Instagram Stories After Effects(2021):  Stand Out with Your Next Instagram Story by Using These Template Made by Talented Creators

Instagram Stories After Effects(2021): Stand Out with Your Next Instagram Story by Using These Template Made by Talented Creators


We use Instagram Story templates to create cohesive and professional-looking Stories for your followers on the social media platform. We've gathered together a few of our favourite free and paid Instagram templates. So let's dive in and have a look at just a few of the best After Effects Instagram Stories templates to create, design, and experiment to your heart's content.

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What is Instagram Story


How can you build up your brand to connect and interact with your audience? Instagram Stories has taken the platform by storm, and any brand can share their videos and photos accessible to their followers. They are published separately from the content you post, and some features can augment your content too. There are several options for users, and you can add stickers and timestamps too. There are options to add various effects and filters.

What is After Effects

It is necessary that the content that brands create stand apart from their peers and allows them to portray their communications distinctly. It will enable you to showcase some of your communication strategies and provide a user-friendly interface. It is easy to learn, and you can quickly make edits to the templates on offer. After Effects come with several possibilities, and you can add music and videos apart from the text you usually add.

Curated Templates for Instagram Story with After Effects

Instagram Promo

Social media has become an excellent gateway to promote a brand. Brands looking to promote their Instagram presence can use this after-effects template. The Instagram Promo option is streamlined and has 13 editable media placeholders apart from 13 text layers too. Users can use the template for their Instagram promotions and presentations. The templates can be easily customised and ensure fast rendering. The template can be used to showcase fashion, modelling, wildlife, food, travel, etc. and even your portfolio. It can be downloaded for free and does not require plugins too.

You must subscribe to the Motion Array website to download it.

Instagram Promotion

There are several ways to enhance followers on social media channels. You can utilise Instagram to the fullest by posting content with which your audience can easily connect. Some options can help you to create a presentation video or an ad for your profile. You can also create a slideshow using specific filters or make a presentation with pictures. It will help to attract the audience to your content and ensure they start following your account. You can use videos or photos to the fullest, and the smooth animation can ensure the profile is presented creatively.

You must subscribe to the Envato Elements website to download it.

Instagram Toolkit

Instagram is known for the unique ways by which brands can reach out to their audience. The use of Instagram Stories allows brands to use their creativity in improving their audience outreach. They are also presented with several templates to enable them to utilise specific strategies when creating the content. This Template has seven banners that are ideal for Instagram users. The colours can be changed quickly, and the layout is user-friendly too. They can be used on other social media channels too. The animated banners are just the perfect option for several influencers.

Trendy Instagram Stories Pack by Hushahir

Envato Elements is among the premium providers of templates for social media channels. You can download this trendy Instagram Stories pack by subscribing to the website. It does not require any plugins and can easily be the ideal pack for your Instagram Stories. You can use them for your campaigns and brand-building activities. The design is sleek and provides the needed elegance that your brand must project to its audience. You can showcase blog updates, updates, and any content that you wish in a way that breaks the clutter.

Instagram Story After Effects Template

Brands must always look for ways to stand apart from their competition. You must produce fresh content that is engaging too. You can keep your followers engrossed on Instagram through a simple story. This Template has unique designs and gives your brand has a clear edge against its peers. It allows you to insert text, videos, or images. Also, edit and makes changes to the colours without any hassles. Downloading is free, and you can choose from various categories.

Unique Instagram Promo

Social media channels occupy a unique space in all online strategies of various brands. There are specific strategies devised for different platforms that are distinctly different from each other. Instagram requires you to have specific templates that can help you make subtle changes to your messages. You can use this template to show your pictures, and it is easy to edit too. The content must also load fast, and these templates can help you. It allows high-resolution photos, has a tutorial and provides free font links too.

It is priced at around Rs. 1,320 on the Video Hive website.

Instagram Stories Pack by Motionbeard | Vertical and Square

While you may feel that Instagram is only about creating content, you are mistaken! You must keep in mind that the content you make must be appealing to your audience. It applies to all social media platforms, and more on Instagram. It is crucial to understand the demographics of your audience and create content that caters to them. This Pack focuses on pastel colours with minimal designs. You can break content into siloes easily. It also allows users to animate quotes and deliver messages that make your brand stand apart from its peers.

Instagram Stories by Energetic by Afterdarkness75

Are you looking to enhance brand awareness? Yes, Instagram can be a great platform to do so. However, you must create content quickly, and it must address your audience's passion and inspire them to the action you wish them to take. Content managers should use the Instagram Stories feature intelligently and use their creativity to post the videos and pictures they want. You can use this Template to create ads by using graphics and dynamic animation. The special events promo can be used to showcase new events to the targeted audience. It is sleek and allows your brand to speak a language in sync with the target market.

Using Instagram Stories to Your Benefit

Brands are always looking for newer ways to enhance their audience outreach subtly. Instagram Stories allows them to create content that improves brand visibility and improves engagement effectively. You can personalise the content based on the audience demographics and candidly interact with your audience. It can also help to repurpose your blogs and helps to stay on top of the audience's minds.

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Tell your stories & share your journeys with these professionally crafted templates, designed to make it easy to create eye-catching Instagram Stories for your brand in minutes! Grow your business by giving a fun makeover to your boring static images with these above-mentioned Instagram story after effects templates.