Planning to Throw an Animal Themed Party? Check out the Most Amazing Animal Party Favours to Make Your Party a Memorable Experience (2020)

Planning to Throw an Animal Themed Party? Check out the Most Amazing Animal Party Favours to Make Your Party a Memorable Experience (2020)

So, you have decided to have an animal-themed party. Amongst all the planning and organizing you also need to remember to arrange for party favours that go along with your animal party theme. After all, you cannot see the guests off without animal party favours. If you are wondering what to do about it, then you have just landed at the right place. This BP Guide will show you some of the most amazing animal party favour ideas which will make your party a memorable experience for your guests and a spectacular success for you.

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Reasons to Give Party Favours

Match with the Decor

After you have sorted out the theme of your party, it is incredibly important to add a fine yet contrasting finish with some of the fantastic party favours listed below. It is up to you to decide how creative you want to be. One way to get creative is to match your party favours with the decor of your party. With these animal favours, you can either opt for a zoo animal party theme for your kid’s birthday, a cute jungle baby shower for a new mother, or a funky bachelorette party theme for your best friend. Regardless of whatever theme you choose, animal party favours are splendid items to match with your party’s decor. When all the fun is over, send your guests home with a one-of-a-kind party favour that matches your party theme. These favours will not only assist your guests to have added fun with contrasting gifts but will also help them relive the memories of that well-themed party of yours.

They are Gratitude Gifts

Party favours are an important means of communicating your gratitude to your guests that they took time out to select an appropriate gift for you and then actually participate in your party. This small token of your appreciation goes a long way in building strong and durable relationships with your friends and loved ones who were a part of your celebrations.

They are Expected

Party favours have gained such popularity in modern days that most people expect such gifts at the end of each party. Even if you plan your party in a fancy setting but don't give any favours, guests will start to leave as soon as boredom overcomes them. Such a situation will be awkward for you. To put it another way, party favours are an incentive for guests to stay and enjoy your party until the very end.

Also, kids always look forward to exciting gifts such as party favours. Not getting party favours may be fine by the elders, but kids usually expect these as they receive gifts at the end of other parties. You definitely would not want to disappoint your kid's friends after throwing a fantastic party. By giving away party favours you will also enhance your kid’s reputation in the eyes of his friends. This will certainly boost his morale.

10 Best Animal Party Favours

Little Chicken Fuzzy Socks

These soft, comfortable socks will keep your guests’ feet protected from the cold. In this way, they are the ideal party favours for the winters. If you can’t decide on one creative party favour, opt for socks since everyone uses them.

These fluffy cushion socks are made up of cotton towels. The animal design fluffy towel socks are free size and fit everyone. Get these pairs of socks and keep your guests cozy and warm with these adorable creatures. These socks are easy to wash and the high-quality fleece ensures high durability. The socks have a soft texture and have anti-skid properties. You can buy these for ₹ 350.00 from Mango People Shop.

Animal Ears Headbands

There are a lot of reasons for why headbands make a good party favour. Headbands fit adults as well as children. Furthermore, these headbands can be handed out at the end of the party and then used as a prop for a funky photoshoot!

These are perfect for baby showers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties and even pyjama parties. The velvet material gives them a festive outlook that appeals to all. Also, these come in a pack of three with prints of cheetah, lion and zebra. A red polka-dotted bow gives them a fine finish. You can buy these for ₹ 249.00 from Flipkart.

Hedwig Owl Mug

Mugs make excellent party favours. What is a better way of making someone remember you at the very beginning of their morning, while having coffee, than giving out mugs as party favours? Furthermore, people have a unique affinity for their mugs. This means that your party favour will play a vital role throughout your guest’s routine for years to come.

This 3D owl shaped coffee mug is the ideal present for someone who is a big fan of Harry Potter. It can carry about 350 ml of coffee and is portable. It is made of ceramic and has a classy Hedwig print as well. You can buy this for ₹ 699.00 from Zesta India.

iPhone Cable Protector Animal Bites

iPhone Cable Protector Animal Bites is an excellent party favour for those who have a broken charger wire or are tech-savvy individuals. These adorable cable protectors are a permanent solution to cable problems. You might have seen the lower side of your wire perpetually break. You might also have tried to bind it up with tape, but it did not work out in the long run. Fret no more! These animal protector bites can strengthen your guests’ cable wires before the cable reaches a point where it has to be discarded.

The users will only have to attach these adorable, silicone animal bites close to the connector area of their iPhone charger wire and never worry about buying a new cable. These cable bites are available in various lovable animal variants like a dog, shark, hippo, fish, panda, etc. You can buy these for ₹ 200.00 from Mango People Shop.

Peacock Metallic Key Chain

Key chains make for great party favours! With key chains, you’ll be finding the middle ground between practicality and something special that your guests can always have. Key chains are also very flexible to move around with. Also, people tend to have different key chains for different keys e.g. rooms, house, car, bags, etc. Therefore, a key chain won’t be one of the accessories that your guests already have enough.

The key chain highlights a peacock with a decorated frame. The feathers are gloss coated and ornamented. This metallic key ring with embellishments has a snap hook with double colour feathers and a glossy finish. It has an aesthetic colour scheme and is constructed from durable metal. You can buy this for ₹ 531.00 from Ali Express.

Butterfly Bracelet

A butterfly bracelet is a wonderful party favour for a plethora of reasons. You can pull it off on both western and Indian outfits. Bracelets are also timeless items. This means that your party favour will never become irrelevant to the changing trends.

The base metal used for this magnificent bracelet is sterling silver and it has a classic spring ring closure. Its length is 16 cm. Also, it inculcates rose gold plating for an exotic finish. The instructions that come with this bracelet include wiping it with a soft cloth after each use. Also, store it in a flat box to avoid any scratches. Last but not the least, do not soak it in water. You can buy this for ₹ 470.00 from Myntra.

Elephant Brooch

This exquisite little elephant brooch is a fantastic present for your guests. Even though brooches have a reputation of appearing a bit rusty, they are anything but antique. Your guests can match it with their festive outfits, and cherish you every time they do so. These brooches can also be paired with pastel sunglasses and a white sundress for a fantastic summer or spring look. This sparkling and beautiful elephant brooch is enough to spice up any outfit.

This elephant brooch is made of wood and is natural brown in colour. It is made of environmental-friendly material and is 16 x 25 mm in size. You can buy it for ₹ 299.00 from Geek Monkey.

Rooster Spoon Rest

The Rooster Spoon Rest is a very practical item to give out as a party favour. This spoon rest can be used to put candles and spoons, or can also be used as a sushi plate, tea-bag holder, candy dish, key holder, etc.

Furthermore, it is a very visually pleasing party favour. Your guests can adorn their kitchens with this spoon rest. It is constructed from high quality ceramic with dimensions of 24 x 12 x 3 cm. Do not forget to zoom in and have a glimpse at each of these birds! You can buy it for ₹ 750.00 from The Decor Kart.

Calm Rabbit Statue


This rabbit sculpture will be adored by artistic individuals. Sculptures are excellent party favours for they can be used to decorate any and every setting. Also, a mobile sculpture such as this can easily be shifted from one place to another according to the changing trends and mood of the owner. It adds a fresh touch to a rusty spot.

This serene metallic rabbit sculpture made of detailed and exquisite design and deep, vibrant and rich colours will be an eye-catching addition to your tabletops. The length of this metallic sculpture is 1.6 inches, and the width is 2 inches, whereas the height is 3.5 inches. The sculpture is a combination of solid resin, foundry cast miniature wildlife sculptures. You can buy it for ₹ 399.00 from Home 4 U.

Panda Bobble Head

A creative bobblehead is a party favour that your guests will assuredly have on their display for a long time. Who wouldn’t like a mini version of a panda welcoming them with a pleasant nod all the time? This adorable fluff ball panda comes with double-sided sticky tape that makes it simpler to stick on the car dashboard. It is made of poly-resin and is available in two forms, i.e. Ping Pong Panda or Basketball Hoopla Panda.

This panda is available in multiple variants. The length of this Sporty Panda Bobblehead is 9 cm, whereas its breadth is 6 cm. It is durable and safe for kids. You can buy it for ₹ 499.00 from Big Small.

Items That Go with Animal Party Favours

Panda Gift Box

What better finish to your party favour than a panda gift box? These light personalised gift boxes are ideal for your animal-themed party. These gift boxes come with a black polka dot band and personalised tag to add additional messages for your guests. It is also spacious. This means that you can add supplementary items such as notes, pictures, candies, gift cards, chocolates, and snacks in the gift box along with the party favour.

The dimensions of these gift boxes are 9.5 x 8.5 x 5.5 inches. They can take up to 3 kg of weight. You can buy this gift box for ₹ 850.00 from Mango People Shop.

Animal Ribbon

You can also embellish your gift boxes with the perfect animal ribbons. How to tie the animal ribbon? Place the gift box on the side that you want the final bow to be one. Stretch the ribbon over this side lengthwise. Flip this side over and cross the ribbon on the opposite side. Next, cover each end of the ribbon around the other and pull tightly. Flip the gift box again and pull the ribbon perpendicular to the previous wrap. Flip the box again to tie a knot. Finally, place a bow on the centre where all the ribbons intersect.

This printed satin animal ribbon is made of 100% polyester and is 10 meters long with a width of 1 inch.
You can buy this for ₹ 100.00 per roll from Premier Ribbons.

Party Animals Wrapping Sheets

You can either opt for a funky gift box such as the Panda Gift Box mentioned above or a plain box with a wrapping sheet. How to wrap these around your gift boxes? First, measure the wrapping paper you’ll need by rolling your gift box over the sheet so that you know that each side will be covered. Cut a bit more than the required sheet. Bend each side of the cut wrap paper over and tape the meeting sides. Now, fold each end one by one. Two triangles will be created. Bend the lower triangle up and upper triangle-down. Fasten these with tape. Perform the same steps on the other side. You’ve got a wrapped gift box ready!

This particular wrapping sheet is 100% paper, so it is entirely recyclable. You can buy this for ₹ 890.00 from The Paper Company.

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Party Favours are an Important Part of Your Celebrations

Party favours, although they may seem trivial to some, are an integral part of any party, particularly when it involves kids. Children always look forward to receiving interesting party favours at the end of the party and their celebrations are simply not over till they don't receive them. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you to decide which animal party favours you would like to arrange for your forthcoming animal themed party. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.