Try Out Resistance Training with These Top 10 Resistance Bands (2021)!

Try Out Resistance Training with These Top 10 Resistance Bands (2021)!

If you want to try out resistance training, we have brought for you everything you need to know about resistance bands before picking one. We have chosen 5 of the best brands and listed down two bands from each. Additionally, we have also put in some bonus tips for you. Take a look!

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Using a Resistance Band as a Fitness Accessory

There are several benefits of using a resistance band as a part of your workout. Here we present a few of its top benefits and a list of the best resistance bands available in India currently.

Prevents Muscle Deterioration

As you might know, once a person's body has developed to its limit, it starts to lose nearly one percent of its total strength every year. Now, this is not just true for the bones but also the muscles. Resistance training helps build this strength back. It does so by building more muscles and making your bones stronger as well. In addition to that, it might also be helpful in not just building more, but also preventing the loss of already-there muscles, making you not just stronger, but more physically likeable, and younger-looking.

Tones Body and Helps Prevent Injuries

Resistance training has been regularly cited by fitness experts and doctors as one of the best ways to get back into shape and lose weight. So, using resistance bands is easy to not only help lose weight, but get abs and simply make your body more flexible and strong. In addition to all that, this type of training will help increase the density of your bones and form a protective layer around your bones. Through all this, training with resistance bands will help prevent falls in the first place, and, if they do occur, the damage will be reduced greatly.

Inexpensive but Great Variety

Resistance bands do not cost much, even if bought from the most luxurious brands. This is so because no cutting edge technology is required to make them, and these bands are really simple. As compared to treadmills and other training machines, it would be correct to say that these cost just a fraction and can be even more beneficial. This is even more true because these bands come in a lot of styles. All these are different, and therefore, their prices vary too, with the cheapest ones costing just a few hundred rupees to even the better ones usually going to around a couple of thousand rupees.

Brand Number One: Fitlastics


Fitlastics is one of the brands that provide high-quality professional resistance bands and other gym equipment to support exercises. This brand provides mini band with loops that give extra support to the lower body for legs, knee, and hip exercises. The bands are tested by various athletes and thus are found safe for use both for home workouts as well as gym.

Product One: Resistance Loop Band


This amazing resistance band by Fitlastics is known for its high-quality and durability. It is made up of premium quality latex material which is resilient polyurethane foam. This instantly adapts to the body to relieve pressure points and reduce pain while properly aligning the spine. Moreover, latex is a user-friendly material and is not harmful to the environment.

Furthermore, the door anchor is super strong. It is particularly designed and manufactured by using a neoprene lining in order to prevent damage to the band. Also, to provide more stability it has a thick nylon webbing along with heavy-duty stitching. The length of the band is 41 almost inches, the thickness is nearly 4.5 mm, and the width is approximately 13 mm. This band is suitable for all types of exercises including stretching, pull-up training, resistance to bench press, lunges, and squats among many others. You can buy this band from Amazon for only Rs.1,399.

Product Two: Fitlastics Resistance Loop Bands

This second band by Fitlastics is particularly suited for pull up assist, pilates, yoga, and resistance training. However, it is unisex and can be used by both men and women. The band is made up of premium-quality latex that offers different levels of resistance along with stretching and endurance training. It is made up of natural latex which is environmentally friendly as well as durable for various kinds of workouts.

This 3D band effectively decreases the roll up and builds the muscles. The unique band increases the friction and grip during a workout, thereby improving endurance. In addition to all that, it builds strength and improves stability, resulting in improved range of motion and complete stimulation. This package contains 4 pull-up bands, a storage bag, and a door anchor with neoprene lining. You can buy this set of resistance bands with loops from Paisawapas for only Rs.699.

Brand Two: Strauss

Strauss is one of the brands that have come up with versatile resistance bands in order to provide customers with durable yet long-lasting products. This brand is designed to meet the requirements of those people who do not have enough space around them to set up machines for a gym and want to build core muscle strength. All their bands are made up of natural rubber latex and are strong and reliable.

Product One: Yoga Resistance Band


This band set by Strauss is made up of natural and durable latex rubber. All the materials used are of high-quality, thick, and reliable for long-lasting strength. Next, the band can be employed in stretching, jumping, and other light exercises including resistance, endurance, and light weightlifting. Moreover, this latex band provides mobility for the workout, muscle activation, and stretching, thereby improving performance and building muscles.

The bands are flexible, resilient, as well as strong in order to provide a good lifespan. Also, they are cost-effective, small, stretchable, and compact and can be used at home, in school, or at the gym. This package contains 3 bands of different colours for different exercises. Furthermore, it is easy to carry to any place and any time you want. You can buy this band from Amazon for only Rs.1,499.

Product Two: Strauss Latex Band


Moving on, this next product is another great one by this brand. It consists of a set of five resistance bands in different colours and a face protection mask. So, the bands can handle a maximum of about 74 pounds and less and can either be used separately or, for more resistance, together.

Also, they are very seamless and can be used for a variety of exercises like yoga and pilates. Other than that, they are also ultra-light yet very durable and, with superfine inner layers of fabric, the mask is also very comfortable. It is very breathable yet protective and has three layers. Lastly, it is reusable and washable and you can buy the set from Amazon for Rs.1,349.

Brand Three: Kobo

Kobo is a very well-known brand that has always provided its customers with premium-quality resistance bands and other sports equipment. Particularly, their resistance bands are made up of organic latex natural, which is durable and is very reliable. The strength of their bands is something which makes the product more reliable. The bands by Kobo can be used for a home workout, school exercises, or even at the gym. They are useful to develop muscles in your body and improve core strength and muscle tone.

Product One: Power Loop Band


A great example of the kind of products this brand forms would be this one. So, this band is labeled level five and is nearly 4.5 mm thick with a total length of 2080 mm and a width of about 64 mm. Also, it is super durable and can handle a tension of at most 175 pounds, and provides the least resistance of 65 pounds.

However, it is big and weighs about 540 grams. Suitable for the most challenging exercise, the package also includes a free workout guide and it is made up of very thick as well as durable rubber with great flexibility. You can get it from Amazon for Rs.3,999.

Product Two: Rubber Pull Up Assist Bands


In case you are willing to spend a lot of money on the band, we suggest you give this one a try. This one is a complete set and consists of five different brands, weighing 110 grams, 190 grams, 280 grams, 390 grams, and 540 grams. As you might have been able to guess, the heavier ones are more durable and are also thicker.

So, for durability, they range from level one to five, with the lowest one having a durability of 35 pounds, and this increases in others. So, the other four have durabilities of 65, 85, 125, and 175 lbs. A free workout booklet is included in this one too, and all are very thick yet compact and can be used for an array of exercises. You can get them from Amazon for Rs.9,799.

Brand Four: Boldfit


Boldfit is one brand that manufactures excellent products, and luckily, one of them is the Boldfit Resistance band. These are used to maintain great body fitness, especially for the legs and arms. It is also a great choice for people who are into sports, struggling with weight loss and are gym freaks. The material for the band is pure latex, which is very durable and strong to use. Furthermore, it offers maximum comfort, easy to carry around, versatile in use, and sweat-resistant.

Heavy Resistance Band for Exercise


This band by Boldfit is the right choice for all kinds of workouts. It provides greater stability and elasticity to build muscles, strength, and aids in stretching. The band along with the door anchor utilizes dense but soft foam in order to secure the band at all points. This prevents scratching and denting of the door and thus, provides force between the anchor and the door. You can buy this amazing band at a very reasonable price from Amazon for only Rs.990.

Boldfit Resistance Bands Mini Loop

This band is made up of pure latex which is safe for the environment. This band by Boldfit is durable and built to last, thus it can be stretched repeatedly and does not lose its tension. These bands provide various levels of resistance and are suitable both for pull-up training and endurance training. They can also be used for adding resistances to exercises like bench press, squats, and lifts. The addition of loops in these bands increases the effectiveness of every training. You can buy these super amazing bands from Flipkart for only Rs.999.

Brand Five: Bodylastics


Bodylastics brand is very famous for its high-quality resistance bands and rubber toning tube. All the products manufactured by Bodylastics has good quality, and it is one of the best on the market. The bands are usually available in 3 colours and come at a low reasonable price and that makes it one of the best customer’s choices. The bands are made of latex with a neoprene lining that makes them strong and long-lasting.

Product One: Resistance Bands Door Anchor with Neoprene Lining

This particular resistance band is made super strong and firm. They are able to produce a tension of about 404 lbs, thus are very sturdy. The band is made up of thick nylon webbing with a neoprene lining. Moreover, it has a nylon inner corner for additional stability and heavy-duty stitching to use for a longer period of time. You can buy this band from the Desertcart for only Rs.659.

Product Two: Dual Layer Resistance Loop Bands


This premium-quality resistance band is made up of natural latex and is suitable for all kinds of exercises, resistance training, pull-up training, and stretching. Each band is almost 41 inches long, the thickness is about 4.5 centimeters, whereas the width of each band varies. These bands help to improve motion strength and promote muscle growth. You are suggested to choose the band according to your requirement and purpose. Furthermore, choose a band based on your body weight. You can buy this band from Amazon for only Rs.1,399.

Things to Consider When Buying a Band

The Size of the Band

The very first thing to consider when buying a resistance band is its size. So, as you might have guessed, if it is too little, you will not be comfortable training with it at all. Similarly, if the band is too big, it will keep interfering with your resistance training and might annoy you too much to have you leave it altogether as well. For this reason, when getting the band, consider what size might fit you well and choose that one. In case you are not so sure, we suggest that you go for the bigger ones or the medium-sized ones that are really stretchable as these cause less problem than the ridiculously small ones.

The Material and Texture of the Band

So, moving on to the next tip, we suggest that you carefully consider the material the band is made up of. This can affect you in numerous different ways. For, instance, if the material is too hard, your body might hurt, and, if it is too soft, it might break in just a few weeks or even days of use. Similarly, it is too tight, you might not be able to stress it at all. Or, if the band is too loose, it might not be much of a 'resistance' training. Other than that, you should check the texture. Here, make sure that it is not too smooth that your hand slips away and not too rough that your hand starts to hurt right away.

The Price of the Band

So, as you might know, the last yet perhaps the most important thing to consider when getting your band is if it is within your budget. Here, we suggest that you for the most and least that you are willing to spend, and, no matter what, do not exceed your budget, or you might regret it later on. However, this does not mean that you get the cheapest ones too as they aren't usually as good as you might expect. So, you should check the most that you can spend and then choose the one that doesn't compromise on quality much but is still within your price range.

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Exercise and Good Diet Go Hand in Hand

Apart from exercising daily, it is necessary to have a healthy diet in order for you to stay fit. Diet should be balanced and the number of meals should also be proper. Your daily intake of water also determines your fitness. So, apart from getting all the gym equipment and workout clothes, also give some thought to the food you eat daily. Take care!