Enjoy a Healthy Home-Cooked Meal in Office: Check out the Top Tiffin Boxes for Office and Important Tips to Keep in Mind to Buy the Perfect One for Yourself (2022)

Enjoy a Healthy Home-Cooked Meal in Office: Check out the Top Tiffin Boxes for Office and Important Tips to Keep in Mind to Buy the Perfect One for Yourself (2022)

Home-cooked food is always healthier, more hygienic and nutritious than outside food. So, carrying your own food to office is definitely a better option than ordering food from the cafeteria or restaurant or some tiffin service. If the thought of the food getting cold by lunch time is bothering you then we have curated a list of the top-30 tiffin boxes for office purpose which are either insulated are electric powered. Consequently, you can rest assured that you will definitely get your food warm and fresh in office during lunch and enjoy your meal to the fullest.

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Tiffin Boxes and Their Importance for Office Goers

Food is the major source of energy for human beings and office goers are no different. Taking a lunch box to office has been a very established practice among the office goers. That a meal energises the body and refuels you for rest of the day is a known factor. However, tiffin boxes are also a great way of socialising in the offices. You can just share the meal you have bought with anyone sitting next to you while having lunch and start a pleasant conversation. It is also important for the food you take to be fresh and which retains the nutrients for a few hours after being cooked and packed in the lunch box. Therefore, you should consider important points while selecting a tiffin box.

Tips to Select the Right Lunch Box for Office

  • Material of the Lunch Box:

    There was a time when there were not many choices in tiffin boxes. Starting from the stainless steel lunch box, if you went to a bit higher range then it was the insulated lunch box. However, with a lot of innovation happening you also have electric lunch boxes, microwave lunch boxes and so on. The idea is to make these lunch boxes comfortable for carrying to the office. If you are looking to get hot food in the lunch hour then electric lunch boxes will suffice. If you have a microwave installed in the office then a microwave friendly lunch box will be good and so on.

  • Ease of Carrying:

    Lunch boxes nowadays are available in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the mode of transport you take to office, the type of lunch box you select matters a lot. If you are travelling long distance then a lunch box with a proper handle and bag would be preferable. Irrespective of the type of lunch box you choose, it should be easy to carry for any distance you are travelling.

  • Insulation:

    This is one of the most important factors to consider when picking the right type of lunch box. The insulated bags are very important if you want to keep your lunch hot for longer times.

  • Leak Resistant:

    Imagine travelling with a lunch box that has gravy and it starts leaking on the way. Not only will it add to the discomfort but will also be very embarrassing with your colleagues around. Therefore, make sure while buying the tiffin that you pick the one that is leak proof.

  • Proper Compartments:

    It gets really frustrating when you open your lunch box and every item in the lunch box is mixed. Apart from looking messy, the food might also get wasted if you had sweet and salty food items getting mixed. Therefore, make sure that you buy a lunch box with proper compartments that does not let the food mix.

Top 30 Office Lunch Box Picks You Should Consider

Insulated Lunch Boxes

1. Cello Max Fresh Click Polypropylene Lunch Box

Source www.amazon.in

Cello is a reputed brand in the world of lunch boxes. This compact lunch box made of stainless steel, is perfect for office goers. Its lid is made of 100% food-grade plastic. Moreover, you also get four compact lunch containers to ensure that you carry different items for a balanced diet. Scent and taste repelling technology is used to ensure that your food stays fresh for longer hours and the taste is not compromised. Further, the lid of the lunch box does not allow any leakage making it perfect for carrying while travelling. You can pick from three different colours available on Amazon for ₹ 624.00.

2. Signoraware Best Stainless Steel Lunch Box, Blue (500 ml + 350 ml + 200 ml) with Steel Tumbler 370 ml

Source www.amazon.in

Signoraware is yet another known brand in the world of lunch boxes. This stainless steel lunch box is a perfect pick if you want value for money. In addition to three compact size stainless steel containers you also get a tumbler to carry your juice, buttermilk, etc. Further, the insulated bag in which the containers are carried keeps the food warm for hours. Easy to clean and maintain, this lunch box promises durability and fresh food. The lid of the containers is made of virgin plastic and is leakproof. You get this dishwasher safe and ergonomically designed lunch box on Amazon for just ₹ 740.00.

3. Borosil - Glass Lunch Box Set of 3, 320 ml, Microwave Safe Office Tiffin

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking for a lunch box that not just comes with an insulated bag but is also microwave proof then this lunch box from Borosil is perfect for you. Easy to clean and dishwasher proof, this lunch box is a set of 3 containers made of 100% borosilicate glass. The material as well as the build quality of these containers makes them durable. Further, the silicon gasket of the containers guarantees that they remain spill-proof. Put it in the refrigerator or heat directly in the microwave, the containers are made to withstand extreme heat and cold. You can buy this glass lunch box on Amazon for ₹ 1,199.00.

4. Treo by Milton Health First Round Glass Tiffin Box with Cover, 380 ml, Set of 3

Source www.amazon.in

The convenience to handle due to its ergonomically designed bag and microwave-safe compartments of this tiffin box makes it a good pick for office goers. If you do not like the containers smelling of the food you carry, then you can pick this lunch box. The non-porous nature of these containers does not let the food smell to get absorbed by them. Further, you can be sure of your food remaining warm for longer hours due to the insulated jacket. You can buy this very functional lunch box on Amazon for ₹ 808.00.

5. Oliveware Teso Lunch Box with Bottle

Source www.amazon.in

The sleek and round shape of the containers of this lunch box from Oliverware makes it perfect for carrying. Further, these containers are dishwasher and microwave safe. The lid of these containers is leakproof and 360° lockable ensuring that your food is fresh for longer hours and retains the required moisture. Further, the world class quality of the stainless steel containers makes food safe to be consumed even after long hours. The insulated carry bag also helps a great deal in keeping the food warm. You get 3 stainless steel containers, 1 pickle box and 1 stainless steel tumbler. Buy this lunch box on Amazon for just ₹ 1,200.00.

6. Vaya Tyffyn Polished Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Source www.amazon.in

The mix of stainless steel and plastic makes this lunch box a perfect pick. The polished stainless steel containers in the plastic casing ensure that you get best of both the worlds. This stainless steel lunch box from Vaya can keep your food warm for up to 6 hours. Further, the lids are made of BPA-free plastic making it safe for use. While buying this stylish tiffin box just make sure not to use it in the microwave. You can buy this stylish and compact lunch box for just ₹ 2,590.00 on Amazon.

7. HeatPro Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel XL Lunch Box

Source homepuff.com

The double walled vacuum insulated containers of this lunch box keep the food fresh. Whether you are storing hot food or cold, the containers keep the state of the food as it is. Further, the good quality of steel used in these containers keeps the food fresh and prevents any form of oxidation. The snap and seal technology also ensures that the food tastes good even after long hours. The lunch bag is made from aluminium foil coated material that is both water and stain resistant. Made from completely non-toxic and BPA-free material this lunch box also comes with 1-year assured warranty. You can buy this lunch box on Homepuff for ₹ 3,019.00.

8. Milton Chic 3 Containers Stainless Steel Tiffin Box

Chic from Milton is a perfect lunch box for office goers because of its quality built. You get 3 stainless steel containers with side lock plastic lid ensuring fresh food for hours. What caught our eye while researching is the stylish denim bag which is not just stylish but also keeps the food warm and fresh. The leak resistant, freezer-safe and dishwasher-safe lunch box is available on Flipkart for just ₹ 799.00.

9. Milton Executive Lunch Insulated Tiffin Box

Source www.amazon.in

A lunch box that is small in size but still has 3 containers is what you get with this executive lunch box from Milton. The three containers are made of food grade stainless steel ensuring that they keep the food safe and retain the nutrients for long hours. The USP of this lunch box is its small and sleek size that is easy to carry in your hand or even in your office bag. The 100% leakproof containers can be packed in the insulated cover keeping food safe and fresh. You can buy this insulated tiffin box in red and green colours. The lunch box from Milton is available on Amazon for ₹ 340.00.

10. Borosil Klip N Store

If you are a foodie and do not want to miss out on your daily diet then this Borosil Klip N Store lunch box set of 4 containers will be your perfect choice. The borosilicate container is sturdy and therefore heat and cold resistant. In addition to the four containers, the lid has silicone gaskets preventing leakage and spill. The containers can be put in the microwave directly for heating and can also be put in the freezer. You will notice that the containers are of different shapes in order to fit perfectly in the insulated bag that you get along with these containers. You can buy this lunch box on Flipkart for ₹ 1,139.00.

11. Signoraware Slim High Borosilicate Bakeware Safe Glass Small Lunch Box

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking for a lunch box that is easy to carry in your office bag then this small lunch box from Signoraware is the apt choice. Carrying a big lunch box for the field or onsite workers might be a bit tough. However, everyone deserves fresh and warm food and therefore this lunch box is a perfect choice. Fill in your favourite dish and carry this lunchbox wherever you go without having to carry an extra bag. Buy this small lunch box from Signoraware on Amazon for ₹ 532.00.

12. Odette French Black Designer Tiffin

Source odette.in

Define luxury with this French black tiffin from Odette. You get 2 bowls made of fine bone china and 400 ml capacity. The stand is made of shiny brass giving it a unique look. The beautifully crafted lunch box will ensure that you stand out from the crowd in your office. Make a statement with this regal looking lunch box by buying it from Odette for ₹ 3,886.00 after discount.

13. Nayasa Razor Insulated Lunch Box with 2 Containers

The small and sleek size of this lunch box makes it perfect for carrying it effortlessly. More often than not, those of you going on a field job frequently complain about the chunky lunch boxes you have to carry. You need not worry anymore with this razor insulated lunch box from Nayasa. Buy this lunch box on Flipkart for just ₹ 580.00 and enjoy fresh food on the go.

14. Westside Home Multicoloured 3-Tier Tiffin Box

Perfect for carrying healthy and home-made meals, this tiffin box is all things stylish. The three layered tiffin box has grey, yellow and grey melange coloured containers with a steel holder and a short handle for ease of carrying. The inner layer is made of stainless steel which retains the moisture and health benefits of the food. You can buy this beautiful and functional tiffin box on Tata CLiQ for ₹ 699.00.

15. NanoNine Lunch Box Set Stainless Steel with Steel Lid & Bag

The stainless steel containers with easy locking and spill-proof design in this lunch box set is perfect for carrying your lunch lavishly. Further, you get a 1-year guarantee on manufacturing defects which makes this lunch box worth the buy. The airtight and leakproof containers are made from food grade material including the lid. You can buy this lunch box from NanoNine on Big Basket for just ₹ 599.00.

16. Milton Stainless Steel Insulated Tiffin, Set of 4

Source www.amazon.in

We picked this one for its 4.5 rating on Amazon apart from the wholesome design and concept. With 3 containers of different sizes, it becomes easy to carry all type of foods in this lunch box. Further, you get a stainless steel tumbler to carry your juice, buttermilk or any healthy drink that you prefer. The leakproof containers ensure that you carry all types of foods including the ones with gravy safely. Buy this lunch box on Amazon for just ₹ 840.00 and enjoy a variety of food.

Lunch Boxes with Electric Warmer

17. Monil Electric Lunch Box and Multi-Function Electric Heated Portable Food Warmer

Source www.amazon.in

If you are those busy kinds who are strictly on the clock then this electric food warmer is a seamless choice for you. The user friendly design of this electric lunch box ensures that you just need to plug in the tiffin for warming the food. Once the food is warm enough, the power cuts off automatically. The lunch box is made of high temperature resistant material as well as high quality insulation material. Buy this food warmer from Monil on Amazon for just ₹ 598.00.

18. Wonderchef Hot Meal Slim Electric Lunch Box with 2 Container, 300 ml

Made from non-toxic and food grade material this lunch box is portable and easy to carry. It is not just portable in design but also easy to clean and good in size to carry sufficient food for most of you. The lunch box comes with a metal plate for quick heating which takes just 15 minutes to get the food piping hot. Further, an inbuilt cord winder in the lunch box saves you from the messy affair and renders sophistication to the overall product. You can buy this slim and sophisticated lunch box from Wonderchef for ₹ 1,199.00.

19. Nayasa Electromate 3 Electric Tiffin

Source www.amazon.in

You get an ideal lunch box for office with this Nayasa Electromate-3 Electric Tiffin. Easy to carry with the rubber grip lifter and user-friendly design makes this tiffin a good pick for office spaces. The neon lamp indicator shows On and Off mode of the electric tiffin. You also get a detachable power cord and the option to store the cord in the lid. Moreover, the auto cut-off from power guarantees safety. It takes around 45 minutes for this tiffin to heat the food. Buy this smart lunch box from Nayasa on Amazon for ₹ 1,379.00.

20. TopHaven Plastic 40W Portable Electric Food Warmer and Electric Lunch Tiffin Box

Source www.amazon.in

The simplicity of the design and sophisticated technology makes this electric lunch box a great buy. This is an easy-to-carry lunch box with uniform heating design suggesting the best performance. Since the container is made from high quality and durable material it is safe even at higher temperatures. You can buy this portable electric food warmer lunch box from TopHaven on Amazon for ₹ 699.00.

21. Milton Smart Electric App-Enabled Tiffin

Source www.amazon.in

Milton is a known name in the lunch box space and their new electric app-enabled tiffin is yet another feather in their cap. If you have been imagining heating the food through just an app in your phone then this is the perfect tiffin for you. A simple connection through the Wi-Fi and you can command the lunch box through the app to heat the food. Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistants, this lunch box is smart in every sense. Further, the geo-tag feature enables you to heat your food when you are within a 5 km radius or 30 minutes before your arrival. Buy this smart tiffin from Milton on Amazon for just ₹ 1,999.00.

22. Cello Proton Stainless Steel Electric Lunch Box

Source www.amazon.in

Sleek, compact and user friendly this electric stainless steel lunch box from Cello is best of both the worlds. The stainless steel ensures that the food remains fresh and free from odour. Further, the attached cord is perfect for heating the lunch and keeping it warm. You can buy this very functional electric stainless steel lunch box on Amazon for just ₹ 1,299.00.

23. Ecoline Electric Lunch Box

This stylish and durable lunch box from Ecoline is a sure shot at getting the hot meal at your desk. Just plug in the cord and warm your food without having to worry about the electricity consumption as it just requires 15W. The ISO certified lunch box’s lid is made of food grade plastic and it comes with a unique steam release design. Promising a truly unique experience, this lunch box from Ecoline is available to buy from Mahavir Home Store for just ₹ 1,170.00.

24. Tiff On Khushiyaan Electric Lunch Box

Source www.amazon.in

The 90W cable along with the safe design makes this electric lunch box perfect for any set, office or home. The exterior is made of food-grade PP plastic whereas the containers are made of stainless steel. The lid comes with a steam release function. You get leak proof containers with lids having silicon rubber gasket. You do not need to leave your work and stand in the queue to heat your food in the microwave. Just plug in the lunch box and get evenly heated food in a few minutes. Buy this comfortable electric lunch box from Amazon for just ₹ 849.00.

25. Milton Slimtron Electric Tiffin (2 Stainless Steel Containers)

We would not be exaggerating if we say that it is in the name. The Slimtron electric tiffin from Milton is perfect for those of you who want to carry a small lunch box with a sophisticated design and high-end features. You get two stainless steel containers along with a plastic casing with power cord. The lunch box is sufficient for any individual and can be carried to your office bag conveniently without having to make extra space for a bigger lunch box. You can buy this slim electric lunch box on Flipkart for ₹ 889.00.

26. Jaypee Plus Hottline Electric Lunch Box

Source www.amazon.in

In addition to the smart electric heating features the stainless steel containers with their wide mouth design is another feature that makes it worth a pick. You can take ample amount of food in the 3 containers provided and heat it whenever needed. Buy this smart and convenient lunch box on Amazon for ₹ 1,180.00 and enjoy a warm meal.

27. Nexx Hott-2 Electric Lunch Box 90W

If you are looking for a sleek, portable, electric lunch box that requires minimal electricity to heat your meal then this lunch box from Nexx is a perfect choice. The unique temperature regulated heating system is the USP of this electric lunch warmer. Buy this spill proof and sophisticated lunch warmer on Flipkart for ₹ 789.00 only and enjoy a hot lunch every time.

28. Rich Square Electric Lunch Box

Its sophisticated design, airtight containers and food-grade stainless steel is what makes this electric lunch box a great pick for office. The capacity of this food warmer is 450 ml which is sufficient for any individual to carry food. The simplistic design makes it easy to clean. This food container from Rich Square can heat your food in around 30 minutes. You can buy this portable, high quality lunch box on Flipkart for ₹ 639.00.

29. Cello Newton Electric Lunch Box with 4 Containers

This electric lunch box from Cello features 4 good size containers made of stainless steel making it ideal for office usage. With a capacity of 1800 ml, the lunch box comes with a neon lamp indicator and consumes very less power of around 50W only when heating. The sophisticated space given for the charger is also what makes this lunch box convenient to carry. Apart from these user friendly features, the electric lunch box from Cello also comes with a 1-year warranty. You can buy this electric lunch box from Flipkart for ₹ 1,189.00.

30. Dizionario Electric Microwavable 3 Containers Hot Lunch Box

Source www.amazon.in

You get the best of both the worlds with this electric and microwave friendly lunch box from Dizionario. The 1000 ml capacity lunch box is ideal for an adult to pack sufficient food for the office. The containers are made of stainless steel whereas the outer cover is made of plastic making it sturdy and an easy to carry lunchbox. If you are interested in buying this lunch box then you can do so on Amazon for just ₹ 430.00.

Quick Recipes Ideas for Office Lunch Box

Our parting thought was that leaving you only with the lunch box options would not be a complete idea. So here are some of the quick recipes that you can carry in these lunch boxes and enjoy in office:

  • Mizuna Quinoa Salad:

    To make this salad you need some simple ingredients like quinoa, boiled egg, coriander leaves, etc. It is a power packed lunch or brunch idea that gives you instant energy and gets you ready for the rest of the day. On the plus side, this recipe does not require much time and can be a great idea if you are in a hurry.

  • Indian Fried Rice with Sauteed Sweet and Spicy Tofu:

    Tofu is one of the healthiest foods out there that energises your body and helps you to focus on your work. Throw some tasty and veggies loaded fried rice in Indian style to complete your lunch. This is a great quick lunch idea for the simplicity of the dish without compromising on the taste.

  • Quick Rawa Idli:

    Clearly one of the simplest but tastiest dish of India is idli. Give a little healthier twist to your idlis with rawa idli and sambhar for your lunch. You can make the batter a day before and simply steam the idlis in the morning. Pick one of the lunch boxes from our list and eat healthy and fresh idlis with sambhar and coconut chutney for your lunch or brunch.

There we go with all the tips and suggestions for picking a good lunch box that suits your needs without blowing a hole in your pocket.

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Always Identify Your Needs First Before Buying a Lunch Box for Office

As it would have been evident by now, there is an extensive range of lunch boxes available in the market which promise to keep your food warm and fresh. It is therefore important for you to identify your needs first so that you can choose the lunch box which meets your requirement perfectly. Share your experiences for choosing and using a lunch box in office and stay connected for more such engaging content.