Want to Know Which Fruits to Eat and Which Ones to Apply(2020)?Guide on  Best Fruits that Can Give Your Skin a Magical Glow.

Want to Know Which Fruits to Eat and Which Ones to Apply(2020)?Guide on Best Fruits that Can Give Your Skin a Magical Glow.

Harsh but true, your skin is the victim of your poor lifestyle choices and ignorance (and dust and pollution). And the best way to rejuvenate your skin is to consume fruits and apply a fruit mask every alternate day. Our tips will help you nourish your skin from the inside out.

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Having the Right Food is Important for Good Skin

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It can become easy to neglect our skin as a result of having a busy lifestyle. Lack of proper care leads to the skin looking dull, wrinkled, and poor quality, pigmented skin. Apart from regular skincare, we need to ensure that our diet is rich in nutrients as the beauty of your skin comes from within. The older cells need to be replaced by younger ones through a steady supply of nutrients. A balanced diet with healthy food promotes good skin. A good diet includes essentials such as green leafy vegetables and fruits. In this article, we will delve deep and discuss some fruits that are good for your skin. They are not only good to eat but also used superficially like in face masks.

Best Fruits for a Healthy Skin


Everyone loves mangoes as they are juicy. But do you know it keeps your skin bright as well? They are rich in vitamins and flavonoids. They are used to make skin butter to heal wounds. You can have some mangoes every day to have smooth skin.

If you have dry skin, you can mix a spoon of honey along with a spoon of yogurt and mix it with some mashed mangoes. Apply this pack to your face and keep it for ten minutes, and then wash it off. For those with oily skin, you can make the face pack with mangoes along with lemon juice and rose water. Apply it on your face and keep it for ten minutes, and then wash it off.


Oranges are a citrous fruit and are known to be nutritious and find its place it various juices and smoothies. They contain vitamin C, which helps to prevent oxidative damage. It also contains collagen that prevents the ageing process. For beautiful skin, you must have at least half an orange every day. It can be used in fruit salads or eaten as a juice or an ingredient of a smoothie.

People with oily skin can prepare a face pack by mixing half a spoon of flour and turmeric with one spoon of lemon juice and three spoons of orange juice. Apply it as a face pack and rinse off after fifteen minutes. For those with dry skin, you may add some honey in the face pack.


Lemons are known for being a bleaching agent and also helps your skin glow. It is rich in vitamin C and potassium that prevents pigmentation. It also acts as an anti-oxidant and flushes out the toxins from your body. If you do not have time for a face pack, you may add some honey along with a spoon of lemon juice into a glass of water and have it in the morning.

To prepare the face pack, mix some rose water with lemon juice and dab it on your face. Keep it for ten to fifteen minutes and wash it off. You can also mix some sugar to lemon juice, and apply it to the keratinized areas.


Avocados are rich in vitamins, fats and fibre. It also reduces oxidative damage and promotes healthy ageing. It also contains zeaxanthin and lutein that protects your skin. Avocados can be had during breakfast or with your salads and sandwiches throughout the day.

For healthy skin, you can make a face pack with rose water and camphor along with some mashed avocado. Apply it on your face and wash it off with cold water after ten to fifteen minutes.


Apart from having antibacterial properties, papaya makes your skin glow too. It can help to lighten the skin tan and any pigmentation. It also helps to remove the skin lines. You can use mashed papaya to smoothen your skin and prevent wrinkles. It is also rich in antioxidants that can remove the dead cells and cure impurities in your skin.

You can have a few pieces of papaya as a snack. If you want to make a face pack, cut it into pieces and mash them. Add some lime juice along with turmeric and apply it on your skin and your face. Rinse it off with water after fifteen to twenty minutes.


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The apple is known to keep the doctor away due to the nutrients that help to keep us fit. They contain essential nutrients like potassium, calcium and magnesium along with vitamins. Apples are also a rich source of fibre. It can also help you in having glowing skin as it contains antioxidants. You can have apples for breakfast along with cereals and oatmeal.

Apples can be as a face mask. You need to slice the apple into a few pieces and grate the pieces. Some honey can also be added. Apply it on your skin and keep it for fifteen to twenty minutes, and then rinse it off. Do not use any soap or conditioner when removing it. Just use some warm water while rinsing.


The bananas also have properties that can help your skin look radiant. The banana peels can treat acne, and bananas also help to have healthy skin. They have vitamins, folate, and minerals like potassium and calcium. It is very often used as a natural moisturizer.

To prepare a face pack, mash some pieces of banana along with some milk and honey. Mix the ingredients and apply on your face. Keep it for ten to fifteen and then wash it off. You can also have a banana smoothie for breakfast.


Grapes can also help your skin look radiant and has other medicinal properties. It helps to equalize your skin tone. You may eat a handful of them in the afternoon as your snack and add some dry fruits too. Grapes can also be used as part of a face pack. Take some mashed grapes and add some curd to it. Also, add some lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Then apply it to your face and affected parts of the skin. Keep it for around minutes and then wash off with water.

Having Fruits Every Day can Help

Fruits are an essential source of nutrients and antioxidants that help your skin look younger. You need not be on any dieting spree to look more youthful. Just have plenty of fruits throughout the day, and you may also apply a fruit-based face pack that can help to peel off the old skin. Fruits also contain antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress and makes your skin glow. Apart from boosting the immune system, it makes your skin radiant and glowing.

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How Does Your Eating Habits Affect Your Skin?

When you include fruits in your daily diet, you are giving your body a rich dose of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Eating fruits helps in reducing inflammation and the prevention of various kinds of infections. All these qualities of fruits make them an ideal add-on in your diet to give your skin a healthy and vibrant glow. So, if you have always been eyeing to add a beautiful and healthy glow to your skin, fruits may offer you the one-stop solution.