30 Best Room Fresheners in 2022  to Make Your Surroundings Smell Delightful and Appealing!

30 Best Room Fresheners in 2022 to Make Your Surroundings Smell Delightful and Appealing!

Fragrant aromas work wonders for inducing a sense of well-being and uplift your mood. A must-have for any space you spend a lot of time in, room fresheners are useful to banish any unwanted odours and create a pleasant atmosphere. The right freshener can indeed make all the difference every time you enter the area. To start you off, we've listed 30 popular options. Please have a look:

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Create the Right Mood with the Best Room Fresheners

Room fresheners are today a pervasive feature in indoor environments such as offices, hospitals, houses, workplaces, transportation, and other care facilities. They are meant to spread the right fragrance and create an welcoming ambience. You will find a whole plethora of aromas on offer so the fragrance wafting around gives an experience of being around something pleasant such as musk, flowers, pine trees or a soothing forest.

In India, you'll find religious spots such as temples or other spiritual places have heavenly fragrances that feel uplifting that to widespread use of incenses. And, we too, are trying our best to get that same vibe to our residential places via buying the best room fresheners available in the market. This guide will take you through a list of the 30 best room freshener sprays, plug-ins, or humidifiers available in India with their respective pricing.

And, yes, these products are unique as we’ve collected them after long hours of research analysis based on various factors such as type of fragrance, ingredients used, and, most importantly, user reviews. So looking for the best room fresheners in India is not a daunting task with our guide. So, let’s jump into this pool of products without any further delay!

How Do I Choose the Best Room Freshener Spray?

Keeping in mind that a room freshener is the handiest thing to combat unwanted smells, don't just compromise on buying any room freshener spray without looking for certain essential elements as defined below.

Figure Out What Type You Want First

Room fresheners are available in many forms to uplift your mood. Most of the room fresheners available on the market are categorized depending upon their usage, fragrance, convenience, and design.
So, let’s explore what’s in their division first!

Room freshener sprays are the most common types of room fresheners available. You will find these the most convenient air fresheners available.

One of the products that come to the list is gel-like room fresheners. They are jelly-like substances placed at the concerned place to spread the suitable molecules into the air. Then, plug-in room fresheners can be plugged into an electric socket. And other common forms of fresheners are scented oils, diffusers, or humidifiers. Our products also cover around these types, and we've reviewed the best products among these categories below.

Go for the Right Flavor or Scent!

Among the array of scented room fresheners available, choose the one that you like the most! All major brands have room fresheners available in different aromas. Take a look at the whole range and pick something that feels familiar first. If you are the adventurous kind, look for new options as well such as patchouli.

Consider the Usage Areas

As we've already mentioned, the different types of room fresheners available, the primary decision you need to take among these types is to consider the concerned areas of usage. For instance, you will have to buy separate car fresheners if you use them in your car via an automatic mode. And, for your ease, we've looked explicitly for the best room freshener for the office, for bedroom, for general home usage, and for bathrooms. We have also identified great options for cars. If you are a smoker then you will definitely feel the need to have a freshener on hand to banish away fumes. Each has its specific sections below to check out!

Check Warranty

You need to essentially check the warranty period of a specific room freshener too! Better avoid using or buying the product with a warranty period coming soon. And, don’t hesitate to contact customer support immediately if you’ve already got an expired product.

Check the Packaging and Seal Too!

You need to check the packaging and seal before and after you’ve bought the product. This is very important and should always be kept in mind while buying any product online or offline.

30 Best Room Freshener in India 2022

Source ccrhindia.org

The selection of the best room freshener sprays in India is no longer limited to fragrances like rose, jasmine, and sandalwood, especially when brands provide you with a list of nature-inspired fragrances such as flower scents, herbs, fruits, and so on. To help you serve with the top-notch fragrance, we have enlisted the top 30 room fresheners in India 2022 sorted into different categories according to the location you’re looking to be scented!

Best Room Freshener for Home

It’s nobody’s favorite to live or work in a smelly place, so having the best room fresheners for the home should be your handy thing always!

1. Ambi Pur Air Effect Floral Room Air Freshener

Source www.nykaa.com

The very thing that has attracted us to this room freshener is the type of applicator and fragrance they offer in such a budget range. It is a 2-in-1 product that not only sprays fragrance throughout but helps eliminate any malodors if present in the concerned area. Moreover, the product is non-flammable and entirely safe to use, unlike other fragrances involving alcohol content to cause a fire. Get this Ambi Pur Air Effect floral room freshener spray at Nykaa for just Rs. 265.

2. Godrej Ezee Air Spray

Source www.amazon.in

It’s morning; misty meadows enlighten your day from the beginning and have a long-lasting presence. Well, you have six fragrance options available to explore throughout! It is a 240ml bottle that you can get for just Rs. 149 at Amazon. Its applicator is also designed with an easy push mechanism, and the overall packaging is elegantly designed to compliment your living places. Moreover, you can spray it anywhere, from the bedroom, living room, and workspaces, to other public spaces. However, it doesn’t contain any disinfectant to be used for hygiene. Even though it’s a spray, you have other product lines from the same brand, such as aer matic, aer pocket, aer twist, and aer click.

3. Odonil Room Freshening Gelz Jasmine Fantasy

Source www.nykaa.com

This comes with a different applicator of room freshener by Odonil. Regards to the company, it’s a popular sub-brand of the famous ayurvedic and natural products company, Dabur, which is based in India. These pocket fresheners help keep your room smelling like roses even all day. We’d like to recommend this applicator in congested areas like your store rooms etc. Buy this single pack of room freshening gel for just Rs. 72 at Nykaa.

4. Odonil Room Spray Rose Garden

Source www.nykaa.com

Now, we’re available with a room freshener spray applicator by Odonil. It’s in the Rose Garden fragrance, and a 171ml bottle costs you just Rs. 108 at Nykaa. It’s again a multipurpose freshener spray that you can use in different places like cars, bedrooms, closed workspaces, or living areas. We hope that your dull mood can freshen up with this spray, which not only spreads good odours but also eliminates the bad ones.

5. Chakra Series Aroma Diffuser Kit with Set of 7 Chakra Oils

It is a special diffuser kit with seven chakra essential oils. It is a 2-in-1 product that involves a diffuser and a humidifier. And the supplier has clearly instructed the usage, placement, and duration of pouring essential oils into this set for maximum results. Furthermore, it is a multipurpose aroma diffuser that you can place in other areas such as offices. Get this set of a premium set of premium fragrances along with the holder for Rs. 8,450 at Ek Am Online.

Best Room Freshener for Bedrooms

A pleasant indoor environment, especially for your bedroom, is a must with these best room fresheners available specifically or generally for bedrooms below!

6. Reed Diffuser Set French Vanilla

Nothing would be good to compliment your bedroom aesthetics with this reed diffuser french set of vanilla fragrances! It is a 175ml oil that comes in a glass bottle along with the eight reeds. The supplier has provided clear instructions on using the product for your convenience. Also, it’s the most natural way of spreading fragrance. We recommend setting or placing these reed diffusers in a high-traffic area of your bedroom where people frequently pass by. It will give better results.

And, it would be ideal if you take it as a bouquet and use it in your bedroom, which looks aesthetically pleasing too! Get this set of reed diffusers for just Rs. 1,450 at The Fragrance People.

7. Driftwood Premium Room Freshener

It is another premium 100ml room freshener available at Ek Am Online for just Rs. 449. The fragrance is driftwood which you may not find in other brands. It helps keep your space inviting, warm, powdery, fresh, and a little woody to calm your mood. Furthermore, the supplier has defined its fragrance in three notes: the top notes of citrus, fresh, and green; the middle notes of cotton, Muguet, and rose; and the bottom notes of woody, powdery, and musky.

8. Bath & Body Works Black Conical Wallflowers Fragrance Plug

Source www.nykaa.com

Offering a different applicator mode room freshener with this product from Bath and Body Works you just have to plug it into a socket and see the magic happens! Since it’s a plug applicator, it will last longer than others. Also, the freshener is designed quite decent to compliment your bedroom aesthetics further. And, we feel it is one of the convenient methods just to plug in the room freshener and have a relieving breath all day or all night. This fragrance plug is available for just Rs. 799 on Nykaa.

9. Wild Blueberry & Vanilla Diffuser

This is another reed diffuser set with a different flavour. So, if you guys are also obsessed with the fragrance of wildflowers and vanilla, go no further than this one! This 100ml reed diffuser is available for Rs. 699 at The Maevastore. Well, we are a bit skeptical about if reeds are also available with the diffuser, which you can simply enquire through the seller online before buying:)

Best Room Freshener for Office Rooms/Cubicles

No successful business can go long ahead in its journey without having a pleasant smell! Check out the best office fragrances below and improve the performance and mood of your employees.

10. Wax Sachet Air Freshener - Lavender

This lavender wax sachet air freshener is available for just Rs. 730 at Zwenda. Well, what’s unique about this product is that you just need to hang and simply sit to smell its sweet fragrance. As the name says, it’s a piece of wax or natural beeswax with loaded natural fragrances. Along with the lavender, it also has the goodness of musk and lemongrass essence. Each wax tablet comes with a rope loop and lasts for around 3-4 months maximum, which is a good deal in such a price range.

11. Natural Fragrance Brown Cair Air Purifier Box

Source amala.earth

It’s another room freshener with little to zero hassle involved. This air purifier box of natural fragrances is available for just Rs. 1,000 amla.earth. It is an activated charcoal fragrance of bamboo, further infused with other natural fragrances such as fruits or smoothies. So, it’s the perfect fit to buy if you also love to be around natural fragrances that are even more natural, like fruits, as mentioned.

12. Rose Room Freshener

As we all know, that rose as a fragrance can never go out of fashion, and so is this freshener! It is a 100ml pack that you can simply spray over the concerned area, which is the office, by holding the bottle upright. You can buy this rose room freshener spray for just Rs. 899 at The Fragrance People.

13. Apothecary Restore Room Spray

This room freshener spray is a nice blend of essential oils such as cedar wood, eucalyptus, lavender, geranium, and more. And this 100ml bottle is available for just Rs. 599 at Marks and Spencer online store. Moreover, all the blends of essential oils give you a calming or soothing fragrance and uplift your mood. Also, the application is relatively easy as you just have to spray it over the concerned area while you clean the room or before the guests come as a welcoming fragrance.

14. Victorian Vase Reed Diffuser

Let’s feel royal with this victorian vase reed diffuser set! One of our aesthetically pleasing choices is available in different fragrance options, namely the china rose, lavender, blue ocean, winter jasmine, fresh-cut lemon, and stargazing lily. Its 110 gm oil pack with ceramic base is available for just Rs. 599 at The June Shop. Also, it serves as an excellent gift option too!

Best Room Freshener for Bathroom

To experience positivity, fragrance, and cleanliness, having the best room fresheners, sprays, or other pocket gels in your bathroom space is a must!

15. iMee- Long Lasting Air Fresheners

Source www.amazon.in

Another range of long-lasting air fresheners is offered by iMee in fragrances such as peach, jasmine, or aqua. It is also a multipurpose spray; you can buy a pack of five 225ml bottles for less than Rs. 300 With the push spray mechanism, it is convenient to use too!

16. Air Freshener Lavender & Neem

Another range of exciting brands offers you chemical-free air freshener sprays within a reasonable budget. Thus, if you are also surrounded by small kids in your house and are looking for some safer options, this one is worth a try! It is a lavender and neem air freshener 300ml spray bottle which you can buy for just Rs. 765 at Koparo Clean. And you can buy up to 3 bottles from the supplier online.

17. Natural Room Fresheners (Pack of 5)

This is a pack of herbal or natural room fresheners with infused essential oils. You can buy up to 5 scents of a 250ml pack each at just Rs. 1,069 from Herbal Strategi Online store. Furthermore, it’s an eco-friendly option without any respiratory discomfort or side effects on your health. Thus, these air freshener sprays are one of the safest options worth considering. You can use this product for office premises too.

18. Herbal Room Disinfectant & Freshener - White Lily

Here's your best fit available to disinfect your bathroom and cover it with a fragrant smell! It is a pack of Herbal Room Disinfectants plus room fresheners by the herbal strategy online store. Its 1-litre pack costs Rs. 627, which you can also buy in variants of 250ml, 500ml, and five litres. It contains a mix of some great oils such as white lily, Nimba oil, and devadaru oil. It also eliminates musty and stale odours from the concerned spaces. However, the product may contain flammable compounds, so you need to keep it away from exposure to direct sunlight or avoid children or things like eye contact with this spray.

Best Room Freshener for Smokers

There are separate room fresheners available to eliminate the cigarette smoke smell, and we have them listed and reviewed below. So, let’s explore the content without any further delay!

19. The Cleaning Guys Anti-Smoke Odour Removing Spray and Air-Purifier

Source www.amazon.in

It is an anti-smoke 100ml air purifier spray bottle which you can buy for just Rs. 399 at Amazon. This is a special spray to eliminate cigarette smoke odor by neutralizing the odor. Moreover, the spray doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or masking fragrances and is just a non-toxic product to eliminate the foul odor. You can use it anywhere from the lobby, cars, hotels, kitchens, closets, and other concerned locations.

20. Godrej Aer Musk After Smoke Home Air Freshener Spray

Source www.amazon.in

Godrej is one of the famous brands with various product lines, and here, we are reviewing its special smoke remover air freshener spray! You can get two bottles of 300ml each at Amazon for just Rs. 190 which is a great deal in terms of both budget and quality. Moreover, it’s a multicoloured spray, which is long-lasting, easy to use, and available in six other designer fragrances. As the name says, it spreads musk fragrance after cigarette smoke which is legit and not too heavy to smell.

21. Godrej Aer Matic Kit - Automatic Air Freshener with Flexi Control Spray

Source www.amazon.in

Indulge in the fragrance and freshness of lavender with this Godrej Aer Matic automatic air freshener kit. It comes with a Flexi control spray, and you can also get four refreshing fragrance options from the suppliers. So, choose the fragrance that you love the most! The refill comes with a 225ml pack which you can buy for just Rs. 521 along with the applicator at Amazon.

22. AIR-Roma Musk Essence Premium Air Freshener for Home & Office - Long-Lasting Fragrance

Source www.amazon.in

It is a musk essence long-lasting fragrance to remove smoke odour by the brand AIR-ROMA. It comes in a pack of 200ml spray bottles, which you can buy for just Rs. 219 at Amazon India online store. The packaging and design of the spray bottle also look great to spray in different areas like bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, wardrobes, etc.

Best Room Freshener for Pets

Air fresheners can be dangerous for pets' health unless you select or buy them with proper guidance in terms of ingredients and usage. Use them within limits and try to buy only chemical-free sprays.

23. Goofy Tails Activated Charcoal (Ultra Adsorb) Fresheners for Pets and Pet Owners

It is a special freshener designed for pets and pet owners by the brand Goofy Tails. Also, the application is super easy as you will get two bags filled with 100% natural coconut shell charcoal and waste wood. It is a non-toxic, eco-friendly, and reusable method generally hung near the place of foul odour. And, you need to keep it in the sun every week for regeneration. Get a pack of two freshening powders for just Rs. 412.50 at Goofy Tails.

24. WAFF Ocean Air Freshener

It is another non-flammable, non-toxic, non-alcoholic, and natural air freshener by the brand WAFF. A neutralizer is also added to the spray to eliminate foul odours. There’s no gas, and it’s ideal for nasal sensitivity too. Overall, it’s also suitable for pets, provided you still need to use it in moderation. Get this multi-purpose 275ml pack of air freshener for just Rs. 225 at Waff Products online store.

25. Pet House Pet Friendly Freshening Room Spray in 6 Fragrances

Source www.amazon.in

It is a pet house refreshing room spray for less than Rs. 300 at the Amazon online store. The product was initially designed and built in the USA while keeping all the highest quality standards of non-toxicity. The safe formula also contains a neutralizer for eliminating bad smells such as odours from litter boxes, wet dogs, hamster cages, etc.

26. Odopro Dog Deodorant Perfume Spray Long Lasting Cat Pet

Source www.amazon.in

It is a pack of two dog deodorants designed especially for smelly dogs. It deletes unpleasant odors and leaves behind a refreshing fragrance. As it’s designed for dogs, it is tearless, alcohol-free, organic, and thus safe to use on your pet’s coat and skin. Buy this 200ml pack of spray for just Rs. 384.46 at the Amazon India online store.

Best Room Freshener for Cars

To refreshen up, lift mood, and neutralize foul odors, it’s great to use the best room fresheners for cars, as discussed below!

27. Car Aroma Diffuser with Golden Oudh Car Fragrance Oil

You can buy this car aroma diffuser set at Ek Am Online store for just Rs. 1,750. Let’s now check what’s in it! It is a 2-in-1 set involving both a diffuser and a humidifier. It’s also easy to use in your car as you just have to plug it within the cigarette holder and then operate it with simple touch gestures. This fragrance oil applicator is also designed elegantly with an adjustable angle bracket. Since it comes with a socket charger, it can also be used as an external power supply for your other gadgets. Overall, it’s a good deal regarding the operation, quality, and design.

28. Involve One Citrus Organic Leak Proof Car Perfume(40 g)

As the name signifies, it’s a leak-proof car perfume available in a 40g pack, and you can buy it for just Rs. 348 at Price Dekho. It contains a pleasant citrus scent with a refreshing vibe. And the best part about this product is its long-lasting nature, and you can get results for up to 6 months. Moreover, it’s made in India according to the Indian weather. So, grab this excellent product right now!

29. Godrej Aer Twist Cool Surf Blue Car Freshener

Here’s a turn to review another masterpiece for car freshener by Godrej. It is a diffuser that comes in oceanic fragrance with a quantity of around 45g. It is unique because it’s a gel formula where you don’t have to worry about any manual application or spillage that may ruin your car’s cleanliness. We personally love this kind of function too in a car freshener. And, it’s best to try it before making further decisions! Get its single pack for just Rs. 319 at Flipkart.

30. 3003BC Wagenlov Magical Musk Organic Car Freshener

It is again a simple application car freshener without any hassle of spillage. This musk organic car freshener in a pack of 30g is available for just Rs. 300 at Flipkart. And the product involves two unique cakes of 15 grams each, which is unique packaging. Furthermore, it complies with international quality standards and offers you a long-lasting scent for at least 1.5 months.

What is the Importance of an Air Freshener? Are There Any Disadvantages Too?

Even after knowing that a fragrance can have many disadvantages, we still love to use it, right? Well, there’s nothing wrong with this choice as luckily we’re available with excellent options of the best room fresheners in the market. They are not only non-toxic and chemical-free but help eliminate bad smells from the concerned places too! Moreover, you get a lot of variety in terms of application, and packaging, which is worth considering, especially when you have to use it for the long term and looking at factors such as location, presence of kids, or pets in the house.

And, speaking of disadvantages, they are primarily found in chemical-filled options like toxic air fresheners. But we’ve selected only the best and safest product for the audience above after long hours of research, so you’re good to go with these!

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Read Manual for Guidance

There are some room fresheners that have very limited uses. If it says it can be used anywhere, users are free to use it anywhere. However, where a specific use is clearly mentioned, the user must strictly follow this. Use the manual to get step-by-step installation instructions. Users should also be aware of possible side effects from repeated use of room fresheners.