Hunting For a Makeup Gift Set Which is a Perfect Present for Every Woman? Here's a List of the 8 Best Makeup Gift Sets in the Market (2022)

Hunting For a Makeup Gift Set Which is a Perfect Present for Every Woman? Here's a List of the 8 Best Makeup Gift Sets in the Market (2022)

Makeup mainly is used to change or enhance the way we look, to feel more confident and also to hide our imperfections. Makeup is now-a-days, used by men as well. As women's are much more addicted to makeup, it has become a excellent choice for gifting. But, gifting a makeup set is also not that easy. There are ample of makeup brands in the market with different varieties, qualities, products, attractive packaging, which leaves one confused. This is why, BP Guide is here with the Best 8 Makeup Gift Sets of 2022.

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Looking Good and Feeling Good with Makeup

Make up plays an important role in a woman's life. A little dab of foundation, some lipstick and eyeliner can make a woman feel good and confident about herself. Makeup is not only used on the face but can be applied to arms, legs, neck or back to even out the skin tone and look perfect. There are a ton of different brands available in the market from where you can buy makeup. They offer color palettes to suit different skin types to make it easier for them to buy the right makeup for them. It provides you with a radiant look as well as protection from the UV rays and pollution.

Here, we have listed makeup gift sets you can buy for the women in your life be it your wife, mother, sister or a friend. These sets are easily available and will help the woman feel nice about her.

Things You Need in a Complete Makeup Kit

If you are a makeup pro then you can skip through this section but if you are a beginner or want to buy a makeup set and not sure what you can get then this part will help you figure it out. Makeup is not all about looking good but it is about taking care of your skin as well. So before applying any type of makeup it is important to wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

Here are a few essentials you must have in a makeup kit.

Face Primer - Face primer is used to create a smooth and even base to apply makeup on. It also ensures lasting makeup so that the products you use do not smudge or fade away. You can go with dewy primers that add natural looking glow to correcting primers for uneven skin tone. You can find them for different types of skin and needs.

Color Correctors - Women dealing with dark spots, redness on the skin, puffiness or shadows should use color correctors. You can either go with single formulas that have one color to target a specific problem or you can try a palette that has different shades and can correct multiple skin issues.

Liquid Foundation - To have that flawless and even complexion you see on women on TV you will need to buy a foundation. For starters you can go with medium to buildable coverage. These help you get a natural finish and full coverage to your skin. Concealers There should be at least two concealers in a makeup kit. One should be for the face matching with the foundation and an under eye concealer to cover the area around the eye. They help in brightening up the eye area and makes it easy to apply even makeup on the face.

Setting Powder - Setting or pressed powder helps to avoid looking like a disco ball. You could also use loose powder to get that airbrushed look but you will have to use it perfectly. It is easier to use a setting powder as long as you learn the steps of using it perfectly.

A Blush - Another important part of a makeup kit is a blush. You can go with powder, gel or cream formulas when it comes to blush. It is important to buy a blush that suits your skin tone, it is better to stay away from bright colors unless you are confident in using them. If you plan to buy it for someone else then you should go with a blush palette for them to choose which one they prefer.

Highlighter - Highlighters help you transform your makeup. You can use a natural no makeup look or the diva look with its help. Mixing a little liquid highlighter with a foundation will give you a radiant glow. You can learn different ways of using it to get the maximum out of it.

Eye-shadow Palette - Most people are afraid of using eye makeup but it is an important part of makeup. You can start with warm brown eyeshadow shades and gradually experiment with other colors to create that perfect look you always wanted.

Eyeliner - Using an eyeliner again is a bit difficult for beginners but it is essential to use it to complete your makeup. You can start with sketch pen eyeliners and then move on to liquid ones.

Kajal - If you are still not comfortable with eyeliners you can start with kajal. A kajal will help you define your eyes and improve your look immensely. There are different shades you can choose from and they will make anyone look stunning.

Eyebrow Pencil - You might not feel the need of using an eyebrow pencil but a well defined eyebrow can make you look perfect. They are easy to use and you can skip your eyeliner if using an eyebrow pencil.

Mascara - Most women ignore mascara but if you like those fluttery lashes then you should get one for sure. It creates volume for your eyes and completes your eye makeup Lipstick Finding the right shade for lipstick can be troublesome but you should have a creamy matte lipstick for everyday use and a bold liquid lipstick for parties to complete your look. It will add color to your face and enhance your lips.

Setting Spray - A setting spray is what you need to finish up your makeup. It keeps your makeup in place till the end of the day.

Top Makeup Gift Sets in India That Will Thrill the Receiver

Here are the 8 Best Makeup Gift Sets that can help you find a perfect one as a gift for someone you care about.

Pretty & Prosperous Color Collection

This Pretty & Prosperous Color Collection can be a wonderful gift for someone who likes to play with colors. You can easily buy it for a friend for her birthday and help her turn into a diva. The set contains tartelette party palette, Amazonian clay 12 hour blush, kitten eyeliner, 4 in 1 mascara and a cute makeup bag. The palette has colors that can be used on almost every skin tone therefore you won't have to worry about the receiver’s skin tone before buying it. You can get this combo for Rs.3,825 from

Festive MakeUp Kit (Limited Special)

Next in the list is this Festive Makeup Kit from earth rhythm. It has everything a woman might need for a special occasion. This makeup kit comes with a deep cleanser to clean any impurities. It has Vitamin C to nourish the skin. The Kohl pencil that has Jojoba oil, Shea butter and Candelilla wax to give utmost care to the eyes. The tinted lippie in the kit comes with Shea butter and organic Sweet Almond oil that nourishes your lip all day. It comes in a dark red color to make you look chic. The lip & cheek tint is a 2 in 1 product that is enriched with rich oils to give you a perfect glow. The kit can be bought for Rs.1,149 from

9-in-1 Beauty Kit

This 9 in 1 Beauty Kit is again a perfect makeup kit you can get as a gift for a special woman in your life. You can easily pick and choose the products you want in the kit and turn it into a perfect gift. It comes with 9 Sugar makeup and skincare essentials, a pouch and a pocket mirror. The ingredients used in the products are natural so, you won't have to worry about any chemicals on the skin. You can customize this kit and buy it for Rs.1,999 from

L'Oreal Paris Makeup Must Have Combo


The L'Oreal Paris Makeup Combo is what every woman wants. It has everything she needs to be ready for a perfect day out. You get a liquid lipstick, a mascara, and an infallible matte 24 hour foundation to make it a complete set. L'Oreal itself does not need an introduction therefore, you can buy this kit with confidence and the lady who receives it will be one happy person. You can buy this kit for Rs.2,199 from

Anniversary Special Gift Kit

Want to surprise your wife on your anniversary? This can be one gift that she will be thankful for each time she uses it. This Anniversary Special Gift Set has all that will make her skin glow. It is a 6 in 1 kit that has a shimmery eye pigment, a light matte lipstick, a black kajal, a mini whopper lashes mascara, a nail lacquer, a face palette and an elegant pouch for her to keep her makeup safe. The ingredients used in the products are all natural. You can order this kit for Rs.2,259 from

The Diva Kit

The Diva Kit, name says it all. This is a fabulous makeup kit that has 9 products and you can choose the ones you prefer according to your taste. If you plan to give it as a gift you can either choose them yourself or have the receiver choose what they like. The kit comes with 3 in 1 primer, a pen eyeliner, a lipstick in matte, correct concealer, foundation, highlighter, translucent powder and a sling bag. This is a complete makeup kit that makes a perfect gift for any woman. You can buy this set for Rs.1,675

Volo Stylish Beauty Combo Makeup Set


You want to gift a makeup set to your younger sister who just turned 16 and wants to experiment with makeup. This is the time when you need to get her all that she wants without investing too much in it. The Volo Stylish Beauty Combo Makeup Set can be a great gift for her. This set contains and waterproof eye shadow, smudge proof pen eyeliner, 3 beautiful shades of lipstick, compact powder for a perfect finish, BB cream, Kajal and a stylish bad to go with it. You can buy it for just Rs.589 from and make your little sister feel good about her.

Sugar Exclusive Kit

This is again a perfect makeup gift set for a lady from Sugar. This Sugar Exclusive Kit will have any woman grateful after receiving it as it has everything she needs to get ready for an occasion. The set contains lip service sugar scrub, lip gloss in Walnut Brown, a lip moisturizing balm, a creamy matte lipstick of toned red shade, a lip liner, a mini lipstick black set and a trendy copper glitter pouch all for Rs.2,399. You can buy it from

Things to Consider When Buying Makeup Products

Although there are a million of beauty products in the market but to buy a perfect one is an art. Here are a few tips you can use when buying makeup for yourself or as a gift.

  • 1. Always buy a good foundation that matches your skin tone and help cover imperfections of the skin. If you can't find the exact color then, you can go with a shade lighter or darker than the skin tone. Same goes with the concealers, they should match with your foundation for an even base.

  • 2. For eye shadows opt for smaller palettes. This way you can choose according to the occasion or the outfit. Buy creamy eye shadow only if you have dry skin otherwise stick to powder based eye shadows.

  • 3. A kajal is a must but if you are not confident on the application then buy a roll up or pencil kajals. For mascara, check the brush, it's density and the texture once it's dry. Buy your eyeliner keeping the same points in mind as the mascara. Waterproof eyeliners may chip after a few hours so go for the one best suits you.

  • 4. Well defined and perfectly colored lips says a lot about a woman. One needs to create a balance between the lip-liner and the color. Go for a shade darker than the lip color. You can either buy a pencil liner or a brush liner. For lipstick, choose them according to the occasion. Try to find a shade that is neutral for it to go with any shade of makeup. Always buy a bright red shade of lipstick, for a dusky shade woman a rusty red looks great and if a woman is light skinned she can go with neon red.

  • 5. Pale cheeks look bad but you can avoid that with a perfect blush. You can buy a rosy and peachy shade for the day occasions and a bronze shade for the evenings. Do not over do with a blush to avoid looking dramatic.

  • 6. Makeup brushes are an essential part of makeup. They come in natural and synthetic hair but buy the one you like on your skin. Clean them with olive or baby oil once in a while and learn which brush is used for what kind of makeup.

  • 7. Don't buy makeup just because it looks good on someone else. Know your skin type and shade to look perfect especially if you have sensitive skin or acne.

  • 8. Pay attention to the ingredients used in beauty products especially if you have skin allergies. Try to buy products with natural ingredients and test them on your skin before buying them. You can also go with herbal beauty products to avoid chemicals.

  • 9. Take a friend or someone you trust with you when shopping for makeup, they can give you suggestions and help you pick out the perfect set.

  • 10. Don't over spend on makeup. It is not necessary to buy expensive brands if you can't afford them. You can find good makeup in your budget if you follow the tips given above.
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