Want Perfect Presentation Or an Ideal Movie Night? Use Our Guide to Pick One of the Best Portable Projectors and Make Your Work and Leisure Life Easier

Want Perfect Presentation Or an Ideal Movie Night? Use Our Guide to Pick One of the Best Portable Projectors and Make Your Work and Leisure Life Easier

In the recent evolution in technology, one of the best things that happened was a portable projector. It is small, efficient and you can carry it anywhere without any hassle. Now you only need to buy one for any purpose: carry it to the office for a presentation or use it at home to watch the movie with friends. You can also play games on the big screen now with the help of a portable projector.

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Is It Worth Buying a Portable Projector?

Total Hassle Free

The biggest advantage of mini and portable projectors is of course that they are hassle-free and super easy to use. It is truly a gift from technology, as portable projectors magnify your entertainment quotient hugely without fuss.

And of course, you do not even have to take care of all those wires too, because the set up is quite like a child’s play now. You can put these portable projectors anywhere without worrying about their settings and wiring connections.

More Practical in Approach

Portable projects are 100% more useful practically speaking. You can set them up in a jiffy, Yes, you won’t have to go through the tutorials and instructions. Everything is so intuitive that it won’t take you more than 10 minutes to figure out how to operate these mini wonders. Their wireless operation makes them a lot simpler and practical for people to use and hence you enjoy all the perks of this technology quite easily. This modern approach is great for both personal as well as business needs.

Compact and Lightweight

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Do you remember the time when handling a projector was limited to professionals? It was because it was not possible to set it up whenever and wherever you wanted. Projectors were heavy, too complicated and difficult to handle. But not anymore.

Thanks to their small size and lightweight body, now you can easily lift the projectors with your one hand and take them anywhere you want. This saves a lot of money too, as you won’t have to buy different projectors for different areas. You can simply lift one and place it wherever you want.

Best Portable Projector in India

AAXA P7 Mini Projector

The first one to grace this list is AAXA P7 Mini Projector. It is so small in size that it can fit inside your palm. It works on a 38W Lithium-ion battery, which is included in the pack here.

Despite being so small in size, this projector provides 1080p Full HD resolution, which is wonderful for both presentation and movie purposes. This one is the latest generation which comes with a high MTF lens for great clarity and quality of the projection.

It won’t be wrong to call it an all-in-one projector as it comes with an onboard media player with a USB port, 2W speaker for media playback and TF card ports. There are other input options available too. This small projector is perfect for gaming, presentation, movies and a lot more. You can buy it on ubuy.co.in for Rs. 34,091.

Optoma ML750e

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If you are looking for the best portable projector for movies then Optoma ML750 WXGA can truly help you out with it. Imported from the US, this projector has a capacity of 700 lumens and has a 3D projection option too. This portable DLP LED projector is quite advanced in terms of technology and also has an HDMI port.

This Optoma projector is truly a hassle-free model with lightweight functionality and practical portability. There are no complex instructions included and the set up is super easy.

The projector can be operated through remote control and is also comes with an in-built speaker. So, if you are looking for great entertainment with a perfect home theatre movie night, then this projector is definitely perfect for you. You can buy it on Amazon for Rs. 69,999.

Egate i9 LED Projector

If you are looking for something simpler and quite within your budget then you are surely going to love this Egate i9 LCD LED Projector. The model comes with 30,000 hours of LED lamp life. Interestingly, despite such a low budget it includes HD 1920X1080 pixels support along with 800 X 480 native resolution.

Such kind of resolution capacity makes the projector perfect for gaming, HD movies, videos, presentation and photos etc. The projector can provide 120” large screen displays with a capacity of 1500 lumens.

You can directly play the media through a USB port of this projector. The best thing about this projector is that it is completely dustproof and hence needs low maintenance. With such small size and utter low maintenance, this model is truly perfect for personal use, especially for people with kids. You can buy this projector from Vplak for Rs. 5,699.

LG PH550 Minibeam LED Projector

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The next one in this list of the best portable projectors is the LG PH550 mini beam LED projector. This projector is recommended for business purposes, as the resolution of this model is 1280 X 720 HD with a capacity of 550 lumens, which is perfect for professional presentations.

The lamp life of this LED projector is 30,000 hours, which is quite standard and it also comes with a built-in battery. Moreover, the projector comes with 3 years of warranty too.

It is recommended to use this projector in complete darkness, as the brightness level isn’t that powerful. However, the functionality of this projector is definitely quite simple and intuitive. It also comes with this screen share option which links the projectors to your smartphones. This mini projector is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 53,000.

ViewSonic M1 DLP Projector

If you are looking for a low budget projector for office and business work then you might be interested in this ViewSonic M1 DLP Projector. It is ultra-portable with a power of 250 lumens. It has a built-in battery with a battery life of 30,000 hours. This projector provides only 854 X 480 resolution, which is apparently not so great for gaming and movies.

The projector is quite lightweight and compact in size. In fact, the projector comes integrated with a smart stand that provides a 360-degree setup. This makes it quite convenient to adjust the projector.

This stand works as a lens cover too and once removed the projector automatically gets switched on. This is quite a smart device with an auto turn off the feature if the object is too close. You can grab this projector on Tanotis for Rs. 37,760.

BenQ MS506p DLP Projector

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BenQ DLP is the best mini projector for a medium-sized office. Being a mid-ranged projector, this one doesn’t have the qualifications for an entertainment projector but it surely does the job for business purposes.

It provides 800 X 600 resolution with excellent 3,200 lumens brightness which means you don’t need a pitch dark environment to make this projector work. This projector is 3D ready too and works on Eco power-saving technology.

This one is a filter-free projector, with one key auto adjustment. Unfortunately, this projector does not have an HDMI port. We will recommend it for presentations and slide-shows but not for gaming and videos. However, the projector surely provides great contrast effects and distortion-free projection. You can buy this one on Amazon for Rs. 24,595.

Nebula Capsule Portable Smart Projector

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We truly feel that Nebula by Anker is such a unique projector that it totally puts other models here to shame. It is undoubtedly smarter in design and way more practical and portable than any other projectors out there. In fact, you can’t even deduct that it is a projector from its design.

This is quite like carrying the entire cinema in your pocket, which is super cool. This smart projector has 360 speakers so you can get a unique surround sound experience. The pocket-size design is great for entertainment and movies and gaming and everything else you can imagine.

It comes with Android 7.1 and provides hours of playtime. Interestingly, you can charge its battery and it will be ready to use again. You do not even need any wires and other instructions to learn its functioning because to be true, this is the most modern design ever. Grab it now on Amazon for Rs. 33,390.

Epson EB-S41 Projector

The next one in this list of the best portable projector is an SVGA type projector. This Epson EB-S41 projector comes with a massive 3300 lumens capability. This clearly means that you get the best experience of watching movies and giving presentations while using this projector, even if it is a hall or a small room.

The projector has 800 X 600 resolution which to be true is more suitable for business works but it won’t let you down for the movie marathon too.

The projector comes with a horizontal keystone slider and 10,000 hours lamp life and that too in eco-mode. The projector is definitely quite small in size and easy to handle too. You can buy this Epson projector now on Printer Point for Rs. 28,799.

Unic UC-40 High Quality Projector

Unic Uc40 is the next addition to this list here. This one is a high-quality 130-inch screen LED projector. The projector has 800 lumens of brightness, which is decent enough for a small room. The projector provides 800 X 480 pixels resolution, which is more suitable for business purposes rather than an entertainment one.

The projector is lightweight and easy to handle and also quite portable too. What we really love about this projector is that it has all sorts of ports like USB, AV, HDMI, SD, IR etc.

This projector is supported by 2W speakers and has 20,000 LED lamp life. In this package here you get 1 projector, 1 power adaptor, 1 power cable and 1 remote control. This is one of the most affordable projectors you can find for business use. You can buy this Unic projector on Flipkart for Rs. 4,999 only.

MagnaSonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector

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The final one in this list is the Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector which is also one of the best portable projectors for business. It comes with a rechargeable battery and is quite small in size. The projector is compact yet it gives us a 60” Hi-resolution display for streaming presentations, videos etc. You can also connect it with your smartphone and other devices for perfects synchronization.

When we say a pocket projector, we are definitely telling the truth. This super mini projector provides 640 X 360 resolution of projection which is perfect for presentations and slide shows.

The battery of this projector lasts for 2 hours and the projector also comes with built-in speakers too. This Magnasonic projector is apparently World’s Smallest Portable projector and has an HDMI port which allows great connectivity for all sorts of devices. You can buy this mini portable projector on Amazon for Rs. 16,999.

What to Know Before Buying a Projector?

Before you decide to invest in a portable projector for personal/business use, you should get to know all about it thoroughly. You should be clear about your requirements. We have got just the perfect guideline for you to follow. These are some of the things you should take care of while buying the best portable projector in India that have been mentioned above.


One of the main things to keep in mind when buying a portable projector is the cost of the product. You should be clear about your budget. Of course, you can get a decent portable projector within a budget, but if you want added features and options then you would have to raise your budget a bit. Sometimes it can cost you a lot as if you want 4K quality in your portable projector. But make sure to save some money for the audio set up.


Another thing to consider before buying a portable projector is the purpose you want it for. Options completely vary for entertainment and business purposes and so does the features of the projector. While the business projectors are more about images and PowerPoint presentations, the personal ones are more about video projections and hence you need to choose your projector smartly for it.

Reviews and Reliability

No matter which one is the best portable projector as per price and features, the product is still not up to the mark if it has negative reviews and low ratings. You should definitely look out for its market hype, genuine reviews and product ratings regarding various aspects, before buying the projector. This is a lot of money which you would not want to waste just like that.

Quality and Resolution

This is something quite technical but the resolution is all about the quality of projection through the projector. If you are using it for presentation purpose then a low-resolution projector can do the job. However, when it comes to motion and video playing, you should definitely go for a better version. For HD movies and games, a 1920 X 1080 resolution projector is a must.

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