartment of the bag is big enough to keep a 13-inch laptop or other daily essentials such as iPads, phones etc. Durable synthetic fibre and metal pullers complement each other perfectly whereas the additional side pockets give you extra space for keeping water bottles. Another noteworthy feature is a back zipper pocket in which you can keep all your essential belongings. You can buy this multipurpose backpack on for just Rs. 1,848.

7. Alice Girls 3-PCS Fashion Cute Mini Leather Backpack


The mini backpack deal couldn’t get any better with this leather backpack from Alice which also comes with a sling and pouch set. The adjustable shoulder strap design makes this bag perfect for all age groups. The main compartment of the bag is spacious enough to hold an iPad, cell phones, magazines, glasses, wallets etc. While the backpack can be used to hold all the daily essentials, you can keep a sling for toiletries and a pouch for cash and card. On top of everything, Alice Girls mini backpack is water resistant which makes it your go-to bag even in rainy weather. This bag is available on for just Rs. 499.

8. Organic Symmetry Shibori Mini Backpack

One of the cutest bags on our list is this tie-and-dye mini bag from Shibori. What makes it an ideal travel partner is the small size of the bag which is however big on functionality. If you are a fan of all things handcrafted then this organic dyed and handcrafted mini bag is going to be your obvious pick. The main compartment of the bag can store passport, sunglasses, phone and various other essentials. There is another zipper in the front that can also be used to carry the essentials. The two long straps are fully adjustable and there is a lot of room to carry all essentials. Shibori mini bag is available for purchase on for just Rs. 2,499.

9. Eco Right Stones Texture Convertible Backpack


The convertible backpack from EcoRight is a 2-in-1 tote bag that you can use as a college bag or just for shopping. Made from jute and organic cotton, this has one large compartment to fit in a few books, glasses, wallets, mobile phones, etc. Moreover, the design of the bag is such that it can be used by any age group. EcoRight convertible backpacks are available on for just Rs. 1,849.

10. Auxter 36 liters Casual Backpack School Bag-3 Compartments


The Auxter 36-litre backpack comes with three spacious compartments for keeping books, bottles and even clothes. The backpack comes with a water-resistant feature and the mesh organizer pocket is apt for keeping wallets, mobile, keys, umbrellas and bottles. A multipurpose bag, Auxter backpacks can be used for school, daypacks, casual backpacks and so on. One of the nice features of this backpack is that it is made from light material and the ergonomic design of the shoulder strap fits perfectly without putting any pressure on the shoulder. Auxter 36-litre backpack is available on for just Rs. 507.

Top 5 Hiking Backpacks for Women

11. Proberos® Trekking Backpack with 2L Water Bladder


A large-capacity backpack Proberos trekking backpack comes with two main compartments that can store groceries, clothes, food etc. Yet another compartment can be used for keeping all the gadgets, power banks and other camping equipment such as flint, cutter and so on. Since the fabric is lightweight and waterproof, it is fit for any weather and outdoor adventure. This backpack comes with a BPA-free 2-litre water bladder which is leakproof and easily removable via the main pocket. With all these wonderful features, this backpack is available on for just Rs. 1,999.

12. Aristocrat 45 Ltrs Men & Women Backpack


This backpack from Aristocrat is made of Nylon and can be used by both men and women. The multiple compartments pack is spacious and can accommodate a lot of stuff. Also, the items to be packed can be organized systematically since there are so many compartments. The straps of this backpack are adjustable and therefore fit perfectly at every height. This bag is durable and has high tensile strength, given the fact that it is carved out of nylon. Once, fully loaded, the bag is still easy to carry because of its padded back. Get this backpack from Aristocrat on for just Rs. 1,769.

13. Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Red Rucksack


Rucksacks are one of the most commonly used adventure backpacks for their ease of carrying. Wildcraft rucksack is perfect for hiking and adventure travels for its strength and good space. Built from strong aerobic fabric, this rucksack is lightweight and still carries a lot of muscle. Available in three different shades, the Wildcraft rucksack is water-resistant and can withstand some of the toughest hiking challenges out there. You get the shoulder height and depth adjusters ensuring a perfect fit for anyone who is carrying the bag. Wildcraft rucksack is available on for just Rs. 1,645.

14. The House of Tara Blue Beige 40 Ltrs Casual Travel Hiking Trekking Canvas Backpack


Plan your outdoor in style with this 40 little capacity backpack from The House of Tara. Not just the design but the bag is also very functional with its 40 little capacity. The material used to make this bag is canvas and there are multiple pockets for keeping phones, water bottles etc. There is also a padded compartment for putting laptops of up to 14-inch screen size. The bag is water and comes with base fastening ropes. This backpack from the House of Tara is available on for just Rs. 2,099.

15.TRAWOC 55 LTR Travel Backpack Daypack


With Trawoc Backpack you get quality, comfort and style woven all together. This 55-litre backpack has everything you need from capacity to quality accessorize. Apart from various compartments, there is also a laptop compartment with several buckles and straps for keeping your machine in place. There is also a compartment for the shoes in the front bottom of the trekking backpack. Trawoc backpack is available on for just Rs. 1,280.

Top 5 Laptop Bags for Women

16. MATEIN Anti Theft Laptop Backpack


A lightweight laptop backpack with an ergonomic design for maximum comfort to the shoulder makes Matein backpack worth a look. There is a separate laptop compartment with an adjustable strap so that any size laptop can fit in. Further, the extra padding at the back gives maximum support. On top of the multiple pockets and compartments, the backpack has a built-in USB port design offering easy access to charge. Additionally, there is a luggage strap that enables the bag to slide over the luggage upright handle tube. Store your laptop safely with this Matein Laptop backpack available on for just Rs. 6,989.

17.Forever New Laptop Bag

The 1s inch laptop backpack from Forever new is inspired by the global design trend. The outer of this backpack is made from vegan leather with gold-tone hardware. Apart from the main compartment, there is also an outer pouch and zipper. Other features such as adjustable strap and top handle for easy carrying around. Buy this laptop bag on Forever New for just Rs. 4,400.

18. Mokobara Laptop Backpack


The straight fact is that this bag is beautiful and stylish. However, that does not stop it from being a fully functional laptop backpack. If you are committed to doing a noble cause of preventing animal cruelty then this bag made from vegan leather is perfect for you.

Apart from a 15-inch laptop compartment, there are also internal pockets and zippers for keeping pens, chargers and other laptop accessories. Expanded contoured side pocket for fitting water bottle and umbrella. This beautiful bag is available for purchase on the official website of for just Rs. 5,190.

19. Zouk WavBeach Laptop Backpack


A 100% Indian-manufactured and Peta-approved, this vegan material laptop bag from zouk is a multipurpose laptop bag. The comfortable shape and sturdy make of this bag are comfortable to carry on the back ever for a longer duration. This bag has two main compartments along with an inside zip slip pocket to keep all your belongings. An anti-theft pocket is also in the bag for keeping all valuables such as phones and keys.. Last but not the least, the beautiful brown colour with a wave beach pattern makes this laptop bag a stylish backpack to carry anywhere. Look wave beach laptop bag is available on for Rs. 1,999.

20. Accesorize London Travel Backpack with Zip Fastening


A multipurpose bag from accessorizing London this bag is your perfect companion for those business trips. This bag is made from a sturdy combination of polyester, PU and PVC. Apart from the main compartment for hay stop, there are other pockets and zippers also to keep all the accessories. Use it as a laptop bag or double it up as a luggage bag for small trips. You can buy this backpack on for just Rs. 2,680.

Top 5 Everyday Use Backpack for Women

21. Superdry Kaledo Montana Backpack

A simple rucksack-style bag with a top grab handle and padded back is what makes this bag from Superdry a perfect everyday backpack. Along with a large compartment, there are two side pockets to make sure that you are not missing any essentials. This pink colour multi-purpose bag from super-day could be yours for just Rs. 3,149.

22.Anekaant Multicoloured Jacquard Backpack

This super spacious and multi-coloured jacquard bag from Anekeaant is perfect for every outdoor activity. The green, yellow-blue and red stripes underneath the white patterns give a boho vibe. Suitable for everyday operation, this backpack from Anekeaant is available on Myntra for just Rs. 999.

23.Lino Perros Women Backpack

We picked this bag for its simple yet very functional design that all of us need on a daily basis. There is a big main compartment along with two other zippers to pack all your daily essentials. Available in four different shades, you can buy this all-purpose backpack for women on Myntra for just Rs. 1,377.

24. Lavie Beetle Backpack for Girls


Another everyday backpack that we picked up for its stellar rating on is this Lavie beetle backpack. In this structured bag, you get a main compartment, a front zippered pocket, a top handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. Lavie Beetle backpack has so many beautiful shades that you can pick from according to your taste and preferences. A great mix of trendy and yet simple designs for just Rs. 949.

25.Puma Core College Women's Backpack


Truth be told even though this bag is showcased as a college bag, it can easily pass as a backpack for everyday use. There is a large compartment, spacious enough to carry books, iPad and any other items necessary. There is a zip pocket giving the user maximum utility of the bag. You can buy this five-star rated bag on for just Rs. 2,499.

Top 5 Designer Backpacks for Women

26.Prada Logo-Patch Drawstring Bag

Prada is an iconic brand when it comes to luxury and fashion. This designer bag from Prada is a fashion statement that will set you apart from the crowd. The bag comes with a drawstring and has a logo patch on the front. There is a zipped compartment in the front and that makes it a complete bag. If you are someone who loves to create fashion statements then this bag makes complete sense available on for INR 119,376.

27. Nappa Dori ALPS Backpack Leather

This beautiful tan-coloured bag from Nappa Dori is chic and stylish. It is an everyday bag that you can carry to the office or outdoors. The main compartment along with a zipper in front is what makes this bag a multipurpose bag. Available in shades, the tan shade of this bag is available on for Rs. 17,800.

28. Michael Kors Slater Leather Pink Backpack


Michael Kors pink backpack is just the kind of accessory you need to complete the look. The pink colour is beautiful and the golden zipper complements the entire look. Made from 100 genuine leather this bag has a main compartment along with zip pouches. This Michael Kors pink backpack is available on Ajio Luxe for Rs. 43,000.

29. Aulive Kofu Backpack


Kofu backpack is a dual-toned elegant bag that pretty much defines the old saying that simple is beautiful. The body of the bag is sturdier and the straps are sleek. Made from canvas and artificial Italian leather, this bag has enough space to keep iPad, electronic gadgets and other daily-use objects. Buy this simple yet stylish backpack on for just Rs. 2,999.

30. Steve Madden Black Bisidora Large Backpack

Luxury and functionality are the two features defining this backpack from Steve Madden. This Black bisidora large backpack comes with interior multifunction pockets for small accessories. Also, the exterior side pockets are meant for quick access to the essentials. You can find this comport and lightweight bag on Tata Cliq for just Rs. 4,999.

Considerations While Selecting a Backpack

1. Know the Size that'll Suit You


Imagine having a large backpack that does not fit your body and feels like a constant weight hanging from your shoulder. Well, the misfit size is always a problem and is bad for your shoulders as well. So, while buying a backpack, make it a point to measure your torso.

2. Purpose of Buying


So, you really can’t fit all your items in a Laptop backpack when going hiking. Before buying a backpack, it is important to know what you will use it for most of the time. For instance, if you are buying a bag to fit in a laptop then buying a laptop backpack which is relatively more spacious is advisable. Instead, you can also go with casual backpacks that can also double up as your laptop backpack.

3. Additional Features

We all love to get those extra features in a backpack, be it a USB charger, an anti-theft pocket or any other such features. These features are a huge value addition to the overall utility. Before buying a backpack, invest some time in research which will help you in selecting the right backpack with unique features.

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Essentials for Backpack

In addition to the usual items such as mobile phones, wallets and keys, we recommend packing a reusable water bottle, laptop or tablet, chargers, travel documents and stationery in your backpack. Depending on the agenda, you may bring a change of clothes, headphones, and a book or magazine.