Prepare All Your Beverages on the Go or Whenever You Want with Best Small Electric Kettles in 2020. Sleek in Design and with Plenty of Utilities these are the Best Small Electric Kettles.

Prepare All Your Beverages on the Go or Whenever You Want with Best Small Electric Kettles in 2020. Sleek in Design and with Plenty of Utilities these are the Best Small Electric Kettles.

Small size electric kettles have a myriad of utilities. You can use them to make your beverages of choice or even soup. Compared to the big kitchen electric kettle, the small electric kettles can easily be carried around and even used in the car, this makes them a better choice. Below are some of the best small size electric kettles you can choose from.

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More Than Just Hot Water: Electric Kettles can be of Immense Help

Do you find it challenging to make tea on the cooktop every morning? Or had you wished to have an electric kettle handy when you are holidaying? The electric kettle has several benefits for users. You may quickly boil tea or coffee or boil some water for the babies. Most of the products are multi-purpose and help you preparing soups, the instant oats or instant noodles. It can save you some time, and they consume less power too. In this article, we have discussed some of the premium electric kettles from which you can choose one for yourself.

Factors to Consider when Buying an Electric Kettle

Speed of Boiling

When you buy an electric kettle, it is usually to make sure that they take lesser time for the liquid to boil. It is one of the critical factors that you must consider when buying an electric kettle. You can check the power consumed to understand the time that would be taken to boil the liquid. You may also undertake some research to find out the time that would be taken by the kettle to boil the beverages.

Ease of Use

The electric kettle must be easy to use. One of the essential factors would be that it must be leak-proof and must not be scalding to the touch. Cleaning must be comfortable as well, and it must be dishwasher safe. Some of the kettles are 360 degrees swivelling and others may be cordless, which saves the kitchen from being a mess of cords to power the kettle.

Temperature Options

For those who are avid connoisseurs of tea and coffee, the electric kettles must be speedy enough so that they do not take up much time for boiling the beverages to the appropriate temperature. The difference made in the taste is because of the temperature attained and how quickly the liquids are boiled. Most of the kettles have preset options that allow the user to set the temperature at which the beverages will boil.

Size and Weight

- It is necessary to decide of the kettle that you will need. This will depend on the number of members in the family, or the situation when you will use it. In case you need it to come in handy when you are travelling or out on holiday, you may not need a bigger kettle. If you choose a bigger one, there will be a problem with space. You must also consider this factor when selecting the electric kettle.


The material used to make the kettle can affect the aesthetics and performance of the kettle. Plastic will not break, but it can affect the quality of the kettle. It may need a lot of washing before boiling the beverages. The ones made of glass risk breakage. The stainless steel appliances look elegant, and most of the products are made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel.

Best Electric Kettles with One(1L) Litre Capacity

Inalsa Electric Kettle


This 1-litre electric kettle from Inalsa is the ideal one for those looking for a budget-friendly solution. The product comes with a sleek design and brushed stainless steel finish with a metal covering on the outside. The product ensures that the beverage is heated quickly, and the user also finds it easy to clean. There are a hidden heating element and a 360-degree cordless base.

The product has several safety features that include dry boil prevention and prevention against overheating. It also has a steam sensor and has a water level indicator along with a power off/ on the indicator. Apart from this one-litre kettle, there is a larger 1.5-litre kettle available for larger families.

The electric kettle consumes 1350 Watts of power. It is priced at Rs. 1,058 on Amazon.


  • The product has an inbuilt SS filter sieve.
  • It has a sleek body and great looks that attracts customers.
  • There is a 360-degree cordless base.


  • The product does not have an auto cut-off feature.

Bajaj Majesty KTX 9


The Bajaj brand is known for its electrical products, and the Majesty KTX 9 electric kettle lives up to its name. It is a multi-function and hygienic electric kettle with a capacity of 1 litre. It has protection from overheating and is dry boil safe too. The product also has seven preset menus that allow easy handling by the user.

The body is made from stainless steel along with a black PP enclosure. There is a neon indicator for heating. The product also has a 360-degree connector along with a detachable base.

It consumes 1200 Watts of power and is priced at Rs. 2,305 on Amazon.


  • The product comes the stable of a renowned brand.
  • There are seven preset menus.
  • It is durable and does not require any installation.


  • It is a bit expensive, vis-à-vis its peers.

Singer Uno 1-Litre Electric Kettle


Users may find it challenging to find a better-looking kettle than this one. The 1-litre capacity electric kettle from Singer has an impressive performance record too. It has a hidden heating element and can be operated cordless also. The product has an auto shut-off option to prevent excess power utilisation. It has a water level indicator too.

The kettle has a spout design so that the liquid can be poured without spilling. It also has a 360-degree swivelling base.

It is priced at Rs. 816 on Amazon.


  • It comes cheap than its peers.
  • A spout design ensures that the liquid can be poured easily.
  • The product has a 360-degree cordless base.


  • Few customers have a problem with the durability of the product.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Egnite EG1000

Another brand you can consider when looking for a 1-litre electric kettle is this one from Stovekraft. The Egnite EG1000 has a water level indicator. The kettle has an elegant design and is made from the best quality plastic along with a stainless steel heating element.

The lid can be locked that prevents spillage. There is a separate power off/on button to ensure that the user has not accidentally turned on the power switch. It utilises 1,200 Watts of power and boils a litre of the liquid within minutes.

It is priced at Rs. 649 on Flipkart.


  • There is a powerful motor that heats the liquid very fast.
  • It is a leak-proof kettle, and the lid can be locked.
  • It has an auto shut-off option.


  • The length of the power cord is short.

Orpat OEK-8147 1-Litre Cordless Kettle

    The OEK 8147 from Orpat is among the premier products among its peers. It is also among the bestselling electric kettles on Amazon within its capacity range. The product has a hidden heating element along with SS and aluminum die-cast that ensures durability and long life. The brush finish body is a major draw among its customers.

It has a spout for the convenience of its users and has an auto shut-off feature and an indicator light. It supports dry boil protection and prevents overheating. There is a 360-degree swivel base for ease of use. There are a single touch lid lock and a wide mouth that allows you to cook small items too. It is priced at Rs. 1,095 on here


  • It has a single touch lid lock and a spout for convenience.
  • The product supports dry boil protection and prevents overheating.
  • It can support 360 degrees swivelling too.


  • It uses only 850 Watts of power and heats the beverages slowly.

Best Electric Kettles with 0.5 Litre Capacity

Bajaj Majesty KTX 2 0.5L Travel Kettle

We start our list with this sleek product from the Bajaj brand. They are a renowned brand in electrical appliances, and they continue the tradition with the majesty KTX 2. It is the ideal travel kettle with two travel cups that you can use to have a quick cup of tea or coffee in your car. It has a stainless steel body that has a concealed heating element.

It is also dry boil safe and shuts down if you have accidentally turn it on without any water. It is portable and has an auto shut-off option. The product uses 1,100 Watts of power and has a volume of 0.5 litres.

It is available at Rs. 1,525 on Bajaj.


  • It has a stainless steel body and is durable.
  • It is known to conserve power through the auto shut-off and dry boil prevention features.
  • The product is portable.


  • It is priced relatively high.

Morphy Richards Voyager 100 0.5 Litre Electric Kettle


Morphy Richards is a popular international brand in kitchen appliances, and its electric kettles are durable as well. It is portable and can be used for a quick tea or coffee. It has an elegant white look, and the kettle has a hidden heating element. The device has an auto shut-off mechanism and dry boil protection that shuts it when there is no water in it.

The electric kettle has a hidden heating element along with a cool-touch lid and handle. The spout allows the user to pour out the liquid quickly without spilling. It also has a level indicator and has a Strix inside. It uses 1000 watts of power and has a full plastic body.

It is priced at Rs. 1,220 on Amazon.


  • It has a cool touch body and prevents scalding.
  • It has an auto-shutoff feature and dry boil protection.
  • It has an elegant design and has Strix inside.


  • There is an issue with a wire smell in the liquid.

Prestige 0.5 Liter Electric Kettle


This product from the house of Prestige brings with it the brand equity of the mother brand. It is designed beautifully, which is a big draw among the customers. It has a hidden heating element along with a detachable power base. It has a volume of 0.5 and draws 1,000 Watts power.

This electric kettle from Prestige has a stainless steel body and elegant looks. There is an auto shut off feature too like most of its renowned peers. It also has a single lid lock feature along with a power indicator button that is near the bottom of the kettle.

It is priced at Rs. 1,245 on Amazon.


  • A detachable power base makes it convenient for the user.
  • The stainless steel body makes it durable.
  • A single touch lid lock makes it spill-proof too.


  • Few customers had issues with its durability.

Inalsa Matrix Electric Kettle


The product from Inalsa is made from durable steel and also has a sleek design. It is corded and has an automatic shut-off technology that helps in preventing unnecessary wastage of power. It is ideal in making coffee and tea as well as soups. It has a lockable lid to prevent spills and also has dry boil protection that can stop automatically if there is no water in the kettle.

The electric kettle has a hidden heating element and uses around 1,000 Watt of power. It has a rubberised handle and a steel body. It has a larger mouth that helps in easy cleaning. The spout is such that it prevents spilling. It also comes with two separate cups.

It is priced at Rs. 1,695 on Amazon.


  • The kettle is portable and has elegant looks.
  • It is spill-proof and has an auto shut-off technology.
  • It can be cleaned easily.


  • It is cabled that makes it a bit cumbersome to use.

iBELL 0.5 Litre Premium Electric Kettle


The SEK105 from iBELL continues with the reputation with the brand in providing sleek and durable electrical equipment for its customers. It comes with several premium features and has a capacity of 0.5 litres that makes it portable too. It has a fast boiling capability and uses 950 Watts of power. It also comes with two glasses and is easy to operate.

The kettle has a concealed heater and has a stainless steel body with plastic covering. It is easy to clean and has a 360-degree swivelling base. The product also has an auto cut-off feature that helps in preventing wastage of power. There is a safety lid lock that prevents accidental spillage.

It is available at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 780 on Amazon.


  • It offers premium features.
  • It has a unique sleek look that is an easy draw for customers.
  • It has a spill-proof lid and an auto shut-off feature.


  • The product is wired, that makes it a bit cumbersome at times.
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Small Size Electric Kettles to Conveniently Use when Desired.

Made from food-grade materials, electric kettles come in handy not only in the kitchen, but also when needed. This could be when one is on the go and thus they can easily make their desired beverage. They are easy to use and come with exclusive features to help use them. With an auto switch off mechanism, lock lid and even some being cordless, you are sure safety is also guaranteed when using the electric kettles. Above are the best small size electric kettles in 2020.