Wondering What Diwali Gift Your Friends and Family Would Love to Have? Surprise Them with These Awesome Customized Diwali Gifts Ideas (2021)

Wondering What Diwali Gift Your Friends and Family Would Love to Have? Surprise Them with These Awesome Customized Diwali Gifts Ideas (2021)

Diwali is the festival of lights celebrated by people in a grand manner. Make it more special for your friends and family members by gifting unique customised Diwali gifts like cushions, photo frames, key rings, and wall clock, etc, to add a personal touch to your gifts. These gifts will certainly make your dear ones feel valued and bring an instant smile on their face.

Diwali Gifting: A Time to Spread Joy!

Diwali is here, and so are the preparations. One of the major tasks for Diwali is to get gifts for the people you care. You can either get them traditional gifts or turn simple gifts into special gifts by getting them customised for them. We have tried to compile a list of great Diwali gifts for you, which can be customised easily, and you can buy them online or send them directly to the recipient's home but first, let us see why getting personalised gifts is a good idea.

Importance and Reasons of Giving Customised/Personalised Gifts

Giving gifts is a way to exchange wishes and messages to your loved ones on special occasions. People have been exchanging gifts since the very beginning, and when given a personalised gift, it brings a lot of joy as it shows the amount of thought put in the gift. A personalised gift instantly turns a simple gift into something personal. These customised gifts can have names or pictures of the receiver to make it special for them. People are now opting for these customised gifts as the first thing to give to their loved ones for many reasons like:-

  • 1. It is said that a gift shows that you thought about the receiver and spent some time on it to make it special for them. You can find these personalised gifts easily in the market and online as well. Things like home decor, utensils, jewellery, or even a smartphone case can be easily personalised by having their names or photos printed on them. These gifts are kept as a memory for a long time and are cherished.

  • 2. Most of the gifts just sit in a corner in a room or are recycled, but when you get a personalised gift, you tend to keep it close to your heart as well as show it off. Each time you look at your gift, it reminds you of the person who got you the gift; therefore, if you want to make your gift unforgettable, then it would be great to get it customised before gifting it.

  • 3. Personalised gifts also help in making a personal connection. Making a gift yourself or having it customised creates a special bond and shows it. It shows that the person you are getting it for it special to you, and that is the reason you took the extra step of making it special for them.

  • 4. Your gift might get lost on a table full of gifts unless it is customised. You can get flowers or candies like many others, but when you opt for a personalised gift, it stands out in the crowd immediately.

  • 5. A personalised gift has a picture or a quote with the name of the receiver on it, which creates a long-lasting impression and makes the gift a memory for a lifetime. It instantly reminds you of the fun times you spent with that friend and what you two mean to each other.

Cool Customised Diwali Gifts You Can Gift Your Family or Friends

Sia Personalised Diwali Candle

Since we are talking about Diwali's customised gifts, getting personalised Diwali candles can be a great gift for your friends. Candles are not just beautiful but show the importance of light in a person's life. It also shows that you wish your friend a perfect Diwali blessed by the light of God. This beautiful personalised Diwali candle from Sia can make a perfect gift. It is a handmade candle with traditional motifs and a peepal leaf on it. It is made of natural soy wax with lasts longer than normal candles. You can have up to three names engraved on the candle and make it special for a family. This candle burns for 22 hours and will remind your friend of you each time she lights it. You can buy this special gift for Rs. 690 from giftsoflove.in.

Happy Diwali Personalised Cushion

If you are looking for a great personalised gift for your mom this Diwali, you can check out the Happy Diwali personalised cushion. You can have a complete family picture printed on it, and she will fall in love with it. She can place it on her special chair and enjoy this cosy feel while reading her favourite book and watching her serial on TV. The cushion will remind her of your love for her, and will thank you for it each time she looks at it. The cushion can be bought for just Rs. 599 from www.archiesonline.com.

Photo Printed Laptop Bag

Are you looking for a special gift for your wife? Why not get her a personalised laptop bag this Diwali? This beautiful laptop bag is made with high-quality velvet and is very stylish. She can easily put a 15.6-inch laptop in it and flaunt it among her friends. You can have her picture or her favourite person's picture on it to make it unforgettable for her. It will keep her laptop safe and make her look trendy in her collage in her office. This laptop bag can be bought for Rs. 599 from www.printvenue.com. You have to upload the picture of your choice online and order it for her and watch her face light up when she sees it.

8 Photos Table Clock

If you feel that your parents feel lonely at home and want to make this Diwali special for them you can get them this unique 8 photo table clock. This is a perfect gift for people you really care for. You can add in 8 pictures of your family and make it a memorable gift for them. They would love to keep it in their living room and look at it each time they think of their kids and family members. The clock is made with a premium matt finish and is waterproof. You can order it for Rs. 999 from www.zestpics.com.

Etching Pooja Thali Small

Diwali brings in a lot of festivities and a whole lot of pooja preparations. The one most important thing for pooja is a pooja thali. Giving a personalised pooja thali can be a perfect gift for Diwali. This small etching pooja thali will make a perfect gift for your friends. It is made with high-quality steel and is silver in colour. It has a beautiful print engraved on it, making it perfect to be kept in your temple at home. It is big enough to place your dia, incense stand, and kumkum holder on it. You can have your family name engraved on it and make it special. It can be bought for Rs. 1,599 from www.promotionalwears.com.

Personalised Colourful Playing Cards

Diwali is incomplete without playing cards. Did you know that gambling on Diwali is related to Lord Shiva and Parvati? The Parvati played dice with Shiva, and this scene can be seen sculpted at Kailash temple in Ellora. During the game, Goddess Lakshmi promised them that whoever gambled on Diwali night would be blessed by her and prosper throughout the year. This had lead people to play a friendly game of cards on Diwali night, and this ritual is followed across India. Gifting a personalised set of playing cards can be the best gift for Diwali for friends and family members. This beautiful set of cards comes with colourful Diwali lights printed on it, and you can add your recipient's name below the Diwali wish. Your friends will smile as they open this gift from you and remember you when you use it to please Lakshmi. You can buy this set for Rs. 349 from www.printland.in.

Bright Diwali Personalised Mug

So, your husband is a coffee lover, and you want him to remember you each time he takes a sip of his favourite coffee in his office, then why not get him a personalised coffee mug for Diwali. Mugs are a great gift as they are compact and can be used in various ways. He can either drink his coffee in it or simply place it on his table to keep his pens in it. The mug has beautiful Diwali lights printed on it, and you can add a picture of you or the whole family on it for him to make him smile during his busy workday. He would love to show it off to his co-workers as well. You can order this mug through www.archiesonline.com for Rs. 349 only and make him a happy hubby.

Custom Festive Satin Gift Bag

How can we forget about sweets or sweet things when it comes to Diwali? Diwali cannot be celebrated without sweets, and buying or gifting traditional sweets from the market is a little out of style. If you want to send sweet gifts for friends or family members or even to the family's kids, you can buy this festive satin gift bag this Diwali and make them very happy. The gift bag contains different flavoured Dairy milk chocolates and a beautiful brass Diya with it. The gift pack comes in packed in a gorgeous satin bag and makes it look very festive. This gift can be bought for Rs. 750 from www.cadburygifting.in.

Titanium Plus Gold Plated Swiss Military Ball Pen

Let us not forget about corporate gifts for Diwali. Diwali does not mean giving family and friends gifts, but it is a good time to show your employees what they truly mean to you. Getting them personalised gifts for Diwali can make Diwali a little better for them. They will feel proud of being a part of your company and will appreciate your gesture. You can get this Titanium Plus Gold Plated Swiss military ball pen as a gift this season. The pen is made with brass with a diamond cut check pattern and has 24k Gold plated parts in it. Your employees will surely feel special and will thank you for this wonderful gift on Diwali. You can order a minimum of 10 pens at a time. Each pen is of Rs. 2,149 and comes with one year warranty against manufacturing defects. It can be bought from www.promotionalwears.com.

Customised Kids Face Mask

Diwali is a great time to get together with friends and family and have a blast but let us not forget about the safety measures we need to take due to the spread of Covid 19. This can be a great time to gift the kids of the family customised face masks to encourage them to wear them at all times. These are handmade masks made of 100% cotton, and you can design them however you like. They can be washed and reused, and the kids would love to have personal masks for them. You can buy them for Rs. 270 from Amazon.in.

Tips on Choosing Personalised Gifts

Getting gifts for people can be a task. You will have to invest your energy and time in buying perfect personalised gifts for your loved ones, so here are some tips that can help you buy good personalised gifts for your dear ones.

  • 1. Always remember the occasion for which you plan to buy a gift. It will make it easier for you to decide on what kind of gift you should get. When it comes to Diwali, it is always good to buy things that are related to Diwali and festivities to make it specific.

  • 2. Try to buy gender-specific gifts. You would not want to buy a pink laptop bag for your brother or a beer mug for your mom. There are tons of gifts available for specific gender as long as you do proper research.

  • 3. Try not to buy traditional gifts; they get bored or get recycled. Think of creative or unique gifts that show a person's style and personality. It could be a favourite music CD, a book they would love, and simply a personalised keychain for your biker, bro.

  • 4. Personalised gifts need time. You have to do proper research, and they come out to be perfect gifts. If you are planning to buy it during a festival, you should check to see if it is available and will reach you on time.

  • 5. Also, check for return policies. A personalised gift cannot be exchanged or returned in case you are not able to give it to the person intended. Remember, it is an investment, and you'll have to bear the cost in a situation like this, so spend wisely.

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Step up Your Gifting Game This Festival Season with Diwali Customised Gifts! They are Unique Yet Quite Useful and Will Be Well Appreciated by The Receiver.

Diwali is the biggest festival in India, you would see bright lights everywhere because this is the festival of lights. This is also the festival of forgetting all darkness and starting a life of new zest, promise and positivity. Gifts play an important role in greeting people and improving the sweetness in relationships. We've come up with some beautiful custom gifts to celebrate Diwali. Personalized gifts are the way to convey your thoughts and feelings of love and respect in a unique and special way. Pick some from the collection of customised/ Personalised gifts and send your Diwali greetings to your loved ones.