10 Cool Gadgets You Can Find in the US That'll Make Great Gifts for Your Loved Ones Back Home! What to Bring Back in 2019

10 Cool Gadgets You Can Find in the US That'll Make Great Gifts for Your Loved Ones Back Home! What to Bring Back in 2019

Wondering what you should gift your loved ones this gifting season? Consider these 10 amazing and super cool gadgets which will make great gifts for them. These are handpicked for very specific use and will light up the face of the recipient because all of the gadgets mentioned in this list are affordable cutting edge technology.

Thinking of Gifting Gadgets? Know Why You Should Give Tech Gifts To Your Loved Ones

Is it the season and you just can’t think of a gift to give your loved ones? What if your gift seems impersonal? Let's face it, that it may become a problem.

When in doubt, go for gifts that people can use on a daily basis. Choosing gifts is hard, but 'practical gifts’ will make for very memorable gifts as they can make the recipient's life a whole lot easier. So, to pamper your loved ones, give them something unique by adding a flavor of technology to their life!

Know What Tech Gifts You Should Consider Gifting Your Loved Ones

Usually, when it comes to the term ‘gadgets’, know this that it is quite a broad term and doesn’t simply mean smartphones. ‘Gadgets’ can include anything from smartphones to wireless speakers, fitness bands, tracking devices and such items.

No matter what the item is, ‘gadgets’ are fast becoming the popular choice when it comes to gifting. Have a younger sister or brother? You can go for fitness bands and even smart watches, as they seem to be quite popular with the youngsters.

‘Gadgets’ in the form of household appliances go quite well with the women folk. This includes tech gadgets such as Alexa Echo, LARQ Bottle and Collapsible Umbrella, to name a few.

How About the Classic Gadget Choice?

Lately, it has been seen that the gadgets such as power banks, speakers, headphones and even USBs are fast becoming popular – and that’s because mainly of their price. Not only can they make a quite an affordable gift, but it also adds a personal touch.

Planning to gift a pair of headphones to your loved ones? It’s a great choice. And if you are worried about the price tag, then, let us tell you that the basic model of headphones starts from $350 and can go up to $2000, but of course, they are for the high-end models – though that’s to be expected.

It is suggested that you take a look as to what suits your budget and then, go for the one, that you know your loved ones won’t be able to part with! Even in the section of headphones, there are headphones which are specially optimised for people who love to travel – they come with neck massagers and even travel pillows!

Why Personal Care Products are a Good Idea?

Who says personal care products can’t include gadgets? There is a whole lot of variety in personal care gadgets. There are hair straighteners and hair curlers for women, and face shavers and beard trimmers for men! They also make a good choice for youngsters, and they are super affordable too!

Household Appliances Will Also Do

If we are talking about gadgets, then we can’t exclude household appliances, can we?

Apart from the popular appliances such as grinders, juicers and mixers – and they would make a great gift for your loved ones, especially the women folk. Bonus points for you, if you are thinking of giving them as a gift to your mother.

It is seen that air-fryers are recently on a boom. Air-fryers would make a great gift choice if your loved ones are quite conscious of their health. After all, air-fryers are well-known to allow oil-free cooking.

Another good choice that you can go for is an air-purifier. And what’s more, you can place them in the home of either your friends or relatives. With the high levels of pollution that the world is currently in the throes of, you definitely can’t go wrong with an air-purifier.

Don't Forget the Gift Cards and Vouchers

We won’t blame you for not being able to decide on what ‘tech-y’ gift you want to gift your loved ones because choosing a gift can get really difficult sometimes. But even then, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. If you find yourself at a crossroad, the best that you can do is go for gift cards and vouchers. The best part is that the gift cards and vouchers – either virtual or physical – come in a variety of flavours – ranging from single-use to multi-use to either a single vendor or multiple vendors!

And the icing on the cake is that not only they are much more convenient than cash, but gifting gift cards and vouchers to your loved ones gives them the choice on what gift they want to get for themselves.

10 Cool Gadgets You Can Find in USA That Will Make a Great Gift for Your Loved Ones

Sony A9

Source www.sony.com

No matter how the smartphones have risen to the occasion, there are still plenty of people, who simply adore the look and feel of a camera. If any of your loved ones fall in that category, why not give them the best of the best? Consider gifting them the Sony A9.

Sony A9 is a camera loaded with a 24.2 MP 35mm full frame with a stacked CMOS sensor, the Sony A9 literally knocks everyone in its way. It comes coupled with a much-envied feature of continuous shooting at a high speed at 20fps, has shutter speeds that range up to a staggering 1/32000 seconds. It also has an ISO sensitivity that can be further expanded to 204800 along with a 5-axis image stabilization.

Can’t wait, right? You can get this camera on the official Sony website, though the price depends on the location where you are situated.

Vector Robot by Anki

Trust us – the ‘Anki Vector Robot’ will become your favorite in no time at all!

The Anki Vector Robot is more of a companion than a robot – powered by Alexa, this robot has a human-like charming personality. What's more, just like Alexa, this robot, too, can answer your questions in the blink of an eye, in a cute robotic voice. Also, just like a human, this robot too can react when you touch it. If you're feeling bored, the Anki Vector Robot can even play games with you!

The Anki Vector Robot gauges its surroundings with an in-built HD camera. Anki can even head to the charging dock by itself if it’s running on low battery.

Priced at only $249, you can get the Anki Vector Robot at Amazon online store.

Amazon Echo Plus

Anyone that hasn't heard of Amazon Echo probably lives under a rock. It has captured the hearts of many people. Even since it was launched, it has practically become popular overnight. Now, it seems it has become even more popular after having been re-designed, and as a result, it is now sleeker and even sounds better than the previous version.

Renamed as the Amazon Echo Plus, the device comes with in-built Dolby-tuned hardware that is found to deliver 360-degree audio’ and is coupled with seven in-built microphones. The Amazon Echo Plus is simply a winner.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Source www.dji.com

Is it only recently that you have found out that your cousin loves to shoot videos? You can help but hear one pressing issue – they always seem to complain at how their videos turn out – blurry and shaky.

This is where the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 comes in. It is a gadget (and one that looks kind of like a selfie stick) that will help the smartphone to stabilise so that the end result comes off as a professional-shot video! Additional advantages – it comes loaded with features such as zoom control, motion lapse, and such.

Priced at $139, you can get the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 from the official store of DJI.

MacBook Pro

Source www.apple.com

Has your dearest brother caught the traveling bug? Has he been bugging you to get a laptop for him In that case, it makes sense that you want to get the best for him. Enter MacBook Pro.

Notebook computers are seen to be quite great when it comes to taking technology in a small and compact format, and yes, it is Apple who has earned the recognition of making great notebook computers. Trust us and Apple, it will be a great fit for those who are on the creative side plus are power users. Made to feature much-envied functions (and not seen in other notebook computers) such as True Tone Technology, this notebook computer also comes in various variants.

You can get the MacBook Pro from the official store of Apple.

Bose QuietComfort 35 2

Source www.bose.com

Planning on getting some work done that you have left behind? Or maybe, get a few wink of sleep? Or do you simply want to enjoy your favorite movie without any disturbance?

No matter what your task is, the perfect fit will be the Bose QuietComfort 35 2. Lasting with a battery of over a staggering 20 hours, this pair of headphones are made to cancel noise and hence, are quite a life-saver for many who have to fly frequently on a regular basis.

But the best part is that this pair of headphones can also be used to access either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, should you require any sort of help at the airport.

Tile Pro

Okay, forget our loved ones, even we on many occasions tend to forget things – how about getting a tracking device so that it can track our personal belongings? In that case, you must consider ‘Tile Pro’. Tile Pro is a tracker and comes with a battery that can last for up to one year, though it can be replaced.

Coming with a 300-foot range, the ‘Tile Pro’ can be attached to bags, keys or literally to anything else, that has the tendency to get lost. All you need to do is to keep an eye on the tagged item with the help of an app – and if by any chance, you misplaced your phone, all you need to do is double-tap the logo on the Tile Pro and your phone will ring – and get this, the phone will ring even if it is kept in vibration or silent mode.

LARQ Bottle

If you are the ones who are still hanging on to a plastic bottle,s it’s high time that you replace them as soon as possible for this reusable water bottle. The LARQ Bottle is practically designed with UV-C LED technology and is known to kill harmful bacteria as well as viruses and will make for the perfect traveling companion.

The LARQ Bottle comes with UV-C LED technology, in which the light is known to get activated every two hours automatically, which in turn makes sure that the bottle is clean as well as odor-free. The bottle is also double-walled and hence, beverages can be made to stay hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.

Available in five colours – Monaco Blue, Obsidian Black, Seaside Mint, Granite White and Himalayan Pink – he LARQ Bottle is available on the official store of LARQ and is priced at $95.

iPhone XR

Source www.apple.com

Coming with much-envied features such as super retina HD display along with dual 12 MP cameras, the Apple iPhone XR comes loaded with an upgraded A12 bionic chip which leads to fast processing speeds. Perhaps, the best part about the iPhone XR is the inclusion of a dual SIM feature which comes as a lifesaver for those who are in need of both a local SIM as well as an international SIM. You can get the iPhone XR at $749 from the official Apple store.

WeatherMan Collapsible Umbrella

Ask any traveler, and they will readily tell you that it is of utmost importance to come prepared and hence, take an umbrella with you. But of course, who remembers? Often, many tend to forget to take their umbrella with them. It’s best for them if they opt for the WeatherMan Collapsible Umbrella. It comes with in-built Bluetooth technology and is known to sync with one’s phone for safekeeping. This umbrella can also withstand winds to a staggering 55 mph (remember the days of inverted umbrellas).

Priced at $59, the Weather Collapsible Umbrella comes in a range of colours – black, red, orange, navy blue, olive green, yellow, lagoon and pink and can be bought from the official website of Weatherman Umbrellas.

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What Better Gift Than Technology?

Technology is not only making lives easier, it is also changing people's lifestyles. With some of the gadgets mentioned on our list, you could literally change someone's lifestyle. That is why tech gadgets make for great gifts. The only thing you need to ensure before buying a gadget as a gift for someone, is to see if they really need that gadget. Everything else will then fall in place.