Hunting for Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women(2022)?  These Curated 10 Gift Ideas are Sure to be A Hit with Her!

Hunting for Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women(2022)? These Curated 10 Gift Ideas are Sure to be A Hit with Her!

Whether is your wife, sister, daughter, female friend, coworker, a best friend or lady boss celebrating her 40th birthday, our extensive gift guide lets you explore various ideas and prices to ensure that you can find relevant presents for her birthday easily. Let’s dive in!

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What Makes 40th Birthday Special for Women?

Being 40 is such a mixed experience for any woman. Although she has accomplished so much till now suddenly she feels like the age is finally hitting her. All these sweet and sour emotions coming together makes a wonderful 40th birthday for a woman which must be celebrated differently than all other birthdays. This is why we bring you some unique gift ideas for a woman’s 40th birthday to make her feel special and loved.

Unique 40th Birthday Party Ideas for Women

Go Camping

Starting with the party ideas for the 40th birthday of a woman, the first one to suggest is to go camping. Rather than celebrating at home, you can take her out in the wilderness and celebrate her birthday with a twist amidst nature. You can plan this in advance with some of your common friends and go out camping together for an adventurous experience on her birthday.

Glamor Party

A glamour party is such an out-of-the-box idea to celebrate a woman’s 40th birthday. Whether it’s your wife or sister or a friend, you can throw her a glamour party with all her girlfriends together. Don’t make crossing 40 a dull and depressing moment for her. Rather encourage her to dress glamorously and go out clubbing or partying with her friends to feel like a teenager again.

Potluck Party

While you are looking for 40th birthday gift ideas for a female friend, you can rather plan a wholesome potluck party for her. Everyone can cook something different and you can provide a location and time to meet together and enjoy delicious food together. This can sound a little boring but it can actually turn out to be a very chill and heart event where she can get to meet all her loved ones at the same time.

Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Jade Roller Regime Kit

One of the most useful and de-stressing gift ideas for a woman’s 40th birthday is a Jade Roller Regime Kit. We found this superb kit by Mcaffeine which is all about de-stressing the skin and pampering it right. This is exactly what the woman in your life in her 40's.

Talking the kit includes coffee face serum, coffee oil-free face moisturizer, jade roller and a complimentary pouch to keep them all safely.

The caffeine-rich products are amazing in revitalizing skin cells and make them look a lot younger. And everyone already knows about the benefits of using a jade roller on the skin to make it look plumper and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The anti-inflammatory properties of the roller helps in relaxing the skin which is the sole purpose of this kit. You can buy this kit for your wife on M Caffeine for Rs. 2,170.

40 Reasons to Love You Gift


If you are not able to find something specific for your wife on her 40th birthday then you can give her this “40 Reasons Why I Love You” gift. Just like the name suggests, this gift is an excuse to tell your wife in 40 different ways why you love her so much.

This incredibly romantic gift is a perfect way to shower your love on your wife especially when she is turning 40. If your wife has any doubts that her age has anything to do with your love then this gift will clear her head.

This gift contains 40 wooden heart-shaped pieces which have all reasons written on them beautifully. The detailing and finishing of all pieces are incredibly fine. This beautiful gift pack is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,099.

Gold Bracelet

Keep your budget a little high if you are looking for the 40th birthday gift ideas for your wife. We have a perfect gift to suggest if you can spend a little extra on her gift. You can buy this beautiful gold bracelet from Tanishq for your beautiful wife.

There is nothing else in this world which can match her beauty but this gorgeous bracelet can dare a bit to come close. Crafted in 22k yellow gold, this bracelet showcases a beautiful and intricate design of hook-shaped pieces which are interconnected by an O-rings design.

This stylish bracelet has 4 such designs representing 40 years of her life and it can go perfectly well with all sorts of attires too. The bracelet comes with an S-hook closure and you can buy it on Tanishq for Rs. 3,4197.

Membership of a Course

Being a working woman and juggling work, family and personal life is surely a task for many women. Despite that, they just excel at everything they do with utmost grace. Amidst this chaos, you can help your wife/friend or anyone you know celebrating their 40th birthday master a new skill in life.

For that, you can gift her a course at Udemy. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give based on the current requirements at work.

You can find so many interesting courses on Udemy related to sectors like finance, IT, design, marketing, music, health and a lot more. You just need to know about her interest or skill she has always wanted to learn and purchase that course for her 40th birthday. You can check out more information on Udemy.

Massage Gun

Whether you agree with it or not but a lot of health issues start to arise when a woman enters her 40s. Moreover, work and personal problems can add a lot of stress to her mental and physical health. Keeping that in mind your gift for her 40th birthday should be thoughtful enough.

So, we picked this massage gun for her to relax a bit in this fast-paced life. This massage gun provides deep tissue percussion for instant pain relief in your muscles. It comes with 6-speed vibration options too which can be adjusted as per one’s choice.

You can also find 4 massage attachments for different areas of the body and this gun is powered through a battery that can be recharged. You can buy this massage gun on Flipkart for Rs. 1,899.

Spa Collection Kit

Nothing relaxed quite like a spa session but what if she has no time for that? Our next inclusion in this list of gift ideas for a woman’s 40th birthday will solve this problem instantly. We bring you this Decadent Spa Collection Kit by Forest Essential which allows you to enjoy the spa at home.

The kit comes with so many different products which can help relax anyone who uses them. The kit includes an intensive hair repair masque, head massage oil, tejasvi emulsion, hand-pounded fruit scrub, green tea, mint and bergamot food cream and foot scrub, hydrating sea salt and rose body polisher and a body massage oil.

All the products are made out of all-natural ingredients which assure no side effects on your skin and hair. Buy this amazing spa collection set on Forest Essentials India for 4595Rs.

Fab Bag Empow-Her Monthly Subscription

The next gift option for the woman in your life celebrating their 40th birthday is this Empow-Her Fab Bag. This is a special subscription bag that can be purchased for either 1 month or for 3 months subscription.

Here, you get amazing products inside the bag for a much cheaper price. This March edition fab bag includes products like Sugar Cosmetics eyeliner, a smudge-proof liquid lipstick mini by Sugar, Votre Jelly glow mask, Tejas night cream and Odeon body scrub.

Interestingly, you can choose the colour of eyeliner and lipstick as per your preference. All of these are quality products that are worth over 2000 and can be purchased for a much cheaper price in form of this subscription. You can buy this on Fabbag and pay Rs. 599 for 1 month and Rs. 1,599. for 3 months subscription.

Self Tie Rabbit Hooded Robe

A plush and cozy rob to chill and relax in, definitely a must-have for your wife/friend in her 40s. Life becomes more stressful with every passing day but we can always find an excuse to chill and let go of our worries.

For the same, we found this rabbit hooded self-tie robe in the colour grey. Made out of the cotton blend, this robe comes with a furry texture that is super soft to touch and remains quite comfortable on the skin too. This is just the perfect attire when she is having a day off or when she is enjoying her laidback Sunday afternoon.

The robe also comes with a pocket and a self-tie feature to tighten it around the waist. This robe can be used after a bath or as a nightdress too. You can buy it on Eva Shoppers for Rs. 449.

Bajaj Stand Mixer


A very useful and thoughtful inclusion in the list of gift ideas for a woman’s 40th birthday is this Bajaj Platini stand mixer. If your wife has a love for baking and cooking then she is going to love this gift.

This powerful stand mixer comes in the color Marsala comes with a 1000W power capacity which allows kneading, whisking, mincing, blending, beating and various other functions. This is super lightweight and easy to lift and comes with a stainless steel bowl of 5.2L capacity.

This mixer also allows 8 levels of speed control which is just perfect for making cakes, meringues, whipped cream and other items. Apart from the mixer and bowl, you get a flat beater, dough hook, whisker, 3 meat mincing discs, glass blender, kubbeh attachment, sausage making and a splash guard with this pack. You can buy it all on Amazon for Rs. 4,400.

Tote Bag

Giving her a bag may sound a little cliché but what if it is super stylish and can go with all her attires? We picked this Marks and Spencer faux leather tote bag for your wife which she is surely going to love.

This is a medium-sized tote bag that is perfect for the office as well as parties. In her 40s, she surely needs a bag spacious enough to literally carry a whole village inside it. This bag comes with a huge compartment and internal zip pockets along with adjustable straps.

This bag is available in navy blue colour and is completely vegan. You can buy it on Marks and Spencer for Rs. 2,999.

Personalized 40th Birthday Gifts for Women

Apart from the gifts mentioned above, you can go for personalized 40th birthday gift ideas for her to make her feel extra special on her birthday. Personalized gifts are always more memorable than normal gifts as they bring you memories to cherish forever. Here are some personalized gift options that you might like for her.

Personalized Mixed Flower Basket Arrangement


You can personalized a beautiful mixed flower basket arrangement for your wife/friend or anyone else celebrating their 40th birthday. But wait because there is more to it. This hamper also comes with 4 pictures of the recipient to give it a more personal feel. All you have to do is provide the images on the website to get it personalized. The flowers included in this arrangement are white Asiatic lily, 4 pink carnations, 5 pink roses and seasonal fillers. You can buy it on Ferns n Petalsfor Rs. 999.

Personalized Birthday Coasters


One of the most unique and personalized gift ideas for a woman’s 40th birthday is a custom coaster set. This one is a combination set of personalized and simple coasters where you get 2 acrylic coasters which can be personalized along with 6 other metal coasters. One acrylic coaster bears the name of the recipient while the other one has its birth year. You can buy this complete set on IGP for Rs. 445.

Personalized Constellation Moon Necklace


If you are looking for a very romantic personalized gift for your wife’s 40th birthday then you should get your hands on this beautiful constellation moon necklace. The Boho necklace has a crescent moon along with a disc charm that bears the constellation design and the name of your choice respectively. You are also provided with material and polish options on the necklace. Grab this beautiful creation on for Rs. 2,099.

Woman Hustler Caricature


Looking for creative 40th birthday gift ideas for women in your life? You can grab this super cool hustler caricature for them. This is in fact the cutest gift option that we have come across. It shows the women in their complete glory depicting how she juggles and aces so many things on an everyday basis. You just need to send a picture for this and in return, you get an acrylic caricature on a wooden stand. Buy this personalized caricature now on IGP for Rs. 445.

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Gifts don’t have to be things. Think instead of experiences like a chocolate-making day or walking an alpaca. Use your imagination but give them time with you, that’s often the most special thing. Select age-appropriate gifts and avoid going for gifts that would make her feel old or odd. Don’t keep the gift planning for the last minute because that way you will get into a fix. Try to keep in touch and get hints from her because she might throw caution to the winds. This way you can get her something she has always wanted. Plan your budget ahead of time so that you can get the required present. This way you will know what you can afford. Plan a wonderful thing for you both to do together.