Complete Your Business Casual Ensemble with the Perfect Shoes. 10 Impressive Casual Office Wear Men's Shoes Plus Important Tips to Consider When Buying One (2020)

Complete Your Business Casual Ensemble with the Perfect Shoes. 10 Impressive Casual Office Wear Men's Shoes Plus Important Tips to Consider When Buying One (2020)


If your organisation permits a casual dress-code then you should not only focus on your clothes but also on having the perfect casual shoes which will complement your attire and help you make an impression in your office with your sharp dressing sense. This BP Guide will showcase the top 10 office casual shoes for men catering to all budget segments and will also share important tips to keep in mind when buying a new pair.

Your Shoes Say a Lot about You

It has been said that the shoes that a person wears say a lot about the person. Studies also show that experts could gauge your personality by having a look at your shoes. Your footwear has also become a fashion statement, and many of you prefer to wear premium shoes to the workplace too. There are specific footwear products that are tailored for wearing to work.

The shoes that you wear to work are essential as your colleagues can get an impression about you. Similarly, you may look well prepared at a meeting and add to your personality. The designs of casual footwear that you choose can convey your rank to the people around you, and you can command their respect. Again, fashion changes with time, and you must also keep yourself updated with the times. It is also important to wear footwear that conforms to the latest trends. It helps to be farsighted when choosing your footwear so that it is durable and lightweight too. In this article, we will discuss some of the best casual shoes for men.

Points to Note When Buying Shoes


Quality of the Shoes

The quality of the shoes you choose is of prime importance; else, you would have to spend a similar amount within a short time. Hence it is also essential to choose a renowned brand for your pair of shoes. While these brands have experience behind them, as a customer, you also get a warranty period that is proof of their quality.

When checking for the quality of the shoes, it is crucial to test every aspect of comfort. Also, you must check if the soles are sturdy and whether the arch and the insole provide enough support to your feet. The ideal shoes would be without any glitches, and you must also check whether there is any visible glue or loose material on the sides.

Choose Comfortable Shoes

While the quality of the shoes is of prime importance, you must also look at the comfort of the shoes. When going shopping for shoes, always wear a pair of socks, and it will provide the ideal scenario when you would be wearing the shoes to work. You must ensure that you wear a pair of socks that you usually wear to office. It is also essential to get your feet measured by the salesperson so that you can try on the ideal pair of shoes.

When trying on the shoes, there must be ample space between the tip of your toe and the inside edge of the shoe. You can also try to insert one finger at the heel, and if it does not fit, you must try another size. When trying on the shoes, you must be comfortable and always walk a few steps within the store to check for yourself.

Material Used


It is important to check the material used to make the shoes. The material should be comfortable for your feet. Casual shoes are usually made of leather, rubber, canvas or synthetic. While leather is comfortable, it can be expensive too. Also, you must be careful when you are not buying a renowned brand. On the other hand, canvas can be lightweight but is unsuitable for wearing every day.

Casual shoes can also be made of synthetic material which are durable and lightweight. They are also available in numerous colours. While rubber is usually used to make the soles, there are some designs where the uppers are also made of rubber and these come rather cheap.

The Brand


When you are selecting a pair of shoes for yourself, it is vital to choose a renowned brand. It will help you immensely in various ways. These shoes will be durable and made from materials that are comfortable. The famous brands also have an assortment of great designs and shades that can provide the change you need for your footwear.

The finishing of a shoe can help you differentiate among the various brands. The quality varies across the brands and the ones that you hear about everyday are the ones that have better finishing. It will be relevant when you visit the store of that brand. Also, the famous brands have a better collection of shoes.

The Budget

When you are choosing something, it is crucial to have a budget in your mind. It will help you narrow down your search. You can easily understand the brands that will have products that would come within that price range. It will also help you to compare the products from various brands before choosing a few pairs that you can check further by visiting the store. Once the budget is finalised, you can also have a little tolerance which could be the outer boundary of your budget.

Best Office Casual Shoes for Men

Hush Puppies Men’s Zeal Slip On Loafers


Many of you prefer slip-on shoes. This slip-on casual is designed to be worn for any occasion, and even to your office. The Hush Puppies brand is known for its premium quality, and this one ranks among the best casual shoes for men.

Apart from being durable and lightweight, it has a thermoplastic rubber outsole that helps you through flexible movement throughout the day. The shoe can be put on easily with a rubber goring on both sides that add value to the slip-on feature. It has a classy and stylish design and comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 90 days. It is available in sizes 7 through 10. It is priced at ₹ 2,999.00 and is available on Amazon.

El Paso Men Brown Derbys

Derbys are stylish with shoelace eyelets sewn on top of the vamp. The El Paso brand is known for its elegant and stylish derbys. This pair of derbys has a round toe with a regular styling. The upper is made of synthetic leather, and it also has a cushioned foot-bed. The outsole is patterned and textured and has a comfortable insole.

The product comes in sizes 6 through 10. It is available at a heavily discounted price of ₹ 877.00 and is available on Myntra. There is a 3 month manufacturer's warranty on the product. There are EMI options available starting at only ₹ 41.00 per month. The website has easy returns and exchange policies too.

Aldo Men Black Solid Leather Formal Derbys

Aldo is a globally renowned fashion brand. It also provides fashionable footwear with the latest designs. It is among the leading global footwear brands with a reach in over 100 countries. This pair of round-toed black derbys from Aldo could be worn to your office. It has a leather upper and has a stacked heel. This pair also has a textured rubber outsole and cushioned foot-bed.

You must clean the shoe properly with a leather conditioner to ensure more durability. It is made of rubber, and the premium quality shoe is priced at ₹ 13,999.00 and is available on Myntra. The website also has easy return policies.

Knight and Bond Moriarty Double-Strap Monks


Knight and Bond is a renowned brand for lifestyle accessories, and its range of footwear is also known for its exquisite craft and design. This classic double strap monk shoes from the Knight and Bond stable is known for its signature elegance. It is made from premium quality high-grain leather and provides an air of sophistication and is also known to be comfortable to wear.

This cherry coloured double strap shoe has a brush-off upper leather and has a Mexican moulded handcrafted leather sole. The heel is made of leather and high-grade Masonite. The shoe has brass buckles that give it the elegance it needs. It also has a leather lining on the sides to make it more comfortable for you. The shoe is available in sizes 6 through 12. It is priced at ₹ 5,945.00 and is available on Elitify. The website also allows easy EMI options starting from ₹ 288.00.

Carlton London Men Black Perforated Leather Formal Monks

Carlton is a well-known fashion brand that also has a specialised line of footwear. They are favourites to be worn on any occasion. This pair of black square toe monks could be your choice of footwear when you go out to your office. It is made from rubber and has a solid pattern with buckle fastening. You must avoid washing the shoes but use a branded leather conditioner instead, to improve the durability of the product. It is available in sizes 6 through 11 and is priced at ₹ 2,596.00 on Myntra which also allows easy EMI options starting from ₹ 122.00 per month.

Dmodot Tan Leather Brogues

Many of you would prefer tanner leather brogues, and this pair could be one of your choices. The Dmodot brand is known for its reliable and durable range of footwear products. They can pair with trousers of any colour. They are made of pure leather in a colour that is sleek and is quite comfortable to wear as well. They are made of Tannino to enhance your personality at the workplace.

The shoes have a nicely burnished tan and are made of crushed leather and a leather sole. Patrons must note that these must not be washed but cleaned with a dry cloth. They are available in sizes 6 through 11 and priced at ₹ 4,999.00 on MensXP.

Mochi Men's Leather Brogues


Mochi is a renowned footwear brand in the country and is known for its sleek designs, including some of the best ones for men's brogues. They make brogues in several colours, and some of them are quite unconventional too. You can get the brogues across a range of sizes and elegant designs. You can also choose a variety of brogues from Mochi based on your budget.

This pair is made of synthetic material and has a slip-on closure along with laces. It is available at a heavily discounted price of ₹ 1,995.00 and can be bought online on Amazon. There is a product warranty of 90 days. The shoes can be allowed to be in the air to ensure deodorisation.

Black Derby Shoes

Metro Shoes produce some of the best shoes in the country and the name has a dashing assortment of colours and designs of shoes. They provide excellent footwear from among its renowned brands. They also have a wide range of derbys that are elegant and durable too.

This pair of black derbys from Metro Shoes is available in sizes up to 12. They have a lace-up closure, and both the inner and outer materials are made from leather. It has a PU sole that makes it light, resistant to abrasion and water-resistant. This derby is priced at ₹ 2,985.00 and is available on Metro Shoes.

Red Tape Men's Leather Chukka Boots


Chukka boots are gradually becoming a rage in the formal office environment too. The Red Tape brand is synonymous with high-quality footwear that is within your budget. Chukka boots are a welcome change in style and have detailing on the uppers with laces and eyelets. Chukka boots can be worn for both formal and casual occasions and are a welcome addition to your accessories.

This pair of leather chukka boots from Red Tape is light brown and made from leather. It has a leather closure and is available in sizes 6 through 11. You must use a good-quality brush to clean your shoes. The cleaning must be done with a leather shampoo or a leather cleaner. It is priced at ₹ 1,847.00 and is available on Amazon. It comes with a 90-day product warranty from the manufacturer.

Escaro Men’s Leather Chukka Boots


The Escaro chukka boots are semi-formal shoes that can be your choice if you are looking for casual shoes for men. It uses premium quality leather that makes it strong and durable. The shoe has an inner layer that prevents smelling and cools your feet at the same time. The leather has a stylish and classy look and has a lace closure. It is lightweight and is available in three colours. It can also be worn to the office, but you need to clean it properly. The shoe is available in sizes 7 through 10. It is priced at ₹ 3,499.00 and is available on Amazon.

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Choose Your Business Casual Shoes Carefully

If you are looking forward to buy casual shoes for the office then you should choose them carefully considering the latest trends and important factors as described in this guide. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which casual shoes would be the perfect one for your work environment. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.