Are Electric Toothbrushes Better? Check out Your Ultimate Guide to Electric Toothbrushes – Their Types, Benefits, Plus Important Tips to Consider When Buying One (2021)

Are Electric Toothbrushes Better? Check out Your Ultimate Guide to Electric Toothbrushes – Their Types, Benefits, Plus Important Tips to Consider When Buying One (2021)

Electric toothbrushes are the latest advancement in oral healthcare and are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. If you are wondering whether you need to switch to an electric toothbrush or continue with your plain old manual one, this BP Guide will surely resolve your predicament. It will help you understand the various types of electric toothbrushes, their major pros and cons as compared to manual toothbrushes, their features and benefits, and finally, important tips to consider when you plan to buy one.

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Everything You Need to Know about Electric Toothbrushes

Taking care of your oral hygiene is just as important as taking care of your skin and hair. Your smile leaves an everlasting impression on the people you meet and yellow, dirty and stained teeth are definitely not a pretty sight. You all have been taught to brush your teeth twice everyday and now it can be done better by using an electric toothbrush. There are many misconceptions regarding electric toothbrushes, therefore, we have tried to sum up a few things to let you know that electric toothbrushes are an easy and effective way of cleaning your teeth and keeping your gums clean and healthy. There are essentially two types of electric toothbrushes in the market. They work on two different technologies:

  • Oscillating Toothbrushes:

    Oscillating toothbrushes have a small and round head which turns in one direction and then in the other direction in quick motion to clean your teeth. It is capable of making about 2,500 to 2,700 strokes per minute and the most common oscillating toothbrush is from Oral B. It is said that the rotating oscillating toothbrushes are more effective when it comes to removing plaque and preventing periodontal disease.

  • Sonic Toothbrushes:

    Sonic toothbrushes vibrate the brush and make about 30,000 to 40,000 strokes per minute. The head of these toothbrushes is shaped like a normal toothbrush. It is seen that sonic toothbrushes allow toothpaste, water and saliva into the areas in your mouth which cannot be reached by normal toothbrushes, therefore they clean the mouth thoroughly.

Now, the question arises that which one is better? As a matter of fact both these brushes clean your mouth very well and it truly depends on your preference and choice as to which one you want to use, as long as you change the head once every three months.

Are Electric Toothbrushes Better? We Give You the Pros and Cons

Before you decide to switch to an electric toothbrush you should consider some of the major pros and cons of both manual and electric toothbrushes to help you determine which one you would want to use:

  • Electric Toothbrush Pros:

    An electric toothbrush is easy to use if you know how to angle your brush correctly. It removes around 21% more plaque than a manual brush. If you have braces then you can clean them well with the help of an electric toothbrush and the sonic toothbrush is a better choice to do so.

  • Electric Toothbrush Cons:

    You will have to buy a new brush head every three months. You will also need to use it properly for it to be durable and last long. An electric toothbrush also requires access to and use of an electrical point as you need to charge it everyday. This brush also takes more space as you will have to keep a brush, charger, extra batteries, etc. with it, especially if you travel a lot.

  • Manual Toothbrush Pros:

    A manual toothbrush is easily accessible and affordable and you might even get a free one from your dentist. It won't take up too much space in your bathroom cabinet. You can find different types, colours and sizes in manual toothbrushes.

  • Manual Toothbrush Cons:

    You will have to learn to clean your teeth properly with a manual toothbrush plus keep an eye on your watch and brush for the amount of time needed to clean your teeth.

What are the Benefits of Using Electric Toothbrushes?

Here are some benefits of using an electric toothbrush which makes it a better choice:

  • It Removes Plaque Effectively:

    According to different studies it has been proven that an electric toothbrush removes plaque and gingivitis 21% more than a manual toothbrush. If you want to use an electric toothbrush for plaque removal then you should buy an oscillating toothbrush as it is more effective than the sonic ones for this particular purpose.

  • Easy to Use for People with Limited Mobility:

    An electric toothbrush is easy to use when compared to a manual toothbrush especially if you are not able to use your hands properly. People suffering with arthritis, carpal tunnel and other disabilities can use an electric brush easily for they won't have to use their hands and wrists to clean their teeth.

  • Easy to Use in General:

    To use a manual toothbrush you need to move it back and forth in your mouth along your teeth. You will also need to learn to clean different parts of your mouth and teeth in a particular motion for them to get cleaned nicely, whereas with an electric toothbrush it does all the work for you and gives you a squeaky clean mouth. You can also use an electric brush to clean your tongue like you use a manual brush.

  • It Causes Less Waste:

    You need to change both a manual and an electric toothbrush after a certain time, but if you use a manual toothbrush you will have to discard the whole brush and buy a new one for the whole family. If you use an electric toothbrush however you will only need to change the head and you can use it for a long time. This causes less plastic waste and keeps the environment a little safer.

  • It Improves Your Focus While Brushing:

    When using an electric toothbrush you need to focus on the angle you use it with. According to a trusted study it was found that people who use an electric toothbrush are more focused when brushing which helps them clean their teeth better. When using a manual toothbrush you simply work with your muscle memory and do not need to focus on how to use it, which may not clean your teeth properly.

  • Fun for Kids:

    Kids love toys and anything that amuses them, but a manual toothbrush just bores them. It is quite a task to get your kids to brush their teeth properly especially before going to bed. Giving them an electric toothbrush might turn brushing into a game for them and get them to clean their teeth with less hassles. An electric toothbrush is more engaging to your kid as long as you teach them how to use it properly. It also protects their gums as they won’t have to use harsh strokes on their delicate gums and risk causing damage to them.

  • Technology and Features:

    Electric toothbrushes come with convenient features like different brushing modes made for sensitive teeth or massaging actions. Some of them have pressure signals to tell you when you are putting too much pressure on your gums. They also have inbuilt timers for you to know when to stop brushing. They also have digital reminders to remind you to change the head. Some of them also come with Bluetooth connectivity to show you the improvement on how you brush your teeth. You can also choose a brush with multiple head compatibility and use the kind of bristles you prefer. All of this makes an electric toothbrush a better choice.

  • It is Safer for Your Gums:

    An electric toothbrush comes with a built-in timer therefore you know exactly when to stop brushing. It is also easy to use and tells you when you are putting extra pressure on your gums, therefore an electric toothbrush is comparatively safer for your gums and promotes overall oral health.

5 Tips on Buying an Electric Toothbrush

By now you have seen the advantages and disadvantages of an electric toothbrush, and if you are convinced that an electric toothbrush is a good buy then read these tips to get the best one:

  • Remember to check the size of the brush head before buying it. You can find them in various sizes and the best one is 1 inch tall and ½ inch wide to clean your mouth well. A large brush head makes cleaning the mouth harder and uncomfortable for most people. It is also hard to reach the molars and in the back of your mouth. Also, look for a brush with a comfortable grip and make brushing your teeth pleasurable rather than a burden.

  • Look for the stiffness of the bristles when buying a brush. You can find brushes with soft, extra soft, medium and hard bristles. Check with your doctor and buy the one recommended by him to clean your mouth without damaging the enamel or the gums.

  • It is recommended to buy an oscillating toothbrush as it properly moves around the mouth to clean the teeth and gums. A vibrating toothbrush may not be able to clean the mouth that well, according to some researchers.

  • Look for a brush which is ADA approved. It will ensure the quality of the brush you are using. An ADA approved toothbrush has safe tips and comes with a strong handle. It also cleans plaque effectively.

  • Try to buy a brush with a refund policy as you may not find the perfect brush the first time. A refund policy will help you switch brushes to find the best one for you.
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An Electric Toothbrush is Important for Your Oral Health

Even though an electric toothbrush may appear expensive at the outset its numerous benefits and features far outweigh its disadvantages. We hope this BP Guide would have convinced you that an electric toothbrush is critical for your oral health and overall wellbeing, and you need to switch from your old manual toothbrush now. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.