Stay and Look Cool at the Office When the Weather Warms Up! 9 Must Have Summer Office Wear for Men’s That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Look (2020)

Stay and Look Cool at the Office When the Weather Warms Up! 9 Must Have Summer Office Wear for Men’s That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Look (2020)


When the weather warms up, the idea dressing up for work can be more stressful than an imminent deadline. But don't worry! Here you will get some must-know tips for office wear to make it really possible and equally comforting, especially while at work. And here is the 9 best men’s summer casual office wear to try in summers, which will surely fulfil the sophistication you need for work.

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Some Must-Know Tips for Office Wear

When you work in between professional people, the first thing you would want to do is blend in. Observe what everyone is wearing and try to match to make a statement. If you are a T-shirt guy, go for some nude coloured short-sleeved plain T-shirts to pair them with your Jeans. You can also go for full-sleeved T-shirts with simple patterns. Avoid bold colours and patterns. While looking for a shirt, check everything starting from collars to sleeve length and the seams of the shirt. The collars should not be too tight around your neck, and the length of your sleeves should be perfect. The seams of the shirt should not be too long. Also, check how the shirt fits, should not be too tight or loose. Go for shirts with subtle patterns.

  • For Belts: they should have a buckle neither too large nor too small. Many times, people go with oversized buckles, those with company initials thinking they are attractive and good choices, but this is far from the case. The only thing to look for a buckle is that it should be plain, of perfect size and hold your waist correctly. Go with darker colours like black or brown for belts.

  • For socks: Though your socks are not visible, they add to your style statement. You just cannot pick bold colours or very soft colours for your socks. Socks with patterns will also not work with your office-wear formals. Go for darker shades of black and brown.

If you believe in the concept of less effort, just go with black, blue and grey, and you are still ready to go. You should also take care of the accessories you have and the way you carry them. When you talk about watches, all-gold watches are too out of the box now. Go with watches which show a minimal effort and don't look too 'brag' on you.

As much as sweaters are comfortable, they do hold a stylish ambience too. Sweaters and winter wear always portray a classy look. You preferably wear V-neck sweaters over a collared button-down shirt, and you ready to go with your minimal efforts. You can also pull round neck sweaters for a great office-wear, which should be a perfect fit on your body that you can also style with a pair of jeans.

Blazers add an extra edge to your style when you wear them to your work. Either you button it up or leave it like that, it will always look classy. Blazers will work with both your jeans and pants. Suits define an extra curtness to your behaviour and is a well-suited disguise for your meeting and conferences. Suits and blazers are also a good choice for an interview, leaving a good first impression of your personality.

List of Best Shirts, T-Shirts & Upper-Wear for Men's Office Wear

Midnight Blue Herringbone Shirt with Angle Cut French Cuffs

For our first shirt, we bring you this Midnight Blue Herringbone Shirt With Angle Cut French Cuffs. The colour will add an extra ounce of professionalism, yet keeping it casual. If you don't want to overdo your office wear and still want to establish authority, then this is going to be the best choice. It has full sleeves and square cuffs that give this shirt a formal look: the point collars and the colour of the shirt support on not killing the casual vibe.

You can carry this button-down collar and French cuffed shirt with grey pants or khakis in style. Also, add on a belt to give yourself a more delicate look. You can also add on a jacket over it, and yet the shirt will not lose its charm. It can be available to you in slim, regular, and tailored fits. The fabric is cotton, that makes it a comfortable office-wear and also makes it suitable for machine washes! If you want this incredibly stylish yet decent shirt, you can grab it on for Rs. 2,399.

VAN HEUSEN Solid Custom Fit Formal Shirt

White shirts always work, whether you think about pairing it with any darker blue shades of jeans or with dark coloured pants. This VAN HEUSEN Solid Custom Fit Formal Shirt here will give you a perfect formal look for your offices. This shirt will also work amends if you think about wearing it for any out-of-office works. The patch pocket at the front gives it an outlook of sincerity and decency, which will help you make an impression over your senior colleagues and also help you bond outside of your work.

Though this shirt is available only at a regular fit, it still provides all the required sizes for you. The fabric is a cotton blend and, therefore, undoubtedly smooth, and hence machine washes are preferred for this shirt. This shirt is available at all required sizes, choose your size and buy this shirt for Rs. 1,899 from Lifestyle Stores.

Men Black Advanced Rapid Dry Raglan Polo Collar T-shirt

Black is one colour that goes well for anyone and too well with anything! Here we have this Men Black Advanced Rapid Dry Raglan Polo Collar T-shirt available for you, which will add charms to your vibe. Wearing this colour usually elevates one's confidence, but this shirt will take it to another level because of its crafted fabric. This fabric is designed to fit your body perfectly, adding to your personality. This collared T-shirt carries a formal ambience with it along with its sporty look. It can be your partner for working-out and can also be effortlessly worn by you, for your 9 to 5 office timings.

This regular-fit T-shirt is available in all desired sizes. The sleeves are short and lightly cuffed around your arms so that you can flex on your muscles. It has advanced dry technology and anti-odour technology, which makes it worth your money. The fabric is 100% polyester and, therefore, aids in fitting properly. You can buy this t-shirt from Myntra for Rs. 1,199.

Parx White Regular Fit T-Shirt

Providing you with another collared-short sleeved shirt to add to your wardrobe, we have Parx White Regular Fit T-Shirt for you. When you talk about something formal and casual at the same time, then collared T-shirts always work wonderfully. Adding to this point, this shirt is available at the most comfortable colour for your eyes, i.e., grey.

It is also available with different patterns. This T-shirt has got a detailing with blue tapes at the seams of collars and sleeves. The label is embroidered on the chest that adds a classy touch to the T-shirt.

This is a regular fit T-shirt available to you at all the preferred size ranges. It's not just about the brand, the quality of this T-shirt speaks for itself. It is a 100% polyester fabric that requires a machine wash.

Pair it with jeans and sneakers and carry the coolest vibe to your office. You can also wear it for a sunny day outing or your casual weekend working hours. This must-have polo t-shirt can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 550.

US Polo Association Men's Checkered Slim Fit Cotton Formal Shirt

You want your office wear to be subtle, and thus you never go for colours that are too bright to look at. This US Polo Association Men's Checkered Slim Fit Cotton Formal Shirt offers you the best office-wear shirt with the touch of yellow. You never thought of wearing a colour too bright, for example, yellow, but when you take a look at this shirt, you will change your mind. This shirt has the perfect shade of yellow one would like to wear for their 9 - 5s. You can wear this button-down, full-sleeved shirt for your interview or even for your most prominent presentations, it will always make quite an impression on others.

You can wear this shirt over dark and plain pants or jeans and add on a belt for a good look. This is a slim fit shirt with a checkered design. It has a good quality fabric made of cotton, which keeps you cool during summers. Get this shirt from Amazon for Rs. 923 only.

List of Best Pants, Trousers & Lower-wear for Men's Office Wear

You can’t just go with any trousers or pants either! First, ensure the fit is comfortable. It also should not look baggy on you. The length should be appropriate, it should be covering your socks, and no longer.

You should always take care of the creases on your clothes. Creases on your pants look messed up and show an ignorant behaviour. Your clothes should always be neat and ironed.

Keeping these points in mind, we’ve selected the following pants and trousers which will help you attain a decent office attire.

Slim Fit Men Black Polyester Viscose Blend Trousers

Bottom wear has to be as stylish look as your upper wears are. This Slim Fit Men Black Polyester Viscose Blend Trousers is a must-have for your button-down shirts, which will give an overall classy look. The pant is an ankle fit pant and must be paired with, those small heeled shoes. You can also wear T-shirts with patterns or no patterns, though graphic T-shirts will look dope with it! This casual pant just adds to your personality. It is super comfortable as it is stretchable. The fabric is pure cotton with some other variant mixed.

Due to its slim fit, it offers a tailored touch to it, which looks quite fashionable. You can buy these trousers from Flipkart for Rs. 588 only.

Regular Fit Men Blue Cotton Trousers

Another ever-wearable trouser available for you is this Regular Fit Men Blue Cotton Trousers. This one is highly good looking due to its checkered design and dark colour. These are also ankle length and mostly carry a casual vibe. Pairing it with a shirt or T-shirt is up to you, these pants are designed to rock both of them effortlessly. This regular fit pant is blue and is suitable for any occasion you plan to visit. A great combo will be pairing them with loafers, which will give a pleasing look to these pants because of its appropriate length, and you will carry this look smoothly.

There are different colours available for the same pants in all size ranges. The fabric is cotton, and it gives a sporty edge to your style when you wear it with T-shirts. Buy these checkered pants and these to your wardrobe for Rs. 699 only. Available on Flipkart.

Men Navy Solid Formal Trousers

Our next choice here is this mid-rise formal trouser. Pair them with any plain or checkered light coloured shirts. As white is the most professional colour out of all the colours, so you pair these with a white shirt, like the one we mentioned earlier, and can look effortlessly classy. Shades of yellow and light pink will also do justice to your look if you pair them with these pants. Stay away from dark colours though, they will mess things up. The unstitched hems make you look good without even trying. The fabric is polyester and viscose and therefore prefers a machine wash. The length is regular and does not look too baggy on you.

You can buy these formal pants from Myntra for Rs. 775.

Men Black Solid Slim Fit Flat-Front Trousers

For our last item for your formal closet, we have this Men Black Solid Slim Fit Flat-Front Trousers. It has an additional pocket and is a mid-rise flat trouser. The material is terry-rayon and prefers a machine wash. It is a regular-sized pant. These pants will give you your major office vibe and still make you look trendy. You can wear a pair of leather shoes with a small heel. You should also go with black shoes and a belt with these pants. This will give you a simple, clean slate to work with, and a casual and modern look.

This pant will work on the concept of minimalism, so you can dress with less effort. Also, it's not too baggy like the usual, and the length is appropriate. You can buy these office-wear pants from Myntra for Rs. 1,234.

A New Concept: Design Your Own Office Summer Wear!

We understand if you are confused about which brand to buy from or what will look good on you or anything like that, and that is why we have a solution for you. This solution provides you with your personalized tailor available to you at home. Pants are available to you in wide ranges, but what gets difficult is choosing a shirt. Sometimes, you want one feature but cannot buy the shirt only because of that feature. You might like different elements of different shirts. You might like a shirt and not the colour. These are the major problems you face, and here is the perfect solution to your problems.

Checkout Tailor Store and register yourself with your tailor! Design your perfect shirt by selecting your favourite colours and features. You have the freedom to decide from what fabric to use, as well as the button you need, or the thread you will prefer. It is effortless to use the site to customize your perfect shirts.

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In Conclusion!

You’re ready to dress smart casual office wear for this hot, humid weather! Now you've got a clear idea of what fabrics and colours to choose from, and how your clothes will match when it’s warm out. You also have a solid list of clothing recommendations and ideas for how to put them together into different outfits. Dressing well isn't tough, no matter the season. You just have to be strategic with what you wear and the cloth you choose, so you can look great while remaining as cool as a cucumber.