Suffering from Gluten Intolerance? Tantalize Your Taste Buds with High Quality Gluten Free Cookies and Give Your Gluten Intolerance a Rest

Suffering from Gluten Intolerance? Tantalize Your Taste Buds with High Quality Gluten Free Cookies and Give Your Gluten Intolerance a Rest

Are you or one of your loved ones gluten intolerant and have you run out of options looking for high quality, value for money gluten-free products? Or are you just plain tired of the limited choices available to appease your sweet tooth? Gluten intolerance is a disorder which is rapidly becoming commonplace in India. When we started scouting around for brands producing gluten-free delicacies we stumbled upon Good Choice GF Cookies. With a wide range of high quality gluten-free cookies, the company offers a one-of-a-kind luxurious gourmet experience at extremely affordable prices. Read on to find out more on how to indulge your senses with an exotic bouquet of gluten-free cookies!

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Understanding Gluten Disorders and the Need for Gluten-Free Products

As per a research conducted by Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) in 2020, more than 10% of the Indian population suffers from gluten intolerance and a variety of other food allergies.

But what is gluten? In simple terms, gluten is the protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Easily recognisable by its corn starch resembling chalky flavour, gluten is added to other food items as well to increase their protein content. For gluten intolerant people their body does not accept gluten nicely and leads to symptoms like bloating, abdominal pain, etc.

With the advent of wheat consumption in India, the occurrences of celiac disease, a more potent form of gluten intolerance is on the rise. Termed as an impending epidemic in 2014, it is predicted to affect almost 20-30% of the Indian population by the year 2025.

Despite the ever increasing market demand, the Indian food industry has been slow to adapt to the needs of gluten sensitive people. Indian people suffering from high amounts of gluten sensitivity still struggle to find high quality products and a wider range of gluten-free foods. The ones available have questionable quality standards that do not align with the health requirements of those suffering from the allergy.

Do you find yourself facing similar issues, while shopping for gluten-free food for yourself or your loved ones? Then, Good Choice GF Cookies may just have the thing for you.

Good Choice GF Cookies: Filling the Vacuum with High Quality Gluten-Free Cookies

Born and brought up in a small Kannadiga town called Davangere, Rekha belongs to a business class family. In 2014, Rekha developed multiple food allergies, which took almost two years to heal, leaving her with a prolonged gluten sensitivity. When she found herself struggling to find gluten-free food during a long trip to the countryside, the idea of preparing her own cookies for such situations came to mind. Further research into the subject revealed how gluten sensitivity in India is on the rise. Rekha also came across many people like herself, suffering due to the limited choice of gluten-free food available in the current Indian food market.

Founded in 2017, Good Choice was born out of a need to reduce the struggles of gluten sensitive people and others suffering from food allergies. The brand aims to provide customers with unique premium quality gluten-free products which are healthy and easy to digest. As cookies are one of the most convenient food products to handle and also last the longest if prepared properly, Good Choice currently focuses on delivering a wide range of flavours and various permutations/combinations of cookies, catering to different occasions and customer preferences.

A huge amount of groundwork research has gone into delivering a consistent quality across all cookie categories. Whether it is about the right selection of raw materials, or safe packaging, Rekha has made sure that the cookies manufactured are of only the best quality possible and in compliance with all the health requirements of the customers. For example, artificial colours and preservatives are strictly prohibited in the ingredients, due to which the consumption of cookies helps gut healing and better absorption of nutrients. Since all products are made-to-order and the flour is milled in-house in small quantities, the process guarantees minimum wastage, fresh products and maximum quality assurance.

Good Choice GF Cookies is one of a kind luxury experience of artisan, gourmet, gluten-free cookies creations that activates your senses like never before. Exotic, unique ingredients and love and warmth of the Good Choice team go into creating a symphony of exquisite tastes, textures, and aromas. Go ahead and discover the unique Good Choice GF Cookies experience.

Rekha R M – Founder, Good Choice GF Cookies

The Vision Behind Creating a Premium Gluten-Free Foods Brand with Rekha R.M. – Founder, Good Choice GF Cookies

Founder, Good Choice GF Cookies
Rekha R M
Rekha R M belongs to a business family from Davangere in Karnataka. She is a post graduate in engineering. After working for a few years in the IT industry, she quit due to health reasons. She suffered from multiple food allergies in 2014 and after recovering from the ailment, while on a trip to the countryside she found it difficult to get gluten-free food. This started a thought process which led to the setting up of Good Choice GF Cookies in 2017. She is very particular about delivering a completely satisfying gluten-free gourmet experience to her customers. In her leisure time she loves to spend time with her family, travelling and catching up on her reading. She also likes walking and doing yoga.
  • Q. Tell us about yourself and your background.
  • I come from a business family from a small town Davangere in Karnataka where I did most of my schooling. After marriage & post graduation in Engineering we moved to Bangalore when I took a job in IT. Due to health issues I quit working.
  • Q. What led you to create Good Choice and how did you go about it?
  • Faced with multiple food allergies in 2014 I had to switch to AIP diet. It took me two years to heal myself & reintroduce foods except gluten. While on a long trip to the countryside with nothing to eat & nowhere to go, the thought of starting Good Choice occurred. Lots of groundwork went into the making of Good Choice including the selection of products, raw materials & packaging.
  • Q. What is your process and how do you introduce new flavours and products?
  • Each product is solution driven & is based on customers’ requirements.
  • Q. Why make gluten free cookies?
  • In recent years India is seeing an increase in gluten sensitivity. When it comes to gluten-free products there are not much healthy options whereas cookies having a good shelf life and can be eaten anytime, anywhere without much fuss and ado. That said, some of our customers are not gluten sensitive or have celiac disease. Many buy as part of a lifestyle change and for the sheer joy of enjoying a good product.
  • Q. You also use a lot of organic and healthy ingredients. What is the thought process behind the ingredient selection?
  • For people with gluten allergies, it is required to have healthy & easy to digest organic foods. Stopping usage of artificial colours & preservatives helps in gut healing & allows absorption of nutrition.
  • Q. What are you trying to achieve?
  • Our aim is to provide customers unique premium gluten-free products which are healthy & easy to digest.

Good Choice's Most Popular Cookies

Almond Cookies

If you love almonds then there is no way you will be able to deny yourself the pleasure of these crunchy gluten-free almond cookies. These cookies come in a tin packaging with a shelf life of 3 months and a 250 gm tin costs ₹ 695.00. You can check out these delicious cookies here.

Butter Cookies

These gluten-free butter cookies are created with rich buffalo butter and natural bourbon vanilla extract. You can enjoy them with your morning tea, as a night-time snack or even a mid-morning snack. Their buttery flavour will give you a delightful and unforgettable experience. Available in tin packaging of 125 gm and 250 gm, the prices start from ₹ 290.00 and you can buy it from here.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

For the chocoholics out there there is no way you can miss out on these irresistible gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. Made from the freshest natural ingredients these cookies are available in tin packaging of 125 gm and 250 gm. They have a shelf-life of 3 months. The prices start from ₹ 320.00 and you can buy them here.

Where Can You Find Them?

How Does Good Choice Deliver a Delightful Customer Experience?

  • Q. How do you ensure quality?
  • All products are made-to-order only. Lots of background work is done when choosing raw materials & for procurement. Also, the flours are milled in-house in small quantities. This ensures the customer receives fresh products only. And all products are lab tested annually for gluten levels.
  • Q. Which cookies would you recommend to someone trying Good Choice for the first time?
  • It depends on the customer's taste. If they have a sweet tooth we recommend Chocolate Chip Cookies (Egg & Eggless). For nut lovers we recommend almond, cashew, pili cookies & obviously butter cookies for butter lovers.
  • Q. What are your own interests? How did you spend time during the lockdown?
  • I like travelling, spending time with family & reading. Walking & yoga keeps me occupied.

Latest Innovations from Good Choice GF Cookies?

We have introduced new labels which are quirky & more vibrant in colours. Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies is the most recent one. For upcoming products stay tuned.

Important Tips for Our Readers Buying Food Items as Gifts?

Food is enjoyed at many levels like smell, colour, taste & texture. Each person has their own preferences. So it's better to consider the person’s food preferences, occasion & quantity they are comfortable to consume.

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Choose Your Gluten-Free Food Brands Carefully

If you have been advised gluten-free food, it is important to choose your brand carefully, because not every brand claiming to produce gluten-free food is actually doing so. Fortunately, with Good Choice GF Cookies you can leave your worries aside because they use only the choicest of raw materials, ensure that every customer requirement is made-to-order and most importantly, their products are checked annually for gluten levels. So, its time to take a bite of your favourite gluten-free cookie and savour the experience. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.