30 Best Pram Strollers in India for Your Little One: Make Your Outings Comfortable and Hassle Free

30 Best Pram Strollers in India for Your Little One: Make Your Outings Comfortable and Hassle Free

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No more keeping your baby around in your hands at all times; prams give them all the comfort they need. However, it can be difficult to find the best pram for your needs and budget among the plethora of options available. So, browse through this extensive list of 30 strollers that are sure to make travelling with your little one a lot easier.

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Prams and Strollers: Are They the Same?

Nowadays, prams and strollers are used interchangeably, but prams are originally used for younger babies who could not sit on their own whereas strollers are used for older babies and toddlers. Nowadays, most prams and strollers have adjustable positions. Originally called "perambulators," prams were meant for babies from birth until they can sit on their own, as newborns need to be held gently. Pram bassinets offer comfortable lying positions and are covered by canopies that protect babies from dust and heat. While straps and harness belts are not typically included, they can be added for safety.

Know the Difference between Pram and Stroller

Age Limit

As we discussed above, when babies are not able to sit on their own, prams are a better fit. Strollers on the other side are meant for babies who can sit upright and do not need support. Generally, parents prefer prams for babies for up to 6 months, and post that stroller can be used.

Position of the Seat

Since prams are meant for babies who cannot sit upright, there is always an option of reclining the seat according to the comfort of the baby. On the other hand, strollers have an upright seat as they are meant for babies above 6 months of age.

Suitability for Travel

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When it comes to traveling, a few features should always be kept in consideration. The strollers are convenient to fold and carry for traveling purposes and therefore can be carried nicely while traveling. Within strollers also there are various types which we would discuss in detail in the forthcoming sections.


Well, it depends on the type of stroller or pram that you are buying. There are lightweight options for carrying and traveling in both categories. Based on your need, you can buy a stroller or pram.

Top 30 Best Baby Pram Strollers in India to Pick From

Top 5 Travel Strollers

1. Luv Lap Tutti Frutti Baby Buggy

Source www.amazon.in

LuvLap Tutti Frutti Stroller is made by experts by prioritizing child safety and incorporating enriching features. The pram is a good addition to baby gear with its comfortable and supportive seat for your baby to explore the world. The seats are ergonomically designed, utilizing the latest technology, and undergo rigorous quality checks before they reach stores.

This stroller comes with a 5-point safety harness to keep your child securely seated, a double canopy that protects your baby from sunlight and wind, rear wheel brakes that enhance safety, easy folding and storage, and a viewing window that allows the parent to stay connected and keep an eye on their child while strolling. You can buy this stroller amazon.in for just Rs. 2,499.

2. R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite

Source www.amazon.in

This stroller from Lollipop focuses on safety and includes front wheels and suspension with a 6.5-inch wheel to ensure a smooth ride. It can be easily folded by pushing the bar below with your hand or foot. Further, the reversible handle of this stroller allows for safe and easy viewing of your baby while strolling. Moreover, the seat can be reclined to 3 positions for maximum comfort.

Coming to the harness, there is a 5-point safety harness to ensure maximum safety along with a huge storage basket for convenience. Last but not the least, the adjustable leg rest, with 2 positions, further enhances your baby's comfort when using the Lollipop Lite baby stroller and pram. You can buy this stroller on amazon.in for just Rs. 4,599.

3. Mee Mee Stylish Baby Stroller

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With this baby stroller from Mee Mee, you can adjust the seat of the stroller to the most comfortable angle for your baby with its multiple-position seating feature. Further, folding the stroller is very easy, and put a strap to lock it for the convenience of carrying it anywhere. The easy-to-carry strap further enhances the simplicity with which the stroller can be carried around.

While the front wheels of the stroller are sturdy, the rear wheels come with brakes for added safety. Also, the canopy of this stroller is wide and big enough to shield your baby against all weather conditions. Moreover, you can keep an eye on your baby at all times with the hood and window feature of the stroller. Get this stroller for your baby on amazon.in for just Rs. 3,999.

4. Jovial Portable Folding Baby Stroller

Source www.amazon.in

The Portable Baby Stroller from Jovial has comfortable and spacious seating, designed to fit in small spaces for easy transport. In the stroller, you get a leg rest and a reclining seat for maximum comfort. Additionally, there is a foot-activated parking brake and locking front wheels for safety. With a durable aluminum frame construction, this black and red collapsible umbrella stroller also has accessible bottom storage, a big storage tray basket, and an adjustable seat that can be propped up or laid flat as a bassinet-style pusher.

The stroller also has a retractable canopy cover visor to protect your child from sun and harsh weather. It includes a reliable 5-point safety harness and is convenient for children up to 3 years old. Buy this stroller from Jovial on amazon.in for just Rs. 33,924.

5.Graco NimbleLite Baby Stroller

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This stroller is perfect for kids who are as small as 6 months old to up to 36 months old. The 5-point harness ensures that your baby is always in a safe position and comfortably seated. Further, the double canopy gives good coverage to the baby from sun and wind. There are breaks in the rear wheel of the stroller for maximum safety. Easy to fold and store, a stroller also has a looking window that helps the parents in staying connected and monitor the child while strolling. . Buy this stroller on amazon.in for just Rs. 24,999.

Top 5 All Terrain Strollers in India

6. Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller, Millennium

Source www.amazon.in

This stroller from Baby Trend comes with a lockable front swivel wheel, a steel frame construction, and an extra-large storage basket. Apart from the parent tray with covered storage the stroller also has two cup holders and footrest reflectors that improve visibility in low-light conditions. Then there is a tray feature with two cup holders that can double up as a Travel System with car seats. When not in use, the stroller can be effortlessly folded down into a compact unit using the trigger fold mechanism. Other features include a padded seat, a 5-point safety harness, and a fully adjustable tether strap. Get this stroller on amazon.in for just Rs. 28,978.

7. Gb Pockit Air All Terrain Night Blue, Night Blue, Compact

Source www.amazon.in

One of the biggest features of this stroller is that it can be quickly folded into a handbag-shaped package thanks to its revolutionary ultra-compact folding mechanism. The stroller's fabric covers can be easily cleaned, as they are machine washable at 30 degrees. Further, the backrest is designed with a breathable mesh fabric that provides comfort for the child on hot days, while a padded inlay can be added as an accessory for additional warmth on cooler days. Buy this All-terrain stroller from GB Pockit on amazon.in for just Rs. 40,303.

8. Evenflo Pilot Baby Stroller Black

The Evenflo Pilot stroller is designed with a compact fold that is both unique and quick to use, making it perfect for day trips and outings as it can fit into smaller spaces. Folding the stroller is also easy by just lifting the in-seat handle simply with one hand. After, folding this all-terrain stroller it can be easily fitted into the boot space of the car easily. For complete comfort to the baby, the front wheels come with suspension and also infinite backrest adjusting. Suitable for kids aged between 0-36 months, you can buy this stroller on mothercare.in for just Rs. 16,099.

9. Jeep Classic Jogging Stroller by Delta Children

This jogging stroller from Jeep can be used as a standard jogging stroller or a travel system with an infant car seat. It features an extendable visor with UPF 50+ to protect kids from sun, rain, wind, or snow, a 12" front wheel with swivel lock for terrain adjustments, a shock-absorbing frame with 16" back wheels for a smooth ride, a swing-away child tray, reclining seat, safety tether, two parent cup holders, and a storage basket underneath.

The stroller is JPMA certified to meet or exceed all safety standards set by the CPSC & ASTM, has a 5-point safety harness with reflective piping for nighttime walks, easily folds, and has back quick-release wheels for easy transport in your car. Buy this stroller on ubuy.co.in for just Rs. 17,377.

10. Baby Stroller Newborn Carriage Infant Reversible Bassinet to Luxury

Source www.amazon.in

Wonfuss reversible bassinet has a stable and durable design with a lightweight aluminum frame that is rust-proof and anti-fracture, front wheels equipped with anti-shock springs, and durable and breathable linen and oxford fabrics. Its bassinet/seat can be converted easily, with a reclining backrest and a 5-point harness belt.

The reversible seat also features an adjustable handlebar for added convenience, and it is collapsible and comes with a large storage basket. The stroller is backed by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee, and a footmuff, cup holder, safety wrist strap, and stroller net are included as a gift. Buy this baby stroller on amazon.in for just Rs. 12,000.

Top 5 Twin Strollers In India

11. Mee Mee Baby Twin Strollers & Prams 3 Points Safety Belt for 2 Kids

Source www.amazon.in

This stroller from Mee Mee is apt for your twins as it comes with the 3 different seat positions for supporting the babies during their growth phase. Adjust the seat to sleep, recline, or seating based on the needs of the baby. The wheels of this stroller are fully rotating and comfortable for perfect movement. Further, the belt can be adjusted in three ways enhancing the safety factor for both kids. Buy this twin stroller from Mee Mee on jiomart.com for just Rs. 8,789.

12. R for Rabbit Ginny and Johnny – Baby Twin Stroller

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R for Rabbit twin stroller is made with the underlined philosophy of safety first to give your twins maximum safety. The umbrella fold of the stroller ensures that you can carry it easily in the boot space of your car or just put it aside indoors without occupying much space. Moreover, the recliner has the seat with the option of a 4-way adjustment to ensure that your kids are sitting or sleeping comfortably.

This twin stroller has a wide and large canopy for offering the best protection to the kids from sun and drizzle. Additionally, the big basket of the stroller gives you the option of keeping a diaper bag on the go. Buy this twin stroller on firstcry.com for just Rs. 8,789.

13. Joie Aire Twin Ultra Lightweight and One Hand-Fold Stroller

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight twin stroller that can be easily folded with one hand, then joie Aire is your perfect choice. The chassis of this stroller is made from aluminum and therefore is lightweight. Further, the automatic fold lock ensures that you can fold this stroller with just one hand. One of the best features of this twin stroller is that you can adjust both seats separately. Further, you get a reversible, double-seat liner with two options and a deep shopping basket to hold and store personal items such as diaper bags, cellphones, water bottles, etc. Buy this stroller on amazon.in for just Rs. 24,299.

14. Chicco Echo Twin Stroller, Pram for Twin Babies

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Get this Echo twin stroller from Chicco for your little ones for superior support and smooth strolling both indoors and outdoors. The ultra-lightweight frame and two comfortable seats make this stroller very easy to handle. These strollers are apt for use right after the birth of the baby as the seats can be adjusted to 4 different seat positions. Other features such as full cover rain hood, metalized tubes, reclining backrest and padded shoulder straps give this stroller are worth considering. Buy this Echo twin stroller on amazon.in for just Rs. 18,829.

15. Babyhug Twinster Easy Foldable Twin Stroller with Adjustable Leg Rest - Coffee Brown

Babyhug is a brand that cannot be missed out on when talking about quality products for kids. This twin stroller from Babyhug comes with twin seats with a carrying capacity of 15 kgs each. Apart from the comfortable seats, the stroller comes with front and rear wheel suspension for a smooth ride. Further, the seat comes with a padded cushion seat, and a mesh backrest at the front seat.

Boasting a large canopy over both seats, this stroller ensures that both of your kids are safeguarded from the harsh sun, drizzle, and wind. Despite having two seats, the stroller is slim and compact for easy maneuverability. This Babyhug stroller is available on firstcry.com for just Rs. 8,986.

Top 5 All-Purpose Strollers under 5000 India

16. LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram – Extra Large Seating Space and Easy Fold

Source www.amazon.in

An all-purpose stroller from LuvLap is your perfect companion for taking out your baby for a stroll. Equipped with useful features like a wide canopy and cushioned seat, this stroller is perfect for newborns and kids up to 3 years of age. The multi-level seat recline feature of the stroller gives you the option to adjust the seat according to the comfort of the baby.

The stroller is lightweight with 360-degree front wheel rotation along with swivel locks and brakes. Rear wheel line brakes ensure safety. One of the useful features of the stroller is its reversible handlebar that allows the baby to face parents while on the go. If interested, you can buy this stroller on amazon.in for just Rs. 6,146.

17. Sunbaby Rocking Stroller with Full Net

Source www.amazon.in

An 18-year-old company, Sunbaby has come up with this all-purpose stroller which is equipped with a rocking feature making your baby enjoy the swinging motion. The stroller is wide and comes with a reversible handle for the comfort of the baby. The seats are extra cushioned and very comfortable. However, if you see dust settled on the seats, then it is easy to wash.

To keep your baby engaged, the stroller comes with a removable tray and rattle toys. Additionally, the stroller also has a bottle holder on the handle for holding a baby bottle. With this stroller, you get a basket that can be used for storage and a foldable button for quick folding of the stroller. Buy this stroller from Sunbaby on amazon.in for just Rs. 4,106.

18. 1st Step Caramel Baby Pram Cum Stroller

Say goodbye to all your worries about finding just the right stroller for your little one with this all-purpose stroller from 1st Step. At the front, the stroller is equipped with swivel wheels for easy manoeuvring. On top of that, the seats are comfortably cushioned and come with a five-point safety harness for the maximum safety of the baby.

This stroller is equipped with a reversible handle that allows the baby to face its parents. Apart from that there are several features such as a removable cup holder, removable food tray, and front swivel wheel with brakes that amp up the delight quotient of the customer. Get this stroller on flipkart.com for just Rs. 4,587.

19. Sun Baby Stroller/Pram for New Born, Extra Wide

Source www.amazon.in

This baby stroller from Sunbaby comes with various safety features such as a seat belt for providing protection to the baby. Further, the seat can be inclined to give the option for the baby to sit at ease or sleep. The seating of the stroller is wide enough for the baby to lie down comfortably and even for the slightly grown-up. You get the reversible handle along with the swivel wheels with good suspension for maximum comfort for the baby.

The extra-long canopy ensures that your baby is sitting inside comfortably even during the day under the sun. The thick cushioned seat ensures both comfort and ease of cleaning. If interested, you can purchase this stroller on amazon.in for just Rs. 3,668.

20. Target20 Baby Stroller/Pram for 0 to 3 Years,

Source www.amazon.in

This stylish stroller from Target20 is what you need for taking your baby out without having to worry about her comfort. The five-point safety harness not just provides complete safety but also keeps the baby in place. When it comes to the seat, you can recline it completely according to the comfort of the baby. Other features such as a basket, swivel wheels, and long canopy ensure that you have a complete all-purpose stroller for the baby she deserves. Buy this stroller online on amazon.in for just Rs. 3,348.

Top 10 Baby Prams in India

21. Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom Baby Recline Pram

Source www.amazon.in

Made for newborns, this pram from Little Pumpkin is designed keeping in mind the needs of young parents. Equipped with features such as a terrain wheel with suspension ensures that you can move your baby around comfortably on any surface. The stroller is lightweight and easy to fold with just a push of a button. Moreover, the handles are reversible to ensure that the baby faces their parents when small, and then as she grows up, the handle can be reversed.

With the option of 3 recline, it becomes very easy to adjust the sitting position of the baby. Get this very functional and comfortable pram on amazon.in for just Rs. 3,699.

22. Baby Hop Foldable, Lightweight Stroller

Source www.amazon.in

This reclining pram from Babyhop can be doubled as a stroller when your little one can sit on her own. Complete with the features such as a food tray, reclining seat, and 360-degree swivel wheel, this pram is also very lightweight. Further, you can adjust the position of the pram based on the comfort of your kid. To ensure that the wheels grip the ground, this pram is equipped with an air-rubber tire.

Apart from being shock absorbent, the pram is also very durable and sturdy irrespective of the terrain that you take it on. This pram is perfect for holding kids of up to 20 kgs and comes with the 5-point safety harness and armrest bar. Buy this Babyhop multifunctional pram on amazon.in for just Rs. 5,190.

23. Star and Daisy Easy Go Travel Friendly Stroller Pram

Source www.amazon.in

This is a perfect pram for a newborn that can be also doubled up as a stroller as your baby grows. Made from a durable and breathable material, the pram is gentle on sensitive skin. Transforming this pram from bassinet to stroller takes only a few seconds and can be done easily by anyone. Moreover, you get a sleeping pad with the bassinet for an extra comforting layer for the baby when sleeping.

Features such as an ergonomic seat, reclining adjustment, and convertible handle give you the ease of taking your baby out on a walk on varied terrain. Buy the Star and Daisy Easy Go travel stroller on amazon.in for just Rs. 8,359.

24. Baby Go Delight Reversible Baby Stroller and Pram

Source www.amazon.in

A perfect pram for all your needs, this piece from Baby Go is from their delight series. The pram-cum-stroller boasts user-friendly features such as a diaper bag, mosquito net, and wheel brakes. There are three reclining modes for the seat for the baby to lie down comfortably and sleep. Extra safety measures such as directional buckle design and 360-degree universal front wheel are icing on the cake. You can order this pram cum stroller on amazon.in for just Rs. 4,200.

25. Mee Mee Baby Pram Adjustable Footrest

Source www.amazon.in

Another one on our list from the house of Mee Mee is this pram with an adjustable footrest for maximum comfort for your baby. While the all-weather canopy is perfect for shielding your baby from sun and wind, the three-mode recline also ensures that your little one gets a perfect sleep or just sits and enjoys the view. Other safety features such as a reversible handle and double protection safety lock add to the overall value proposition of this pram.

Since the front wheels are 360 degrees rotational, you can manoeuvre the pram with ease and on all kinds of surfaces. There is also a smaller pocket for keeping utility items such as feeding bottles, tissue etc. Buy this Mee Mee pram on amazon.in for just Rs. 3,792.

26. Fisher-Price Rover Steel Stroller Cum Pram for Baby

Source www.amazon.in

The Fisher-Price Rover stroller comes with a sturdy frame, swivel wheels, and an anti-shock braking system. Features such as a reclining backrest and adjustable footrest along with a comfortable padded seat and adjustable canopy ensure a safe and comfortable ride for your baby. Apart from that, the stroller also comes equipped with a storage basket, bottle and tissue tray, and a food and bottle tray. suitable for babies aged 6 months to 3 years, the pram is easy to fold and store and therefore can be carried along to the airport. You can buy this pram on amazon.in for just Rs. 5,950.

27. 3-In-1 Best Stroller Pram - Grey -Luxury Stroller

Source hunyhuny.com

A luxury stroller pram from Huny Huny is a pram, stroller, and bassinet depending on your needs. Made with high safety standards in mind, the pram comes with sky-high ground clearance and an explosion-proof rubber wheel. The handle of the stroller can be adjusted for maximum comfort whereas the seat has three reclining option. Moreover, the steel ball bearings and double shock absorption spring system ensure a jerk-free ride for the baby. Buy this luxury bassinet cum pram cum stroller on the official website of Huny Huny for just Rs. 9,995.

28. Hauck Shopper SLX Trio Set Travel System - Stone (Multicolor)

Source www.amazon.in

This trio set from Shopper SLX is a carrycot, shopping buggy, and a car seat depending on the needs of the parents. Not only this pram is easy to fold but also the wheels are perfect for easy maneuverability and movement. The pram cum stroller can be used for newborns and also when your baby is growing up. Buy this stylish, compact, and very comfortable travel pram on amazon.in for just Rs. 13,000.

29. YOYO² Complete Stroller

This pram cum stroller from YOYO2 defines the ultimate luxury and comfort for your newborn. Talking about the bassinet features, it has Anti-UV (UPF 50+) water-repellent fabric, a Comfortable, breathable 4.5cm thick double mattress, Ventilated shell + pop-up canopy with 2 extendable positions, and inner pockets to carry the essentials. When your kid is above 6 months, you can use it as a stroller. Several features such as all-wheel suspension, a five-point harness with a new universal buckle design, a wrist strap, a padded shoulder strap, and a sun protection canopy make it a great choice. Buy this complete solution for strolling needs for your new born on allthignsbaby.com for just Rs. 83,500.

30. Skidz Baby Stroller and pram Easy Foldable for Baby Girls and Boys

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking for an extra spacious pram cum stroller then this stroller from skidz baby is perfect for you. The wheels are sturdy and durable for all types of terrain and the front wheel swivels. Since the seat is extra-large, the baby can be very comfortable for babies who are 18 months old. Features such as 5 point safety harness and extended double-layer canopy ensures the protection of your baby. Buy this spacious and sturdy pram stroller on amazon.in for just Rs. 1,599.

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Safety Measures

Always be in your line of sight and never stray too far when your child is in the stroller. Do not leave children unattended. If you need to stop or secure the stroller, make sure the brakes are on. When the baby is sitting in the stroller, fasten the baby with the seat belt. If you have toys hanging in the stroller, make sure these toys are out of reach of children or are securely attached so that they do not pose a choking hazard to your baby. Also, avoid loading the stroller with additional accessories and attachments.