A Complete Guide on How to Use an Egg Boiler That Will Help You Get Your Nutritional Needs with the Perfectly Boiled Eggs Every Time in (2021)

A Complete Guide on How to Use an Egg Boiler That Will Help You Get Your Nutritional Needs with the Perfectly Boiled Eggs Every Time in (2021)

Want perfectly boiled eggs for morning breakfast to fulfill all your nutritional needs? Don't wait for a pot of water to start heating, and no more need a timer. The Egg Boiler will take care of the work and will let you know when your eggs are boiled to perfection. Here is a complete guide on how to use an egg boiler to make eggs to your ideal doneness.

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Egg Boilers Can Make Your Life Easier

The mornings keep us busy as there is too much to do within a short time. Making breakfast is also a crucial task, and most of us to have eggs in the morning. Boiling eggs is one task that eats into your time unnecessarily. You have put the eggs to boil and be around to ensure that the texture and the done-ness are just ideal for your family to have it. You have long wondered whether it would be better to have an egg boiler that could save you time. But before buying it, you must know how it is helpful to you and how it can be used. In this article, we will discuss how you can use an egg boiler and best ways to use it.

Types of Egg Boilers

There are essentially two types of egg boilers, viz. the electric egg boiler and the Microwave-based egg boilers.

Electric Egg Boilers

The electric egg boilers are compact and portable. They use electricity to run the device, and most of them have temperature control and auto shut-off features.

Some of them cannot be used as cookers as well. The premium products can be used to cook various dishes at different temperature levels.

Microwave Egg Boilers

These type of egg boilers must be used along with a microwave device. It is a container that boils the eggs using the heat from the microwave. Most of them can be cleaned easily. But, they do not have most features like the electric egg boilers.

Using an Egg Boiler: How it Works and Top Ways to Make Use of This Handy Appliance

How to Use Modern Egg Boilers: The Basics

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Egg boilers are worth the money as it saves on your cooking gas that is quite expensive. Most egg boilers have three modes of boiling the eggs and can shut off automatically when the eggs have been boiled. First, the water must be poured in the steaming bowl, and then the eggs must be placed on the egg tray. Most boilers are made from stainless steel for quicker operations.

When you have placed the eggs, you have to turn on the switch. The eggs start getting boiled, and the boiler is automatically turned off once done. So no need of having to check in between for checking its done-ness! Most egg boilers provide the volume of water to be taken and the time that is taken to boil in the user manual. Make sure you test various settings so you are comfortable with the process and you can rest assured on the results.

The mechanism used in an egg boiler is simple. The water is boiled to the heating point, around 100 degrees Celsius, which then heats the raw eggs and cook them. The steam then cools down and drops back as water. Some of the steam also escapes ensuring there is an adequate amount of steam to time the cooking. You may add the ideal amount of water, but you must be experienced enough to know how much water could be required to boil the eggs quickly. The volume of water needed also depends on whether you prefer to have soft- or hard-boiled eggs. Moreover, if you have more eggs to boil, you can also use a lesser volume of water. So with a little bit of trial and error, you are on your way too fuss-free boiled eggs!

Cooking Different Egg Dishes in an Egg boiler

For Cooking Soft-Boiled Eggs

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Many of us prefer soft, boiled eggs during breakfast. It can help in keeping some of the nutrients intact. You must add the right amount of water in the egg boiler. The amount of water to be added depends on the level of cooking – soft boiled or hard-boiled.

For soft boiled eggs, the amount of water will be lesser. It is also dependent on the number of eggs to be boiled.

Before placing the eggs, make a small hole at the larger end of the egg. Next, you must place the eggs with the side having the holes facing upwards. When this is done, you must set the lid of the boiler and turn it on. Some of the boilers may have a timer, and for others, it has to be done manually. Typically soft boiled eggs require around 5 to 6 minutes, though it could vary by product and of course the number of eggs you have. Refer to the user manual associated with the product so you can be sure.

For Cooking Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs contain the essential nutrients that are needed to stay fit. Boiled eggs are a common item for breakfast in many households. Of late, there is a point of view stating that hard-boiled eggs are a better option for us. It is because there could be a risk of live bacteria in soft boiled eggs. The hard-boiled eggs are an excellent source of lean proteins. You need a higher volume of water for boiling when making hard-boiled eggs. Do note it will take a longer time for making hard-boiled eggs, around 10 minutes for 5 or 6 hard-boiled eggs.

For Making Poached Eggs

Are you aware that egg boilers can also be used to make poached eggs? Yes, you have heard it right and is bound to make the egg lovers happy. Most of the egg boilers come with two trays, and one of them is divided into small sections. This tray can also be used for making poached eggs. First, you have to grease the tray. Then break the eggs and pour it into the poaching tray. The cover has to be placed, and the switch must be turned on. The eggs are steamed, and most boilers will turn off automatically when it is done. You can wear oven mittens to bring out the poached eggs. You should go through the user manual once as the cooking method may vary across various egg boilers.

Using as a Frying Pan for Omelettes

There are a few multi-functional egg boilers that can be used to fry eggs as well. Most egg boilers have a pan that you can use for frying various food items. It is suggested that you stick to eggs only as the pan is small in size. First, you must remove the lid and take out the egg tray. On the electric pan, you must add the butter or oil as you wish. And turn on the switch. Now, you can break the egg and put it on the pan along with some salt and pepper. You have to fry the egg for some time as you would otherwise do. Once it is done, you can take it from the pan and have it with some sauces of your choice.

Tips to Get the Best Results from Your Egg Boiler

The egg boilers remove the manual work needed while boiling eggs. The need for cooking gas is replaced by the use of electricity to boil the eggs. You must ensure that the boiler works at an average pace. It will ensure that your electricity bills stay within limits. You must consider the power consumption levels too when selecting the boiler.

It is essential to walk the fine line between the time taken to boil eggs and the number of eggs you boil at a time. The reason is that the greater number of eggs you boil at a time, the longer it will take to boil all of them. You can add a bit of salt to the water in the egg boiler. It will help to speed up the boiling process.

Most of the boilers have a timer and a boiler mode setting feature. Before using these features, you must go through the user manual in detail. These features can ensure that you are informed when the eggs have been boiled. You can also set the boiler to the settings needed for the right type of boil. An indicator to inform you about the activity being is also necessary to save on resources.

When you buy, always ensure that you never put the main body and the power cord in a dishwasher. The egg boiler must be cleaned at regular intervals. Better go through the user manual and find out which components can be washed. There are various other points to note. All boilers have a small hole at the top to let out steam. You must not go near it as it may cause burns.

Before starting to use the egg boiler, you must go through the user manual thoroughly. The manual will provide the volume of water needed and the time taken to boil. It will also show you the boiling process in detail. Always remember to put water and the eggs in the proper trays and then to turn on the power switch. You must not touch the components during the boiling process.

Cleaning and Maintenance of The Egg Boiler

It is necessary to maintain proper hygiene for the various kitchen appliances at home. It is suggested that you go through the user manual and find out the components that can be cleaned. You must first unplug the boiler and ensure that it cools down before you wash the parts. Always remember never to wash the heating components, else it may cause extensive damage to the appliance.

You may clean the heating unit with diluted vinegar. A dry cloth may be used for the cleaning. It is necessary as there may be deposits due to repeated use of the boiler. Tap water may lead to the residue, so it is better to use distilled water for the boiling process.

You can also know whether the components are safe for cleaning by knowing the material used to make it. Some of them may not be safe to be put in the dishwasher. You can rinse it with diluted vinegar along with water. It is crucial to dry all the parts before inserting them back into the appliance. You must not use abrasive cleaning solutions as it may lead to scratches in the heating plate.

How Using an Egg Boiler Differs from The Usual Manual Method

Advanced Technology

Technology has taken over our daily lives, and we find several electrical gadgets in our kitchens. One of the devices that we use is the egg boiler. Most such devices can be switched off automatically, and there is a one-touch technology to boil eggs. Moreover, the manufacturers mention the exact volume of water that must be used to boil the eggs.

Saves Resources

Most of us boil eggs using cooking gas that is quite expensive these days. And we had to wait for several minutes before the egg would boil and had to check if the boil was perfect. But technology saves the day for us! The egg boiler works on electricity that is cheaper than cooking gas. Moreover, it takes less time to boil, and there is an automatic switch-off feature that does not require you to check if the eggs hard-boiled continually.

It Is Safer to Use an Egg Boiler

If you were cooking gas, there is always a risk associated with it. Technology can help us minimise the risks faced by us in our daily lives. The use of egg boilers ensures that we use a less risky medium when boiling eggs. Electricity is known to be a safer cooking mode and can prevent accidents.

Measuring the Right Amount of Water

Boiling eggs on a stove or using cooking gas can lead to wastage of water. There is no way to measure the accurate volume of water that would be needed to boil the eggs to the ideal boil. However, when you use an egg boiler, you can have the details about the exact volume of water that is needed for the various levels of boiling.

The Time Needed to Cook

When you cook manually, it is your experience that can ascertain the time taken will be taken to boil the eggs. However, with an electric boiler, the manufacturer mentions the time that will be taken to do a soft boil or a har boil in the user manual. Moreover, there is an auto switch-off feature that can turn off the boiler when the eggs have been boiled.

Convenience Matters

Most manual processes are inconvenient for the person who handles it. Boiling eggs is no different! The person has to pour the accurate volume of water and has to wait for some time for the eggs to boil. Most egg boilers are a single touch operation. You add the volume of water mention and put the eggs in their position. Then turn on the switch, and that's it.

Egg Boilers are Transportable

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Most egg boilers are small in size and lightweight. They are portable and can be taken with you when you are going on holiday. You will only need some water and electricity to boil a few eggs.

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Looking for an Egg Boiler to Make Breakfast or a Quick Meal in 2021?

Boiling an egg can be time taking and a difficult job. Particularly when you're looking for a completely soft-boiled or hard-boiled egg. Having an egg boiler solves this issue. Most of the egg boilers come with the one-touch option, easy to manage. They also give options for control, which means how hard or soft you need your egg. We hope this guide helped you with how to use an egg boiler to get perfectly boiled eggs for breakfast. Also, if you are looking for the best egg boiler in India in 2021 then visit our consumer electronics category to find a better one.