Are You looking for Best Car Dashboard Toys for Your New Love(2020)? Top 10 Car Dashboard Toys to Avoid Getting Confused by the Endless Varieties Available.

Are You looking for Best Car Dashboard Toys for Your New Love(2020)? Top 10 Car Dashboard Toys to Avoid Getting Confused by the Endless Varieties Available.


Is your car lacking something? You have done the exterior. Added some decals, chrome rims and some spoilers. What more could be missing? What’s missing is the interior decoration. All that space on the dashboard and it’s empty. Your interior decorations in your car speak for you. To help you out is car dashboard toys, put together below.

How to Choose a Car Dashboard Toy?

Most people let the space of their car’s dashboard empty while some have a religious icon placed there. But there's another choice - cars that have a dashboard decorated with a colourful toy have the potential to uplift the looks and mood inside the car. So, find out all about car dashboard toys and how they are a cool addition to your cars.

Not too Large

A dashboard toy is usually a small piece. A big toy will obstruct the view of the driver. For a driver, it is important that he/she has a clear view of the road ahead. So, while buying a dashboard toy, you should look towards buying a small toy.


These toys are stuck to the dashboard of the cars. So, the material has to have a very strong adhesive. When you buy a dashboard toy, you should look for ones that will not fall down with a few jerks of the car. Find the ones that won’t bother you with having to stick it back again and again.


Dashboard toys add to the mood inside the car. Sitting in a small space, whether for a short or a long drive, it is better arrangements inside the car bring a positive spirit for people riding in it. Even though they might be just small pieces of things, they are hard to be missed. So while choosing a dashboard toy for your car, buy colourful pieces so that the atmosphere inside it will look cheerful.


Just as buying any other things, durability is the first thing that you should look for. In the case of dashboard too, you should look for the ones that are very strong. Since a car might have to run under different kinds of roads, smooth or gravel, it is important that these toys are durable. You won’t want to be bothered too often by these toys breaking up or falling to the floor of the car.

Car Dashboard Toys


Almost everyone has a very big interaction with emojis in their daily life. People send and receive emojis frequently on social media platforms. As it is very easy to convey your feelings with these characters, they have gained huge popularity among people. There is always an emoji character that resonates with your emotion to the receiver. So, emoji toys might as well bring these feelings to your car dashboard.

Available in different expressions and shake head functions, these emojis will enhance the decoration of the insides of your car. You can have the teasing character, laughter, love, kiss, among the type of emoji characters for your car dashboard. These plastic toys are very durable and weigh 200 grams. The emoji toys don’t need any battery or solar power to run. All you have to do is stick it to your car dashboard and it will accompany you in your ride by shaking its head all the way. These toys can also serve as a decoration for birthday parties for children or as gifts. You can buy the emoji toys for Rs.269 each on Amazon.


For the cars in which children are supposed to be riding frequently, dolls can be very interesting dashboard toys. It will be amusing for the kids to have a doll at the dashboard of the car. This beautiful girl in a pink dress will be really liked by your kids. The doll is made from polyresin which is an eco-friendly material. This humanized doll has very flexible arms and legs with pretty hairs and headpiece. The doll wears an embroidered wedding gown which is very pretty and noticeable. The doll comes with different parts such as the pair of crystal shoes, veils, rose hand wrist flower, necklace and double-sided glue tape. You will have to fix the parts by yourself, for which you can involve your kids to do so. You can also buy the doll for decorations for occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or any parties. This dashboard toy can be purchased for Rs.999 at Amazon.


If you are someone who loves animals, then you should check out this dashboard toy of beautiful breeds of dogs. The set consists of a mother and a baby Husky in a cushion. However, while being a very beautiful decorative toy, it has other functions too. It has finely porous bamboo charcoal which purifies the air and adjusts the humidity of the insides of the car. It absorbs moisture when the air is humid and releases it when the air is too dry. Buying this product will not make the car’s interior look amazing but it will also help you and your children breathe fresh air inside the car. You can buy the product for Rs.1,299 at Amazon.


These cute little monks can bring a real charm to your dashboard. You will be getting 4 monks on the order. These baby faced monks wear different coloured dresses because of which your dashboard will look really vivid. Three of the monks replicate the three monkeys and one places his hand on the cheeks. You can buy the monks toy for Rs.178 on Amazon.

Lord Hanuman

The statues of gods and goddesses are considered to be a good sign for people following Hindu tradition. So putting a statue of a god or goddess in your car dashboard can bring a good vibe to your car and your travels. One of such dashboard toy can be this baby Hanuman toy. This thermoplastic toy of the hand-painted. The toy has a colourful look, which will make the interior of your car attractive. You can find Hanuman in a sitting, standing or dancing position. You can buy this beautiful baby Hanuman for Rs.196 on Amazon.


While Cupid might not be an Eastern figure, but nonetheless it is a famous one. Mostly because it is a cute baby figure with a bow and an arrow. Having a cupid toy in the dashboard of your car can bring a sense of love and compassion. The toy is made out of resin, which is an environment-friendly material. The toy comes with a double-sided adhesive with which you can stick the toy to the dashboard. The toy is solar-powered because of which it can shake its head continuously without the need for batteries. The toy is currently available on Rs 261 in Amazon.


For dog lovers, this moving head dog is a very good choice to make to put in their dashboard toy. The product comes in a dog that shake their heads back and forth whenever there is movement in the car. The toy can be attached to the dashboard with the 3M Two-Way Tape sticker. The toy does not require any batteries to work and is very eco-friendly. Even the slightest of movement in the car will make the heads move, which is a very funny sight and can lift up your mood. You can buy the toys for Rs.974 at Amazon.


Just as real flowers bring happiness and cheerfulness to people, dashboard toys about flowers can do the same purpose. It can bring a sense of joy inside the car. The flower is made up of ABS plastic. Just as real flowers need sunlight, this dashboard flower also needs sunlight to keep on swaying. You can buy the flowers dashboard toys for a price between Rs.62 to Rs.189. You can buy it at Ali Express.


Who won’t like Spider-Man? It is one of the most famous superheroes of all time. And to have this superhero at the dashboard of your car or the glasses. The toy is made out of environmentally friendly resin. You have the choice to buy the toy performing different poses. Or you can buy all of them and put in places in and around the dashboard. This will give a truly inspiring look at the insides of your car. The product comes with a double-faced adhesive, to stick the toy in the car. The price of the toy ranges from Rs.356 to Rs.927. You can buy the toy at Ali Express.


This cool duck is what you might need to make your dashboard look stylish. The yellow colour makes the duck very attractive. Also, it is not a typical duck but rather a duck with a very gangster look. It wears a helmet, glasses and a chain. You can remove the chain and the helmet. You also have the option to change the helmets of the duck. It is made from environment-friendly material. You can also use the duck in other places such as a bathroom or bedroom. This dashboard can be purchased for Rs.152 on Ali Express.

Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 is such a lovely character. Its cute white face and body make it really adorable. Furthermore, this Big Hero 6 is not just a dashboard toy but you can also use it as a mobile holder by sliding its bottom part. The toy doesn’t need any battery to work and its head moves with the motion of the car. You can buy the product for Rs.325 on Amazon.


The angel on your car’s dashboard can bring a sense of calmness and well-being. It is powered by solar energy and the material used in the toy is ABS. Both the wings and the head of the angel move with the movement of the car. The head moves sideways and the wings move up and down. You can buy this dashboard toy for Rs.999 on Amazon.

Creative Set

If you don’t want to have just a dashboard toy but a variety of toys, then you will find this creative set very appealing. It comes with a set of five toys - four cactus and another one which has a couple of balloons. The cactuses move with the jerks of the car. when there With these five things on your dashboard, it will look interesting and eye-catching. The materials used in the cactuses are resin, which is of high quality and eco-friendly. And the balloon is made out of durable rubber. And, it is very easy to stick the toys on the dashboard with the double-sided tape. The tape is very durable and will keep the toys stuck on the board. The product is currently not available on Amazon.

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