Looking for Peace of Mind on Your Daily Drive(2021)? A Guide to the Best Dashcams Available in 2021, to Help Guide You in Your Decision-Making Process.

Looking for Peace of Mind on Your Daily Drive(2021)? A Guide to the Best Dashcams Available in 2021, to Help Guide You in Your Decision-Making Process.

When you’re on the road, you’d want to take all precautions necessary to have a safe journey and a dashcam is an essential gear for every car. Dashcams are becoming increasingly popular, and the list of models available grows on a regular basis. Below, we explain what you need to know to choose the best dash cam for you and your budget.

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Hassle-Free Driving while Recording Your Journeys with the Best Dash Cam for Car

Whether you drive a van, a truck, or a car, having a dashcam always works in your favour. There are various reasons why you need one. It mounts on the windscreen, makes your monitoring safe by catching everything happening around you. In fact, having the best dash cam within your car serves CCTV's purpose in your vehicle and can protect you from unwanted liabilities, if not an accident.

Dashboard cameras are available at numerous prices and types, and most of them include extra safety features. And if you are worried about the car's interiors, you can get one professionally installed with hidden wiring. Besides the camera, today's devices also combine other features like tire pressure gauges, emergency kits, and jumper cables.

Also, you can use small cameras on your car's rear view mirrors and dashboard in few minutes. Here, you will learn about a few tips for buying the best dash cam for a car, followed by the top choices.

Tips for Buying Dash Cam for Car

Dual Facing Cameras

Well! That's also a feature most don't consider adding to a car. Dual cameras allow you to get a broader view, especially those with backward and forward-facing cameras. While this is one of the standalone choices for a dashcam, you should consider this.

Driver Assists, Apps, and Wireless Connectivity

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Today's cars have gone hi-tech and come with numerous helpful features for the driver. One such feature, driver assist, offers collision alert and lane departure warnings and warnings when overspeeding. Besides, you can also find safety cameras with alerts such as speed cameras and red lights to avoid unnecessary traffic hassles. Some dash cams have radar traps and a lot more safety features. Most dash cams use Bluetooth to synchronize and connect mobile apps, while others connect over Wifi.

Dress the Cable

Nothing appears worse rather than a nasty power cable hung down from the dashboard camera. But you need a wire to connect the camera to the power source, at least. Here, you can find cameras that allow you to hide the cable. Besides, you can use some creative dressing to make such cables appear beautiful.

Bigger the SD Card, the Better

Usually, you will find cameras with excellent storage options. But in the case of a dashcam, you might feel the need for a bigger memory. In such a case, the provision of a memory card slot can help. Higher camera storage means you can store more footage and have a recording for more days (and hours) before overwriting past recordings with new ones.

Consider Audio Recording

This one's essential as a wrong use might land you in legal trouble. In some states, laws, and regulations don't allow recording others without consent. Although a dashcam is meant to record what's ahead during a drive, the one with audio recording can also record the sounds of passengers. And that might be a reason for the trouble.

Always Prefer a Dash Cam with Real Time Cloud Storage Features

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Cloud storage has become one of the essential features today. Thus, the best cam should be the one that provides real-time storage to the cloud. Besides, having a dedicated app to check the stored video, share and playback is a plus. This helps prevent you from losing the footage even if the camera gets destroyed in an unfortunate incident.

10 Best Dash Cam for Car

After you know how to buy a dash cam, here's a list of the best ones you can consider buying.

DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera

Source www.amazon.in

With a working temperature ranging from 25 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius, this dash cam comes with an LCD screen. The lithium battery is replaced by a capacitor, making it suitable for parking monitoring. It features a seamless recording by overwriting the earliest footage with the latest one when the card's storage is full. A sensitive G sensor helps detect any unexpected collision, shake, and emergency lock to protect your video from overwriting.

The dashcam features Wi-Fi connectivity, a big internal memory card with a capacity of up to 128 GB, and compatibility with 12V as well as 24 V vehicles. The dedicated mobile app brings an intuitive controlling interface to your fingers, which differentiates it from traditional cameras. However, reading the user manual carefully can allow you to operate this dashcam efficiently. Besides, a 140-degree wide-angle lens also provides great coverage with HD pictures even during the dark. You can buy the DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera from Amazon at the cost of Rs. 3,499.

Campark Dash Cam

Source www.amazon.in

This dashcam features perfect wide-angle lenses with a range of 170 degrees. Its front camera with 1080p resolution and rear camera with 720p resolution lets you have a clear front and back vision. Both the cameras can record and display with continuous monitoring of the road signs and license plates. The inbuilt motion detector helps you park your car easily and safely that you can do using the parking monitor.

For storage, it also comes with a seamless recording feature, overwriting the old recordings to save the latest files when in a full memory situation. Moreover, the G sensor is well-calibrated to detect a collision or shake, then begin recording automatically. The best part is that the cameras have WDR technology under the hood for improved video clarity in various light environments. You can purchase this Campark Dash Cam Front and Rear Full HD Dual Dashboard Camera from Amazon for Rs. 4,990.


This should be your ideal buy if you are looking for a dashcam with the best quality recording. The 3-inch display offers a clear view of objects while the super wide-angle lens of 170-degree records a broader area. With the ultra-wide view, the camera ensures to decrease the blind spots and record necessary details. Besides impeccable video and image quality, setting up the dashcam is very easy, and you can get started with a small effort.

Seamless recording, automatic activation on a collision/shake, footage lock to protect overwriting video, WDR, F1.8, and HDR are some of its features. It also produces great quality at night time by reducing additional light sources requirement in low-light environments. This Apeman dash cam is available at Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 7,499.

Thinkware F800 Pro

Here's a dashcam that can shoot videos in 4K resolution using the 150-degree wide lens. The in-built GPS and Wi-Fi offer speedy camera alerts while adding speed data and locations to your recordings. A rear camera is available optionally that you can easily plug into the main unit for 2k video recording at 30 fps.

Other features that ensure a clear quality at night include improved HDR and night vision. Besides, a 3M tape sticking mount reduces windshield and vibration glare while the compact size reduces the obstructions in the views while driving. You can buy Thinkware F800 Pro dash cam from Amazon at the price of Rs. 3,798.

Viofo A129 Pro Duo

Source www.amazon.in

Enclosed in a plastic casing is a simple yet functional dash cam with a built-in GPS module. Viofo A129 Pro dash cam operates on supercapacitors instead of the traditional battery set up. It means the power source can withstand maximum temperature without weakening the performance. The camera produces 4K video recordings with details, depth, and huge dynamic range in the resulting footage. It also produces bright colours in all weathers.

The dashcam also comes with a dual-camera setup (front and rear), offering full HD resolution (1080p). The 60fps further produces smoother results. Setting up this dashcam is also easy, while the dedicated smartphone app helps save the recorded clips easily. The dashcam features include motion detection, night vision, automatic emergency recording, parking mode, and GPS tracking. You can purchase Viofo Pro Dash Cam from Amazon for Rs. 27,127.

Vantrue N2 Pro

Source www.amazon.in

The plus point of this dash cam is the Exmor IMX sensor on the rear and the OV4689 image sensor on the front. The dual 1080p captures everything in crystal details of 1920x1080p at 30fps. Further, the glass lens and LED lights improve night vision even in low light environments. The front-facing of the glass lens and special HDR video system balances the light and dark areas of the recorded footage.

In case of any incident, the G sensor technology automatically turns on footage saving by detecting a collision. Also, finding the required footage is made easier with separate files for the front and rear cameras. The parking mode adds security with its auto-record mode when any motion is sensed. Vantrue N2 Pro dashcam is available at Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 29,529.

Transcend DrivePro 230

Source www.amazon.in

Transcend made a dashcam with a dedicated screen and built-in GPS to aid better and responsible driving. You can check live recordings, available in good quality. And, it features an improved night view for better video quality in the dark. Besides, you can rest assured of continuous, uninterrupted recording with the inbuilt battery.

Other features include LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) and FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) for accident protection by compelling drivers to keep a safe distance. It operates effectively within the temperature range of 20 degrees C to 65 degrees C. The snapshot button lets you take a screenshot without any hassle. Besides, the time-lapse recording and parking monitor mode allow for 24/7 security. The high sensitivity picture sensor enables recording high-resolution videos of 1080 HD at 30fps. Transcend DrivePro 230 is available with a micro SD card of 32 GB and a wide-angle lens (130 degrees) on Amazon for Rs. 15,900.

70 Mai Smart Dash Cam Pro Plus

Source www.amazon.in

A compact dash cam combines all the essential features and mounts easily on the windshield for fantastic footage. The camera can record 2k videos, producing excellent quality in low light. The cam's security features include forward collision warning, lane departure warning, emergency recording, and many more. It has a wide-angle lens (140 degrees) to capture enough details for vibrant and super clear pictures in strong light as well as darkness.

The time-lapse recording feature, combined with parking mode, ensures that you get a longer record. And the real-time alerts encourage safe driving with warnings when you are off the road or about to collide. The G sensor automatically locks your video to the "Emergency File" to protect your video from being overwritten on a collision. You can purchase this 70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro Plus from Amazon at the cost of Rs. 6,999.

Blueskysea B1W

Source www.amazon.in

A rotatable 360-degree camera makes this dash cam stand apart from the rest while capturing videos in 1080p resolution. It supports expandable storage of up to 64GB, uses a double supercapacitor, and has a vast working temperature range. The 360-degree rotation also makes it simple to modify the angle lens if required. Its inbuilt Wi-Fi function allows easily connecting the camera to the phone for downloading videos, viewing the footage, and adjusting settings through the dedicated app.

The G sensor triggers the parking mode. Once it detects a movement, the camera begins recording videos. With a low light sensor, the camera improves the video quality even at night. Get this Blueskysea B1W Wi-Fi Mini Dash Cam from Amazon for Rs. 4,999.

Aukey Dual Dash Cam

Source www.amazon.in

Aukey brings a complete system with front and rear cameras, offering a strong backup in any road accident. Both cameras use Sony Exmor sensors to capture 1080p video and also ensure clear recording at night. The rear camera has a 152-degree view, while the front camera offers a 170-degree field of view to detect wide movement ranges on all sides. The emergency recording feature enables the automatic capture of sudden incidents while preventing such recordings from being overwritten.

The camera draws its power from an internal supercapacitor and a dual-port USB car charger. The camera uses a capacitor for cold and heat endurance and a longer lifetime than those using standard batteries. You can buy Aukey Dual Dash Cam from Amazon at the price of Rs. 22,999.

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